Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preview - Essence, "Class of 2013" Trend Edition

We just got the previous two trend editions by Essence, Cherry Blossom Girl and Wild Craft,(reviews coming up soon :) ) and here is already a new one, named Class of 2013 :) I find Essence a bit weird regarding their trend editions. Sometimes we have to wait and wait for a month or two to get anything, now three in a row in about a month? Perhaps I shouldn't be too happy about it, you never know how long will it take to get them to send us this one.

This one offers the following products: eyeshadow pen, lip tint, translucent powder, blush, nail polish, top coat, hair ties and cosmetic bag. :) This edition should be out in October and it's inspired by going back to college.

Eyeshadow pen - Available in01 want to be my freshman?, 02 school's out forever and 03 blues of being cool :) It can be used as an eyeshadow and a liner :) Nice combination of colours, I like most the first two :)

Lip tint - Classic red and pale pink lip tint, Available in 01 alpha gamma better and 02 ready for rush week?

Translucent powderSilky texture of transparent powder is suitable for all skin types and gives matte complexio. Available in 01 sheer leader :)

BlushAvailable in 01 alpha gamma better.

Nail polishCool blue, warm gray, intense burgundy and pale pink are real eye-catchers.  Available in 01 blues of being cool, 02's out forever school, 03 ready for rush week? and 04 alpha gamma better.

Top coat The top coat can be applied to any nail polish and thanks sparkling glitter pigments give each nail design a cool, metallic finish. Available in 01 college hero. 

Hair ties and cosmetic bag -  

Nice trend edition if you haven't tried anything like this colours or products before, but otherwise nothing special. The eyeshadows are nice but I already have this kind of colours. Even the lip tint doesn't get my attention, because I suspect it will be like those products they have in constant offer, not enough colour, texture so-so... perhaps the most interesting part is cosmetic bag, perhaps if it's big enough I will take it :)
Did you like anything from this?

Thanks for reading :) 

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