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Hello everyone! I am starting a new monthly series - monthly favourites! Those of you who read me regularly already know I post each month about my newbies and products acquired through out the month, so I thought maybe you would also like to read some monthly favourites! :) Each month I will chose a couple of products, up to ten if possible and write a bit about them, like a mini review or just why I loved them! And here are my first monthly favourites - April favourites!

I've been testing some amazing skincare products and the three that impressed me most are all facial skincare! There are others just as good, but I simply had to make a choice and limit the number of products. So I decided to include these three gems into this post - Herbio Attraction selection rose hydrolat, Skin Blossom Gentle Face wash and LaBri Vilinska lepota floral cleansing milk. I have loved the Rose water by Melvita and once I used that one I started testing the Herbio rose hydrolat! I love the packaging, looks super natural, can be recycled and has a sprey pump. I use this rose hydrolat as a facial toner, mostly as a part of my evening routine. I don't just spray it directly to my face as I tend to get it all over my hair, I prefer to spray it into my hands, about five pumps and than apply it with my hands all over my face. Kinda massage it in. Love the scent, the refreshing feeling, the hydrating effect! Really love this stuff! But before I even get to using toner I need to clean my face! So for that I first use LaBri floral cleansing milk! It's super gentle and effective! I apply about four to five pumps, massage it into my face and help it a bit to melt all my makeup off. Than I go over with the gentle face wash by Skin Blossom and my skin gets really clean! No makeup residue and it feels smooth, no redness, no irritation. Skin feels relaxed and hydrated. The big bonus beeing all three product are as natural as possible and present a big step for me trying to use more natural products, at least regarding skincare!

Now on to three beauty gems I can not imagine my life without any more! I bought these three in April and they immediately became my favourites! From ESSENCE Lights Of Orient LE collection I bought blush  in shade 01 Princess Jasmines Choice and bronzer in shade 01 Sunkissed Beauty. I have already talked about the bronzer here, but these are simply amazing! The design, the pattern of the product, the colour combo! Sadly, they are not as long lasting as probably some more high end and expensive products! But they are still pretty good, last for a couple of hours with no problems and when they start to fade it's very even and not that much noticeable! The third beauty gem I absolutely adore since I laid my eyes on it is by Oriflame's Giordani Gold Illuminating Pearls! I love everything about it! The packaging, the tiny sponge that comes with it, the luxury feel these have, the super light shimmer these pearls have! How this looks good with almost every look I wear and how easy it is to apply! It's just well, pure love! The only downside I see is that I must be extra careful not to drop these! :P

April was kinda a funny month regarding my taste for sweet and fresh. I had two modes, one sweet and gentle and the other was fresh and citrusy. I must say I loved both of the se products so much! Dvorec Trebnik Vanilla massage oil is simply an outstanding product! I love the light gentle vanilla scent, I love it's not too sweet or unnatural, the oil is great for a massage or just for a quick skincare! I love to use this in the evening to help me relax, and I even use this in a mix for my bath tub or a home made body peeling. It's just easy to use, a versatile product and it's got a very calming scent. My better half also loves the scent of it! The second product I loved to use, the fresh and citrusy one is L'Occitane  Verveine Body Spray! Another superb product just in time for warmer days and finally summer time! It's got amix of  verbena from Provance and Citronella grass, which makes it very fresh, very strongly scented and at the same time very refreshing.It's doesn't grease up my skin, leaves it hydrated a bit and gives it a lovely fresh scent! I love to use this all over my body any time of the day!

There is no way I can write a favourites post without including two eyeshadow palettes that I loved from the moment I started using them! Catrice Denim Divine LE eye shadow palette C01 Injeanious and AVON True colour matte eyeshadow quad in Au Naturale! Both of these are true beauty and regarding colour selection many of you might think these are pretty usual shades, nothing new for me, nothing out of the ordinary! What is out of the ordinary with these two is their amazing pigmentation and smoothness, the texture, pigmentation... well everything! The Catrice palette is a part of limited edition, has a lovely golden packaging and the colour selection is nice, very suitable for every day use. The two shades that stand out the most is the peachy-orange one that looks a lot more subtle on the eyes, or at least I tend to blend it in well and the last the darkest shade that in dayligth may look deep blue matte, but on swatches looks more like a mix of charcoal with a blue shine to it. It's one of those dark colours that are abit more hard to describe, it's not completely black, it's not deep blue, it's not deep grey... :P Anyway, since the day I bought this one I was using it almost every day and I love the colour payoff, the silkyness of these eyeshadows, there's almost no fall out.. The same goes for Avon palette in the gorgeous natural shades! I was never big on natural eyeshadows, even though I do wear them regularly.. mostly just because they go well with a strong lip colour, haha! But anway, the texture and pigmentation of this matte quad is amazing, the lasting power as well! Love, love, love to wear this for every day or special occasions!

And some more lively, vibrant colours I've been loving in April! I bought another Lip Butter shade, because they are just perfect for spring/summer time! I treated myself with Revlon Colorbust Lip butter in 090 Sweet tart and some time before I also got Catrice  Ultimate Stay 160 Don't Worry Be Berry! The Sweet Tart is a light pinky shade, very juicy looking and summery, goes with almost every makeup look! Very suitable for every day use, which I was actually going for when purchasing this shade. Love the texture, feels so light and smooth on the lips! I am already thinking of getting yet anothe shade! The Catrice lipstick is my second from the range, so in a way another repurchase again but I saw no reason why not to opt for a product I already know in away! I love this berry shade as I can apply it as a stain, built it up a bit or apply it in layers and make it fully opaque! The desire for this shade was actually inspired by Priyanka Chopra and her amazing lips, especially in the Quantico TV show! I must say I can not stop looking at her makeup, she always look gorgeous! So I was looking for something similar to the shade she is usually wearing and this gets it quite close, but it still suits my lighter complexion. Last beauty bit I loved in April is ESSIE Nail lacquer Eternal Optimist! I was never big on Essie nail polishes, they chipped just as fast as any other brand. However, lately my nails are getting stronger and this actually does hold for a couple of days on me, about three to four, which is a big win for me! And also, have you seen the gorgeous shade? Love it!

What beauty products did you discover or loved in the past month? Have you tried any of these? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. DT olje je božansko, ne samo za masažo, tudi kar vsa DT olja so oh <3
    L'Occitane sprejček mi pa SMRDI, grozno, grozno...po avtanu!

    1. Ja meni so tudi tale DT olja super, ko smo bile na Golteh sem se zaljubila v sivkinega, si ga bom najverjetneje privoščila zdaj za poletje :)

  2. Ooo a Catrice paletka je ze v prodaji? I want!

    1. Ja je že, jaz sem jo ujela v LJ v Iliriji ;)

  3. Na meni pa Essence blush in bronzer brez problema preživita cel dan, sta pa res krasna odtenka :D
    In pa waw, I need that Catrice lipstick <3

  4. Eternal Optimist <3 Omajgad kok je lep :) Je to kakšen LE, ker na stojalih se ne spomnim, da bi ga videla?


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