Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preview - Essence - Home Sweet Home LE

Essence team says:
''My home is my castle! With the new trend edition “home sweet home” by Essence, things are going to get cozy and relaxed in November 2012. When it’s stormy and rainy outside, there’s no better place to be than on the couch at home! Cuddled up in your favorite sweater with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, the darker months of the year are so cozy!''

Nail polishes:
01 caramel cheese, 02 red-y to relax, 03 hot fruit punch, 04 berry me home

Blushes, second one is more suitable for warmer skin tones and the first one for paler skins.
01 knits for chicks, 02 wool - d you cuddle me?

Eyeshadows in light colours, I like the most Happy couching, I dunn if I would find a use for the other two.
01 happy couching, 02 light the fire, 03 my home is my castle
Lipsticks are also a nice part of this collection. I prefer the first one Red-y to relax, it is also probably going to be more suitable for warm skin tones like mine. The other one seems too cold to me :)

01 red -y to relax, 02 berry me home

Nail stickers for a fashionable look on your nails. :)
Nail fashion sticker gel shine
A little bag to help you carry all that make up you have now in your bag :D A perfect winter companion :)


Lipgloss for extra big and glossy lips :) I like such products, since they are pretty versatile, you can use it on your own, with lipsticks from this collection or those you have already at home. Too bad I don't really need so many of such products...
Volume&Gloss Lip maximizer
Do you like this collection? I find it nice, but most of the product I already have or just don't see a way I would go and use them in my make up.. I hate buying something and than hoping at home that someday I'll want to put it on and find a way to blend it with other colours. But perhaps it would be good to go  out of my make up routine and try something else :)

Thanks for reading and take care!

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