Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: KRASNA - Refreshing tonic for face with lavander and tea plant

Hello again! Finally some time to catch up with all the reviews I want to make :) Today I'll talk about a face product, made in Slovenia:) The name of the brand is KRASNA and is sold at Slovenian DM stores and I think also Maxi shop in the center of Ljubljana has it. Anyway, the product I will talk about today is a refreshing tonic water for face with lavander and tea plant.

The packaging: You get a nice box with description of the product and ingredients on the back. Inside you get a nice transparent plastic bottle with 200 ml of the product. The period of use is 12 months.  

The scent: The first thing I really noticed about this one was the amazing fresh scent of lavander and tea plant. It's a really nice combination, and also very relaxing. I like to use it in the evening before I go to bed. It really is strong in scent and my skin smells nice for about an hour and even later I can still smell the lavander. 

How to use: It's skin care, hydrolyte with lavender and tea tree essential oil is used as a natural tonic. Suitable also for greasy skin ( I have greasy skin and it works well for me). Shake before use. Apply with cotton pad, gently, can be used morning or evening. 

Colour: The product is as you can see on the photos, also transparent, just like the bottle. Which I really like because they didn't add any dyes. It's a classic tonic, so the consistency is watery.

Application and use: I normally use it in the evening, because of the incredible lavander scent that really suits me before bed. I use one cotton pad, spill some of the product on and apply gently to the face. Nothing special about that. I would love if this product came as a spray on tonic, like  a face mist or something like that. Because it's so gentle and universal I think you could also use it on your neck and décolleté, if you wanted to.

My opinion: On me it helped a little with my skin, it helped me a little to make it look better, more healthy. Because of the tea tree essential oil it has a little bit more of cleansing power and I think it works well with my greasy skin and also helps to calm down the redness of my pimples. I have also noticed my skin is less greasy in the morning, which is also nice. I really like this product, because it's easy to use, easy to apply, you don't need much of the product even if you use it every day. I really love the scent of lavander in combination with tea tree oil, it's gentle but still effective. I also like the packahing - simple, clean, makes me feel like I'm in Provence on holidays, in some old mansion having a blast with home made cosmetics ;) I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but the point is - I really like this one and will definitely repurchase. I bought this one at DM store, for about 11 euros. If you love lavander scented products - I really recommend this one to you! :)))

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Sliši se res super, morem sprobat kakšen izdelek od KRASNA.. Pa ne vem zakaj, ampak me je steklenička čisto prevzela, ful mi lepo izgleda :)

    1. Meni so ful všeč tale tonik in pa solna kopel :) Piling moram pa še sprobat. Steklenička je ful lepa, zgleda mal rustična... vsi njihovi izdelki imajo podoben tip embalaže..

  2. uuu, tole se sliši super. :D
    bom zagotovo sprobala tole, ker če vsaj malo zboljša kožo in umiri rdečico od mozoljev, potem je to nekaj, kar je meni vredno sprobati. :)) pa ravno sem razmišljala, da bi sprobala kaj od KRASNE, ker vse tako lepo in privlačno zgleda. :))

  3. Nisem vedela, da je Krasna na voljo v DM-u, moram pogledati njihove izdelke pri nas.


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