Monday, June 30, 2014

NEW in June :)

Hello again! Another month passed so fast.. I was again  a very bad bad girl and got myself soo many goodies... Damn I'm a lucky girl :P This was a month for lip products and I really have a lot of new lippies, also some skin care and some hair care products... Let's see the list :)

List of products:

- L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology Thickness Creating Shampoo and conditioner
- I Love... Minty Choco Chip revitalizing shower gel
- Vazogel cream with extract of wild chestnut for tired and heavy legs
- Inell  nail polish remover
- Inell gentle cleansing milk make up remover
- Balea Zarter Reinigungs schaum, cleansing foam
- Balea Toner with almond extract for dry and sensitive skin
- Kahne cream with seaweed
- Balea Beauty Effect fluid with hyaluronic acid
- Balea Aqua  eye creme gel
- Sleek Blush by 3, shade Sugar (Turbinado, Muscovado, Demerara)
- Revlon Photoready BB cream in shade 010 Light
- L'Oreal Mat'Magique mattifying foundation flawless skin 12h velvet finish 02 rose ivory
- H&M double ended brush for foundation and blush
- Catrice Carnival Of Colour LE, lipglossc03 go yellow, go!
- Deborah, Glossissimo, shade 18 Really Nude
- Revlon, Colorstay Ultimate Suede 070 Preview
- Bourjois  Color Boost glossy finish lipstick in shade 06 Plum Russian, 03 Orange Punch, 05 Red island
- L'Oreal Collection Privee by Eva, Color Riche, Eva's Nude
- L'Oreal Color Riche 378 Velvet Rose, for brunettes
- Oriflame, Harmony Edt
- Oriflame, The ONE Power Shine Lipstick, Rosewood Gloss
- Makeup Revolution Amazing sheer lipgloss in Hush Hush
- Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments in Vitality, Frenzy, Frolic
- Makeup Revolution nail polish in Go to the city
- Oriflame The ONE Lash resistance mascara in black
- Oriflame The ONE Eye liner stylo in Blue
- Oriflame The ONE Nail Polish in London Red
- Oriflame The ONE Colour Unlimited lipstick in Endless Red
- L'Oreal nail polish in Oyster Bay
- Avon Ultra colour lipstick in Tea Rose
- Avon Advance Techniques Maroccan argan oil hair treatment for all hair types

Ok, starting with hair care products. I wanted a change, because I mostly use one shampoo all the time and I only swicth the conditioners, but lately I had really crappy lookign hair, my ends looking really badly split, no shine to the hair, no volume.. So a friend was already testing these two hair products by L'Oreal and I wanted to give it a go too. I missed the discount, but I bought it anyway. I got the L'Oreal Elseve Fibrology duo, shampoo and conditioner. They have a really nice scent and I think they make my hair look really good. my boyfriend also likes to use it. Next is a showe gel by I love... and it was a surprise gift from a friend and I really love love love this one! The scent is amazing, like the chocolates called After Eight, do you know them? This is amazingly fresh and chocolaty at the same time. Last on the photo is a cream for tired legs, called Vazogel, made by local company Krka. It helps with the pain and varicose veins, I apply it under my knees mostly and it helps immediately.

Moving forward, time to talk some cleaning products. I noticed a new cleansing foam at the DM store, so I decided to give it a go, the price for it is about 1,99e, or smth like that. Later in the month I really had to buy a new toner, because I used up all of my previous ones, there was not one left... So I wanted to buy Kahne Hammamelis again, or Krasna tea tree and lavander.. or maybe try one by Caudalie, but they all seemed a bit too expensive at the moment, so I bought one by Balea, the only one that claims to be without alcohol. It's supposed to be for dry and sensitive skin, which I don't have, but I find this toner gentle and suitable for everyday use, even twice a day. It's also pretty cheap, about 2 euros per bottle 200 ml. From Inell, available at Le Clerc, I again bought clansing milk eye make up remover and for the first time nail polish remover. Will see if it's any good, for the eye make up remover I already know and I liked it. It's possible to buy a larger container, but I prefer the small one, because of easier storage. So far, I like all three products, nail polish remover will get it's turn soon..

Some skin care... I bought Balea Beauty Effect fluid with hyaluronic acid, which had a lot of praises written about and so many comments how good this is.. I think I'm a bit too young to use hyaluronic acid every day, so I prefer to uset his one once or maybe twice per week, mostly before sleep. I like it so far, it has a nice scent. Next to it is Balea Aqua eye cream, which I already had some time ago, and I really like it, especially in the summer time.. Both these products were on sale at DM. Last is a natural cream by Kahne, slovenian brand, it's supposed to contain seaweed extract which helps your skin to hold water in your skin better, allow a better penetration of other care creams you use, suitable for any skin type or age, does not contain any oils, fragrances. I was told to use this as a base before skin care, you can mix it with a bit of water, or apply it just like it is on your face, possible even to use on any other part of the body, if you like. Mostly I just mix it with my evening skin care product and apply all together. Can't say yet if it really helps the creams and oils to penetrate the skin better, will see in a couple of months time.. probably. So far, I like all three products, and would repurchase if needed.

Finally, the more interesting part! Both foundations you see here were bought second hand, so I got both of these for about 10 euros, which is a real win. I got Revlon BB cream, which costs about 13 euros in regular sale and L'Oreal Mat'Magique foundation which also has a similar  price. I like both of these, but lately I needed a better coverage and used L'Oreal ones a lot more than Revlon's one. Next to it is Sleek Blush by 3 and I like this product a lot too. I especially like the combo of the shades of blushes and their pigmentation. Last is a double ended brush by H&M, which I traded for some other product of mine. This is a really gentle brush, I really like to use the blush one for powder foundation and for setting it all in...

The most important part of the newbies - my lippies! First thing this month, I saw that Catrice had a new LE, so I had to try at least one product, and I didn't have a yellow lip gloss before.. so here you have it! It's actually not that yellow, more vanilla like once on lips. Next is a new range of glosses by Deborah, they are called Glossissimo, I got mine in shade 18 Really Nude. I like the natural shade of it, with a bit of shine.. really suits different makeup looks well. I would get more shades if I could, but I really didn't like the other that much.. plus I really have a lot of Deborah glosses already...check here, plus later I bought some more... Than next was one by Revlon, which was on sale at Muller shops, and was availabe for exactly 5 euros. Well, who could resist? I certainly didn't. I already have the Ultimate Suede lipstick in shade Backstage, so I decided to get another one, a very light pink shade called Preview. Very suitable for work and everyday occasions.  Than it was time to cash in the discount for Bourjois Color Boost crayons. At DM store I had a bonus to get 50% off three products, but it was limited only to these crayons. So well at first I wanted to get just one, than I was at the shop, holding two and already standing in the line.. and than I was like, oh well, what the hell, just take the Orange Punch too.. and now I have all three best shades from the range - Plum Russina, Red Island and Orange Punch. Really, really happy with the purchase, I love all three shades, I hope they someday expand the range and get more shades, like Revlon did. Some matte options wouldn't hurt either. Last this month was two lippies by L'Oreal. I again had a discount for DM store for 50% off.. and I was in the mood for nudes. So I chose a shade suitable for brunettes, Velvet rose whicj is such a perfect gentle pinky, a little peachy shade... very suitable for any kind of situation or place. And I also chose Eva's Nude from the Collection Privee collection, because it was simply the best shade from this range and well, why not use that discount, if you can? Normally, I find L'Oreal lipsticks too expensive and would never buy them otherwise. Plus, I used my birthday gift card for these two lovelies, so yes... happy late birthday to me:P I must say that these lippies are the best part of the month, even thou I like other products also...

Next is my order from Oriflame. I decide to invest in a summer like EdT, called Harmony. It was available for a premium price, about 8 euros. Plus I wanted to try some The ONE collection lipsticks, so I chose a shimmery one called Power Shine lipstick in shade Rose Wood. At first I was a bit negatively surprised, the shimmer was too strong and I'm not used to it. But after overcoming the first impression, I actually started to really like the lippie.  Shiny, but very gentle pinky peachy shade, suitable again for any occasion or just for work area.. Another very satisfying purchase for me :)

And now some products I got to test and review. First was a package from Lič, containing new products by Makeup Revolution. I got three pigments, a lip gloss and one nail polish. I immediately fell in love with the lip gloss, I am using it almost daily. The silvery grey-ish pigment is also very pretty and I ahve already tested it, pretty nice indeed. The rest is still waiting for me to test... a full review coming up soon in the coming weeks.

And another package from Oriflame, again to test and review. I got some gorgeous stuff here, a really lovely red lipstick in Endless Red, a nail polish to match in London Red, blue eyeliner stylo and waterproof mascara, all from their newest collection The ONE. I have already tried the eyeliner and loved it, also the lipstick is amazing bright red and the nail polish is on at the moment, and I must say it looks awesome! Review and photos coming up  in the next couple of weeks.

And some late arrivals.. at the end of the month I also treated myself with an order from Avon. I got myself maroccan argan oil hair treatment, a lipstick Ultra colour in shade Tea Rose and another nail polish by L'Oreal in shade Oyster bay. All three are very nice goodies and I love having them :))) I have just tried the new hair tretment and it smells amazing! Will see how well it works for my hair!

A lot of new goodies, a lot of brilliant products! Have you tried any of these?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Empty products of the week 2 :)

Hello! Time to do some empties this week :) Well actually it has been this month... or a bit more since my last EOTW post.. I was saving some of these packagings and now I feel like it's time to write the next post and say what is worth to repurchase, what was good and what sucked... I kinda spaced out and forgot to write about these, and than I already had a couple more to write about than just two or three.. so here go short reviews and comments :)

Also used up a deo roll on by Rexona Crystal Clear Aqua, which was a pretty good product, had a nice scent to it. I used it up quite fast. I like their deo's and I will probably by one soon, I already had a couple of theirs and they seem to be working well with my skin and my needs. Sorry, there's no photo, I forgot about it and threw the packaging away as soon as I was finished with it.

Starting with a toner by a Slovenian brand named Kahne, I must say I am right now thinking of repurchasing it again. I was searching for a good toner and I have read a lot of comments and reviews and everyone was inclined to suggest me Paula's Choice or Derma E, which are both too expensive for a toner, if you ask me. I was using this 2 times per day, so the bottle didn't last long. So it's kinda the best buy, but I really wanted to try something else...Here's a full review for this product :) Next to it is a product by Schwarztkopf Gliss Kur, it's a nutritive product for split hair ends.  Really liked this one, can't say if it was the best I have tried, but it did the job pretty well. Only at the end I was kinda having trouble with my hair, the first day after washing they looked fine and the hair ends looked whole. The next day they broke out and they looked really damaged... sometimes this happened right after washing.. I have no explanation for it, as it was different from the start ... something changed with my hair, I guess. Normally I would repurchase, but at the moment I am looking for something new to try. Also, to use up the product you will need to cut it and dig in with fingers, because the pump just won't let any of the product out anymore, and I still had enough for two weeks...

Next is a cleansing milk by Dr. Hauschka. I actually received this one when it was on about a third left, just to try and see how it works. It's really creamy and gentle, has no destinctive scent, just something gentle, not  disturbing. Comes with a pump in a glass bottle, so take care you don't drop it.. I liked it, it's alos pretty nourishing and maybe a bit more for the dry type of skin, or maybe the mixed ones could use it too. If you have oily skin, I recommend not to use it everyday. It desolves make up pretty good, but I needed  to wash my face well after using this, because it left a layer on my skin I really didn't like. Also a bit pricey, so I will not repurchase. Next to is a body butter by Perfecta, which it took me a long time to use up. I got this one from Poland, and I don't think this is available in Slovenia anywhere.. This was an amazingly scented product, really creamy, chocolaty, the texture was more like a mousse, which was really nice to use. It didn't feel heavy on the skin and it absorbed faster than normal body butters. I would definitely repurchase this if  I could. Claims to have a firming effect on the skin, which I cannot confirm since I used it on and off..

Next is a shower gel by L'Occitane, which I was also saving for like two years... And I have finally finished it. It had a really nice scent to it, but nothing more. It didn't dry my skin, but it also didn't give it any moisture. I think this was limited edition and even if I could, I wouldn't repurchase it. It was ok, but nothing special, aside for the scent. Next to it is a toner by Krasna, another slovenian brand, which I really loved and you can read the full review here. I am also thinking of repurchasing it soon, this one or the Kahne one.. Well, the only problem I have with this one is that now I have no discounts for it.. so it's kinda pricey, about 12 euros for 200 ml, and the Kahne one is less than 4 euros for the same amount. Last on the photo is a shower gel by Nivea, which promises to be gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. I think this is more for normal skin, as I felt it dry up my skin a couple of times. Definitely not for everyday use. The scent was nothing special, the product in general doesn't irritate the skin, but it's not  good enough for me to wish to repurchase it.

Last photo in this post presents a mini body butter by Alverde. This was last Christmas collection, and it came packaged in a little box with three different little body butters. I gave two away as gifts and I kept one for myself. I liked it, but it felt heavy on the skin, just like almost every cream or lotion I ever had by Alverde. This is not available in DM stores anymore, even if it was I probably wouldn't repurchase. It was an ok body butter, with certificat claiming to be made rom natural ingredients, which is also a big bonus. If this come sout next winter I will probably buy it, because the price was really cheap and the product pretty good considering. But it's too heavy for any other time than winter, unless you have a really really dry skin, than this would work for you in summer time too. And the last product is another toner for face, this time by Dr.Scheller. Another brand that has natural ingredients in it, this is from their Pomegranate line. I used to have the Pomegranate wasch gel, which was ok at first, than started to dry my skin. This was also the case with this toner. I got it from a friend, already a bit used. It feels gentle on the skin, doesn't irritate or cause any further skin problems. But it has this really strong smell, which I really didn't like. Anyway, for a toner this is pretty good, but more on the average side.. I probably won't repurchase it, but if you are interested you can buy it DM store, plus they offer discount at the moment. 

So this is it for this week /month :) Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? 

P.s. - Do you have any suggestions for a good face toner? I will need one soon, as I am running out of my Melvita Orange blossom floral water.

Hope this was useful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Preview: Catrice - It Pieces Collection

Best of. The international fashion shows are true platforms of inspiration. An exciting mix of the most diverse components: the personal signature of each designer, trend-oriented cuts and fabrics as well as colours that reflect the spirit of the times. The make-up complements the designs whilst setting impulses at the same time. Once the innovations are available, the run for the must-haves begins. No matter whether you are looking for a popular ombré look, soft nudes or a hip matt effect – these trends are an absolute must in both the beauty and the fashion worlds alike. In keeping with the eye-catchers of the season, the Limited Edition “It Pieces” by Catrice offers the beauty highlights for Autumn/Winter: Lash Extension Volume Mascara and Lash Boost Extension Fibres for essential XXL-lashes, Velvet Matt Eyeshadows for unique, silky-matt results and the Tinted Lip Glow Balm as well as the Beautifying Lip Smoother for lots of pampering care in a modern, natural look. And the nails are currently sparkling with luxurious 3D effects. Beauty and Fashion – a perfect match by Catrice.

International Launch Date – mid July until August 2014 exclusively to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Montenegro, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Libya, Palestine, Algeria, Iraq, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Peru, Bolivia, and Mexico.

Velvet Matt Eyeshadow – Trend in Sight: The new Velvet Matt Eyeshadows with an innovative, premium texture contain ultra-soft shimmer pigments for a velvety-matt finish. Thanks to their silky, highly pigmented formula, the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows practically melt with your skin to create a radiant look. You have a choice of four brilliant colours – from a soft pearl-beige to grey and green to a deep aubergine. Available in 010 Vanillaty Fair, 040 Al Burgundy, 050 Welcome To Greysland!, 060 Moss Wanted Colour.

Duo Eyeshadow Brush – Eye Support. The Duo Eyeshadow Brush allows you to create multifaceted eye make-up looks with a subtle colour gradient. Powder eyeshadows can be applied and easily blended in a professional manner. The longer end of the brush is ideal for applying eyeshadow on larger areas while the shorter smudge-end is best used for blending and an accurate application. Comes in a practical zipper pouch.

Lash Extension Volume Mascara – An XXS brush for XXL lashes. The new Lash Extension Volume Mascara is characterised by its particularly slim fibre brush, which effortlessly reaches each individual lash and covers it with a deep-black texture. Integrated fibres enhance the lash-lengthening effect. Your lashes will stand out for their stunning length, volume and curl. An accurate application for lashes with perfect definition.  Available in black.

Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres – Principle of Maximisation. Special fibres create a fast volume and lash-extending effect. Simply apply your favourite mascara and then – while the texture is still moist – apply a coat of the Lash Extension Fibres. As the final step, apply another coat of mascara on your lashes. The results: lashes that are unrivalled in terms of thickness and length.

Beautifying Lip Smoother – Beautifier. The Beautifying Lip Smoother complements every natural make-up look: a subtle colour-dispersion in pastel rosé and gentle nude shades with a glossy finish ensure a soft, well-groomed appearance. The Lip Smoother visibly evens out fine lines around your lips for flawless results. Its flock applicator and the practical tube packaging perfectly round off the concept. Available in 020 Apricot Cream, 030 Cake Pop.

Tinted Lip Glow Balm – Glow Show. The pampering lip balm intensifies the natural colour of your lips and tints it with a subtle touch of pink – which varies depending on the individual pH value of the skin on your lips. The result is longlasting, natural and 100% unique. The more often you apply the colour, the more intense it looks. One shade fits all.

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: Oriflame - The ONE, Giordani Gold & Very Me

Pozdravljeni! Danes zopet objava v slovenščini, ker tokrat ocenjujem izdelke Oriflame, ki sem jih prejela v oceno  s strani Oriflame Slovenija :) Izbirala sem izdelke na podlagi sloga "topel spomladanski večer", izdelki pa so bili iz prejšnjega kataloga. Sedaj je na voljo že nov, najdete ga tu :)

Super se mi je zdelo, da so mi dovolili, da si sama izberem izdelke, ker sem tako lahko izbrala odtenke, ki so bili meni najbolj všeč, oziroma za katere sem najbolje predvidevala da mi bodo ustrezali.  Torej izbrala sem pet izdelkov, za katere sem najprej mislila, da jih bom ocenila posamezno, nato pa sem se odločila da naredim eno večjo objavo, da se potem ne išče in ne izgubi še preostanek objav. Iz najnovejše Oriflame kolekcije imenovane The ONE, sem si izbrala podlago z imenom Illuskin Foundation v odtenku Fair Nude, maskaro Volume Blast Mascara v odtenku Black Blue in pa Colour Impact  cream eye shadow v odtenku Beige Pearl. Poleg tega sem si izbrala še eno Giordani Gold šminko, o katerih sem slišala že veliko pohval, v odtenku Wispy Prune. Za konec in piko na i pa še lakec Very Me iz kolekcije Spring Tenderness v odtenku  Tender Green.

Najprej malo o novi kolekciji The ONE. V najnovejšem katalogu so predstavljeni še drugi izdelki, ki sestavljajo tole kolekcijo, z veseljem bi poskusila še kakšno šminko in pa črtalo za veke. Tudi izdelke, ki sem jih testirala jaz se najde, vendar morate malo bolj pobrskati po katalogu, ker so objavljeni bolj proti sredini in na malo manjše, ker so bili predstavljeni že v prejšnjem. Poskusila bi tudi vodoodporno maskaro, predvsem ker mi je že ta tako všeč. 

Najprej o podlagi Illuskin Foundation. Izbrala sem si odtenek Fair Nude in priznam da sem se bala, da mi bo odtenek presvetel, vendar mi je v bistvu kot ulit. Čeprav je poletje in se bliža obdobje, ko ima večina malo bolj zagorelo polt in svetli pudri odpadejo, to ni moj strah, saj se skoraj nikoli ne sončim ali imam zagorelo polt. In sem prav vesela da je tako, ker bom sedaj tale puder lahko koristila brez težav. Na voljo je več odtenkov, vse skupaj šest, moj je drugi najsvetlejši. Cena izdelka v trenutnem katalogu je 11,99e. Pri tej podlagi mi je poleg odtenka, ki ni ne preveč rumen ali preveč za roza podtone, všeč predvsem mazljivost in enostaven nanos. Ni potrebe po veliki količini pudra, kar vam seveda omogoča, da vam izdelek dlje zdrži. Ima prijeten, nevsiljiv vonj. Občutek na koži je super, kot da ne bi imeli na sebi ničesar, pogosto pozabim da sem sploh namazana. Prekrivnost je nekje med nizko in srednjo, vsaj na meni, ker imam res velike in globoke pore, vendar ne maram uporabljati preveč prekrivnih pudrov, tako da mi v bistvu takšna prekrivnost ustreza. Res je prijetno uporabljat tale puder, občutek na koži je res nežen in mehek, sam "finish" pa nekako bolj semi met, malenkost svetleč, ampak se da popraviti z matirnim pudrom. Kot podlago sem uporabljala Revlonov primer nato pa Balea Teint Perfektion bazo in se oboje dobro obnese. Na voljo imate tudi korektor iz iste kolekcije in pa puder v kamnu. Meni je tale podlaga zelo všeč in jo bom letos poleti verjetno veliko uporabljala ravno zaradi lahkotnosti. Plus je tudi spf 20, kar definitvno pripomore k zaščiti obraza, vendar ne bo dovolj za poletne dni, priporočam dobro bazno kremo z višjim spf za podlago :)

Naslednji izdelek je kremno senčilo Colour Impact v odtenku  Beige Pearl. Na voljo imate še sedem drugih odtenkov, izbarni tule pa je najsvetlejši izmed vseh. priznam da so mi bili temnejši odtenki bolj mikavni, vendar sem poskušala izbrati odtenek glede na dano okvirno temo in sem se raje odločila za svetlejši bolj pomladni odtenek. Senčilo se hitro namaže, razmaže brez problemov, odtenek gre na veko enakomerno, da se ga tudi nanesti več plasti. Gre za svetel odtenek, svetleč z srebrnimi odbijajočimi delci in rahlim zlatkasto-bež pridihom. Barva, ki bi ustrezala vsem barvam oči, kot podlaga ali samostojno. Tekstura izdelka spominja precej na Bourjois lončke, ki sem jih ocenila tu. Najprej tako kremasto, nato pa takoj na prstih občutek kot da nanašate senčilo v prahu. Obstojnost je kar v redu, vsaj ene 4 do 5 urc je bilo vse ok. Nima nekega vonja sploh, kar je tudi fajn, sem pa bila predvsem presenečena nad majhnostjo lončka. Sem nekako pričakovala da bo večji, vsebine je 4g. Senčila najdete tudi v zadnjem katalogu, zaenkrat še po akcijski ceni 6,49e. Končni sklep okoli tegale senčila pa je tak - je sicer fajn izdelek in ga je prijetno uporabljati, vendar če že imate podobne izdelke doma, podobne odtenke, potem tole nekako ne bo prišlo na vrsto, ker je zelo podobno istemu tipu izdelkov Maybelline, Bourjois, Chanel itd.

In moj najljubši del iz linije The ONE, maskara Volume Blast Mascara  v odtenku Black Blue. Imate jo tudi na izbiro v čisto črnem odtenku in pa v novem katalogu predstavljajo že vodoodporno različico. Tale maskara me je res presenetila, ker navadno imam z vsemi nekak posodobne izkušnje. Ni panda efekta, barva je lepa temno modra, ne kakša svetla, kar je super zdaj za poletje ko je modra barva tako popularna. Zelo priporočam tistim, ki bi radi poskusili barvno maskaro pa vas modre vedno odbijejo ker izgledajo bolj svetlo modre in pastlne. Trepalnice lepo loči, jih ne zlepi skupaj, lepo definira, obarva in poudari. Volume je sicer bolj tako tako, kar je pri meni enako pri vseh maskarah ki obljubljajo volumen. Bolj mi je všeč celoten izgled ki ga pustijo na trepalnicah, lepo poudarijo trepalnice, rahlo privihajo in podaljšajo. Krtačka je super, nikoli ni preveč maskare na njej, se ne paca, tudi velikost krtačke je ravno pravšnja za natančen in enostaven nanos. Maskaro imate na voljo tudi v najnovejšem katalogu, trenutno še v akcijski ceni 7,99e.  Velikost in količina maskare sta standardni, 8ml. Meni je res všeč in jo zelo rada uporabljam, pa tudi enostavno in hitro se namažem z njo. Nobenega brisanja krtačke pred nanosom, da odstranim odvečno količino izdelka, nič popravljanja po nanosu ko se vse spacka na in pod veko... Obstojno, brez sušenja in odpadanja koščkov maskare pod veko čez dan. Slikce na žalost delajo bolj krivico maskari, ker mi nekako ni uspelo ujet najboljšega kota. 

In sedaj ustnice, ponavadi moj najljubši del debate o kozmetiki in kozmetičnih izdelkih. Res sem se veselila tele šminke iz linije Giordani Gold Voluptuous v odtenku Wispy Prune. O Giordani Gold šminkah sem slišala in brala že precej pohval. Na voljo je 10 odtenkov, izdelek pa najdete tule. Sama sem očitno izbrala najtemnejši odtenek, vsaj tako je izgledal na prvi pogled ko sem prvič odprla škatlico. V katalogu je zgledal bolj svetlikajoč, bež do pinky. In nekako tako tudi dejansko pride na ustnicah. Ima tudi malenkost zlatega shimmra poleg, ampak se ga vidi res le od blizu, če morda katero motijo svetleči delci. Je kremaste teksture, se lepo nanaša kar direktno, ni potrebe po čopiču za ustnice, vsaj ne pri tem odtenku. Gre za bolj vsestranski odtenek, ki bi lahko bil kombiniran z različnimi make up looki, vendar meni nikakor ne gre. Ne znam kombinirati tele šminke, ker na meni še vedno deluje preveč drugače kot sem si zamislila in jo ponavadi nanesem samo v kombinaciji z naravnimi, bež in rjavkastimi odtenki na vekah. Odtenek se mi zdi dokaj univerzalen, za vsako priložnost, vendar ga bolj priporočam temno in rjavolaskam in pa osebam z bolj rumenim podtonom. Obstojnost me ni prepričala, nekako povprečno dve urci.. brez hrane in pijače. Če kaj pojem ali spijem gre kar hitro dol in je potrebno zopet nanesti. Načeloma mi je šminka všeč, vendar nisem zelo navdušena nad njo. Je dobra, vendar imam že boljše... Slikce odtenka na ustnicah niso čisto realne, je malenkost bolj rjavkasta šminka kot je videti tu.

In še zadnji izdelek, ki sem ga prejela v oceno. Lak za nohte linije Very me, iz njihove pomladanske kolekcije Spring Tenderness, v odtenku Tender Green. Na prvi pogled mi je deloval zelo obetavno, tudi v katalogu se mi je zdela lepa mint barva. Žal me je tale lakec razočaral, ker pač enostavno ne naredi nič prav. Čopič je majhen, nanos je načeloma hiter in se dokaj hitro posuši, vendar je prva plast preveč svetla in lisasta. Potrebne sta vsaj dve plasti, vendar mi kljub temu ni uspelo, da lak ne bi bil lisast. S tem ko sem poskušala, da bi bila barva bolj enakomerna je bila plast laka seveda odebeljena in kljub temu da je bil lak že vsaj kakšno uro nanešen, je bil še vedno malo bolj mehek na delih in so se hitro poznale poškodbe. Dotik tam, trk ob mizo tam... Krušenje se je pričelo naslednji dan, kljub nadlaku Essie Good To Go. Na voljo so bili trije odtenki, še eden bolj oranžen in drugi malo bolj rozast. Tudi sam odtenek je izgledal in deloval bolj zelenkast, pride pa precej pastelen in mi nekako ni najbolj všeč. 

 Najbolj sem navdušena nad maskaro in tekočim pudrom iz nove linije The ONE, ju priporočam vsem, ki bi radi probali nekaj novega in primernega tudi za poletni čas. Senčilo in šminka sta sicer dobra izdelka, vendar še vedno povprečna in lahko podobno kvaliteto dobite tudi pri drugih znamkah. Edino kar res ne priporočam je tale lakec, meni je bil na žalost zelo slab. Če ste morda poskusili kak izdelek iz nove linije The ONE mi sporočite če morda kakšnega priporočate :) Ker je bil tekoči puder dober in se mi obnese na koži, čeprav imam nekako bolj mešano do mastno kožo, razmišljam o nakupu korektorja ali pa morda raje kompaktnega pudra. Ste ga že preizkusile?

Najlepša hvala še Oriflame Slovenija, ki so mi omogočili testiranje in razvanjanje z novimi izdelki. :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Catrice - Le Grand Bleu LE :)

Hello! I promised to post a review of my new products by Catrice from their limited edition Le Grand Bleu, so here it is :) Just a short opinion on the products  and a photo or two :) I treated myself with this eyeliner pen in shade C01 Entering Atlantis and a matt lip cream in shade 01 Never leave coral reef.

The blue eyeliner pen looked attractive from the start, since I first saw the preview and also the matt lip cream was also pretty interesting. And even after checking out the stand in the store, which by the way I actually got to see full, I liked these two products best from the whole limited edition. 

The eyeliner pen has this simple classic packaging, nothing special about it. The usual for eyeliner pens. The tips is kinda long but a bit too fat if you ask me. I have trouble making a thin line and than making it stronger and thicker. Usually my first application of this liner is already too thick and I have to fiy it somehow to make it look ok. I have small eyes and my eyelids are not big so if I draw a line too thick all of the colour starts to transform to the upper part of my eyelids... So this is the thing I really dislike with this eyeliner pen .. it takes too much work to make it "work". Maybe eyeliner pens  are just not meant for me, but I had to give it a go, since the shade is really beautiful deep blue, almost kinda black. One coat of this pen is also not enough to make the colour even so you will need at least two and than he shade starts to look more black than blue, but I still liked the effect. As for longivety - this is pretty damn good, stays on no matter what and actually causes problems with removing it. It doesn't claim to be waterproof but it's really strong and even after washing my face and rubbing my eyes with different cleansers it still left a bit of a stain. So I recommend a waterproof make up remover for this one. All in all this is a solid product, but not something I would repurchase if I could.

one coat
And the lip cream in shade Never Leave Coral Reef. Don't let the name fool you, this is not a coral shade. It's  more of a raspberry red if you ask me, it gives a nice soft feeling to the lips, I really love the texture of the product. Feels very soft and velvety and it didn't need any lip balm under, it also didn't dry my lips too much, but it did a little. You do need to prep your lips and make sure you don't have any dry patches, because this will just emphasize them. I prefer to apply it with brush because than I can be more precise and  the wand here is very simple and classic for lip glosses, which sometimes results in applying too much of the product in the first swipe and than more work with makeing the colour even. The pigmentation is really good, one swipe will give you full coverage, however I prefer to use two. First one light and thin and than over again a bit more stronger. Also helps to keep the shade to last longer. As for lasting power goes this is somewhat in the middle. About 3 hours without eating, just drinking. But if you eat and all, this will need instant reapplication. Finish of the product is not completely matt, it does have a light shine in the middle of my lips. But just a little bit, a lot less than regular lipsticks by Catrice, for example. I think it's a solid product, but nothing spectacular or worth repurchasing. You could probably get a shade and the same quality at any brand that offers matt lip creams, maybe it would just be a bit more expensive.

this is kinda washed out real shade, couldn't get a better photo, sorry... :(

Have you tried any products from this limited edition? Hope this was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Makeup Revolution! :)

Hello! So I have some Makeup Revolution London products to talk about, which I have received from Lič :) I got one Amazing Curl mascara in black, one Salvation intense lacquer lipgloss in shade No Ordinary Love, Vivid blush lacquer in shade Heat and Focus& Fix eyebrow shaping kit in  shade light medium.

I must say I have been using the most the lip gloss and eyebrow kit, they are my favourite from the bunch. The blusher is also pretty good, only the mascara is pretty dissapointing. So lets talk some details :)

Mascara promises to give curl, but unfortunately this gives no effect whatsoever. At least on me with my tiny lashes and no shape or volume this mascara is not able to make my eyes look beautiful or anything at all. It has simple black packaging, the brush is kinda small and actually the mascara is very dry from the get go. I don't like the ones that are too liquidy and need a month or two to dry and be actually just the right consistency. As for the effect, it promises to give curl, but actually it is so very barely visible that it looks more like I forgot to apply mascara. Sorry, guys, but can't say anything good about this mascara, I just really don't see any use for it. At least it doesn't clump my eyelashes and it doesn't end up in the "panda" look.

Next is this beauty - Salvation intense lacquer in No Ordinary Love. I really like this one, it has simple classic packaging, nothing to say about it. Except that it is very cheap and result is that all of the lipgloss clungs to the wand and the plastic thingy that stops it and should have stayed in place glues itself to the cap of the wand and you need to be careful because it's very easy to get the product all over your hands and on your shirt. Imagine that happening while you tried to reapply some lipgloss and you are at work.. and you just started working.. what a great way to start ;) It's not sticky and it's really richly pigmented so I expect that also other shades are pretty good, gives amazing coverage with just one swipe. Also the shade is perfect for summer :) Really recommend this one, and also maybe to try some other shades :)

Next is blusher with this simple packaging, with pump for easier use and transparent bottle  to see the shade instantly. It's very well pigmented so you need a little tiny drop of the product, apply directly after foundation and than go over with the powder version. A very strong shade this one, called Heat, kinda peachy, browny, clay like... maybe more suitable for darker skin tones and warmer skin tones. I like this one, but I find it too strong and kinda out of my comfort zone. Still looks a bit reddish on the skin, maybe this also depends how much bronzer you use with the look or what kind of foundation you use. Anyway, a pretty decent product with  nice lasting power, no changes were noticed for at least 6 hours. And I have oily skin and get used to having my powder blushes applied more strongly so there is any left at the end of the day. This is not the case here, be very cautius with how much you use with this one. :) Photos are a bit lighter than it looks like on the face..

And most used item of the bunch - eyebrow shaping kit! This is my first product that looks like this and is packaged like this. I have eyebrow mascara and a pencil, but this is my first kit. I really like the sturdy and strong packaging, also the mirror inside is very nice. At first I thought this will be too light for me, but actually it's quite right and I use a lot the darkest shade and gel to fix my eyebrows. You also get a tweezer for your eyebrows and a little brush. A very nice and useful product, I think I kinda like this one the most, can't decide if more than lipgloss or not. I don't have a lot of experineces with eyebrow kits and stuff for shaping your eyebrows, but this seems pretty decent and I liked it so far. Maybe if I have tried more different product I could give a better review and comparison. Anyway, for a beginner with eyebrow routine this would be a pretty good thing to have :) Sorry the swatches are a bit light, don't know why I couldn't make them more realistic...

So this is it :) Hope this review was useful to you :) Let me know if you have tried some Makeup Revolution London products and what was your experience with them :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly