Friday, August 15, 2014

Preview: Catrice - Check&Tweed LE

Brit Chic. A perfect blend of understatement, girlish charm and a hint of rebellion. Key products include the plaid trench coat, the classic pencil skirt and shirt dresses with clear-cut silhouettes, traditionally crafted and made of the finest materials. Numerous international designers have interpreted and combined these fashion classics in completely new ways that pay homage to aristocratic style. From mid September until mid October 2014, the Limited Edition “Check & Tweed” by CATRICE is offering matching beauty products to go with the British way of life. Highlights of the collection are the Quattro Baked Eyeshadows in two colour versions, the Velvet Lip Colours with a semi-matt finish, a Highlighting Powder with a tweed look as well as five trendy nail polishes in the limited Check & Tweed colours grey-blue, hunting green, camel, rosé and rusty red. London is calling – by CATRICE.

Eye Brow Fixing Gel - Well-groomed, smoothly arched eyebrows set the perfect frame for beautiful eye make-up styles. The naturally tinted gel with a light, almost transparent colour-dispersion models and defines your brows. The integrated fibre brush makes application even easier. Suitable for all hair types. Available in C01 Neutrally Brown.

Highlighting Powder - The silky powder with light-reflecting pigments sets beautiful highlights on your face and neckline. The two-tone diamond design with light powder and darker shimmer pigments is a true eye-catcher, too. Available in C01 Flagg The Union Jack.

Quattro Baked Eyeshadow -  Baked powder eyeshadow with a light pearl effect in two different colour versions. Hunting green, rosé, off-white and golden camel or vanilla, apricot, blue and medium brown create extremely British and sophisticated eye make-up looks. Now limited in a trendy matt-black papercard packaging with a shiny plaid pattern. Can be applied moist or dry. Available in C01 London’s Eye and C02 Town of Crown.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer -  These colours with ultimate coverage are the ideal companions in the autumn season and an absolute must for stylish nails. Modern hunting green and grey-blue meet upon classic rusty red, camel and soft rosé – all with a pearly finish. The extra-broad reservoir brush captures just the right amount of polish needed for one nail and offers perfect results without streaks. Available in C01 London Calling, C02 England’s Rose, C03 Mind The Red!, C04 Brit Chick and C05 Hyde In The Park.

Velvet Lip Colour - The Velvet Lip Colours, available in an option of reddish brown, orangey red and Bordeaux, are extremely convincing with their pleasant texture and elegant, semi-matt finish. The slim stick packaging looks incredible and can be taken along wherever you go. A compliment to femininity. Available in C01 Queen’s BEAUTea time, C02 Mind The Red! and C03 Brit Chick.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

All my primers :)

Hello again! Time to say a little something about my primers... Usually I just have one and use it up, but lately I had a chance to try some more so I currently have four which I am using regularly, every day. I will try to describe as best a sI can how they work for me, or not.

Starting with one by Etude House, it's called Goodbye Pore Ever. It comes in a tube, as you can see, you get 20 ml of product inside. I don't know where to buy it because I got it second hand. The texture of this one is a bit waxy, a bit too much like applying honey, if you ask me. It does spread nicely thou, but it feels like it has something inside that makes it feel like wax. I don't like that feeling, but the effect is pretty decent. It covers up the pores, doesn't sink in them and offers a more straight surface for your foundation. As for helping your foundation last longer, I can not really say. I haven't noticed that it would do any good on this subject and also haven't noticed it would do any bad either. It has a gentle scent, but nothing too disturbing. Overall this is an ok product for me, works well with different foundations.

Next one is by Balea, it's called Teint Perfektion. It's basically a cheaper version of Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur. These two are pretty much alike, in texture, in effect, in colour and smell. The Balea one is still available at DM stores, now on 50% discount. I got the Garnier one from a friend to try and I must say the Garnier one is also pretty good. Both have a kinda dry consistency, they spread out easily and make your skin feel super soft, super smooth and like you would have a baby powder on your face, ( I mean that in a good way:)). They do help prolong the life of your foundation for a bit, especially you notice that when you work all day. They both work well with different foundations, even bb creams. Normally I use just my toner, straight to primer and than the chosen foundation, so for me it works. But if your skin is really greasy and oily and you also like to use another cream under before applying your foundation I am not sure how well will this hold for you, before melting it all away. I must admit to having some problems during summer now, because it is so hot and I get sweaty really fast I feel no primer could ever help me, no matter what. All in all, these two I use the most and for now I seem to like them best and they work best for me.

The last one to join the bunch is one by MaxFactor, it's called FaceFinity All Day primer and promises to extend the wear of your foundation. Also has spf 20 and the packaging is really pretty. You get 30 ml in a glass bottle with a twist applicator which enables you to close the product completely. The texture of the product is a little bit more liquid, but not too much, still like a foundation. Feels very light on the skin.  On me it sets more on my skin and makes a nice finish, my skin looks like I used mattifying powder, and the Etude House one makes like a surface on top of your actual skin to help your skin look more even. I am not sure about the regular price of the product, I got it second hand. I must say it provides the best base for your foundation. I was testing this product for a couple of days now and am really impressed and really like it. It is actually quite a lot better than my Garnier or Balea base, also when your foundation is applied it looks more matte on your skin even before applying your mattifying powder. So far so good, I have tested it with Bourjois 123 Foundation, will see how it works with other foundations :)

Have you tried any of these? Which one works for you?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Empty products of the week 3 :)

Hello! Time to clean up and talk about my empties.. this has been prepared for some time now, but I finally took time to post about it :)

Starting with Yves Rocher micellar water, I must say this is a product I will probably never repurchase again. Here's why, you can read my review in full. I will try some other products by this brand but probably never again this one.

Next is actually a makeup remover by Inell, you can buy it at E.Leclerc stores. It's a mini version, you can buy a larger one, but I prefer this one because I can store it more easily. I am having two bottles of this at home at the moment, will be soon finished with my second bottle actually. It's a pretty decent remover, needs some more work with waterproof  products but mostly it does what I need it to do so I will definitely buy some more. Recommend it to everyone with a tight budget and who don't use professional or waterproof makeup everyday.

Here we have a photo of my Revlon primer, used up some time ago, also posted a full review here.  I liked this, I would repurchase if I didn't have so many primers at the moment and need to finish them up first. I like it a lot, but at the moment I am testing one by MaxFactor and that one is actually working better for me, so I don't think I will actually ever get around to repurchase this one.

 And a hair mask, by Schwazkopf Gliss. Ultimate repair anti-damage-treatment. I liked this, it's pretty decent, has a nice scent to it. But on the long run it really didn't do mcuh  for my hair, I think it even cause my hair to start getting greasy faster. So nope, not repurchasing this one for some time. Too many goodies out there I still need to try. I think this was a bit too greasy even for me and my hair, maybe I will try it again in winter time.. who knows..

 Next bunch of empties starts with a sugar srub for body by Kozmetika Afrodita. I got this as a gift and i must say it's a pretty good product, makes your skin feel really smooth and soft. On me this felt too oily thou and I usually washed it off with my shoer gel. Even then the skin felt really soft and nourished and this is something I would repurchase in future. :)

My first product from Melvita ever was this floral water with orange blossom. I used it as a toner and once I started using this regularly I finished up the bottle pretty fast. I got it on sale for 9 euros, but regular price seems a bit too high if you ask me. Especially for a product that really didn't do anything for my skin. It does feel fresh and gentle and smells amazing but it really didn't do anythinng for the skin. It's more like a product to treat yourself a bit. Repurchase is a maybe, I'm not sure.. 

Last one here is a shower gel I got for my b-day.. It took me some time to get to it, because I had so many to use up. I must say I really like Palmolive shower gels, I didn't have this one yet and it smells really nice. A definite repurchase, I liked this one a lot :)

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Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, August 1, 2014

Preview: Essence - Hello Autumn LE :)

''BeautiFALL! From September until October 2014, essence is welcoming the autumn season with its beautiful golden sunshine and rustling leaves with the trend edition “hello autumn”. The color scheme is fresh and color-intense, just like the beautiful colors of nature during the third season of the year: yellow, gold, orange, red, green and brown. In addition to two eyeshadow palettes in gorgeous autumn shades, the product range offers eyebrow sets with two different powder colors each, a highlighter as well as a small applicator. A further highlight is the color-adapting powder blush, which turns into a fresh pink upon application. And as a small accessory, there are six cute hair ties that are sure to keep your hair together when the autumn breeze gets a little too much. Welcome autumn… with essence!''

Colour Adapting Powder Blush - Warm-up! The innovative powder blush reacts to the individual pH-value of your skin and turns into a fresh pink upon application. The version in beige also contains fine shimmer pigments for a natural glow. Available in 01 beauti-FALL red and 02 keep calm & go for a walk.

Eyeshadow Palette - Indian summer! The eyeshadow palettes offer six long-lasting autumn colors each in the combinations gold-brown and beige-green with various effects ranging from semi-matt to metallic. The double-ended applicator is included in the set and guarantees easy application and blending. Available in 01 walk in the park and 02 keep calm & go for a walk. 

Eyebrow Set - This set ensures gorgeous brows in two versions – for blondes and brunettes! Micro-fine eyebrow powders in two different brown tones create more volume, while the highlighter optically lifts the brows. The set includes a brush and is indispensible for perfectly defined brows! Available in 01 leaves are the new beef and 02 walk in the park.

Eyeshadow Brush - Tool talent. The eyeshadow brush in brown with a broad brush and soft bristles is the ideal tool for applying and blending eyeshadow. You can create professional-looking eye make-up styles in just a few steps – the perfect tool for the popular smokey eyes technique. Available in 01 walk in the park. 

Eye Pencil - Natural colors! The soft, creamy texture of the eye pencil guarantees long-lasting results in brown and green. Thanks to the soft sponge applicator, the lines can easily be blended for a beautiful look. Available in 01 leaves are the new beef and 02 charlie seen in green.

Lip Cream - FALL in love… the creamy, rich formula provides your lips with intensive color and a semi-matt finish in Bordeaux red and nude rosé. Particularly long-lasting. Available in 01 beauti-FALL red and 02 keep calm & go for a walk. 

Multi Colour Powder - Golden leaves… the multi colour powder combines four gold and brown shades to give your face and neckline a beautiful shimmer. The pretty leaf embossment on the surface of the texture makes the powder absolutely unique. Available in 01 autumn & the city. 

Hair Ties - Autumn appeal! The six elastic, seamless hair ties keep your hair together and are comfortable to wear thanks to the soft material. Available in 01 #outdoor yoga.

Thermo Nail Polish - Interplay of colors! These nail polishes change color just like the leaves in autumn. Applied on your nails, the original colors red, orange, light green, brown and gold will shine in varying nuances depending on the temperature. Available in 01 beauti-FALL red, 02 meet my pumpkin, 03 charlie seen in green, 04 keep calm & go for a walk and 05 autumn & the city.

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