Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preview - Catrice SpectaculART LE

Bombay meets Paris. Indian opulence combined with a French modernism. On the international catwalks, the fashion designers combine for the coming winter sari-like skirts, ornate trim and embroidered coats with severely cut shirts and blouses simple. The gold, silver, burgundy and pink dominate, long chains, elaborate hair ornaments or artful gemstones - Bindis - round out the India-style.

Catrice SpectaculART limited edition is inspired by crossover couture and the Indian bindi- look of the winter season 2012. The main focus is on the eyes. From November to December 2012, eyeshadows is elegant metal shades offer dramatic eye make -up styles. Intensive pink and red softened by warm silver or modern gold make this look spectacular and artistic yet wearable. "SpectaculART" - a powerful statement, made by Catrice.

Pure Chrome Eyeshadows: The highly-pigmented eyeshadow with an innovative 3D design in an effective tweed look is the hightlight of this Limited Edition. The soft powder texture is extremely convincing and lasts for hours. For exciting and intense eye make-up. Available in C01 So Precious, C02 Bombay Bauble, C03 Treasure It and C04 Artfully Lustrous.

False lashes: The single lashes in three different lash lengths are applied between your own lashes with lash-glue. The results will be spectacular!

Highlightening powder: This highlighter with a silky powder texture contains light-reflecting pigments to set gorgeous accents on your face and neckline. C01 Artfully Lustrous.

Mousse Blush: The Mousse Blush in a soft pink shade with variable coverage gives your cheeks a natural-looking glow. Available in C01 Holi Hai.

Sheer Lip Colour: Colours from nude to burgundy, this lipstick comes in three shades, C01 Artfully Lustrous, C02 Revel The Red and C03 Soulful.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer: nail polishes complement the lipstickc, again from nude to burgundy shades. Available in C01 Artfully Lustrous, C02 Holi Hai, C03 Revel The Red and C04 Soulful.

Gold Leaf Topcoat

Superfine Eyeliner Pen: Perfect for pecise lines, available in C01 Black Bindi.

And a promo video by Catrice :) Are you already excited about the new LE?
I sure am, and I will be definitely fighting to get to the fake lashes, I must try them :D

What gets your attention?

Thanks for reading :)

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