Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Empty products of the week 2 :)

Hello! Time to do some empties this week :) Well actually it has been this month... or a bit more since my last EOTW post.. I was saving some of these packagings and now I feel like it's time to write the next post and say what is worth to repurchase, what was good and what sucked... I kinda spaced out and forgot to write about these, and than I already had a couple more to write about than just two or three.. so here go short reviews and comments :)

Also used up a deo roll on by Rexona Crystal Clear Aqua, which was a pretty good product, had a nice scent to it. I used it up quite fast. I like their deo's and I will probably by one soon, I already had a couple of theirs and they seem to be working well with my skin and my needs. Sorry, there's no photo, I forgot about it and threw the packaging away as soon as I was finished with it.

Starting with a toner by a Slovenian brand named Kahne, I must say I am right now thinking of repurchasing it again. I was searching for a good toner and I have read a lot of comments and reviews and everyone was inclined to suggest me Paula's Choice or Derma E, which are both too expensive for a toner, if you ask me. I was using this 2 times per day, so the bottle didn't last long. So it's kinda the best buy, but I really wanted to try something else...Here's a full review for this product :) Next to it is a product by Schwarztkopf Gliss Kur, it's a nutritive product for split hair ends.  Really liked this one, can't say if it was the best I have tried, but it did the job pretty well. Only at the end I was kinda having trouble with my hair, the first day after washing they looked fine and the hair ends looked whole. The next day they broke out and they looked really damaged... sometimes this happened right after washing.. I have no explanation for it, as it was different from the start ... something changed with my hair, I guess. Normally I would repurchase, but at the moment I am looking for something new to try. Also, to use up the product you will need to cut it and dig in with fingers, because the pump just won't let any of the product out anymore, and I still had enough for two weeks...

Next is a cleansing milk by Dr. Hauschka. I actually received this one when it was on about a third left, just to try and see how it works. It's really creamy and gentle, has no destinctive scent, just something gentle, not  disturbing. Comes with a pump in a glass bottle, so take care you don't drop it.. I liked it, it's alos pretty nourishing and maybe a bit more for the dry type of skin, or maybe the mixed ones could use it too. If you have oily skin, I recommend not to use it everyday. It desolves make up pretty good, but I needed  to wash my face well after using this, because it left a layer on my skin I really didn't like. Also a bit pricey, so I will not repurchase. Next to is a body butter by Perfecta, which it took me a long time to use up. I got this one from Poland, and I don't think this is available in Slovenia anywhere.. This was an amazingly scented product, really creamy, chocolaty, the texture was more like a mousse, which was really nice to use. It didn't feel heavy on the skin and it absorbed faster than normal body butters. I would definitely repurchase this if  I could. Claims to have a firming effect on the skin, which I cannot confirm since I used it on and off..

Next is a shower gel by L'Occitane, which I was also saving for like two years... And I have finally finished it. It had a really nice scent to it, but nothing more. It didn't dry my skin, but it also didn't give it any moisture. I think this was limited edition and even if I could, I wouldn't repurchase it. It was ok, but nothing special, aside for the scent. Next to it is a toner by Krasna, another slovenian brand, which I really loved and you can read the full review here. I am also thinking of repurchasing it soon, this one or the Kahne one.. Well, the only problem I have with this one is that now I have no discounts for it.. so it's kinda pricey, about 12 euros for 200 ml, and the Kahne one is less than 4 euros for the same amount. Last on the photo is a shower gel by Nivea, which promises to be gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. I think this is more for normal skin, as I felt it dry up my skin a couple of times. Definitely not for everyday use. The scent was nothing special, the product in general doesn't irritate the skin, but it's not  good enough for me to wish to repurchase it.

Last photo in this post presents a mini body butter by Alverde. This was last Christmas collection, and it came packaged in a little box with three different little body butters. I gave two away as gifts and I kept one for myself. I liked it, but it felt heavy on the skin, just like almost every cream or lotion I ever had by Alverde. This is not available in DM stores anymore, even if it was I probably wouldn't repurchase. It was an ok body butter, with certificat claiming to be made rom natural ingredients, which is also a big bonus. If this come sout next winter I will probably buy it, because the price was really cheap and the product pretty good considering. But it's too heavy for any other time than winter, unless you have a really really dry skin, than this would work for you in summer time too. And the last product is another toner for face, this time by Dr.Scheller. Another brand that has natural ingredients in it, this is from their Pomegranate line. I used to have the Pomegranate wasch gel, which was ok at first, than started to dry my skin. This was also the case with this toner. I got it from a friend, already a bit used. It feels gentle on the skin, doesn't irritate or cause any further skin problems. But it has this really strong smell, which I really didn't like. Anyway, for a toner this is pretty good, but more on the average side.. I probably won't repurchase it, but if you are interested you can buy it DM store, plus they offer discount at the moment. 

So this is it for this week /month :) Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? 

P.s. - Do you have any suggestions for a good face toner? I will need one soon, as I am running out of my Melvita Orange blossom floral water.

Hope this was useful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Loccitane izdelki so mi tako no- vsi geli za tuširanje razen lepe embalaže in vonja niso nič posebnega- iskreno, tudi Balea ima noro dišeče tuš gele, malo manj fancy embalažo, ampak to je to :D Me Loccitane ne prepriča prevel, razen kakšne kreme za roke in drugih zadev, ampak geli za tuširanje in kreme, no go, predrago mi je za to kar ponujajo.

    1. Meni je edino mandelj tuš gel res dober od L'Occitana... tega tukaj sem pa dobila za darilo, sama nimam denarja da bi športala tako drage tuš gele.. potem že raje zapravim za dobro kremo za obraz ali pa dekorativo :P


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