Friday, July 8, 2016

June Favourites! :)

Hello! We are starting the month of July and many of you have already been to your summer holidays, some of you will start them soon... I hope this post reaches you on a sunny day and with some time to spare and read your favourite beauty blogs. I have picked up fourteen favourite products from previous month. I have included as usual - skincare, body care, some glowy products, lippies... a little bit of everything. So let's hop in and let me walk you through my June Favourites!

Kozmetika Afrodita sent me a huge box of goodies last month and among them was also Shave & Shower gel*. I like this one a lot as it's got a light sort of gel-ish texture that does the job! It can actually be used for shaving my legs or armpits and at the same time it can be used as a shower gel! This will definitely be in my holiday bag! Balea Body Gelee Mint and Watermelon is such a fun and fresh thing to use! It's also got sort of a gel texture and it applied quickly, hydrates my skin and feels super refreshing. Perfect summer product, plus it's super affordable. ;)

AVON Naturals Skin care Hydrating Aloe & Cotton face spritz* is such a lovely product to always have at hand! I use this mostly for my face as it's super gentle and refreshing, doesn't grease up my face or melt my makeup too much. I also love the gentle scent. I think this will be one of my regular summer companions this year! I have been testing new products by Dvorec Trebnik and I have been loving the Dvorec Trebnik Gentle Nourishing eye cream with rose water*! It has a lovely rose scent and actually helps me look more fresh in the morning. I mostly use this as a part of my evening routine and you only need a drop. It's quite thick and needs to be gently massaged into the skin or it may leave a bit of a white streak until it finally sinks in. If properly applied it sinks in super fast and doesn't look white or grease up my skin. It actually helps me with my dark under eye area and it looks brighter than it did, less purple.

A bit more on the nourishing side I've been loving the Melvita L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil*. I have talked about this one some time ago and you can read full review here, but I stopped using it because I wanted to save some for winter. Anyway, as I am clumsy during shaving my skin sometimes gets really irritated and this oil worked wonders and healed it super fast. And because it's such a good treat for my dehydrated skin on my legs I just didn't stop using. I guess I'll just have to repurchase when winter comes. :P The other nourishing product I've been loving and I will soon run out of is AVON Planet Spa Treasures Of The Desert restoring hand cream*. This smells so amazing, even my boyfriend commented this has a lovely scent! I loved this one as it really dries up fast, no greasy hands, nourishes well and also my cuticles looked better! Plus the packaging is smaller which makes it super great for carrying around in my bag. 

Last months favourites included a lot of shiny products, you can check out the post here! This month I loved all those products as well as the latest addition to the glow giving products I have  - Oriflame Giordani Gold Tinted Glow Moisturizer SPF 20. This gives such a lovely golden shine and personally I don't use this on it's own as it's just a bit too much for me. I tend to mix a drop or two with my base or apply it on top of my foundation using my fingers and blending with a sponge. Looks very natural and gives just the right amout of glow. If you feel comfortable with full on dewy shiny finish you could just use this all over! In that case I would recommend you apply your concealer under it and go over with the glow moisturizer. My latest foundation is Rimmel BB Cream Matte 9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup in shade light. I bought this one last month at Rossman in Plzen (Czech Rep.) and while purchasing it I thought to myself I will probably buy this for no reason, just because I want to try it and then it will just sit there on my shelf for a year... Well, that didn't happen! From the moment I bought this I have been using it daily. I use it on it's own, mix it with other matte foundations - it always works and helps cover my acne and pores quite well. I am thinking I might do a full review if I don't use it up first.

Left - Oriflame, Right - Rimmel

I have six more beauty items to talk about with you!  My favourite nail polish of the month is Essie Viva antigua!. It's such a perfect summer shade! I wore this from the day I got it on my hands and on my toes! Goes well with my other summery clothes! Also has a bit of shimmer to it but it looks good, not too shiny. If I am really careful with application I can get away with just one coat otherwise I need two thin coats to get full coverage. Lasts on me pretty well too, so it's quite a win! Another summer favourite right here! ;) Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara impressed me as well! I love that it has smaller brush that still picks up just the right amout of product. I can get to the tiniest brow hair and give it some more definition. Easy to use, effective and holds for hours, especially if I can keep my hands away :P For eyes I have a couple of new eyeshadow palettes, but I decided to put the Artistry Signature Color eye shadow quad in Sunrise* into my favourites, as I really used a lot this one and especially loved the combo of the lightest and darkest shade on my lids. You can read more about it here + there is a giveaway, so don't miss it!

Now the sweetest part for the last - favourite lippies of the month! I have decided to downsize to top three, though there were actually six of them.  These three were most used, most loved and deserve a special place in the favourites post - Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Mousse in Soft Mulberry, Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer 570 HD Smoky Topaz and Astor Soft sensation lipcolor butter matte 027 Elegant nude. I have already posted about the Oriflame Soft Mulberry. I love it's such a gorgeous mulberry shade. It may seem a bit more fall/winter like, but I've been feeling the berry shades lately :P The Revlon Smoky Topaz I bought a couple of months ago and later these arrived also in Slovenia, so if you want you can get it here as well! They actually ended up being cheaper here than in Poland, where I got mine. I love the Smoky topaz as it gives lovely shine, has some fine shimmer in it and gives that golden glow to the lips, making it super perfect for summer. Also compliments well darker eye makeup. Last one is another of my latest loves, Astor in shade Elegant nude. Perfect shade for every day use or special occasions, a dusky english rose with warm undertone.. Looks so flattering on me. Applies easily, pigmentation is great, wears well and has matte finish, but really matte finish. Love this!

The other three lip products I wanted to include were Catrice Beautifying lip smoother in shade 020 Apricot Creme, Catrice Supreme fusion lipstick in shade 030 Robin Rosewood and KIKO Mirage lip stylo in shade 01, from the Wonderlust limited collection. I decided not to include these as well as this post is  long enough and I really wanted to just present the top choices. However, I had to at least mention them as I was wearing these three a lot as well and I just itch to talk about these three as well, they were such effortless products to wear!

From L to R - Oriflame, Revlon, Astor
Have you tried any of these goodies? Would you like to see a full review of these products as well? If you missed out, check out my April and May favourites as well! Also some of these products have already been mentioned in my NEW in June blog post, so you can check out some more nrewbies!

There is also currently a giveaway going on my blog in my previous post - Pacific lights in summertime with Artistry!  Go check it out and don't forget to participate!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Some of the products were sent to me for review purposes. They are marked with *. 


  1. Kremica za okoli oči od Dvorca Trebnik je res noro dobra. Jaz jo imam samo še slabo četrtino. :) Tale gel/žele od Baleje sem pa tudi že opazila v dm-u pa sploh ne vem zakaj ga nisem vzela. Bi bil dovolj hranilen za suho kožo ali je bolj tako tako?

    1. Ja DT je res zadel s tole kremico! :) Balea je vlažilna, ampak za res suho kožo ne bo dovolj.Pač če boš uporabljala v kombinaciji še s kakim drugim izdelkom. Meni je ok, ker nimam res super suhe kože. :)

  2. Oooo, tale Essie! Res lep odtenek! <3 (Natalija)


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