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NEW IN - January 2017 :)

Hello! Yes, I am finally back with a new blog post. Some of you commented that you missed my NEW IN blog posts. I was short on time and I was sick a lot in January so I never got around to posting separately all the new products. Therefore, be reaady, this is a very long post, picture heavy and includes new products from the last three months! So I will start with November, than comes December and finally all new products from January! I have created photos for each blog post separately so you will be able to follow which month it is just by looking at the different backgrounds. :P Anyway, I hope you won't mind the long post, I really want to have everything up on my blog, so it's easier for me as well to check on the products and see what I have tested already and what not, how long ago and such. So let's get started!

At the end of November there was a smaller beauty blogger event called Lepotno2016 and I was lucky to be invited and able to participate. There were also a couple of sponsors of the event and one of them was Afrodita Cosmetics. At the end of event we have received a couple of products to try out and I got Afrodita Cosmetics Clean Up Hydro tonic and Cleansing foam as well as Afrodita Professional Vita Derma ampoules  with hyaluron. I'll be honest - I have not tried any of these, because I wanted to use up the products that were already open and waiting for me. I will start testing the toner and maybe also the cleansing foam in the upcoming week, as I have finally finished a couple of already opened products.

The other two sponsors at the Lepotno2016 event were No. 4711 Acqua Colonia  and Avon. I have known about the No. 4711 Acqua Colonia for years now, but I never actually tried anything from them. At the event they have presented a couple of their new fragrances and I was pleasently surprised with the combinations and lovely scents. I have received No. 4711 Acqua Colonia Plum & Honey Eau de Cologne and I have to admit I really loved this scent the most from the bunch. It's very heavy and spicy and radiates the feeling of warmth. I think I'll mostly use this one in colder months! Avon is no stranger to me and has been one of my fav brands for a couple of years now. As sponsors they also treated us with a couple of pretty products. I have received AVON Luxe Eyeshadow palette Glamorous roses, which I really wanted to try for some time now. Not exactly this one but the LUXE palettes have been recommended to me several times and I finally got to try one. I think I'll be doing a full review! I have also received AVON Luxe lipstick in shade Designer Red. I have three or four LUXE lipsticks now and I really like them - the texture, shade selection, feeling on the lips, price point - they really do feel luxurious and don't fail me. I got a classic red shade to add to my collection, sadly I don't wear it as often as I would like to. Last item was AVON Planet Spa Carribean Escape face mask. This one became my instant favourite! I really wanted to try something from the Carribean Escape collection since I first saw it int he catalog and here was my chance! I love the peeling parts in the mask and my skin really reacts well with it. I keep it in my regular face masks rotation.

Some new jewelry! The black and golden duo of necklace and earrings I have ordered at Aliexpress, as well as a different version of Arwen's pendant from Lord Of The Rings. The small golden and green earings are from Oriflame and I had a plan to post them online ages ago, but never got to it. The two most stunning pieces here are the black and silver earrings at the bottom of the picture and the very large earrings that go basically on top of my ears and dangle to my neck. I love both of them so much and I have worn them both a lot, though admittedly I have worn the black ones more. They are made by EvilEve and are handmade! I really love the shape of them and I will definitely try and purchase some more. The big and long earrings that look a bit elfish and extravagant are from Aliexpress. If you would like a link to them let me know and I'll link it as well.

One of the treats in November was also L'Occcitane Advent calendar. I did not make separate photos of what was inside for this specific blog post as I was posting regularly on my Instagram and Snapchat feed and some of the photos are still up on Instagram. I really loved to be able to open up a window per day in December and get a little something to try out. It was expensive and my first ever advent calendar, but I am really happy I treated myself with it. I got to try some products I wouldn't otherwise buy.

At the end of November I have visited LUSH store and got a couple of products to try out. Grease lightning really surprised me and I used it up in about a month or so. I have already repurchased and this really does help me dry up a bit the acne. It does need to be reapplied several times without pause. Along with it I also got Sunnyside foaming bath bar, Autumn Leaf bath bomb and testers - Ocean salt, Pink Peppermint, Sleepy. Keeping it short - I really love the Sleepy scent and I have my eye on the full sized product. Also love the scent and the rich and luxurious feeling of Sunnyside! The rest I have yet to try out.

I couldn't avoid spending some money at the drugstore. So I got another bottle of Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation in shade 51 Vanille Clair, one of the best foundations I have ever tried and I was really happy to repurchase it. I have also caved in and bought Maybelline Master strobing stick highlighter in shade 200 and L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contouring palette in shade 01 Light/Medium. Both products have been quite hyped up in the late autum and I caved and wanted to try them both as well. I like the strobing much more than the contour product, though I don't use contour regularly and need more practice to really master it better.

Essence Glitter in the air LE really impressed me, especially the two products I decided to purchase  - strobing blush and highlighter powder 01 When in doubt add glitter and one for all shimmer drops 01 A little shimmer never hurts. I really loved the gentle pink flush and highlight of the blusher, used it a lot in December! The drops are ok too, but I honestly don't use them enough to justify the purchase. I have also received two lipsticks - Rimmel The Only 1 Matte 200 Salute and 810 The Matte Factor. I actually like just the darker red shade as it looks so perfect on my lips. The nude shade looked great at first sight, but honestly on my lips it really sticks to my dry patches, sinks into the lines, creases too much and looks very uneven. A fellow blogger suggested I should try with a lipliner under it, so I might also try that, but I don't think it will help much. The texture is just too chalky for my liking. The last two products have been sent to me by AVON. I have received just in time to get ready for December festivities, two products in the red hues - AVON True Colour Perfect Reds Berry Berry Nice lipstick and Real red nail polish. I like them both a lot, though I seem to have lost the nail polish somewhere. Both shades are more on the classic cool red side.

And the last part of the new in November. I got two items for hand care -  Skin Blossom Caring hand cream, which I already had before and loved it and I also got Bentley Organic lavander soap. I already used up the soap and I liked the lavander scent a lot. Also it wasn't too greasy as some soaps can be sometimes. I have also spotted these new L'Oreal face masks in DM stores at the end of November, so of course I had to try one. I got Skin Expert Pure Clay Glow mask, it's almost empty now and I repurchased it in January as well, as you will be able to see later in this post.Love it, one of my favourite face masks.

Let's talk December. I was shopping, I was sent a lot of stuff, there were holidays and gifts exchanged. A lot happened :P So December is quite full and packed with a lot of products. I was sent a lovely gift from Afrodita Cosmetics. I have received Mystic Argan Luxury Gift Set - oil shower gel, nourishing body milk, massage oil. I admit I have not tried it yet and I might be saving it for a short trip or something as it's a full set and would last me for an extended weekend or so.

While ordering some gifts I also got myself AVON Reindeer bubble bath plum&vanilla a dn as a gift I also got AVON Senses SPA Andalusian bliss pomegranate&almond shower gel. I bought another hand cream even though I really should stop with doing that, I have too many at home to use up. Afrodita Cosmetics  came out with Cotton& Silk collection in the late autumn last year and I loved the shower gel, so I wanted to try 2in1 Cotton&Silk hand cream as well. One of the items I just couldn't say no to was this gorgeous looking face mask - Essence Midnight Masquerade 01 From mask till dawn. I won't be wearing it often though, but I still really like it and I think it's a classic item every girl should have at home. :P

Some treats from my local DrogerieMarkt store - Balea Sweet Wonderland and Mystic Fantasy shower gel, Balea Waschgel for normal skin type. I am currently using the Mystic Fantasy shower gel and I like the scent and the crazy green/blue colour it has! It's a lot of fun and I didn't have to spend a lot of money on it. The wash gel for face was something I actually needed and it's performong ok, but it's nothing special.

December was last time I went to a beauty blogger event. This time I was invited by BELL Hypoallergenic. I really enjoyed my time at the event and I also received a couple of products to take home. I got BELL Hypoallergenic Mat& Soft make-up foundation 01 Light Beige,  Matte powder in  shade 01 and  Creamy Rouge glow stick. I have tried the foundation already and it's very light and doesn't give me as much coverage as I would like, but it will be more suitable during spring/summer months. I really like the rouge glow stick and it's really fun to use. I can apply it on top or under my foundation or powder, depends on what I am using that day. It gives very gentle hint of blush and some nice healthy glow. As it's a creamy product I like to use it before any dry powders and such. Along with those products I also got a goodie bag with L'Angelica tooth paste and tea.

December is gift season and between us beauty bloggers we also had Secret Santa! My Secret Santa was Nasja from My last dinner cost me my lover blog. She sent me such a lovely present - Beanies Coconut delight coffee, Alessandro hand cream, candle holder and BeYu Glamorous eyeshadow clutch. the eyeshadow clutch is definitely the star of this gift! I have already tested it and I really like the pigmentation of these! Also the packaging is super stunning! :)

Three products that are my classics and I use them daily - repurchased L'Oreal Infallible mattifying primer  and 24h Matte foundation in shade 11 Vanilla. Both really work for me, especially the two together. The foundation looks more matte on me and lasts all day with less moving on my face and covers up my skin really well. I use this especially on days when I have a lot of acne outbreaks, otherwise I mix it up with Bourjois 123 foundation. I also received a new Bourjois concealer -  Blur the Lines concealer in shade 01 Ivoire. Another product that I use daily, really creamy and covers well my acne or my undereye shadows.

Some Christmas gifts I got - L'Occitane En Provence Almond shower oil, a classic I will always love. I have also received three nail polishes which are all gorgeous and last well one me too! I got Golden Rose Rich Colour Nail lacquer in shades 05, 102 and 31. I especially love the shade 102, really gorgeous grey-ish blu-ish shade. Along with those came a lovely cosmetic bag!

Some treats I was sent in December included also  a fragrance, I had no idea it even existed. I got NIVEA Eau de Toilette and I was so happy about it! I started using it immediately and I just love the scent! My boyfriend also likes the scent and I have been wearing it regularly ever since. Later I also received a new Labello Lip butter Berry Red. I have also tested this one as I am a big fan of lip butters, I think I finally have all of them! The Berry Red has a nice fruity smell and gives a hint of red to your lips, looks very gentle and natural.

I got a new Oriflame Giordani Gold  lipstick in shade Beige Suede. I really love this one, I wore it so much in December as well as January. It just gives a little something to my lips, feels hydrating but not too creamy. The shade is a perfect natural one for everyday occassions. Along with the lipstick I got Oriflame Giordani Gold Pearl eyeshadow in shade Warm Cashmere. I couldn't resist purchasing this one as it's an eyeshadow in a pearl shape and it was so interesting to me. I like it as it gives me a gentle shine and I use it a lot to blend other beige, brown shades. Next one was a gift for me - Essie Nail lacquer in shade Playing Koi. This was such a lovely shade on the swatches that I just wished I could get it as well and here - my wish came true. In the bottle it looks a weird orange shade but on the nails it's more like a mix of brown, red, orange, brick red and looks very rustic and unique. I have nothing like it. Another nail polish I bought myself was AVON Nailwear pro+ nail polish in shade Rosie Gold, which I have worn a lot throughout the holiday season. As well as  Matte lipstick in shade Au Naturale, which is also one of my favourite lipsticks from the end of last year. Along with those two I also bought Cream eyeshadow in shade Platinum Gold, though I have not tried it yet, there was no time unfortunately. Last treat was a new matte lipstick - Deborah  Milano Fluid Velvet Matt lipstick in shade 09. I really like the texture, though the shad eon me turns more brown than deep red. I still like it though, it's very unusual shade for me and I like I am finally able to go for deeper shades than just deep red and purples.

Some products I have received by Oriflame in order to post a review for them. I got  sent Oriflame The ONE eye palette Bold Intensity in shade  Tourmaline and Peony, Wonderlust bracelet. I really like both palettes, especially the green one, the textures are super creamy and the shades all have smooth satin finish, they are never too shimmery.

Later I was also sent some holiday gift from Oriflame. I received a notebook and Swedish Spa Nourishing  Body Butter Swedish  Heather Flower & Almond oil. The body butter smells so nice and I love it! I am using it quite a lot lately, may even post a full review if I get to take some photos of it any time soon.

Another bunch of Oriflame products I have been sent as I was doing 12 Days of Christmas on my blog last December. I will keep this very short as these mostly have seperate blog posts already and you can read more about it there. So I got Oriflame Cupcake socks, Swedish Spa Beautifying Hands Set, Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub,  NovAge micropeeling, The ONE Power Shine lipstick in shade Berry Blitz and  The ONE Long wear nail polish in shade M. Rose, Tender Care Protecting Balm cinnamon.

A very special Christmas gift for me - Swarovski crystal necklace! It's just so pretty and I've been wearing it a lot for dinners and such occassions. Love the dark grey-ish smokey hue it has!

Finally, January new in products! I have treated myself with Balea Regenbogen dusche - shower gel and Balea Pflegecreme Frangipani and coconut scent universal cream. I love their universal creams in these small pots, they usually all have a very lovely scent and this one is great too! I also had to buy this super cute, unicorn style shower gel. It smells like sugar and vanilla, not my favourite scent, but let's be honest - I bough it because of the unicorn!

January is my birthday month and I got a lovely surprise gift from fellow beauty blogger Ina - Hysteria of decay blog. I got the other of the two new Balea creams - Balea Pflegecreme with peach and papaya scent universal cream, smells really nice and I also love the packaging! Along with it I got Terra Naturi Naturkosmetik highlighter and Mont Blue nail file. Already tested all three products and I like them all! The cream smells like a drink I used to have as a kid, called Bibita. The highlighter is soo pretty and looks so natural I never overdo it and don't need to apply many layers either. the nail file is great as well, perfect for my chipping nails, this one may be the best one I had yet! Thanks again for the gift, Ina! :P

From Essence I received a birthday gift that included Essence We are...  LE awesome multicolour blush 01 You & Me = Awesome and lipstick in shade 02 P.S. we <3 red. Along with it I got a cute candle holder. Later I have also received two items from the new Catrice spring/summer 2017 collection. I got Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt& Volume mascara and Prime and Fine  make up transformer drops darkening. I have to admit I have not tried any of these yet due to lack of time and being sick a lot in January. I didn't feel like wsting new products with all the extra bacteria coming from while being sick. 

Two of the treats I instantly loved! Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte lipstick in shade 13 is one of the new lippis by Golden Rose, or better, one of the new shades in the collection. I really like it, stays super well on me, even survives eating. I also treated myself with another glowy product Catrice  Pret-a-Lumiere LE Illuminating serum primer C01. I like this one too, very subtle and mostly mixed with my foundation or applied under it and gives such a natural boost of radiance!

A little something I got fro a fellow beauty blogger Ana - Beautysaur blog. A Christmas/ New Years gift included LUSH  Refresher shower gelee and soap testers! OMG how much fun is this Refresher! Smells divine, is jelly and moves around a lot! I keep it in the fridge though! Thanks again, Ana!

Another repurchase of L'Oreal  Skin Expert  Glow mask  and first time purchasing Pure Clay Exfo face mask. Have not tried the red one yet though, but the Glow one is really good. I was thinking of posting a full review, but seeing that so many other have already talked about it in the last two months, I am a bit sceptic if you would be interested in another review of these? 

Sometimes I just get lucky and I get stuff to try out and test. So in January I received NIVEA Caring Micellar Water sensitive skin. I have not tried it yet, but I read some really good comments and I will soon start testing it as well! Looks very promising. LUSH Grease Lightning was a repurchase, something that really helps me dry up my acne and I have no idea how come I have never used this before last November. Really recommend it, plus you can wear it under your primer/foundation.

Ombia Cosmetics Hyaluron Gel was on my wishlist for ages and was actually my first beauty purchase of the year! I got my bottle at my nearest Hofer store and it's not even expensive! Really satisfied with it, my skin was feeling very dry lately. Probably due to the colder weather and being sick a lot.

I included my Sephora purchase in the January section though this was my last purchase on New Year's eve! I was in Krakow at the time and I didn't really plan to go and find Sephora, but when I did I was super excited and decide dto get myself a pre-birthday gift from me to me! :P I got myself three products - SEPHORA The Delicate 9 eyeshadow palette, Avocado face mask sheet mask, lip matte shade 13. I love the lipstick, such a perfect shade and it's just something I have been wearing a lot! The eyeshadows have been barely tested, so no real comments yet and the face mask is waiting for a very bad day when I will need a good pick me up!

To finish off this super long, picture heavy blog post - here are three more products that await testing - AVON  True Colour  Supreme length nourishing mascara, Avon True Colour Supreme nourishing lipstick in shade Softest Peony and Conditioning Cherry. I have not tried any of these yet, but the lipsticks do look gorgeous. I just recently bought another shade, a more nude one and I have already tested it out! Very nice, light texture and hydrating feeling. Not for the matte lips fans though. Anyway, there will be a full blog post for these as soon as I test them properly.

Hope you liked this post! If any of these are interesting to you, let me know and I will try to post about them as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products sent to me for review purposes have been marked with *.


  1. Juj, kako si ti vse to sploh zapomniš :P :D

    Sem vesela da ti je Refresher všeč, glede na to kok si bila navdušena nad njim, sem ti ga morala podarit da se lahko zabavaš :D :D

    Nivea parfum? Yes, please !!!!

    Sephora paletka pa izgleda amazing, mogoče *slight* Sweet Peach dupe? (Te poskušam odvrnit od dejanske palete :P)

    1. Hehe, vse si pišem, sploh, da si seštejem, kolko sem zapravila. Das e potem naslednji mesec probam čimbolj nazaj držat. Jaaa, Refresher je zakon, res zabavna zadevica!

      Za Nivea parfum res nisem vedela, sem bla tok vesela, ko sem ga dobila. :P

      Ej ene par odtenkov je dejansko precej podobnih, tako da, Peach je še vedno med željami, ampak tak, mogoče enkrat, sam dejansko dvomim, da si jo bom kupila. :P

  2. Komaj sem čakala to objavo hehe ! <3 sami super nakupi, zvezda je itak sephora paletka senčila, tak da se priporočam za review.

  3. Maybelline highlighter sem si že nagledovala, tako da me izredno zanima ocena. 200 je verjetno zlat ne? :)

    L'Oreal maska je tudi meni všeč. Prav tako Avonov jelenček, čeprav je plastika tako trda, da je skoraj nemogoče kaj ven iztisnit. Terra Naturi osvetljevalec je odličen. Jaz ga sicer bolj za poletje uporabljam, ker je moj precej temen.

    Nivein parfum se sliši sanjsko. Škoda, da tega ne prodajajo. To je tak deja vu iz otroštva :).

    Sami čudoviti izdelki. Se že veselim ocen.

    1. Ja, 200 je uni temnejši, bolj zlat. Meni paše, ker sem itak bolj rumena in tudi kombinacije s pudrom potem delujejo ok.

      Ja tale Avonov jelenček ma tako trdo embalažo, ga moram pol ure držat nad banjo :P So mi pa všeč njihove kopeli, res lepo dišijo! Moj Terra Naturi je dovolj svetel, da ga lahko že sedaj uporabljam. :) Res je tak lahkoten highlight, deluje čist naravno, sploh ni očitno da imam na sebi še highlighetr poleg sto drugih stvari :P
      Če zvem, da kje prodajajo Nivein parfum, ti sporočim! :) Jaz bi si tudi še enga kupila!
      Hvala ;)


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