Friday, August 31, 2012

[Preview] ArtDeco - Dita von Teese Fall Favorites

ArtDeco already made a collection with Dita Von Teese, it was called Dita Von Teese Classics. This is a new one DVT Fall Favourites. I didn't know that she was going to make two collections with ArtDeco, and I'm glad I decided not to buy anything from previous one, since this one has some really gorgeous stuff too and the budget won't allow me to have it all. :)

There are six intense eyeshadow colours. They are available in : Sable 17, 26 Charmeuse, 27 Champagne, 150 Masquerade, 175 Sapphire,  185 Mystique. 

 Next is beauty trio box, very classy, as usual for AD products :)

False eyelashes are also in this collection, seems like she never gets enough of them. :) They look ok, but the Classics collection had prettier :)

Next is Ultra volume mascara, available only in black.

Eyebrow gel is available in three shades,  1 Crystal, 2 Mink and 5 Midnight.

Longlasting foundation is oil free, comes in three shades, 10, 35 and 40. This also has SPF 20 and is on my wishlist! ;)

In this collection there is also anti-aging concealer, available in 3 Beauty Sleep wall. Looks like you just have to twist it at the end to get the product out.

Next product I would like to try is Fixing loose powder.

One interesting product is also Illuminating baked powder, looks really pretty here :)

There are also two blushers :) Available in 25 She-Shamen and26 Orchidé.

And to my favourite part - lipsticks and lip lacquers :) Art Couture Velvet Lipstick is available in Manslayer 631, 634 Erotique, 650 Tryst, 656 Black Dahlia. Must check them out when they arrive, but for now my favourite is the last one, Black dahlia :) Lip Laquers are available in 29 Lovecraft and 37 Sexpert. Can't decide yet which one is best, I would love to have them both :)

Nail Lacquers are also very pretty and matching colours to the lips :) Available in  24 De Sade and 26 Vanitas.

Also you can get a Mini Lacquer in 05 Paper Moon.

I find this collection so very, reddish, brownish.. really nice colurs :) The nail polishes and lip products are awesome, also the eyeshadows, but I will for now only add one thing to my wishlist, the foundation for sure, unless the shades won't suit me. Than of course a lip product goes with me, even thou I have enough of them already XD The green eyeshadow really stands out from the range, perhaps I end up deciding for it :)

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