Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alverde Makeup remover (old and new) - review

This short post will present you a new Alverde makeup remover, technically speaking the new recipe, and also the review of the previous one.
I've been using this makeup remover for a very long time, probably for at least two years and I keep repurchasing it :)

On the photo you can see them both. The first one with a lighter cover is the old one, the old recipe and the second one is the new one. You can see a change in design.

What they claim about their product:
This product is suitable for all skin types, it removes precisely and gently water-soluble eye makeup, shea butter and jojoba oil nourish delicate eye areas, while calendula extracts soothe and relax. Suitable also for people wearing contact lenses. Without synthetic fragrances, colors, preservatives and animal ingredients, except beeswax. Preference for raw materials from certified organic production. No ingredients that are based on oil. Produced in Germany.

 What I like about it is that it's really creamy, doesn't have unpleasant smell, removes makeup very good, is very gentle, is very well available, every DM store has it, the price is also very user friendly, something about 2 euros, a bit more. This product has NaTrue certificate. It comes in a plastic container, but it is hard enough to endure a fall from the shelves :) Both, the old and new one offer you 100 ml of the product. Also, I'm wearing contact lenses and I never had any problem or any kind of irritations with this product (old or new one).

I do not use waterproof make up, so I can not say how well it would remove it, I wanted to try at least, to give you the right information but I really don't have anything that would be waterproof. I have a couple of long lasting eye shadows and eye pencils by Essence, but with those I never had any problems removing. The hardest thing to remove was L'Oreal mascara, I needed several strokes to get it off, as for eye shadows one or two were enough.

With the new recipe they changed the consistency of the remover and it is different - in a rather bad way. It used to be  a lot more like a cream, but the new one is more liquid-y, also has a slight change in colour.
Still, the difference is not that big. Here is a comparison of the ingredients.
The new one

The old one
You can see a slight change in ingredients, but I can not say if it's better or not. I'm really no expert in ingredients, but I think removing Cetearyl Alcohol from fifth place in the old one to seventh place in the new one is a good thing, that means the amount of  alcohol is smaller now. :)

In comparison with the previous one this is still as good because it is still gentle, still creamy enough for me, still removes my make up with no problems, the price is the same. As a regular user I can not really complain but I did had to get used to the new consistency. Perhaps to some the difference will be too big and will not like to use it anymore.

I will keep repurchasing it, I really liked the old one and the new one proved to be as good too! I am very satisfied with a lot of Alverde products but this is one of my favourites so far.

What do you think? Do you use it?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Essence - Apple Cinnamon Punch

Hey! This short post is a review of one of my new hand creams. This launched together with two other creams in a limited Winter edition. I got myself only one since this one smelled the best! It comes in a plastic packaging, it holds 75 ml and it should be used in 12 months. Here are the ingredients:
 It is a nice texture, very light, very quickly absorbed, white coloured. And it smells soooo gooood!!! Well it also depends on your skin, not two people will smell the same thing, also because of your nose and skin. To me this smells really great! I love cinnamon, I love it in desserts, I love it in chocolate, in coffee, in tea... anywhere really XD

Commenting on the ingredients would not be good idea, since I'm no expert, but from what I found on the web, they are quite solid, but this is really not the best care you could have for your hands. I must say that this cream doesn't help me a lot to take care of my hands in the cold or for my cuticles, but it smells sooo goood!XD I can not help it, but I had to buy this since it was really unexpensive and it smelled fantastic.
If you are looking for a cream that will regenerate your skin and help it to heal faster and feel more smooth, than this cream is not for you. It's good, but for someone with more serious skin problems this will not help, probably it will just dry your skin even more.
For those who would just like to spoil themselves and enjoy the smell I definitely recommend to buy this if you can! ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Alverde newbies!

Hello! It's been some time since my last post. But I was active anyway and I got myself some new products by Alverde, that just launched this autumn. Some countries got it a lot earlier than we did, but at least, they are finally here. :)

 This is one of the four eyeshadow pallets. It's called 46 Fairy forest. This product is vegan :) I like the new package, because it is really small and fits in any make up bag so you can take it with you anywhere you want. Still, I would be careful since the plastic doesn't feel very strong to me. Previous boxes were really three times bigger and also stronger than this one. The colours some in four groups, the other three are natural brown collection, classic white to black and a berry collection with three pinkish colours and one greyish-black.

Fairy forest consist of one matte shade and three slightly shimmery ones. The lightest shade is matte, but the rest are not, the same goes for the other three pallets, always one matte and the rest with a little shimmer.

 Here are the swatches, perhaps here the grey colour looks a bit too much purplish, it isn't at all in real. All three are nicely pigmented, I had no problem with blending, they have the usual Alverde scent to it, but nothing to disturb me. Here on the swatches, I didn't use any base, but on my make up I used Essence eyeshadow base for pigments and the look lasted for at least 3 hours, than it stated to show signs of slowly fading.

 On to new products, here I have liquid eye shadow in 30 Metallic Aubergine and 4in1 concealer 10 natural.
The eye shadow is taking me some more time to apply, I always have problems with liquid eye shadows. It is a bit harder to spread it evenly on the eyelids and it takes more time to dry so you can add other colours. I only used this one and I waited for it to dry, than I applied Catrice mono eyeshadow in Plum up the Jam, also all over my lid to fix all the spots that were uneven. The look lasted all day, but at the end I did have some trouble because it got really dry, and even thou it didn't crease I had a feeling on my lids like it's gonna all fall down in flakes. This product comes in three shades, one is more silvery and the other one more bluish colour.

                 Concealer is for now in our stores in only one shade, I don't know if it will come in more shades. It is really light in colour, texture. It doesn't have any kind of smell, it applies even more easily than other Alverde concealers. This product is meant to have four functions - highlighter, concealer, base and eyeshadow in one. I can say I really like this product and it can perform all four different tasks. It has a slight tiny shimmer in it, so it is perfect for a highlighter, as concealer it is good, but rather average. It doesn't give a lot of coverage, but it evens out the colour nicely. I used it as a base and than applied some black matte eyeshadow over it and it looked great. I just don't know how long it would last, since I only had it on for about three hours. Once I  used it solo and added just some eyeliner and it looked good, it evened out the natural colour of my eyelids, it looked like I had an eyeshadow on.

I am very satisfied with my newbies, the pallet is great, really lovely colours, I love the touch of green. True, I have enough of such products already but I can not help myself, I must at leats try them XD I still have hope liquid eyeshadows will become my thing, but I seem to still have trouble with them. But I love the colour and the fact it actually lasted for a whole day, with a little help ;) The 4in1 concealer is a great product, worth every penny! I am still waiting for the lip pencils, I would really love to try those, but they are not in stores yet...

What do you think? Have you already tried some of their new products?

Thanks for reading and have a nice week! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty haul - my new stuff :)

Hey there! It's autumn already and it's time to refresh a bit my beaty and make up bags :)
In the last two or three weeks I got myself some pretty new stuff, but I wanted to post them all together in one post.

Here's a group photo of my newbies!

What we have here is from left to right: Balea Bodylotion Feigen- und Schokoladenduft limited edition, Essence Wild Craft LE nail polish 03 mystic lilac, Catrice Ultimate Nail lacquer 900 Steel My heart,  Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in 095 Crimson, Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE, Velvet Lip Colour, C01 Red Butler, Terra Naturi kajal eyeliner in 04 Jade Green, Essence Class of 2013 LE, eyeshadow pen in 02 School's out forever.

First off, the body lotion should come along with the shower cream, but in our DM stores I only found the body lotion and the other one that smells of almond and cherries. I prefered this smell more, it is really gorgeous! Very chocolatey, creamy, a bit of sweet scent and vanilla. I'm not sure I even know how figs should smell, so I can't really say I smell them. I like this because it is not just chocolate but also a bit of sweet, fruity smell. The texture is as always with Balea, light, white colour, absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a sticky feeling, but doesn't smell on the skin for long. I wish it did thou, I love the smell.

Second is a nail polish from a limited editon by Essence. the first time I saw it it didn't persuade me, but the next I kinda had a shopping spree and was way too much in a good mood, so I bought it. But I am actually satisfied with it. In comparison with the second nail polish by Catrice, it's more long lasting and easier to apply. I don't have any photos of how it looks on my nails thou... Love the colour, really nice purple shade, quite dark also.

The second one by Catrice is a bit more special, because it has a brushed metal effect. It looks different and also feels different on my nails. It's not as glossy and smooth as I am used to with nail polishes, but is a bit more rough, has an unique finish to it too. I took a photo of how it looks one day after applying it. With application I had problems because I needed two coats to get them look even, but after applying the second one the nail polish didn't dry as quickly and as good and it started to crease if my nails tuched my clothes or phone or anything really..  It is also not long lasting, it goes off pretty easy by itself, but a lot harder with nail polish remover.

This lipstick is by Revlon, a company very well known around the globe for their lip products. I believe everyone knows the make up world was in a huge hype for their Lip Butters and still are. This one is from their range Colorburst, it's number 095 Crimson. It's been out for a couple of years now and it has been on my wishlist for a long time. It's a really nice product, very creamy, easy to apply, quite longlasting if you ask me, I think it lasted about 4 hours with drinking, but after eating I had to reapply. It does have a bit of a smell but it doesn't bother me. The colour is amazing, really nice brick red, suitable for warm skin tones. I would suggest this product to those who want a red lipstick, but not a very strong, statement one. I will probably mostly use it as a daily lipstick. This can be worn without any lipliner.

Another lipstick I got is by Catrice. This is the first lipstick by them that I own and it is very good! This one here is from a limited edition Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties, Red Butler. It's a really great shade, the colour payoff is also very good. It's a more cool toned one, and even thou I'm warm and more yellow toned I can still pull it off. Normally I would never buy such a shade, but I just had to try it. To me it looks like more a cold colour, with a touch of violet shades, so I usually associate this kind of colours with fair skin, but it still looked good on me. Both lipsticks demand quite some work on the skin, you really need to cover up all the redness and the spots, otherwise you look red all over the face. As for texture, it is really comparable to the Revlon one. It's creamy, easy to apply, easy to blend, but it's not that longlasting. Plus the colour demands a lip liner, it's just such a shade that really stands out and needs to be  a touch more defined. It's also half the price of the Revlon one, so it's a nice alternative. I will definitely try some other shades. Longivety is not that important to me, because I would re - do my lips anyway, every hour or less, just because I'm used to it.

Here are the swatches, the upper one is Catrice Red Butler and the second one Revlon Crimson. And here's how they look on my lips in the sun :)

Revlon, Crimson

Catrice, Red Butler

Also a swatch of an eyeliner and an pencil eyeshadow. The first, upper one, is by Terra Naturi, a brand of natural cosmetics, by Müller. It's a nice shade of green, named 04 Jade Green, it goes one with abit of trouble and it stays on for about 3-4 hours, but than I needed to reapply it. I have very greasy eyelids, so 3-4 hours is actually really good for me. I used Essence eyeshadow base for mineral eyeshadows, so I think that helped too. It did not fade much, but enough for me to notice the difference and feel the need to reapply it.

Sorry the photo didn't get the reall colours, I hope I manage to get some sun and make another one.

The second product is an eyeshadow in a pencil by Essence, Class of 2013 LE,  in 02 School's out forever. It's ok for an Essence product and price, but nothing special really. It can work as a mono eyeshadow or as a highlighter, it stays put for a few hours, it did not crease. Still the colour in the store looked a lot more promising than on the natural light and I kinda regret this buy, since it really did not impress me. I'm tryng to include it in many looks but.. I just don't like it much. It's too shimmery even for me, and I love shimmery eyeshadows.

So this is it, all my newbies and more of them yet to come! I hear Alverde finally delivered their new autumn products to Slovenia, so shopping it is! XD

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading!

Friday, October 5, 2012

GIVEAWAY - Jewelry giveaway - earrings :)

Hello there!
On facebook page UniqaPoly I am again hosting a giveaway. This time it is a bit different.  ;)

If you want to participate, you need to do the following things:
1. You need to like the page
2. You need to share page on your facebook wall

So this part is the same :)

Again award is only one, so only one of you will be able to choose his own award. :) How cool is that? :D The difference is you will be able to choose from all the earrings that are published on the site.

So if you wish to get a pair of earrings for free you are most welcome to join me on facebook, like the page and share it on your  wall, simple and easy :)

Here's a link to my page, otherwise you can also find the app on the top, right corner of my blog :)

There's something for every taste, so feel free to visit the page and check out if there's something for you too :) Perhaps there's an idea what to give for a gift to someone or just for your own pleasure :)

Draw  will be made on Monday evening, 08.10.2012.  I will post results here in a comment and also on FB :)

Hope you will decide to participate and good luck! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preview - Catrice SpectaculART LE

Bombay meets Paris. Indian opulence combined with a French modernism. On the international catwalks, the fashion designers combine for the coming winter sari-like skirts, ornate trim and embroidered coats with severely cut shirts and blouses simple. The gold, silver, burgundy and pink dominate, long chains, elaborate hair ornaments or artful gemstones - Bindis - round out the India-style.

Catrice SpectaculART limited edition is inspired by crossover couture and the Indian bindi- look of the winter season 2012. The main focus is on the eyes. From November to December 2012, eyeshadows is elegant metal shades offer dramatic eye make -up styles. Intensive pink and red softened by warm silver or modern gold make this look spectacular and artistic yet wearable. "SpectaculART" - a powerful statement, made by Catrice.

Pure Chrome Eyeshadows: The highly-pigmented eyeshadow with an innovative 3D design in an effective tweed look is the hightlight of this Limited Edition. The soft powder texture is extremely convincing and lasts for hours. For exciting and intense eye make-up. Available in C01 So Precious, C02 Bombay Bauble, C03 Treasure It and C04 Artfully Lustrous.

False lashes: The single lashes in three different lash lengths are applied between your own lashes with lash-glue. The results will be spectacular!

Highlightening powder: This highlighter with a silky powder texture contains light-reflecting pigments to set gorgeous accents on your face and neckline. C01 Artfully Lustrous.

Mousse Blush: The Mousse Blush in a soft pink shade with variable coverage gives your cheeks a natural-looking glow. Available in C01 Holi Hai.

Sheer Lip Colour: Colours from nude to burgundy, this lipstick comes in three shades, C01 Artfully Lustrous, C02 Revel The Red and C03 Soulful.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer: nail polishes complement the lipstickc, again from nude to burgundy shades. Available in C01 Artfully Lustrous, C02 Holi Hai, C03 Revel The Red and C04 Soulful.

Gold Leaf Topcoat

Superfine Eyeliner Pen: Perfect for pecise lines, available in C01 Black Bindi.

And a promo video by Catrice :) Are you already excited about the new LE?
I sure am, and I will be definitely fighting to get to the fake lashes, I must try them :D

What gets your attention?

Thanks for reading :)

Preview - Essence - Home Sweet Home LE

Essence team says:
''My home is my castle! With the new trend edition “home sweet home” by Essence, things are going to get cozy and relaxed in November 2012. When it’s stormy and rainy outside, there’s no better place to be than on the couch at home! Cuddled up in your favorite sweater with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, the darker months of the year are so cozy!''

Nail polishes:
01 caramel cheese, 02 red-y to relax, 03 hot fruit punch, 04 berry me home

Blushes, second one is more suitable for warmer skin tones and the first one for paler skins.
01 knits for chicks, 02 wool - d you cuddle me?

Eyeshadows in light colours, I like the most Happy couching, I dunn if I would find a use for the other two.
01 happy couching, 02 light the fire, 03 my home is my castle
Lipsticks are also a nice part of this collection. I prefer the first one Red-y to relax, it is also probably going to be more suitable for warm skin tones like mine. The other one seems too cold to me :)

01 red -y to relax, 02 berry me home

Nail stickers for a fashionable look on your nails. :)
Nail fashion sticker gel shine
A little bag to help you carry all that make up you have now in your bag :D A perfect winter companion :)


Lipgloss for extra big and glossy lips :) I like such products, since they are pretty versatile, you can use it on your own, with lipsticks from this collection or those you have already at home. Too bad I don't really need so many of such products...
Volume&Gloss Lip maximizer
Do you like this collection? I find it nice, but most of the product I already have or just don't see a way I would go and use them in my make up.. I hate buying something and than hoping at home that someday I'll want to put it on and find a way to blend it with other colours. But perhaps it would be good to go  out of my make up routine and try something else :)

Thanks for reading and take care!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Essence The Twilight Saga - Breaking dawn TE

New trend edition by Essence is named after a very well known movie saga, I'm sure you must have heard about. Thou I'm not a fan of the movies, I stopped watching them after the first or second one, I really  liked the books :) I like even more this trend edition, which is coming out in November 2012.

For lips you can choose a lipstick in a very light, golden shade A piece of forever.
Or if you prefer lipgloss, you can choose from these two, 01 Alice had a vision - again  and 02 Renesmee Red.

Also you will be able to get yourself a shimmer powder in Bella's Secret and a blush in Renesmee Red.

And also four new nail polishes :)

Available in shades: 01 Jacob's protection, 01 Alice had a vision - again, 03 A piece of forever and 04 Edward's Love.

For eyes you will be able to choose from two different liquid glitter eyeliners.
01 Alice had a vision again and 02 Jacobs protection

This one consist of four loose pigments eyeshadows.

02 Alice had a vision - again
01 Jacob's protection
03 A piece of forever
04 Edward's love


I like a lot the nail polishes and loose pigments, I love especially the purple one and the bluish nail polish. I hope I manage to get to the store soon enough, or else this one will be grabbed very fast. Nice to see they chose to make pgments instead of a pallette, I prefer it this way, plus the pigments in regular offer are really good, so I hope these will be too.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!