Friday, February 28, 2014

NEW in February 2014 :)

Hello! It's already the end of Fabruary and damn, time really flies... Today's post will show you my new products of the month, my recent purchases :) This time the list is quite shorter, especially comparing to January when I also had my birthday and got lots of goodies as gifts :)

So here's the list:
- Neutrogena Visibly Clear Peeling for face with lemon & mandarine extract
- Aok Pur Balance Waschgel with ginseng extract for acne prone skin type
- Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in shade 32 Beige Clair
- Essence I love stage eyehsadow base
- Alverde duo eyeshadow in shade 30 Felsenklippe
- Essence Longlasting eye pencil in shade 18 Berry Merry
- Bourjois 10 days nail polish in shade 18
- Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss in shade Nude Candy
- Deborah Euphoric Shine lipgloss in shade 06 and 13
- Chanel Lipstick in shade 81 Fiction
- Labello lip balm in Peach
- Accessories: Two hair clips and a pair of gorgeous blue earrings, all bought in DM store

Let's start with face and skin care. This month I wanted to try some new face products and I bought new Neutrogena face peeling. It smells amazing and does the job well, it's gentle but still works. I really like it so far. The next one for face is by Aok and this has been on the market for quite some time now. I don't have any waschgel at the moment so I thought why not try this one. It's designed for skin after age 20 which is still prone to acnes and blemishes. So far I've used it a couple of times and I really liked it. The last for face is CC cream by Bourjois.. which I really didn't need to buy since I've been mostly using my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and Mixa BB cream.. but I have succumbed to the advertising and once seen on Lisa Eldridge... I just had to try it! And I am really satsfied with it, it's a great product! It's even better than my Revlon NN, I think I have found my new favourite for my base :)

Also, got some accessories - one hair clip and another that's more like really just an accessorie, but I really liked these two the most from the bunch. The earring are also bought in the same store, also in DM, and the best part is that all three of these products have been 50% off :) So I feel no regret there XD

For eyes I wanted to try this new shade of Essence Longlasting eye pencils, which is simply a gorgeous mix of deep purple with a hint of brown :) Really great daily colour or to match it with an evening look :) Another eye product - I got myself Alverde duo eyeshadow, for no reason other than I liked the shades... plus they were on discount. Last was this eyeshadow base, also by Essence, which I actually needed to buy, since my ArtDeco little black pot is running out, I have heard many recommendations for this oen, so I decided to tyr this one first.. also MUA has been suggested a lot of times, but since I only need this product by MUA I will wait with my order for now...

For nails I got only one nail polish this month, I'm really proud of that, since lately I haven't been using many nail products at all... I got this very beautiful denim blue shade by Bourjois, also as you can see, on 50% discount at DM store.

And my favourite part - LIPS! I got quite a bunch of new lip products XD First I bought this gorgeous lipstick by Chanel in shade 81 Fiction :) Don't worry, I got it brand new but second hand, so it wasn't as expensive as buying it in the store. I really love the shade, I think it suits me pretty well. It's also well pigmented and lasts longer on my lips than my first Chanel lipstick Pygmalion ( from last summer's LE). Essence had sales this month, due to the change of range so I got myself a new lipgloss for 0,99e XD I wanted a nice shiny, but nude lipgloss to top it over my nude lipsticks and I think this will do just fine. Also Deborah had, again, their Euphoric Shine on sale, also 50% off and I couldn't resist getting two more shade... one is pale pink, suitable for pastel spring and one is a more nude, browny colour and suits me really well ;) Than I saw Labello had a new lip balm out and I have resisted it for about three weeks... but than I just wanted to see if it really does smell like peaches and  omonomonomnom... it smells great! I love it, and it leavse a nice sheer shine on your lips. Also a nice product to top over orange lipstick ;)

Chanel lipstick 81 Fiction
Last beauty item of the month was another Revlon Lip Butter in shade Tutti Frutti :) Yep, I am a freak for lip butters, as you can see here and here XD

To finish my post on a more geeky side - I have finally purchased the rest of the Wheel of Time books, so I finally have all 13 of them XD Happy reading to me :D

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Chanelka <3

    Kakšen je piling od Neutrogene? :)

    1. Učinkovit, nežen in super lepo diši, zaenkrat sem zelo zadovoljna, Pa tudi precej kremen je :)

  2. super nakup ;) tale neutrogen peeling morm it pogledat

    1. Hvala ;) Do sedaj sem tale novi peeling videla samo v Mullerju, DM ga še ni imel... :)

  3. Lip Butter je res lepe barve, čisto pomladni :)

    1. Hehe, je res ja :) Super pomladno/poletni odtenek :)


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