Friday, February 24, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Marine Hoermanseder LE :)

The French-Austrian fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder started her career with several internships, including one with design icon Alexander McQueen. In the year 2013, she established a fashion label bearing her own name. Meanwhile, she is known in Europe, the USA and Russia, and is currently conquering Japan with her avant garde style. Three-dimensional butterflies adorn the highlights of the Spring/Summer Collection 2017. The colours of the hand-formed patent leather pieces whisk us away to the French Riviera. This is already the second time that the successful designer is collaborating with CATRICE. The resulting collection is unmistakably inspired by her Spring/Summer Collection and her trademark - the belt buckle. The Limited Edition will be available from March until April 2017.

FAVOURITES - January 2017!

Last minute blog post, just before February ends - products I have loved, used a lot and would recommend! This is a collection of everything I liked in the past three months - November, December and January! A selection of best of's - cleansing products, skincare, body care, makeup and fragrance wise!

Review: Adria Spa - BioBalm - Coconut body butter

Hello and welcome back! New skincare review, a little something I have been using during these cold months - Adria Spa BioBalm coconut body butter! Yes, you read that right - another coconut scented product! Very summery scent for cold, winter months, but still perfect for me, coconut obsessed nutty! :P Check out my thoughts on the product!

Dobrodelna pustna karavana lepotnih blogerk!

Pozdravljeni! Bliža se pust in pustno rajanje, marsikje se bo pustno dogajanje začelo že jutri! Letos se prvič udeležujem dogodka z druge strani, ne kot pustna šema, ampak kot nekdo, ki bo pomagal drugim, da se pripravijo na pust! Skupaj s soblogerkami namreč organiziramo dobrodelno pustno karavano lepotnih blogerk! Več o njej pa v nadaljevanju!

Preview: Essence - Little Beauty Angels LE

The new essence trend edition “little beauty angels colour correcting” is on a heavenly mission from mid March to mid April 2017. The products help balance out small skin flaws with contrasting colours to ensure a flawless, radiant complexion. Pink gives tired skin a wide-awake look, green neutralizes redness and beige corrects skin irregularities.

Friday, February 17, 2017

NEW IN - January 2017 :)

Hello! Yes, I am finally back with a new blog post. Some of you commented that you missed my NEW IN blog posts. I was short on time and I was sick a lot in January so I never got around to posting separately all the new products. Therefore, be reaady, this is a very long post, picture heavy and includes new products from the last three months! So I will start with November, than comes December and finally all new products from January! I have created photos for each blog post separately so you will be able to follow which month it is just by looking at the different backgrounds. :P Anyway, I hope you won't mind the long post, I really want to have everything up on my blog, so it's easier for me as well to check on the products and see what I have tested already and what not, how long ago and such. So let's get started!