Thursday, August 7, 2014

All my primers :)

Hello again! Time to say a little something about my primers... Usually I just have one and use it up, but lately I had a chance to try some more so I currently have four which I am using regularly, every day. I will try to describe as best a sI can how they work for me, or not.

Starting with one by Etude House, it's called Goodbye Pore Ever. It comes in a tube, as you can see, you get 20 ml of product inside. I don't know where to buy it because I got it second hand. The texture of this one is a bit waxy, a bit too much like applying honey, if you ask me. It does spread nicely thou, but it feels like it has something inside that makes it feel like wax. I don't like that feeling, but the effect is pretty decent. It covers up the pores, doesn't sink in them and offers a more straight surface for your foundation. As for helping your foundation last longer, I can not really say. I haven't noticed that it would do any good on this subject and also haven't noticed it would do any bad either. It has a gentle scent, but nothing too disturbing. Overall this is an ok product for me, works well with different foundations.

Next one is by Balea, it's called Teint Perfektion. It's basically a cheaper version of Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur. These two are pretty much alike, in texture, in effect, in colour and smell. The Balea one is still available at DM stores, now on 50% discount. I got the Garnier one from a friend to try and I must say the Garnier one is also pretty good. Both have a kinda dry consistency, they spread out easily and make your skin feel super soft, super smooth and like you would have a baby powder on your face, ( I mean that in a good way:)). They do help prolong the life of your foundation for a bit, especially you notice that when you work all day. They both work well with different foundations, even bb creams. Normally I use just my toner, straight to primer and than the chosen foundation, so for me it works. But if your skin is really greasy and oily and you also like to use another cream under before applying your foundation I am not sure how well will this hold for you, before melting it all away. I must admit to having some problems during summer now, because it is so hot and I get sweaty really fast I feel no primer could ever help me, no matter what. All in all, these two I use the most and for now I seem to like them best and they work best for me.

The last one to join the bunch is one by MaxFactor, it's called FaceFinity All Day primer and promises to extend the wear of your foundation. Also has spf 20 and the packaging is really pretty. You get 30 ml in a glass bottle with a twist applicator which enables you to close the product completely. The texture of the product is a little bit more liquid, but not too much, still like a foundation. Feels very light on the skin.  On me it sets more on my skin and makes a nice finish, my skin looks like I used mattifying powder, and the Etude House one makes like a surface on top of your actual skin to help your skin look more even. I am not sure about the regular price of the product, I got it second hand. I must say it provides the best base for your foundation. I was testing this product for a couple of days now and am really impressed and really like it. It is actually quite a lot better than my Garnier or Balea base, also when your foundation is applied it looks more matte on your skin even before applying your mattifying powder. So far so good, I have tested it with Bourjois 123 Foundation, will see how it works with other foundations :)

Have you tried any of these? Which one works for you?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Mam samo tega od Garnierja in je smešno kak "špricne" ven :D .. Me pa zanima tale Max Factor tudi :)

  2. Meni je tale Garnier res hecen ja, sploh ni tekoč... MF je pa fajn, sploh ni masten, ni kremen, je kot kak losjon.. efekt me je pa res presenetil..

  3. Mam ogledanega tega od max factorja :) bo treba probat :)) je pa res da nisem se sprobala nobenega primerja :)) upsii..

    1. Mislim da je tale mf kar dober začetek, morda ni najcenejši se mi pa zdi vreden denarja... vsaj zaenkrat moram reči da mi ustreza, nobenih izpuščajev ali mozoljev, dobra podlaga za tekoči puder ali bb/cc kremo...


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