Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preview: Misslyn - Future Glam LE

Future Glam - Shimmering, glittering, sparkling! Special effects for eyes, lips, nails and face make you the cosmic girl of the night. The glamorous collection with a focus on shimmering mauve and berry tones and cream nuances guarantees a great look.

Eyeshadow: Six shades of eyeshadows, available in No. 03 - lifetime dream, No. 06 - starlight, No. 14 - next generation, No. 20 - universe, No. 28 - gravity, No. 40 - infinity space. 
03 Lifetime Dream

06 Starlight
14 Next Generation
28 Gravity 
40 Infinity Space
20 Universe
 Eyeliner & Lash Sparkler available in No. 06 - now and again, No. 03 - vision
Glow to go Shimmer Cream available in only one shade No. 1

Lipstick  available in three shades, all are shiny, and have glitter in it. No. 407 - flashing satellite, No. 413 - all night long, No. 416 - dancing queen

Rich Color Gloss  available in No. 02 - magical venus, in real it looks white with glitter in it , probably on the lips turns clear with glitter.

Nail Polish available in four new shades, No. 285 - space camp, No. 426 - moon holiday, No. 431 - future business, No. 753 - star dust top coat. This last one is a glitter top coat :) All nail polishes are very shimmery.

This collection is already in Slovenian stores, I went to check it out, but decided not to buy anything, it's all too much glittery for me. Anyway, it's quite a classic winter collection with silvers, red and glittery, sparkly shades. :) Do you like anything from this collection?
Perhaps next time I go to store I decide on some nail polish, I like them best from this collection :)

Thanks for reading :)

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