Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Makeup Revolution! :)

Hello! So I have some Makeup Revolution London products to talk about, which I have received from Ličila.si :) I got one Amazing Curl mascara in black, one Salvation intense lacquer lipgloss in shade No Ordinary Love, Vivid blush lacquer in shade Heat and Focus& Fix eyebrow shaping kit in  shade light medium.

I must say I have been using the most the lip gloss and eyebrow kit, they are my favourite from the bunch. The blusher is also pretty good, only the mascara is pretty dissapointing. So lets talk some details :)

Mascara promises to give curl, but unfortunately this gives no effect whatsoever. At least on me with my tiny lashes and no shape or volume this mascara is not able to make my eyes look beautiful or anything at all. It has simple black packaging, the brush is kinda small and actually the mascara is very dry from the get go. I don't like the ones that are too liquidy and need a month or two to dry and be actually just the right consistency. As for the effect, it promises to give curl, but actually it is so very barely visible that it looks more like I forgot to apply mascara. Sorry, guys, but can't say anything good about this mascara, I just really don't see any use for it. At least it doesn't clump my eyelashes and it doesn't end up in the "panda" look.

Next is this beauty - Salvation intense lacquer in No Ordinary Love. I really like this one, it has simple classic packaging, nothing to say about it. Except that it is very cheap and result is that all of the lipgloss clungs to the wand and the plastic thingy that stops it and should have stayed in place glues itself to the cap of the wand and you need to be careful because it's very easy to get the product all over your hands and on your shirt. Imagine that happening while you tried to reapply some lipgloss and you are at work.. and you just started working.. what a great way to start ;) It's not sticky and it's really richly pigmented so I expect that also other shades are pretty good, gives amazing coverage with just one swipe. Also the shade is perfect for summer :) Really recommend this one, and also maybe to try some other shades :)

Next is blusher with this simple packaging, with pump for easier use and transparent bottle  to see the shade instantly. It's very well pigmented so you need a little tiny drop of the product, apply directly after foundation and than go over with the powder version. A very strong shade this one, called Heat, kinda peachy, browny, clay like... maybe more suitable for darker skin tones and warmer skin tones. I like this one, but I find it too strong and kinda out of my comfort zone. Still looks a bit reddish on the skin, maybe this also depends how much bronzer you use with the look or what kind of foundation you use. Anyway, a pretty decent product with  nice lasting power, no changes were noticed for at least 6 hours. And I have oily skin and get used to having my powder blushes applied more strongly so there is any left at the end of the day. This is not the case here, be very cautius with how much you use with this one. :) Photos are a bit lighter than it looks like on the face..

And most used item of the bunch - eyebrow shaping kit! This is my first product that looks like this and is packaged like this. I have eyebrow mascara and a pencil, but this is my first kit. I really like the sturdy and strong packaging, also the mirror inside is very nice. At first I thought this will be too light for me, but actually it's quite right and I use a lot the darkest shade and gel to fix my eyebrows. You also get a tweezer for your eyebrows and a little brush. A very nice and useful product, I think I kinda like this one the most, can't decide if more than lipgloss or not. I don't have a lot of experineces with eyebrow kits and stuff for shaping your eyebrows, but this seems pretty decent and I liked it so far. Maybe if I have tried more different product I could give a better review and comparison. Anyway, for a beginner with eyebrow routine this would be a pretty good thing to have :) Sorry the swatches are a bit light, don't know why I couldn't make them more realistic...

So this is it :) Hope this review was useful to you :) Let me know if you have tried some Makeup Revolution London products and what was your experience with them :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Waaa izgleda super. Zelo mi je všeč blusher :)
    Nika x

    1. Blusher je kar fajn ja, lušen za uporabo :)

  2. Odtenek blusha in lip lacquerja sta mi zelo všeč, sem bila pa sama tudi zelo razočarana nad maskaro. Je žal že na smetišču.

    1. Ja maskara je res bedna, ni druge beseda za njo... :S

  3. Kako lepa barva lip lacqerja. <3


    1. Ja, res je taka lepa topla pinky :)) Prav poletna :)


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