Monday, November 19, 2012

Preview - Catrice "Siberian Call" Limited edition

Catrice has not said their last word this year.. we still have one more limited edition to check out, this one is named "Siberian Call".

Catrice team says:
Ice wide open! As the Siberian cold approaches, fascination for the Russian tundra grows. Beautiful scenery full of contrasts surrounds the Limited Edition Siberian Call Collection: silent snowy landscapes, bluish icy vegetation and imposing, vast steppes in brown and green – the territory of wolves, bears and tigers. Mysterious impressions of this world have already conquered the international catwalks. The symbiosis of the ice age and naturally warm elements is reflected in the current crossover couture: glamorous fur effects, soft tweed, urban knits and sparkling highlights with an ice-flower appearance. Deep greys and silver shades unite with warm beige, pink and coral to become the trend colours of this edition.

International Launch Date – December 2012 and January 2013 in Germany, Swizerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Jordanien, Malta, Pakistan, Mexico.

 Eyeshadow: Highly pigmented mono eyeshadow provides intense shimmer effects and a metallic finish. The velvety texture powder-confident with strong color results in frosted gray, two warm shades of brown and bright coral. Available in 01 Here, Take Your Gear, 02 Gray I'm A Dreamer,  03 Rose's Wood and 04 Rest in the Forest. 

Lip cream:  True natural talent are the three easy Lip Creams. They color the lips subtly with their highly pigmented formulation and leave thanks to Pearl texture a delicate feeling. Three natural, earthy tones to bright intense expressive lips. Available in 01 Rest In The Forest,  02 Coral-al-al-al and 03 Fire tracker.
 Crystal lip topcoat: The applicator of Crystal Lip topcoats like a magic wand and gives the lips a mysterious ice flowers effect. For a particularly intense result: before using a colored Lip Cream and be enchanted by the transparent gloss with glitter effect can. Available in 01 Sky and Snow.

 Cream to Powder Blush: Luminous coral and delicate rose bring the ice to melt and provide bright accents without shimmer. Applied the creamy texture is powdery and light. Available in 01 Coral-al-al-al and 02 Rose's Wood.
 Ultimate nail lacquer: The ice-cream of the crop: five new nail polishes in Nearly Black, Grey, Ice Silver, Mauve and Coral Wow with different effects.  Available in 01 The Calm Call, 02 I'm A Dreamer Gray, 03 Sky and Snow, 04 rest in The Forest and 05  Coral-al-al-al.

What do you think? Is this the kind of LE you would expect for December time? I'm mostly looking forward to check out the lip products and the black nail polish, these are my favourites. The corals kinda annoy me, it's just a too bright colour for this season, plus I did expect more darker burgundy and wines, and none of the limited editions this year had them. I was hoping for a really strong dark mulberry lipstick, but I guess autumn went by too fast, and December with all it's sparkles is already knocking on the door.

Thanks for reading and have a nice week :)

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