Saturday, February 1, 2014

Preview: Essence - Bloom me up!

Hello! Starting new month with new limited edition preview :) This time it's by Essence, called Bloom me up!

Lightweight lace with floral patterns combined with fresh colors consisting of pink, apricot and lilac. The spring is a little playful and romantic - at the same time self-confident and totally cool. Available from March 2014 :)
Must-haves of the trend edition are the duo eye pencil, which increases the eye visually, and the practical blush stick - but even that sweet flower lace hair band should not be missed. On top of the trend edition offers practical brushes for a professional make-up  and a stylish bag for storing the beauty tools.

Blush stickThe blush stick gives a new feel in pink and apricot and after the application has a great powdery finish. Available in 01 chaising lacy and 02 blooming border. 

Duo Eye pencil One side of the pen is especially suitable for the inner eyelid, makes for a wide open look. The other side is for below the eyebrows.  Available in 01 bloomylicious.

Mono eyeshadowThe highly pigmented eyeshadow in cream, pink and mint with shimmering effects create a spring-like eye make-up. The powder texture is easy to apply and perfectly blended. On top shadows are decorated with a delicate, floral design. Available in 01 bloomylicious, 02 rose it up! and 03 blow my mint. 

Lipstick Soft-coloured lips… The lightweight, long-lasting texture of the lipsticks gives the lips a polished sheen and beautiful color in rose and pink with medium coverage. Available in 01 rose it up! and 02 chaising lacy. 

Nail lace tipsThe self-adhesive, transparent tip sticker in white-lace printed optics gives the nails a trendy style. The stickers simply stick on the nail tips for the individual styling. Available in 01 bloomylicious.

Shimmer powderThe shimmer powder in light beige gives the face and neckline a touch of shine.  The delicate, floral pattern decorates the surface of the texture. Available in 01 rose it up!

Nail polishSpring is coming, the nail trends also: bright fresh colors consisting of pink, mint, lilac and apricot. The effects - sometimes pearly, sometimes plain - make you want to nail new stylings. Long lasting and high opacity set the popular nail polishes nails into scene. Available in 01 blow my mint, 02 lovely lavender, 03 blooming border and 04 chaising lacy.


Pocket brushThis useful little helper  is everywhere. With brush and mirror in a  practical pocket-sized shape.

Eyelash curlerWith the eyelash curler can the eyelashes gently bend into shape and get a great swing without to be damaged. 

Make up spongeThe make-up sponge is perfect for easy application of makeup, concealer, blush and powder. The cool beauty utensil is unique and super practical: The rounded side is ideal for makeup and blush, while the narrow, pointed end is perfect for hard to reach areas. The make-up sponge is dry and moist applicable, also washable and latex-free. 

Eyeshadow brush smallThe eye shadow brush with soft nap is by its narrow shape well in the hand and allows easy job and a perfect blending with the right amount of eye shadow. 

Hair bandThe elastic, pink hair band with fine lace blossom is a real eye-catcher in any style and completes the look of all "bloom me up" girls. Available in 01 wear me out.

Kabuki brush Whether loose or pressed powder, the soft, supple kabuki brush of fine hair is suitable for any type of powder and makes for a uniform application to face, décolleté and body. In a delicate lilac with white powder tip.

Eyeshadow brush bigThe eyeshadow brush in fresh mint with extra wide brush and soft hair is the perfect tool for applying and blending eye shadow. In a few simple steps a professional make-up is created - especially for the Smokey Eyes Look.

Duo eyebrow stylerThe duo eyebrow styler with two sides is indispensable for the ultimate eyebrow makeup. In a flash, compressed, and defined in the form of combed eyebrows.

Concealer spongeFrom now on, the concealer is applied professionally. The specially beveled tip of the sponge enables easy and precise masking of unwanted redness and eye rims with concealer - even in hard-to-reach areas. Easy washable and latex-free. 

Big powder brushThe velvety-soft hair of the powder brush feel pleasant on the skin. Its slightly rounded shape allows optimum dusting loose or pressed powder and provides a flawless finish. 

 Blush brushThrough his fine brush hair the brush takes the blush -particles on outstanding and transfers it to the cheeks. The straight brush makes the job of blushing particularly simple and is perfect to shade and model. In a cheerful pink it brings color to the world. 

 ApplicatorsThe small eye shadow sponge applicators in bright "bloom me up" colors not only look sweet, but provide more flexibility and control over the application of eye shadow.

Brush bagEssential for accommodation and transportation of all high quality brush is a stylish, comfortable brush bag. The brush bag in lilac with fine lace and floral patterns and color accents in Mint and Pink creates order and is easy to clean.

Wow, what a collection!  I would love to have all the tools, the brushes look so cute with the colours and the pattern. Also the brush bag :) As for the decorative cosmetics nothing really catches my eye, at least not yet.. :) What about you? Do you like this collection? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Sami makeup izdelki me ne pritegnejo, sem pa navdušena nad čopiči, upam, da bodo kar kvalitetni in ne strel mimo. :)

    1. Meni so tudi čopiči bolj zanimivi, pa barva in design me pritegneta.. bomo videli :)

  2. Haha, tuki sm bla na začetku objave ful vesela, ker me senčila, lakci niso pritegnili, potem pa vidim čopiče!! :) Res so hudi, vsaj tega za blush bi imela, čeprav ostali so vsi tako lepega dizajna in barve da ne vem kako se jim bom uprla :)

  3. Meni ta kolekcija tako super izgleda, sem bila zelo razočarana ko sem videla, da je ne bo pri nas :(

  4. Čopiči mi izgledajo super, posebaj oni veliki za senčila :) ostali make-up izdelki pa se mi zdijo že takšni kot so v vsaki prejšnji kolekciji, nič posebnega :)


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