Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alverde Makeup remover (old and new) - review

This short post will present you a new Alverde makeup remover, technically speaking the new recipe, and also the review of the previous one.
I've been using this makeup remover for a very long time, probably for at least two years and I keep repurchasing it :)

On the photo you can see them both. The first one with a lighter cover is the old one, the old recipe and the second one is the new one. You can see a change in design.

What they claim about their product:
This product is suitable for all skin types, it removes precisely and gently water-soluble eye makeup, shea butter and jojoba oil nourish delicate eye areas, while calendula extracts soothe and relax. Suitable also for people wearing contact lenses. Without synthetic fragrances, colors, preservatives and animal ingredients, except beeswax. Preference for raw materials from certified organic production. No ingredients that are based on oil. Produced in Germany.

 What I like about it is that it's really creamy, doesn't have unpleasant smell, removes makeup very good, is very gentle, is very well available, every DM store has it, the price is also very user friendly, something about 2 euros, a bit more. This product has NaTrue certificate. It comes in a plastic container, but it is hard enough to endure a fall from the shelves :) Both, the old and new one offer you 100 ml of the product. Also, I'm wearing contact lenses and I never had any problem or any kind of irritations with this product (old or new one).

I do not use waterproof make up, so I can not say how well it would remove it, I wanted to try at least, to give you the right information but I really don't have anything that would be waterproof. I have a couple of long lasting eye shadows and eye pencils by Essence, but with those I never had any problems removing. The hardest thing to remove was L'Oreal mascara, I needed several strokes to get it off, as for eye shadows one or two were enough.

With the new recipe they changed the consistency of the remover and it is different - in a rather bad way. It used to be  a lot more like a cream, but the new one is more liquid-y, also has a slight change in colour.
Still, the difference is not that big. Here is a comparison of the ingredients.
The new one

The old one
You can see a slight change in ingredients, but I can not say if it's better or not. I'm really no expert in ingredients, but I think removing Cetearyl Alcohol from fifth place in the old one to seventh place in the new one is a good thing, that means the amount of  alcohol is smaller now. :)

In comparison with the previous one this is still as good because it is still gentle, still creamy enough for me, still removes my make up with no problems, the price is the same. As a regular user I can not really complain but I did had to get used to the new consistency. Perhaps to some the difference will be too big and will not like to use it anymore.

I will keep repurchasing it, I really liked the old one and the new one proved to be as good too! I am very satisfied with a lot of Alverde products but this is one of my favourites so far.

What do you think? Do you use it?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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