Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: Adria Spa - BioBalm - Coconut body butter

Hello and welcome back! New skincare review, a little something I have been using during these cold months - Adria Spa BioBalm coconut body butter! Yes, you read that right - another coconut scented product! Very summery scent for cold, winter months, but still perfect for me, coconut obsessed nutty! :P Check out my thoughts on the product!

I have to say it was fun taking pictures for this product - I had an idea to use Rafaello with it and than I got to eat it all by myself! :P Anyway, the product here is a classic body butter, similar to the one I have had before with argan oil, you can check out the review here.

The packaging is basic plastic container that includes 100 ml of product. Nothing special to say about it, except that it's light, therefore travel friendly. The price for this product is 9 euros, which is in the normal budget radius, if you ask me. 

The product promises to include 50% of coconut oil, which helps hydrate the skin and is especially good for dry skin.  Coconut butter smoothes the skin and protects it from dry winter air, air conditioning, warm clothes and the cold. 

Personally, I see similarities between this body butter and the argan one. The texture is similarly light, but just creamy enough. I like that it sinks into my skin quite fast without leaving it greasy, even though I expect it to be on the greasy side, since it includes so much coconut oil. I mostly use this in the colder months, on my legs and also hands and elbows. It does protect the skin really well, but I wouldn't say this is hydrating enough for those of you who have severly dry skin. This is more suitable for those of us with normal to dry skin, that tends to go more dry and flakey in the winter season. However the scent is just right! Not like Rafaello, but also not too sweet and artificial. To me it smells more like coconut ice cream! I would definitely repurchase this based on the scent alone.

You can get one at Adria Spa online store!

INCI: Cocois Oleum Raffnatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Decyl Oleate, Cera Alba, Parfum, Tocophenol

Have you tried this product as well? Did you like it? Any other coconut scented products I should try out? :P

Have a lovely day!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product, not sponsored post. My reviews are always based on my own experiences with the products.


  1. Čudovite fotografije! <3 Joj kakšne lušte si mi zdaj nardila. Pa še vem, da imam nekje en paket Raffaela :D.
    Za maslo mi je tukstura precej lahka. Sem pričakovala nekaj bolj v stilu Balea in Alverde masel za telo. Ta bi verjetno bil zame bolj za poleti. Tudi zradi vonja :).

    1. Hvala! ;) Ja tekstura je res precej lahka, glede na to da naj bi to bilo maslo. Zato pa tudi pravim, da niti ni ravno za res super suho kožo. Vonj je super, ampak lahkoten, precej poleten, mislim, da bi tole lahko brez problema uporabljala tudi poleti! ;)


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