Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Limonada za nego kože - ADRIA SPA pena za tuširanje Limona & Suhocvetnica ;)

Pozdravljene! Ste tudi ve ljubiteljice svežih vonjev? Sama jih obožujem in vam v tokratni objavi predstavljam ADRIA SPA peno za tuširanje limona & suhocvetnica! Tako je, prav ste prebrali - ob vseh inovacijah na področju nege telesa obstaja tudi pena za tuširanje! 

Vilinska lepota malo drugače ;)

Pozdravljeni! Z LaBri Vilinsko kozmetiko ste se zagotovo že spoznali, če ne drugega ste o njej že lahko brali na mojem blogu in sicer v objavi o aprilskih favoritih! Ta mesec sem zapisala tudi nekaj o sami znamki v posebni objavi, saj sem se udeležila posebnega dogodka za lepotne blogerke, zapis pa najdete tukaj ;) Danes vam podrobneje predstavljam dva izdelka, ki sem ju testirala v preteklih dveh mesecih in sicer Cvetlično čistilno mleko ter Cvet češnje - lahko kremo za mlade.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey there! Welcome back to my blog! As the end of month May is closing up on us, it's time for my usual new in blog post! I've been doing quite well the last month, there were a lot of beauty bloggers events and therefore I have a lot of new products to show you. As usual this will take very long to test it all and properly review it all, but I will try and do my best! I must say that I have never been so spoiled as this month, especially with all the events and the treats I was sent! So I want to take a moment here and say thank you all for inviting me and for such amazing treats, from snacks to drinks, gifts and lovely company! Also, thank you fellow beauty bloggers for being awesome and tons of laughter! Now let's get down to it and see all the amazing products I have bought, received at events and received as gifts from friends! ;)

Preview: Catrice - Sound of Silence LE

Luxurious Spirit – meditation methods, a journey into isolated dune landscapes: modern nomadic looks reminiscent of life in the desert dominate the international catwalks. These sandy desert images provide the inspiration for the Limited Edition “Sound of Silence” by CATRICE in July 2016. Monochrome, natural tones like brown and beige stand in a modern contrast to mauve and lilac, which are refined with golden highlights. The Fluid Glow conjures-up beautiful light reflections on the skin while the Blush & Bronze sets summery accents. Desert Breeze – by CATRICE.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nedeljski piknik z Oriflame! ;)

Nedeljski pikniki so idealni čas za poletne oblekce ter seveda tudi manjše torbice! Sama sem tokrat imela priložnost testirati in nositi torbico znamke Oriflame! Oriflame vam je gotovo poznan po kozmetiki ter tudi po odlični dekorativni kozmetiki, v vsakem katalogu pa se najde tudi nekaj modnih dodatkov! Danes vam predstavljam eno izmed mojih zadnjih pridobitev, ki me je navdušila!

Monday, May 23, 2016

SKIN BLOSSOM - naravna nega obraza :)

Pozdravljene! Zagotovo ste že zasledile Skin Blossom na mojem blogu, v kolikor pa še niste, lahko na hitro skočite v objavo New In March ter April Favourites, kjer sem nekaj malega že govorila o izdelkih na sliki. :P

Če Skin Blossom še ne poznate, naj vam jih malce bolj predstavim! Gre za naravno linijo izdelkov, ki ne vsebuje SLS, SLES, ALS, parabenov,  silikonov, umetnih barvil in dišav ali gensko spremenjenih sestavin. Izdelki imajo certifikat Soil Association, vsi izdelki so registrirani tudi pri Vegan Society! Rok uporabe za izdelke je naveden na embalaži, gel za čiščenje obraza je uporaben 6 mesecev, tonik pa 12. No v primeru, da bi izdelke uporabljala čisto počasi - če sem iskrena, sta oba že čisto prazna. :P Izdelki niso testirani na živalih in ne vsebujejo živalskih sestavin. Poleg tega za piko na i je embalaža iz 100% reciklirane embalaže! Več o izdelkih Skin Blossom ter najpogostejša vprašanja najdete tukaj ;)

Monday, May 16, 2016

ALGEA - Prehransko dopolnilo!

Pozdravljeni! Danes vas na blogu čaka malce drugačna objava! Govorila bom o prehranskem dopolnilu, ki sem ga testirala v preteklem mesecu. Zagotovo ste že slišali za alge, za spirulino na primer, ki je pogosta sestavina zdravih smutijev, prav tako pa obstaja še ena, z imenom Chlorella pyrenoidosa ali posušena sladkovodna mikroalga - Algea.

Preview: ESSENCE - The Beach House LE

Everything is better at the beach! Clear blue skies and the endless open space of the ocean: essence will be experiencing some unforgettable moments down by the sea with the trend edition “the beach house” from mid June until mid July 2016. Aquatic turquoise and petrol, sandy shades, off-white and pink as well as coral as contrasting colours create a light, summery make-up look. Four nail polishes with maritime effects like the “water shine” finish ensure cool styles and the beach glow fluid provides sunshine girls with a light tan. And to make sure that all beach beauties don’t have to go without their favorite products when they are out and about, there’s a mini beach bag with plenty of room for essential beauty pieces. Every summer writes its own story, especially when you spend it with your best friends… and essence!  

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Butična kozmetika - LaBri Vilinska lepota:)

Pozdravljeni! Danes se vračam s kratkim zapisom o še enem dogodku in sicer, tokrat sem se udeležila predstavitve butične kozmetike LaBri Vilinska lepota. Redni bralci in bralke boste ime zagotovo prepoznali, saj sem o izdelkih že govorila, ko sem jih prejela v objavi New In March, o čistilnem mleku, ki se je uvrstilo med moje aprilske favorite pa si lahko preberete tudi tukaj!

Friday, May 13, 2016

ORIFLAME - Nove linije nege obraza - NOVAGE

Pozdravljeni! Ni skrivnost, da obožujem Oriflame izdelke. O tem pričajo tako vsi moji zapisi o njihovih izdelkih kot tudi moj mesečne objave o novih pridobitvah, če pa me še ne spremljate redno, pa svetujem, da malce pobrskate po blogu. Kot velika ljubiteljica njihove kozmetike, sploh dekorative, moram reči, da sem bila izjemno vesela povabila na tiskovno konferenco, kjer so predstavili novo kolekcijo NovAge, ki predstavlja dodelano in res temeljito nego obraza za vse po 20 letu starosti! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lancôme bloggers brunch!

Hello! Let's talk about one very special beauty blogger brunch with Lancôme! What a lovely event it was! I was soo happy when I received the invite! The event was hosted by Lancôme Croatia as they also import for Slovenia and by two very lovely ladies - Ivana and Koraljka. The magic day was 5th May and the brunch happened at Slaščičarna Lolita! There was a small group of beauty bloggers but I think we had quite a blast! 

The lovely ladies presented us with the Juicy Shakers and what these actually are, going back to the original Juicy tube gloss, that was the first gloss ever made to the much later made mix called Juicy Shaker! If the product is still for a longer time you can see it part in two phases, the oil and the pigement. Therefore you need to give it a good shake before use and it helps also if you hold it upside down for a bit, so you soak the applicator better. Loved the presentation of these as it felt more like a chat with girls than the usual PR presentation. Plus we talked also about a couple of the new products that are yet to come in our stores - Energie De Vie The Smoothing & Glow boosting liquid care and also the new eyeliner coming out this summer Grandiôse Liner!

The lovely ladies who invited us all to party with Juicy Shakers :P

My first impression of the Jucy Shaker could be best described as - WOW! The applicator is soo amazingly soft and the application is nothing I have ever tried before! I have one in hade Meli Melon, which is sort of the most popular one as it's the right mix of pink-ish shade that suits different skin tones. Each Juicy Shaker is scented differently and mine has an amazing light and fruity smell! Love it! The packaging is to die for, nothing more needed to say! There will be a full blog post about it on my blog! The amazing thing is that this is not a gloss product or a stain product, at leats not the classical one, we are used to. This is pigment infused bi-phased lip oil, but it doesn't feel like an oil at all, as the formula is soo lightweight! Well, I am not telling you everything just yet, come visit me again when the full review will be on! 

For more info on the Juicy Shakers read here!

I had a very lovely time, ate some delicious snacks and had a really good coffee! It was nice to see the beauty bloggers again as well as meet the presenters! Loved to chat with them and I hope we will meet soon again! It was a lovely fun event and I feel very honored I had been invited! 

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hello everyone! I am starting a new monthly series - monthly favourites! Those of you who read me regularly already know I post each month about my newbies and products acquired through out the month, so I thought maybe you would also like to read some monthly favourites! :) Each month I will chose a couple of products, up to ten if possible and write a bit about them, like a mini review or just why I loved them! And here are my first monthly favourites - April favourites!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WELEDA - Revitalizacijsko olje za telo s svetlinovim oljem

Pozdravljeni! Ste ljubitelji naravnih negovalnih olj za telo? Imate radi, da so le ta dostopna v skoraj vseh trgovinah, kot je znamka Weleda? No potem berite dalje, saj vas čaka ocena še enega odličnega izdelka in sicer Weledinega Svetlinovega olja!

Monday, May 2, 2016

NEW IN April :)

Hello! Another month gone by and I've been pretty good in April, I got some amazing stuff, treated myself with some more but for once I didn't go overboard! I did however try to test out a lot of product as much as I could and I hope May will be more productive regarding future posts and there should be quite a lot of them! Now lets see what I've been treating myself with this month!