Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preview: Essence - Happy Holidays LE ;)

Hello! A new preview for you today! This time it's by Essence and it's theirs new limited edition for holidays 2013, named Happy Holidays :)

What Essence team has to say about their new edition: "Stylish and beautiful holidays! The new essence trend edition “happy holidays” is sure to add to the thrill of anticipation for the most beautiful time of year – the Christmas season! In addition to festive decorations with lots of sparkle and shine, things are about to get a little more glamorous with your make-up, too! But never without the usual fun factor… There are classic Christmas colours like gold, red and green, but also hip purple and fuchsia to create an exciting assortment of products that is sure to turn every look into a true eye-catcher. You can look forward to metallic eyeshadows, tinted lip balms, hip blush sticks, cool colour³ nail polishes, a cute hair tie and nail sweets with a Christmas design. The absolute must-haves of this trend edition are the black false lashes with golden highlight tips and a snow flake topper with a surprising holographic snow flake effect. Season’s greetings from essence!"

Metallic EyeshadowMerry metallic! The slightly creamy, highly pigmented and long-lasting formula of the eyeshadows create an intense eye make-up in fuchsia, gold and green with fashionable metallic effects. Available in 01 Sugar Plum Fairy, 02 Santa, Baby! and 03 Light Up The Tree!

Blush Stick Hello holidays! This blush stick conjures-up a rosy complexion with a beautiful hint of red or pink in a flash. The formula has an easy-to-apply powdery finish that you can blend with your fingers. Super-practical and ideal for the holidays! Available in 01 Run, Run Rudolph! and 02 Sugar Plum Fairy.

False LashesGolden eye! The dense, black lashes with golden highlight tips conjure-up a breathless look and are sure to be true eye-catchers at Christmastime, at the New Year’s Eve party or whenever you feel like going for a touch of glamour. Available in 01 Golden Girl.

Hair TieHoliday hair! The stylish hair tie with two shiny silver bells create a gorgeous highlight in your hair and are sure to put you in the mood for lots of different styles! Festive spirit deluxe! Available in 01 Jingle Bells Rock.

Tinted Lip BalmHohoho – go Glow! The fine texture of the lip balm pampers your lips so they feel soft and silky as well as providing a touch of colour. The balm subtly tints the lips in red or pink for a gorgeous, fresh look. Available in 01 Run, Run Rudolph! and 02 Sugar Plum Fairy.

Nail PolishChristmas feeling on the next level… the four duo nail polishes each come with two colour combinations in plain and with glitter so you can create lots of different trendy nail designs. A real (Christmas)bonus: the nail polishes offer excellent coverage and are ultra long-lasting. Available in 01 Joy To the World!, 02 Run, Run Rudolph!, 03 Light Up The Tree! and 04 Sugar Plum Fairy.

Nail Sweets Sweets for my sweet! These cute nail sweets with Christmassy images like St. Nicolas faces, boots, sugar canes, candy and mistletoe are an absolute must for ultimate X-Mas style!Available in 01 Season’s Greetings!

Snow Flake TopperLet it snow! If you love a white Christmas, you definitely need some snow on your nails. The cool snow flake topper contains holographic effect glitter in a transparent base to create a hip snow flake design! Simply shake it like a snow globe so that the particles can mix with the base. An absolute Christmas must-have! Available in 01 Season’s Greetings!

My Opinion - I want the snowflake topper! Really want! I hope it will be very much like snowflakes, so it will fit on my red nail polish and look super christmasy ;) From the nail polishes I also like the first one on the photo,  01 joy to the world and the golden topper, a great combo! The rest of this collection doesn't really impress me, so I won't really try to get anything else. I'm sure that the snowflake topper will be sold out very fast, so I'm already keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I'll get it! :) How about you? Do you like this holidays collection?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preview: Catrice - Feathers & Pearls Collection Holiday 2013 LE :)

Hey there! Today's preview is from Catrice, a new limited edition called Feathers&Pearls :)
Let's see what Catrice team has to say about this one:
 "Roaring Twenties. The Golden Era is back. The decade of change with its excessive parties, spectacular vaudeville revues, sensual burlesque dancers and stylish Hollywood icons is inspiring the lifestyle and fashion industry. Playful flapper dresses with elaborate sequins, glitter or feather trim in combination with opulent headdresses are conquering the catwalk. The Limited Edition “Feathers & Pearls” by CATRICE makes this glamorous fashion tangible. Whether you are aiming for a touch of extravagance in your everyday life or going for a grand entrance at night – these limited products offer breathtaking highlights in elegant gold and silver, mysterious black as well as feminine red shades for your eyes, lips and nails."

Available from November to December 2013 ;)

Eye Palette:  The eye palette offers five eyeshadows. Shades are black, anthracite, silver and gold to crystal white – the pressed powder eye shadow with soft texture create an expressive look, and the glitter pigments contained ensure the glamor factor. Available in C01 Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Skin Pearls: Perfect Pearls. Traditional pearls are treading new paths: the innovative Skin Pearls give everyone the opportunity to create their very own jewellery designs. Thanks to the self-adhesive transparent bands, the halved pearls can either be applied as a an individual highlight or in a decorative row similar to a bracelet. 

Clear Brow Fixing Pen:  Accurately shaped eyebrows in classic Hollywood style are easy to achieve with the Clear Brow Fixing Pen. The retractable pen with a slim mine has a transparent texture to set the tiniest hair in place without sticking. For a distinctive look and an ideal frame for gorgeous eye make-up.

Lashes For Gold: Look at the Twenties. Extravagant lashes, arranged in attractive points; black as the darkest night with subtle golden applications. Combine this fabulous lash look with a soft water-wave hairstyle and a typical Charleston dress and let the lavish celebrations begin. Contains lash glue for simple application and optimal durability. 

Lash&Sparkling Gel: Shine bright like a Diamond. The transparent texture of the Lash & Eye Sparkling Gel sets fascinating highlights on your lashes or the inner corners of your eyes. The shimmering glitter particles ensure a sparkling finish.

Nail Sequins: Golden Shower. This noble paillette connect the 20-year extravaganza with the current nail design trend: 3D. Alternatively, in a festive gold or the mysterious black sequins are applied to the still wet nail polish. Are committed either specific highlights or scatter a sufficient amount of sequins in the lid and keep the pure freshly painted, wet nail polish. The perfect finish! Available in C01 Golden Twenties and C02 Running Wild.

Roaring Lip Colour: Ladychic. A semi-matte finish is the epitome of contemporary elegance. The classic colors bright pink and two shades of red and creamy texture make for the big show in the 20ies look. Available in C01 Charleston’s fame, C02 Roaring Red and C03 Josephine’s Joy.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer: Charleston’s Colours. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer with a stylish cap in the Art Deco look not only look extremely elegant, they offer besides the ultimate long-lasting texture and opacity of the most beautiful colors for the upcoming season: silver, gold, pink, red and black – sometimes plain and times with fine glitter pigments. Available in C01Flapper Style, C02 Golden Twenties, C03 Charleston’s fame, C04 Roaring Red and C05 Running Wild.

My Opinion:  Wow, I want it! From the first photo I saw to the last one! The eye palette looks amazing and the shades are simply perfect for me :) Also Clear Brow Fixing Pen might come in handy, so I would like to try that one too :) The Lash&Sparkling gel is also looking promising but I think I have something similar already at home. Also the deepest red shade of lipstick is on my wishlist, I really hope it will suit me. The nail lacquers are more or less the only ones that don't really convince me, the red shade should be a bit darker, and the first two are just too pearly for me. How about you? Looking forward to getting this limited edition to our stores?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Lee Stafford - Dry Shampoo for oily roots :)

Hello everyone! Another post from UniqaPoly :) Today I'll write about a dry shampoo  I have tried some time ago, it's been empty for about a month now... still I finally managed to write a review of it :) And it's Lee Stafford dry shampoo for oily roots, for brown hair :)

When I bought it at DM store I had a discount coupon, so it wasn't so expensive, otherwise it's about 11 euros I think.. which is quite a lot for a dry shampoo.

You get a tin can in bright pink shade, inside you get 150ml of dry shampoo. Use is very simple, just spray it whereever and whenever you feel like your hair needs some pick up ;) Personally I use dry shampoo only when I really don't have time to wash my hair and when I have a lot to do, so this bottle lasted me really long, for about 3 months. I really don't use much of these kind of products, but when I do I expect them to work.

Basically, dry shampoo is a powder in a tin can that you spray on , rub it in so it doesn't show white on your hair and you are ready to go! But don't rub it too much, it's best if you have a good brush with natural bristles :)

I have been quite dissapointed with this one, because it's for brown hair and all it really does is get's your hair kinda more matte than shiny, which is what you want, but that lasts maybe a couple of hours on me. It doesn't buy me a whole day and I can still see my hair actually looks ok, but still greasy, you can see I didn't wash my hair. I have tested before some by Balea, Syoss and I must say all dry shampoos work on me quite the same. They make my hair look a bit better for 4 hours max, than it's back to greasy unwashed hair. Since this is quite a lot more expensive than the ones I have read about and used myself, I have expected it to be a bit more effective. Unfortunately on me it's not that good that I would want to go and buy it again. I get the same effect from a regular Balea dry shampoo and the price difference is over 8euros...

I like the scent of the product, kinda fresh something... I like that it still does the job, but I was maybe expecting a bit too much. I thought if this one is so well known and people like it maybe I'll too, but unfortunately this really didn't impress me. If you have really greasy roots than this one won't really work for you. If you have greasy hair more than roots ( don't ask me how this is possible), than this might just work for you. To cover up unwashed hair, especially roots, this simply doesn't really cut it. It's an overall ok product, also comes in shades for blondes, but personally I wouldn't buy it again, especially since I can get the same effect from Balea dry shampoo, which costs around 3 euros. :)

Thanks for reading and hope this was useful to you!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, October 11, 2013

Preview: Alverde - Waldgezwitscher LE :)

Hey there! Another preview on my blog :) This time it's by Alverde and it's called Waldgezwitscher :) 
A walk through the woods is just the thing for beautiful autumn days. The bright colors of the leaves, the chirping of birds and the last warm rays of the sun - there's simply nothing better! Or is it? With the right make-up, such a walk can be enjoyed even more.

For just such moments, but also for the rainy autumn days alverde NATURKOSMETIK has developed the new Limited Edition Forest Chirping. The products make use of the warm colors of autumn and give you a beautiful autumnal makeup that makes you look great not only for a walk in the woods. ;) Available form October to November 2013 :)

2in1 Lipbase & Lipgloss - A practical duo product that fits into any handbag and the lips can shine in bright autumn colors. Step 1: Apply the lipbase with the applicator thinly and evenly on the lips and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply the lip gloss on the lips prepared. With shea butter and jojoba oil from controlled biological cultivation. Available in color 10 pine cones, 20 sea buckthorn and 30 berry field. The 2in1 Lipbase & lip gloss is not vegan.

Duo powder blusher - The duo powder blushers with jojoba oil and hazel extract from certified organic accentuate the cheeks. The two colors can be mixed.  The shade 20 Gilded Autumn is vegan. The shade 10 Flowering maple is not vegan. Use: The lighter shade set just above the cheekbone, directly below apply darker color and gently spread.

Eyeliner -  The liquid eyeliner with a fine brush and long style delivers an clear lines from fine to striking. The vegan eyeliner is matched in colors 10  pine green and 20 forest floor. With certified organic jojoba oil and aloe vera extract.

Lipstick - The earthy and berry shades complement each fall look. The smooth texture feels comfortable on the lips. With certified organic jojoba and natural waxes. Available in the following colors: 10 mounds, 20 Berry and 30 rowan. The lipsticks are not vegan.

Liquid Eye Shadow - The most gifted painter of autumn! With the special color range of vegan Liquid Eye Shadows  bright autumnal effects can be achieved. Available in colors 10 blackberry, 20 Mooshügel, 30 oak leaves and 40 ground. Application Tip: Use the applicator to dab a small amount of the eyelid and spread.

Mono Eyeshadow - As colorful as the feathers of forest birds, so is the color range of the mono eye shadow. The colors can be individually applied to the eyelid, or be combined with several colors for a multi-color effect. With jojoba oil and hazel extract from organic farming. Available in shades, shade 10 nightingale singing is not vegan. The  20 green woodpecker knocking, 30 blackbird chirping sound and 40 Lerch are vegan.

Mascara All In One - With extra-large, curved brush for intense eyelashes. The two shades available are10  pine green and 20 forest floor, they fit perfectly with an autumn eye make-up. With certified organic jojoba oil. The All in One Mascara is not vegan.

Cream  stick blusher - The soft cream rouge stick flatters the cheeks and gives a fresh complexion - like after a walk in the woods. With the convenient stick simply apply the blush on the cheeks and gently spread for a delicate accent with your fingers. With shea butter from organic farming. Shades available are 20 Cep, which is vegan and 10 helming  which is not vegan.

My opinion - Well... I like the shades of the products, especially the duo lipbase&lipgloss, but I really don't like the packaging! I just feel like it's too childish, the shades, the shapes of leaves and all.. it fits with the name and theme and all, but personally I really don' find it attractive. Maybe I'll get some lip products, lipsticks also look very good. And maybe one of the eyeliners, they look promising :) How about you? See anything you like?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Kozmetika Kancilja - COCONUT multi-purpose cream & body oil :)

Hello everyone! New post from UniqaPoly :) Well this one will be only in Slovenian, sorry guys :) Todays review is of two products for body care that I have recieved as "CHIC ambasadorka" from slovenian web store Click2Chic :) They are both from a brand called Kozmetika Kancilja, which is our Slovenian brand, made by a company called Technochem d.o.o. from Ribnica. Here's also a link to their page, but it's only in slovene, english and croatian :)

Pozdravljeni na blogu UniqaPoly! Danes vam predstavljam izdelka Kozmetike Kancilje, natančneje gre za univerzalno kremo in olje za telo Kokos :)

Najprej bi vam rada predstavila kremo za telo :) Embalaža je preprosta, okrogli lonček, z pokrovom na navoj. Vsebuje 150 ml izdelka :) Uporaba: kremo po kopanju ali tuširanju enakomerno nanesite na telo in jo z rahlimi gibi vtrite. ;) Vsaj tako je navedeno na embalaži :) 

Sam izdelek je bele barve in rahlo diši po kokosu. Vonj ni invaziven ampak nežen, tako da ustreza širšemu krogu porabnikov. Jaz dejansko vonjam še nekaj poleg kokosa, ne vem kaj, mogoče malo na sladko pa še nekaj... mogoče bi komu znala tale krema celo smrdeti...

Tekstura kreme je super, ravno prav gosta, vendar se vseeno lepo razmaže. Ne pušča nobenih belih sledi, poleg tega pa se tudi kar hitro vpija in posuši, tako da ne pušča mastnega filma na oblekah :)

Učinek na kožo pa je vsaj pri meni kar pozitiven. Uporabljam jo predvsem po nogah, namreč te potrebujejo hranljivo kremo saj imam tam kar suho kožo. Uporabljam jo tudi na rokah in sem kar zadovoljna z njo :) Ob redni uporabi mi kožo lepo nahrani, povrhnjica ni več tako suha, koža je na otip mehka in gladka. Tudi izgled kože je boljši, namreč prav vidi se razliko med prej in sedaj, se mi zdi da zgleda bolj gladko, brez suhih delov...

Nadaljujem s kokosovim oljem :) Embalaža je prozorna plastična steklenička, na pumpico :) To je super, ker je tako veliko lažje dozirati in uporabljati olje. Dobite 200 ml izdelka, za katerega je navedeno, da gre za olje za nego obraza in telesa z vitaminom E in oljem kalendule. Na embalaži imate tudi kratko predstavitev izdelka, kjer piše, da kokosovo olje vsebuje koži potrebne maščobe, vitamine in minerale. Hitro in dobro prodira v kožo, jo ohranja prožno ter preprečuje njeno izsušitev. Zaradi svojih lastnosti je kokosovo olje čudovito negovalno olje za obraz, telo in lase. Je vodoobstojno olje, bogato z vitaminom E, izvlečkom kokosa, oljem kalendule in jojobe, ki hranita in vlažita kožo. Koža postane svilnato mehka, lasem pa daje naraven lesk. Navodila za uporabo: kokosovo olje nanesemo na kožo ali lase in ga z nežnimi gibi vtremo v kožo ali lasišče. Lahko ga uporabimo tudi kot masažno olje. 

Sama sem ga preizkusila predvsem na koži, torej noge in pa roke, trup, kot masažno olje pa tudi kot odstranjevalec make-upa. :) Najbolje se je obnesel predvsem na nogah, ker sem ga tam ravno največ uporabljala :) Enostavno posprejaš po nogah, seveda pazljivo, da ni prehitro preveč olja, narahlo razmažem in počakam par minut da se vpije. :) Glede na to, da gre za olje se dokaj hitro vpija v kožo, vendar ga krema vseeno prehiti in jo raje uporabljam tudi iz tega razloga :) Vonj je podoben kot pri kremi, vendar tudi ta ni močen in invaziven, bolj se mi zdi še bolj blag od kreme in tudi ni tako izrazit po kokosu. Vseeno pusti rahlo masten občutek na koži, ampak tako pač je, je le olje, in to je za pričakovati. Mene sicer toliko ne moti, ampak se nekako raje namažem s kremo.. Niti ne znam razložiti zakaj mi je krema toliko bolj všeč od olja.  Če ga primerjam z oljem od Hawaiian Tropic, se mi zdi da je drugi bolj močan po vonju in se tudi še težje vpija v kožo, poleg tega pa nima pumpice in seveda zmeraj malo poteče po steklenički. 

Kot odstranjevalec make upa sem ga uporabila, ker sem nekje brala da je je kar dober odstranjevalec... in tale pač ni bil mišljen za to nalogo. Navadno kokosovo olje, namenjeno za prehrano je kar ustrezalo, ampak tole pa ne. Mislim sem odstranila make -up, ampak je bilo potrebnih več potegov, pa maskare mi ni lepo odstranil. Drugače mi ni dražil kože, okoli oči sem imela po uporabi še bolj mehko kožo, tudi po telesu se je zelo izkazal in mi res lepo navlaži kožo. Dostikrat kar pozabim na to, in ko se spomnim da bi se namazala je ravno 5 min pred spanjem... tako da se potem raje odločim za kremo, ker vem da se bo hitreje vpila, olje pa vseeno potrebuje malenkost dlje ... 

Drugače pa vsi, ki imate problematično kožo, mastno kožo, kožo, ki je nagnjena k izbruhom mozoljev zaradi komedogenih sestavin - kokosovo olje res ni najboljša izbira za vas, ker pač takim osebam zna naresti še več mozoljčkov. Tako da za obraz ga tudi jaz ne bom več uporabljala, za vsak slučaj, za telo pa definitivno ;)

Če povzamem - nista močno parfumirana, vsaj ne vonja se tako zelo močan vonj ( kot recimo pri losjonu za telo od Balee s kokosom in shea maslom). Oba se hitro vpijata v kožo, vendar krema hitreje kot olje ;) Oba dobro navlažita kožo, ob redni uporabi je res mehka in gladka :) Za res zelo suho kožo in občutljivo nisem prepričana da bi tole zadostovalo, mislim da bi v takem primeru bilo bolje izbrati kokosovo olje, ki je namenjeno za prehrano. Sama imam Cobio in je res močan vonj, veliko bolj kot tukaj v tem olju ali kremi :) Definitivno priporočam vsem ki imate radi vonj po kokosu, vendar ne želite premočno parfumiranih izdelkov :) Super za vse, ki si želite vonja po poletju tudi v jesenskih in zimskih mesecih :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Preview: Essence - 24h hand protection balm - chocolate fondue :)

Hello everyone! Another preview from me, again Essence! I just had to share these deliciously looking hand creams! I think I might get all three of them, I really hope they will have a nice scent :)

What Essence team has to say:
"Fruit-lovers and chocoholics have plenty to look forward to this winter - the new essence trend edition “24h hand protection balm – chocolate fondue”, available in November and December 2013, is extremely soothing and pampering at the same time! Sweet strawberry, aromatic banana and exotic kiwi combined with dark chocolate are sure to turn the cold winter into months of pure indulgence for your hands. And the delicious fragrances are reminiscent of a cozy evening indoors enjoying chocolate fondue with your friends! Pampering ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil offer dry, stressed hands intensive moisture. The fast-absorbing 24-hour formula won’t leave behind an oily residue and turns applying cream to your hands into a real experience! Wellness for your hands… with essence!"

Strawberry dark chocolate
Strawberry care. The classic fruit that shouldn’t be missing from any chocolate fondue sessions – the strawberry – unites with the scent of dark chocolate to become the ultimate care must-have of the winter season in this 24h hand protection balm. Valuable ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter offer your hands just the right amount of pampering care and provide plenty of moisture while the tried-and-tested 24-hour formula ensures long-lasting protection. Now rough, dry hands are finally a thing of the past! 

Banana dark chocolate
Banana beauty! The hand balm version with the delicious scent of bananas and dark chocolate is also a special highlight that pampers the senses! And care doesn’t fall short, either! The tried-and-tested 24-hour formula with shea butter and coconut oil gives dry, chapped hands the moisture they need to stay soft enough to caress – even at temperatures below zero! 

Kiwi dark chocolate
Kiwi dream… the aromatic, exotic fragrance of fresh kiwis and dark chocolate perfectly rounds off your hand care ritual and already spreads a feeling of winter cheer upon application. Rich shea butter and valuable coconut oil give stressed, dry skin much needed moisture and makes them feel wonderfully protected for up to 24 hours.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review&Swatches: MeMeMe - Eye Inspire Baked Eyeshadow, Fire Eyes Quad 04 :)

Hello everyone! Todays post will be about an eyeshadow quad that I got as a gift to review from MojaDrogerija, a slovenian web store with makeup :) Also I will write this post in both, english and slovene since many of the readers are from Slovenia :)

Pozdravljeni na blogu UniqaPoly! Prvič pišem objavo v obeh jezikih, tako da upam da vas to ne bo motilo :) Ker sem kar malo nevešča tega, prosim za potrpljenje če se bom kdaj čudno izrazila ;) Torej danes vam bom predstavila izdelek MeMeMe, gre pa za četvorček senčil, imenovan Eye Inspire Baked Eyeshadow, odtenek Fire Eyes.

Kot že ime pove, so barve tople, žive in vpadljive. Definitivno ne za vsakogar ;) Osebno me je pri izboru izdelka pritegnilo ravno ta barvni izbor, saj se mi zdi da je popoln za jesen.
 Pa gremo raje po vrsti, torej najprej embalaža. Majhen krogec, premera približno 5 centimetrov, plastična, pokrov ima prozoren izrez, kjer lahko takoj vidite barve. Uporabno predvsem, če senčila shranjujete tako, da so v vrsti in lahko takoj vidite kje je vaš željeni odtenek. Na spodnji strani je naveden rok uporabe, ta naj bi bil 12 mesecev. Opisa teže ni na embalaži, pa tudi na strani ga nisem zasledila. Praktična in enostavna embalaža, tudi majhna, tako da jo je lažje shranjevati in vzeti s seboj na potovanja in podobno :)

As the name already tells you, the shades are warm, alive and strong. Therefore, they are definitely not for everyone :) I thought these shades would be really good for fall, so I wanted to try them.
Starting with packaging - first off, it's small, round shaped, maybe 5 cm in diameter. It's plastic and the cap has a transparent circle where you can see the shades. This is actually pretty useful if you are storing your shades in a row, so you can spot the desired shades faster :) Basically, the packaging is small and easy to use, easy to take with you on a travel :)

Odtenki nimajo posameznega poimenovanja, ampak samo kot paletka. Vse swatche sem naredila direktno na kožo, brez podlage. Najprej sem stestirala najtemnejšo senčko, ki izgleda bolj temno bronz v paletki, v živo pa je bolj svetla. Tekstura vseh senčk je zelo mehka, svilnata, vse tri se zelo lepo namažejo. Nato sem nanesla drugo senčilo, ki je tudi v paletki živo oranžne barve. Zato tudi swatch ne preseneča, je pa res, da mi ni uspelo najbolje ujeti odtenkov. Z prostim očesom so se mi vsi zdeli malenkost temnejši. Tretji odtenek je v paleti živo roza in tudi nanešen ne razočara s pigmentom. Odtenek je res močno roza, kar pa meni osebno ni najbolje všeč. Kljub temu je pigmentiranost res pohvalna, noben odtenek vas ne bo razočaral. Zadnji odtenek mi je na slikah deloval bolj zelenkast in svetleč, vendar gre dejansko za bolj zlat odtenek, ki ima rahel zelenkast in hladen pridih. Na swatchih pa seveda izgleda svetleje, torej dejansko pride ven samo zlata barva. Osebno imam zelo rada zlata senčila in barvice, vse verzije zlate barve, tako da je ta barva poleg bronze rjavkaste meni najljubša iz paletke in ju najbolj pogosto uporabljam :)

Onto shades - they don't have any special names, but just the name of the palette. I made all my swatches directly on my skin, without any base under. First I tested the darkest shade, it looked like a deep bown bronzy kinda clour, and when applied it is really a bit lighter. The texture of all the shades is very soft, very silky, very easy to use and blend. Second shade is as orange as in the palette, so the swatch is not really surprising. I just couldn't really get the shades right on the photos, they seemed more full and dark with my own eyes. Third shade is as pink as in the palette, so way too pink for me. Unfortunately I really don't like the pink shades, but those of you who do you will not be dissapointed! The pigmentation of this product is really good, all of the shades are really well pigmented so I think you will be pretty impressed :) The last shade first seemed to me as a green like shade with shimmer, but it is actually a more golden shade with greenish like sheen, more cold toned golden shade. Anyway, I love the shade, it's my favourite in the palette along with the browny-bronzy one :)

Slike swatchev: / Swatches:

Torej opisala sem vam že emblažo, barve, teksturo in pigmentiranost, ostane pa nam še zadnji faktor - obstojnost! In ta je super! Res, vsi odtenki so enako dolgo obstojni, noben ni slabši. Torej nanešeno na bazo ArtDeco (mali črni lonček, nimam mineralne baze od njih) so mi senčila obstala 6 ur brez problemov, brez brisanja stran, brez topljenja. Lepo obstanejo tam kjer ste jih nanesli :) Kako je brez baze ne vem, ker sama vedno na veke nanašam z njo. Namreč imam kar mastne veke, in brez dobre baze žal pri meni nič ne obstane več kot 2 uri...

So the last thing to describe left is resistance :) And it's really good one! All the shades are really good, they last me 6 hours with my ArtDeco eyeshadow base! They don't smudge, glide away, melt away... they just sit there where you applied them and your look stays perfect :) My eyelid s are pretty greasy so usually, anything above 2 hours is actually a pretty good product. This one works great with me!

Tako, da povzamem - zadovoljna sem z embalažo, meni osebno ustreza, zadovoljna sem z večino odtenkov, dva pa sta mi res najbolj ljuba, torej bronze in zlatkasti odtenek. Tudi oranžen mi je super, vendar ga redkeje kombiniram v vsakdanje looke. Žal roza res ni po mojem okusu, tako da tega res redko uporabljam, vendar tistim, ki imate radi to barvo, bo verjetno zelo všeč. Vsi odtenki so zelo dobro pigmentirani, lepo mazljivi, svilnati. Obstojnost pri meni je zelo dobra, približno 6 ur brez brisanja in podobnih težav :)

To sum it all up - I am satisfied with the packaging, it's nothing special, but it's simple to use. I really like the shades, especially the browny- bronzy one and the golden one. The orange one is also good and I like it, but I rarely use it. The pink one is well.. good, but not my taste.  I really like the texture and pigmentation, all are really good. Also the shades stay put for very long, so I think this is a product worth checking out, maybe even in different shades. :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly