Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preview: Essence - Cookies & Cream LE

Hello! A new preview for you today - Essence Cookies& Cream limited edition :) As the name already suggests - this collection is all about gentle, nude, pinky, peachy shades and soft textures :)

Beauty meets sweets: You’re about to experience the sweeter side of life with the new trend edition “Cookies & Cream” by Essence. A deliciously fragrant selection of products combined with nude shades consisting of vanilla, caramel, pink, apricot, brown and taupe ensure gorgeous looks. Delicate eyeshadow and powder textures, trendy nail polishes with matching nail stickers in cute dessert designs, aromatic lipglosses and a handcream with an irresistible cookie fragrance – this trend edition unites fans of all things sweet. Welcome to the essence beauty patisserie!

 Eyeshadow -  Delicious eyes! The eyeshadow has a convincing smooth texture to conjure-up gorgeous, shimmering eye make-up in caramel, pink or brown. Available in shades 01 So hot, donut!, 02 Macaron, c’est bon!, 03 Last night a cookie saved my life.

Blush Biscuit blush… the fabulous apricot blush gives your cheeks a rosy, fresh look and feels wonderfully pleasant on your skin thanks to its silky, soft texture. Bake a pretty blush! Available in shade 01 Cakepop, that’s top!

  Lip Gloss – Tasty lips! The aromatic lipgloss ensures a sweet scent sensation as well as shiny lips in vanilla and pink. Welcome to the beauty wonderland! Available in shades 01 Macaron, c’est bon!, 02 Be my cookie monster.

Hand Balm – Creamy cookies! The innovative formula of the balm contains milk protein and cotton extracts for smooth, supple hands and beautiful nails. It provides moisture, makes your hands feel soft enough to caress and gives them an irresistible cookie scent, too! Thanks to the airy-light formula, the balm is absorbed super-fast. Available in 01 Keep calm and have a cupcake.

Jumbo Eye Pencil – Creamy all-rounder. This pencil is available in dark brown and taupe. It can be used as either a kajal or to create the popular Smokey Eyes look thanks to its super-soft texture. Available in shades 01 Last night a cookie saved my life, 02 Yummy, yummy!

Sweet Mini File – Yummy… the lovingly decorated mini file has a delicious cookie scent and is ideal for shortening your nails to keep them in shape when you’re on the go. Available in 01 Keep calm and have a cupcake.

Nail Polish + Sticker On Pack – Stick-on sweets. Four long-lasting nail polishes in the fashionable nude shades pink, apricot, brown and taupe with a metal finish create ultra-trendy nail styles. Each nail polish comes with a sachet of cool nail stickers with cool designs of various sweets. Available in shades 01 Cakepop, that’s top!, 02 Yummy, yummy!, 03 Last night a cookie saved my life, 04 Macaron, c’est bon!

 Shimmer Petals - Cookies, cupcakes, macarons or muffins? These gorgeous pearls combine the colors of our favorite treats and ensure a beautiful complexion thanks to their light color-dispersion and softly shimmering effects. Available in shade 01 One sweet day.

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