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FAVOURITES - January 2017!

Last minute blog post, just before February ends - products I have loved, used a lot and would recommend! This is a collection of everything I liked in the past three months - November, December and January! A selection of best of's - cleansing products, skincare, body care, makeup and fragrance wise!

Two face masks I have loved to use in the past three or four months - L'Oreal  Pure Clay Glow Mask and AVON Planet Spa Caribbean Escape Brightening Face Massage Mask*. The L'Oreal one is perfect for my imperfections, really helps me clean my skin well and I believe it helps me keep a more evened out skin. It's really dark and scary coloured, but I don't mind. :P Also, my skin feels less oily with regular use. The Avon one was also love at first try - creamy and with peeling pearls inside it's great to massage into the skin, get some gentle scrub done and also hydrate your skin at the same time. I usually  apply it with circular motions, leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes, than rinse off with circular motions. Leaves a super smooth skin!

When I wasn't feeling like using  a mask and just wanted some more proper scrubbing I used Oriflame NovAge Micro Exfoliating scrub*. This is effective and super gentle at the same time. I have full review here! Really love this product, I think it would work well with different skin types! For removing makeup I was using a lot the LaBri Vilinska lepota micelarni cvetlični tonik/ micellar floral toner*. It's gentle and effective, leaves my skin clean and causes no redness or irritation. I spray some on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. However, it does need some time to get the black eyeliner and mascara off, so I usually have to repeat process twice and than continue with gel cleanser.

Skincare has not changed much in the past couple of months, though I did try to use more body lotions/butters and such as I have really dry skin on my legs and arms. Oriflame Swedish SPA Nourishing Body butter with heather flower and almond oil* is such a treat to use! I love the creamy texture, that may seem too rich and waxy, but it actually just nourishes my dry legs very well and also doesn't leave them greasy looking or feeling. It does take a couple of minutes to sink in, but nothing I couldn't wait. I love the scent of this as well, mostly I can smell almonds. For face I have no big discoveries in the last couple of months as I have actually just been trying to use up some already opened facial creams and such. The last product that really amazed me in this department was LUSH  Grease Lightning anti acne gel. This just really helps. I clean my face and apply it on my acne or just squeeze out three to four fat drops and apply all over my face! It's perfect to use under primer and foundation as well and it helps me regulate any bigger outbreaks and larger acne dry up much faster than with any other product I have ever used. Not even Paula's Choice acids helped me as fast as this one does! Best part - it's natural, not tested on animals, doesn't include any AHA/BHA acids and you don't need special SPF protection while using this. Though we all really should wear more SPF anyway.

Foundation wise I have two products I have used so much in the past two months! The first one is a repurchase, one of my all time favourite foundations - Bourjois 123 Perfect  foundation in shade N51 Light Vanilla. I haven't been using this one for so long I really forgot how well this covers up my skin and any acne and redness I have. I have used a lot the L'Oreal 24h Matte foundation, but I liked the switch up and returning back to something that also worked really well for me. Though this one is way more yellow than the L'Oreal foundation. When I wanted something light, for example, for weekends when I didn't have to work, going to store, library and such times I used mostly La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo(+) Unifiant unifying corrective unclogging care in Light*. This is a new product to me, I have received it at BBMULJ event last October. I really like the shade, blends with my skin so well and I think it's quite a neutral to yellow based. Plus it helps control my acne a bit better. Some bloggers commented this is also a great base for another layer of foundation, if you need it. So I might go and try to use it like that as well. The finish is matte and very natural looking, no creasing, sticking to dry patches and such.

When I buy a new blush I tend to use it repeatedly for a month or two, until one day while getting ready I realize that's all I have been using for so long and I have so many more to test and try out! This time I just keep on using it! I am talking about a gorgeous blush - Essence Glitter in the air LE strobing blush and highlighter powder 01 When in doubt add glitter! It simply gives the best combo of blush and highlighter! It's not too light, not too pink, not too shimmery! It gives a gentle flush to my face and a lived in look with the subtle sheen. It has very small shimmer to it, so it looks very natural. To me this was a staple product through out December and I just keep on using it. January was my birthday month and I got this lovely Terra Naturi Shimmer powder body&face 01 Golden highlight  as a gift from a fellow beauty blogger, Ina! I must say I love it! It's just the right amount of shimmer and not too big to be visible on my face. Looks very natural and I can wear this for everyday makeup, without much work - applying, blending is easy and I don't need much time or product to get the desired lightened up look. If you decide to buy it, be careful to choose the one with more white than brown marble, since the darker it looks, the darker shade it will be also on your face. 

NIVEA Eau de Toilette* I received in December and oh my I love this so much! The best PR gift for holidays I have received for  sure! It smells so lovely, just like their classic scent of NIVEA cream and I just can't get enough of it. I use this fragrance all the time! Whenever I want to feel clean and fresh and presentable, like for job interviews and such, this is my go to fragrance. Also feels very comfortable to just wear it to work! Last day of 2016 I spent in Krakow city center and I got another one of the Sephora  Cream Lip stain  liquid lipsticks at their Sephora store. I got it in shade 13, perfect muted pink shade to wear everyday! It's been in my bag most of the days and it's just such a lovely shade, fits most of my everyday makeup looks and also lasts really well! I can even eat some greasy food and it will stay on my lips! The same goes for Golden Rose Longstay liquid matte lipstick in shade 13. A perfect nude for me, I love how this shade looks on me with gentle brown eye makeup. It feels light on my lips, doesn't dry them much and lasts really well! I can eat doughnuts and it will still stay on my lips! No need for a lip liner either! For nails I loved to wear AVON Nailwear pro+ Rosie Gold  in holiday season and I also wore it a lot in January. Since then I have been wearing a lot the Golden Rose Rich Color nail lacquer in shade 102. It's such a pretty shade and last really well on me, up to three days befoe it starts to chip too much. I would recommend this shade to anyone. For a swatch you can go on my Instagram profile and check it here! Plus swatches of both lip products, blush and highlighter on the photo below!

These were my most used, most loved products from November, December 2016 and January 2017. I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes. My reviews are always honest and based on my own experiences with the products.

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