Friday, November 30, 2012

O.P.I. - Skyfall LE

OPI celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Bond 007 and the Sony release of Skyfall starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem in the Holiday 2012 Skyfall Collection – 12 dangerously dazzling new shades for the holidays and beyond. Moviegoers will spot the supremely gorgeous Bérénice Marlohe wearing two of the OPI shades in the Skyfall Collection: Skyfall, a magnificent maroon on top of her nails, and GoldenEye, a glorious gold painted on the undersides. The result is as luxuriously dangerous as James Bond himself.

 O.P.I. made this gorgeous collection of nail polishes for this special occasion and the colours are simply.. fantastic :)

Here are some swatches, the rest we don't need even to discuss, after all.. it's O.P.I. ;)

Die Another Day, The Spy Who Loved Me, Goldeneye

Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, Skyfall

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough
Moonraker, Live And Let Die, The Living Daylights
At first I thought.. oh great, nice collection, nice idea.. but that's all. Than some time later... I need this, it's fantastic, all the colours are in a way special and I love them all. Best are Casino Royal and Skyfall, I'm really into deep reds lately. Plus Live and Let Die :) Unfortunately they were not available in the store anymore.. I hope they refill the stand or order some more, these colours are just too pretty not to wear them :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preview: Misslyn - Future Glam LE

Future Glam - Shimmering, glittering, sparkling! Special effects for eyes, lips, nails and face make you the cosmic girl of the night. The glamorous collection with a focus on shimmering mauve and berry tones and cream nuances guarantees a great look.

Eyeshadow: Six shades of eyeshadows, available in No. 03 - lifetime dream, No. 06 - starlight, No. 14 - next generation, No. 20 - universe, No. 28 - gravity, No. 40 - infinity space. 
03 Lifetime Dream

06 Starlight
14 Next Generation
28 Gravity 
40 Infinity Space
20 Universe
 Eyeliner & Lash Sparkler available in No. 06 - now and again, No. 03 - vision
Glow to go Shimmer Cream available in only one shade No. 1

Lipstick  available in three shades, all are shiny, and have glitter in it. No. 407 - flashing satellite, No. 413 - all night long, No. 416 - dancing queen

Rich Color Gloss  available in No. 02 - magical venus, in real it looks white with glitter in it , probably on the lips turns clear with glitter.

Nail Polish available in four new shades, No. 285 - space camp, No. 426 - moon holiday, No. 431 - future business, No. 753 - star dust top coat. This last one is a glitter top coat :) All nail polishes are very shimmery.

This collection is already in Slovenian stores, I went to check it out, but decided not to buy anything, it's all too much glittery for me. Anyway, it's quite a classic winter collection with silvers, red and glittery, sparkly shades. :) Do you like anything from this collection?
Perhaps next time I go to store I decide on some nail polish, I like them best from this collection :)

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Linking weekly loves 4

Another week gone by and it is already starting to be all christmasy and shiny, gift ideas all around :)
Here are my favourites for this week:

Lisa Eldridge posted a video how to make a glamorous "vintage inspired" party look :) Her tutorials are always soo amazing and useful :)

ChitChatNails presents gorgeous manicure with snowflakes :) I love it soo much and it's just soo pretty :)

 Parokeets made review and swatches of MUA Immaculate Collection eyeshadow pallet. Seems MUA is becoming very popular lately, also because it is very affordable and good for the price :) This post is in Slovenian only :)

Sara Hassan presents her favourite five must have Sigma brushes, they are really worth the price and shipping, they are already also on my wishlist :)

"Pigments and pallets" by Meredith Jessica is an amazing blog for everyone who loves eyeshadows as much as I do :) This look is super amazing, a fantastic combination of smokey gold and teal + a tutorial :)

Another post from Lisa Eldridge, this time a video of gift  ideas and a list of products with prices :) Here you can find anything for a friend, girlfriend or just something to pamper yourself :)

Thanks for taking the time and reading :) Have a nice Sunday :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mini haul: Catrice SpectaculART LE

Hey there! These are the products I got my hands on from the collection SpectaculART. I got myself Ultimate nail lacquer in C04 Soulful and false lashes. I got to an almost full stand, I was very curious about the lipsticks, but they were like coloured lip balms, very little colour at all, so I decided not to take them. The eyeshadows were very nicely pigmented but the colours didn't impress me in real life.
This false lashes come with an eyelash glue, the instructions how to use them are: Carefully remove false lashes from the tray. Apply a small amount of enclosed eyelash glue to the ends of the false lashes. Wait approx 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky. Position false lashes above your natural and press gently. To remove gently peel off and remove the glue with fingers.
What we have here are 60 single false lashes in three different lengths and a litlle bit of glue. I am sceptical if the amount will be enough until the end of the box, or if I will  have to buy some other glue later.
This will be quite a practice, because I do not normally use false eyelashes, I used them once, but they were full strip, not single. I didn't like the effect they made, they didn't stand so well, so I decided to give it another try with singles, they seem easier to apply even if it takes a bit longer.
This nail polish was the strongest colour in the SpectaculART collection and a really gorgeous purplish colour. It's like any other Catrice nail polish, the texture, the bottle, the brush are all the same. It lasts as usual, without any top coat for about two days, than it starts to crease.

Also I remembered that Lisa Eldridge made a really usefull video of how to apply single false lashes, the whole tutorial is great! I think I'm gonna help myself with her advices :) Here's the video I'm talking about:

What about you? Did you get anything from the SpectaculART collection? Did you like it?

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Preview - Catrice "Siberian Call" Limited edition

Catrice has not said their last word this year.. we still have one more limited edition to check out, this one is named "Siberian Call".

Catrice team says:
Ice wide open! As the Siberian cold approaches, fascination for the Russian tundra grows. Beautiful scenery full of contrasts surrounds the Limited Edition Siberian Call Collection: silent snowy landscapes, bluish icy vegetation and imposing, vast steppes in brown and green – the territory of wolves, bears and tigers. Mysterious impressions of this world have already conquered the international catwalks. The symbiosis of the ice age and naturally warm elements is reflected in the current crossover couture: glamorous fur effects, soft tweed, urban knits and sparkling highlights with an ice-flower appearance. Deep greys and silver shades unite with warm beige, pink and coral to become the trend colours of this edition.

International Launch Date – December 2012 and January 2013 in Germany, Swizerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Jordanien, Malta, Pakistan, Mexico.

 Eyeshadow: Highly pigmented mono eyeshadow provides intense shimmer effects and a metallic finish. The velvety texture powder-confident with strong color results in frosted gray, two warm shades of brown and bright coral. Available in 01 Here, Take Your Gear, 02 Gray I'm A Dreamer,  03 Rose's Wood and 04 Rest in the Forest. 

Lip cream:  True natural talent are the three easy Lip Creams. They color the lips subtly with their highly pigmented formulation and leave thanks to Pearl texture a delicate feeling. Three natural, earthy tones to bright intense expressive lips. Available in 01 Rest In The Forest,  02 Coral-al-al-al and 03 Fire tracker.
 Crystal lip topcoat: The applicator of Crystal Lip topcoats like a magic wand and gives the lips a mysterious ice flowers effect. For a particularly intense result: before using a colored Lip Cream and be enchanted by the transparent gloss with glitter effect can. Available in 01 Sky and Snow.

 Cream to Powder Blush: Luminous coral and delicate rose bring the ice to melt and provide bright accents without shimmer. Applied the creamy texture is powdery and light. Available in 01 Coral-al-al-al and 02 Rose's Wood.
 Ultimate nail lacquer: The ice-cream of the crop: five new nail polishes in Nearly Black, Grey, Ice Silver, Mauve and Coral Wow with different effects.  Available in 01 The Calm Call, 02 I'm A Dreamer Gray, 03 Sky and Snow, 04 rest in The Forest and 05  Coral-al-al-al.

What do you think? Is this the kind of LE you would expect for December time? I'm mostly looking forward to check out the lip products and the black nail polish, these are my favourites. The corals kinda annoy me, it's just a too bright colour for this season, plus I did expect more darker burgundy and wines, and none of the limited editions this year had them. I was hoping for a really strong dark mulberry lipstick, but I guess autumn went by too fast, and December with all it's sparkles is already knocking on the door.

Thanks for reading and have a nice week :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Linking weekly loves 3

Hey there! Another week gone by soooo fast! I can hardly keep up with all the wonderful news and reviews and all..

Here's six of my this weeks favourites:

Lisa Eldridge, my absolute favourite make up artist posted a video of smokey look for hooded eyes, a very useful video how to do your make up so it can stand out a bit. :)

Sara Hassan, a Pakistani beauty blogger showed us gorgeous mulberry lips, check  out the look here :)

Beauty by Suzi showed us some really gorgeous eye make up, this time a vampy look.

Passing fancy was feeling creative and showed all the nail polish lovers what else they can do with them, I also tried and it's great! Check her creative ideas here.

Mateja's Beauty Blog posted about her current hair care and I just love some of the products and I would really love to try them.. this Orofluido seems really good :)

Essiebutton posted about beauty essentials for this party season and she's presents some of the all time classics and some new products I didn't know before :) Lot's of hot, sexy red ;)

Thanks for reading! :) Have a nice sunday :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preview: Catrice NEONATURALS limited edition

 Short post presenting you new limited edition by Catrice for December 2012. It is a neon colour based collection. So this years Christmas collection is quite different than usually, not just classic reds and greens and golds.
So here are the new nail polishes:
Makes me smile, Enjoy me

Be naturaly crazy, Natural is calling

Have a good day, Be natural

Mr. Brightside, Mrs. Brightside

Little miss sunshine, For bright guys

Bright,brighter and brightest, The bright side of life
Also, in this collection we have nail art kit, consisting of nail art brush and nail tip stickers.
Nail art kit
So this is it, last limited edition for this year. Do you like it?

Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Linking weekly loves 2

A new week has gone by and here are new weekly links:

Caught in a Daze  showed us swatches of Urban Decay Skull Palette, I like such posts because they are informative and I love eyeshadows.

Lips so Facto is recently making posts about what to eat to make your skin look better, here's a recipe for a good and tasty breakfast :)

Voodoo Blonde made this awesome Halloween look, a great combination of red eyeshadow and black lipstick.

Taya is another Slovenian blog that I like to read and watch. This week she showed us her favourites for October. I like such posts especially because I know all the products and can always buy them myself too, because most of them can be found in our local stores. :)

Nothin' fancy. Really.  Who hasn't heard about micellar cleansing water... and while I wanted to buy Bioderma H2O, now she showed us a really nice dupe, Yves Rocher.

Beauty by Shortylegs I can never have enough of eyeshadow swatches and reviews, and here's a post just like that. Favourite eyeshadows for summer and autumn time.

Thanks for reading and have a great sunday! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Jewelry GIVEAWAY!

New month, new giveaway!

To participate you need to "like"  facebook page UniqaPoly and share a post inviting you to participate in the new giveaway forward on your wall! Those who have already liked this page can also participate, you only need to share  invite to giveaway on your walls.

 Award goes to one person, award will be one product by your choice from the page UniqaPoly, you can choose whatever you like. Giveaway will be over on Sunday, 11.11., at 19 PM. :)

Here's a link to my page, otherwise you can also find the app on the top, right corner of my blog :)

There's something for every taste, so feel free to visit the page and check out if there's something for you too :) Perhaps there's an idea what to give for a gift to someone or just for your own pleasure :)

Hope you will decide to participate and good luck! :)