Sunday, July 31, 2016

Poletna razvajanja: Adria Spa - Antistres olje za masažo :)

Pozdravljeni! Poletje je idealen čas za sprostitev in odklop od vsakdanjih skrbi! V pomoč so nam lepo vreme, letni dopust ter seveda tudi odlična kozmetika! Tokrat bom govorila o Antistres olju za masažo znamke Adria Spa! Če mi je pomagal, da sem se sprostila, pa preberite v nadaljevanju!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Preview: Essence - Me & My Umbrella LE :)

Through the rain! In September and October 2016, essence is taking an autumn walk in the rain with the new trend edition “me & my umbrella”. Throughout the fall season, the most important accessories include umbrellas and a beauty selection in itcolours like rosewood, camel and grey. Favorites include the matt lipsticks with a high coverage in rosewood and dark red as well as the nail polishes with a cool “rain boots” effect. Autumn is coming – with essence!

 essence me & my umbrella – blush
Hello harvest! The rosé blush with a cool “you can stand under my umbrella” embossment gives any complexion a fresh and healthy touch. Available in 01 you can stand under my umbrella.

essence me & my umbrella – mini contouring set
BeautiFALL. The contouring set contains two mini sticks with a creamy texture – each with one highlighter and one contouring shade. Includes step-by-step instructions for perfect results. Available in 01 let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.

 essence me & my umbrella – matt lipstick
On cloud nine! Luscious rosewood and dark red conjure-up an intensive look with a matt finish on the lips. Available in 01 crazy autumn love and 02 i  rainy days.


essence me & my umbrella – matt eyeshadow
Under my umbrella! Two matt eyeshadows in vanilla and grey with a velvety, soft texture create long-lasting make-up styles. Available in 01 be your own rainbow and 02 take me to the clouds.

 essence me & my umbrella – wet look lipgloss
Weather-proof. The transparent gloss lights up the lips with ultra-shiny results. Available in 01 dancing in the rain.
 essence me & my umbrella – eyebrow thickener
Rainb(r)ows. The eyebrow powder with an innovative sponge applicator ensures smooth and perfectly defined brows from the very first application. In two nuances – for blondes and brunettes. Available in 01 brighter than sunshine and 02 walking on the rainbow. 

essence me & my umbrella – rain boots nail polish
Gumboots-Look! The nail polishes in vanilla, grey-green, rosewood and dark red with a “rain boots” effect have a semi-matt, gummy finish. Available in 01 crazy autumn love, 02 i  rainy, 03 take me to the clouds and 04 i have my pocket full of sunshine.


 essence me & my umbrella – hand cleansing gel
No matter whether you’ve just returned from an autumn walk or are busy dancing in the rain – with the hand cleansing gel, your hands will always be clean and fresh when you’re on the go – without the need for water or soap. Available in 01 dancing in the rain.
 essence me & my umbrella – contouring brush
Rainy days. The special shape of this brush makes it perfect for blending creamy as well as powdery textures. Available in 01 i like people who smile when it's raining. 

essence me & my umbrella – nail stencils
Autumn leaves & Co. Create autumnal designs like umbrellas, leaves or clouds in a flash with these practical nail stencils. Available in 01 happiness is … sharing my umbrella with you.

 essence me & my umbrella – wet look top coat
Raindrops keep falling on my… nails! The unique top coat leaves behind tiny (rain)drops on the nails after drying. Available in 01 you make me smile when skies are grey.

essence “me & my umbrella” will be available in stores in September and October 2016.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Popolna poletna zaščita - Borotalco Intensive!

Pozdravljeni! Poletje je čas, ko nam je v veliki večini vsem zelo vroče, temu pa sledi tudi veliko več potenja. Še iščete pravi deodorant za vas? Ali ste že odkrile Borotalco deodorante? Sama sem nad Borotalco navdušujem že nekaj časa, tokrat pa sem imela priložnost poskusiti tudi najnovejšo verzijo - Borotalco Intensive!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Le Couvent Des Minimes - EAU SEREINE :)

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I usually try to use classic, daily description words for products, but this post may have a lot of words such as awesome, amazing, perfection and even holy grail, as the products I am going to talk about are just that and exactly that! I have finally a full blog post about the Eau Sereine collection by Le Couvent Des Minimes! If you want to know if these are worth purchasing - read on!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SKIN BLOSSOM razvajanje dlani - Organska krema za roke ;)

Pozdravljeni! Kako se razvajate v poletnih mesecih? Z veliko vode, sladoleda ter vlažilnih izdelkov? Upam, da so negovalnih izdelkov deležne tudi vaše roke, ki so tako kot v hladnejših mesecih vedno izpostavljene in delavne. Poleg balzamov za ustnice obožujem odlične kreme za roke, zato vam danes predstavljam Skin Blossom Caring hand cream/ Organsko kremo za roke

Monday, July 11, 2016

Preview: Essence - Exit to Explore LE

essence trend edition “exit to explore”
Next stop: paradise! With the new trend edition “exit to explore”, essence is discovering the exotic world of the Amazon from mid August to mid September 2016. Inspired by the extraordinary nature and diversity of species, the collection offers intensive colours like apricot and purple, textures with a high coverage and a summeryfloral product design. The absolute jungle highlights are the eyeshadow with an iridescent holo-effect and the refreshing lipsticks with a mint scent. Discover the rainforest – with essence!

essence exit to explore – blush
Tropical! The blush with a unique colour gradient from apricot to pink gives the cheeks a fresh flush like you’ve just returned from an Amazon river cruise. With a colourful blossom design. Available in 01 my heart is beating like a jungle drum.

essence exit to explore – lip glow
Natural glow. The transparent gloss develops an individual pink shade, subtly tints the lips and leaves them looking nice and shiny. Available in 01 lily's kiss.

essence exit to explore – refreshing lipstick
Cooling colour. The slender pen in warm apricot and bright pink provides the lip with a mint scent and a slightly cooling finish. Available in 01 pink parrot and 02 apricot cockatoo.

essence exit to explore – eyeshadow
Chameleon eyes! Three soft powder eyeshadows with high colour dispersion create intensive eye make-up looks in green, purple and apricot with an iridescent, holographic finish. Available in 01 you can,toucan, 02 queen of the amazons and 03 apricot cockatoo.

essence exit to explore – like a jungle dream eau de toilette
The beauty of nature. This fruity-floral fragrance with exotic coconut and flowery notes is sure to awaken a desire for exciting expeditions through the rainforest with its tropical flair. Available in 10 ml.

essence exit to explore – hair ties
In full bloom. Two frangipani flowers in white and purple give any hairstyle a tropical touch. Available in 01 my hair is a jungle.

essence exit to explore – nail polish
Jungle-like. Green with an oil-slick effect, shiny apricot, metallic purple with a foil finish and pink with a holographic shimmer bring the fantastic colour scheme of the Amazon to the nails. Available in 01 liana's in the jungle, 02 apricot cockatoo, 03 queen of the amazons and 04 pink parrot.

essence exit to explore – body & cuticle tattoos
No matter whether parrots, hibiscus blossoms or palm trees – the cool tattoos with holographic effects can be applied on selected areas of the body or on the cuticles as cheerful eye-catchers. Available in 01 feel the jungle vibes.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Preview: Essence - Try it, Love it LE!

Drum roll, please - the beauty choices for the upcoming fall/winter season by Essence are here! In August 2016, "Try it. Love it!" will be delighting us all with new it - products for the eyes, lips, face and nails - in excellent quality at the best possible price.

Essence Try it. Love it! - Contouring Eyeshadow Set
Contour the eyes! The eyeshadow duo offers two perfectly aligned shades to contour the eyes. The "highlight" and "contour" embossment on the surface of the texture offers you to select the correct eyeshadow for accentuating or shading. And thanks to the step-by-step instructions, it's easier than ever! Available in 01 Mauve meets marshmallows, 02 Brownies with frosting and 03 Roses meet mahogany.

Essence Try it. Love it! - The False Lash Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited and Volume & Curl
No limit! The iconic shape of the fiber brush ensures dramatic volume and a false lash effect in a deep black texture.
To the extreme. This new mascara version with a curl fiber brush offers maximum volume for curved lashes with a false lash look.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Matt matt matt Lipstick
Matt matters. The light, creamy texture  of the new lipstick range unites a matt finish with a high-colour dispersion in shades like fuchsia and statement brown. Available in 02 Perfect match, 04 Pink up your life and 08 It's a statement. 

Essence Try It. Love it! - Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-Up & Concealer
Beauty partner: make-up and concealer. The long-lasting texture with a high coverage hides all skin imperfections and provides a matt, flawless finish - without a mask-like effect. Available in  10 Ivory beige, 20 Nude beige and 30 Honey beige.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Satin Touch Blush
Blush addicted! The new, silky-soft powder blush instantly provides the cheeks with fresh colour reflections - in rosewood and coral - both with a light pearl effect. Available in  10 Satin coral and 20 Satin love.

Essence Try It. Love It! - The Gel Nail Polish
Dream nails: are easy to achieve thanks to the special formula. For a long-lasting, high-shine finish. Perfect coverage united with intensive colour.  Available in 73 More than a feeling, 83 Pretty cool life and  87 Gossip girl.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Get Picture Ready Eyeshadow Palette 
#selfietime. The new eyeshadow palette ensures a "picture ready" look any time and any place with seven perfectly aligned nude nuances with a matt, slightly shimmering or metallic finish. Available in 1...2...3...Smile!

Essence Try It. Love it! - Camouflage 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up
Team player! This practical combination product offers the coverage of a make-up and the lightness of a powder. It balances skin imperfections and softly mattifies the complexion. Available in 10 Ivory beige, 20 Nude beige, 30 Vanilla beige and 40 Honey beige.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Light Up Face Luminizer PaletteStrobing star. Applied individually or in combination on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose or below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light - reflecting pigments accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish. Available in 10 Ready, set, glow!

Essence Try It. Love it! - Jewelry Top Coat
Dazzle nails. With it's gold and silver shimmer particles, this top coat turns any nail polish into true gems. Available in 33 Where is my crown? 

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