Sunday, November 4, 2012

Linking weekly loves 1

Hey! I decided to start a new brand of posts on my blog. I like a lot when other bloggers post their favourite weekly links, because it gives me a chance to see what others like, I can see other blogs that I don't know yet and it's nice way to kinda promote your fellow bloggers forward. :)

So this week I picked up these posts as my favourites:

- Parokeets is a Slovenian blog, I am following and reading it regularly. I loved this weeks post about  Catrice Infinitte Matt 18h. I can never have enough of reviews and comments on foundations, they always help me decide whether some product would be worth trying out or not.

- Mateja's Beauty Blog is another one that I love reading. This week she represented a new Bourjois lipstick Rouge Edition 11 Fraise Remix . I love the colours of this collection of lipsticks, I would really love to have at least two shades..

- Lips So Facto showed her no makeup makeup look  routine and I love such posts because I like to see which products are essential to others, what do they like, what really works.

- essiebutton This week she showed us her current skincare routine and she used some really great products as Caudalie and Melvita that I would also love to try, but find them a bit too expensive for my current budget.

- Hysteria of Decay had this really lovely nail manicure for Halloween , really lovely combination of black and red :)

- Cherry Colors - Cosmetic heaven was also ready for this years Halloween, wearing this really great  mask .

Thanks for reading! :)

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