Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Essence - Apple Cinnamon Punch

Hey! This short post is a review of one of my new hand creams. This launched together with two other creams in a limited Winter edition. I got myself only one since this one smelled the best! It comes in a plastic packaging, it holds 75 ml and it should be used in 12 months. Here are the ingredients:
 It is a nice texture, very light, very quickly absorbed, white coloured. And it smells soooo gooood!!! Well it also depends on your skin, not two people will smell the same thing, also because of your nose and skin. To me this smells really great! I love cinnamon, I love it in desserts, I love it in chocolate, in coffee, in tea... anywhere really XD

Commenting on the ingredients would not be good idea, since I'm no expert, but from what I found on the web, they are quite solid, but this is really not the best care you could have for your hands. I must say that this cream doesn't help me a lot to take care of my hands in the cold or for my cuticles, but it smells sooo goood!XD I can not help it, but I had to buy this since it was really unexpensive and it smelled fantastic.
If you are looking for a cream that will regenerate your skin and help it to heal faster and feel more smooth, than this cream is not for you. It's good, but for someone with more serious skin problems this will not help, probably it will just dry your skin even more.
For those who would just like to spoil themselves and enjoy the smell I definitely recommend to buy this if you can! ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

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