Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Jewelry GIVEAWAY!

New month, new giveaway!

To participate you need to "like"  facebook page UniqaPoly and share a post inviting you to participate in the new giveaway forward on your wall! Those who have already liked this page can also participate, you only need to share  invite to giveaway on your walls.

 Award goes to one person, award will be one product by your choice from the page UniqaPoly, you can choose whatever you like. Giveaway will be over on Sunday, 11.11., at 19 PM. :)

Here's a link to my page, otherwise you can also find the app on the top, right corner of my blog :)

There's something for every taste, so feel free to visit the page and check out if there's something for you too :) Perhaps there's an idea what to give for a gift to someone or just for your own pleasure :)

Hope you will decide to participate and good luck! :) 

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