Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Essence - Longlasting eye pencils

Hello! So I managed to have some time to write a review of a couple of my eye pencils, they are all by Essence and are from the same range - Longlasting Eye pencil. I know these have been around for years, and I bet almost everyone has at least one of these at home, and if not, at some point you were in the shop holding it in your hands and thinking whether or not to buy it :) At the moment I own six different shades and I thought it would be really appropriate to write a short review of these pencils as I have been using them for as long as I'm into make up... it really has been years now.

The packaging is simple, the colour of the outside plastic indicates the shade of the pencil, simple to use, with a retractable mechanism and a plastic cap. Plastic is strong enough and I have never had a broken cap or cracked pencil case, even thou they seem to constantly seek the floor :P

Shades are changing with the Essence regular two times per year changes, spring/summer and autumn/winter season. I kinda like that they try to be "in" and try to offer different shades. Some are still a constant and that's for the best. the brown Hot Chocolate and the black Black Fever shade simply need to be where they are, since they are my go to shades for a quick make up look. The rest come and go, I use them up and sometimes repurchase.... I have repurchased Black fever at least 4 times... probably more. 

The texture of the pencils is smooth, creamy, application is easy and fast. Also it's not hard to make a fine, precise line with these, you just need a steady hand and to sharpen the end a bit with your hands or maybe cut off the end slightly to make the shape more thin. They set well without being waterproof, which is quite good, especially considering the price. For around 2e you get a very good eye pencil. Longivety depends on the eye base I use, or better if I use one. My eyelids are a bit more greasy and I need some primer under it to make it last all night/ all day...

My collection consists of shades 01 Black fever (deep black shade), 02 Hot chocolate ( deep, warm brown),  12 I have  a green ( full green with a bit of cool shimmer to it), 09 Cool Down ( abit more blusih than greenish shade with a hint of shine), 18 Berry Merry( between purple and brown with a touch of shine) and 10 Almost famous ( pearly shade). This is the lightest shade I have and I use it mostly for my inner corner and for waterline. I must say I like these a lot, they are cheap and efficient, shades are well pigmented and last well, easy to use, apply and blend.... what more could I wish for? They are not ideal and the black shade does tend to go a bit more transparent and grey after 8h wear, but I keep mine in my purse and just do some touch ups if I feel like it's not as it should be. But mostly I have no need for corrections. :)

Check some more photos and swatches of the shades ;)

I have a green, Hot chocolate, Almost Famous
Black Fever, Berry Merry ( a very bad swatch - sorry, but this one is impossible to make real on photos), Cool Down
Hope this was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. To so res najboljše barvice za oči, so edine ki jih uporabljam :)

    1. Se strinjam, jaz jih tudi uporabljam skoraj vsak dan :)

  2. Jaz imam tudi nekaj teh svinčnikov:) Obstojnost sploh ni slaba in dobro, da so tako poceni in lahko kupiš različne odtenke:)

    1. Ja odtenki so fajn, pa všeč mi je da niso vedno isti, da malo menjavajo :)


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