Saturday, June 22, 2013

UniqaPoly's First Makeup Giveaway!

Hello lovelies! Today I present a tiny little giveaway! I had a couple of things I thought it would be best to share with my readers to show you I really appreciate your time and comments :) So I made a little giveaway consisting of only 1 award and a couple of different products :)

Here are the products : 
- SunDance transparent spray for selftanning, for body and face, 150 ml
- Essence Quattro eyeshadow in 01 Ciao Bella!
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 600 After Eight
- S-he lipgloss in beige colour
- Nivea Visage Vitamin face mask
- Balea Young  Soft&Care face mask
- two Nivea BB cream testers, one light and one darker shade

The winner will be only one and will get all of these products and a little surprise ;) 

Who can participate? - This giveaway is limited only to European countries :) There are no other limits :)

What do you have to do to participate? - 1.You  must leave a comment here, letting me know you want to participate :) 2. You can follow UniqaPoly on Bloglovin :) 3. You can like Facebook page UniqaPoly :)

You can either do one of these things, just leave a comment, or even better - you can do all of them and have even more chances of winning this giveaway! I will pick one winner randomly from all of you who will enter the giveaway :)

P.s. - If you have security settings and such things up, and I can't check your email to contact you about the award - it may be best if you also leave your e-mail adress in the comment :)

And some more photos :)

The giveaway begins now and ends on  7th July 2013  at midnight :) ( British Summer Time ) 

I will let you know who the winner is here on this blog post by posting the name here at the end, so come back later, scroll down and check if it's you!  I wish you all good luck and have fun posting comments :)

AND THE WINNER IS - GINTARE! :)))) Congratulations and thank you all so much for participating, commenting and following! :) I will contact the winner on the email you have left me in your comments :)

Again thank you all for taking the time and participating! :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

L'Oreal, Color Riche - 916 Confettis top coat and 603 Parisian rooftops nail polish :)

Hello everyone! Another post from UniqaPoly.. it's still morning but already sooo hot! I can barely breathe... No, seriously - this is way too hot for me... I prefer winter or autumn... spring is also ok, but summer.. I love to feel the sun and to be hot right down to the last bone -  but that's just  for a day or two.. no more :P And it has just yet started...

Ok back to my post :) This time I'll write about two new nail polishes from L'Oreal that I got myself in May, you can check the rest of the newbies here - NEW in May :) I'm pretty much in love with the top coat named Confettis, and I love making a combo with the rest of my nail polishes :)

Packaging - small, minimalistic, pretty, you get 5 ml of product in it.  The cap is plastic, glass bottle. The cap on the top coat just glued herself off the rest of the bottle - you know when you are holding the cap but the bottle is still closed? Yep...
Brush - the top coat has a long but thin brush, still there are no difficulties with application. The nail polish has a slightly thicker brush, but of the same lenght.
Colour - the nail polish seemed more creamy, greyish like colour in the bottle but it really looks a lot more violety, more mauve colour. I like it thou, so I am not dissapointed at the change of colour. The Confettis top coat is made of clear, gel like base with white and black glitter parts, also small silvery parts, only visible on the nails if you really look closely.

 And here are the swatches :)

Here's also how it looks on a darker base -  I used my new Deborah GelLike nail polish, I already wrote about it here :)

I love the top coat, it simply fits with everything and I was really lucky to get it! I bought the last one they had in DM store. Also for the first time I have a nail polish that is not in greyish shades or beige shades - but is mauve and I love how it looks on me :) I always thought that pastel and too bright colours just don't look good on me.
Also I used Depend Multipolish as the last top coat, and both of these manicures really last long! I mean 4 days and only slight chipping at the end of the nails and no more - a success if you ask me! So I recommend all the above mentioned products, I was really satisfied with all of them :)

Hope this was useful to you, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Perfect summer lipstick: Maybelline 14hr Superstay in 510 NON STOP RED :)

Hey there! How are you guys? Today I'll present a perfect summer lipstick, for all those out there that love lipsticks and other lip products .. :D So this post is about a lipstick I really really love - Maybelline Superstay 14hr in shade 510 Non Stop Red! I have mentioned this one before on my blog, in a post named My new products from Poland :) This summer the trend for lips is a strong bright matte lip colour - and this lipstick gives you just that :)

So what's so special about this one? I freaking love the colour! I never imagined I will wear such a bright colour, like ever..  but I do and I love it! I first heard about these Superstay 14hr lipsticks in a Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial, I'm not sure which one and than I did some research.. and I just wanted it so much! I grabbed the first chance I got and asked my friend from Poland to get it for me, since we don't have them in Slovenia ( and probably will never get them). This is not a new collection of lipsticks, it has been out for quite some time now.

Packaging - nothing special, I like the design, but it's just soo plastic, looks kinda cheap. I don't mind thou the plastic part, I'm more worried it's gonna fall and break and such...
Also about the content - you really don't get much of the product. I have opened the lipstick till the end (see up on the photos) - like you get maybe half a normal sized lipstick in here.. I mean I'm just not used to get so little in the packaging. Kinda reminds me of Revlon Lip Butters, there's not much in there too.
This lipstick has a strong sweet scent, not fruity, but just ... sweet, like cotton candy. It doesn't bother me thou, on the lips you don't smell it all.

The application - not so easy. I mean, it's ok, but only if your lips are really well prepared. No spots, no nothing. You need to scrub them well before applying or this lipstick will get everywhere, in all the little spots and it will look flakey. Sometimes my lips are just impossible and scrubing and lip balms and all - they just don't help. And on other days my lips are smooth and I have no problems applying at all.  The colour payoff is great - the colour is really intense, so you can apply it just as a stain, just a little bit with your fingers or brush. You can apply it directly from the bullet - this way it will look really strong, with two swipes a bit more neon than usual. I find this lipstick quite a versatile product - when I first opened it I was like - ok... this one will be fit for only one look, it's just too strong. But it's really a great colour to play with. You can even apply a stain and on top a gloss in a similar colour range and it will perfect! The finish is matte, and if your lips are not in the best shape (prepared, moisturized) - it will soon look like a bad matte lipstick. I hate that I can wear this only when my lips are in a really good shape, otherwise this one gets too drying too fast. So for those of you who have little problems with dry and chappy lips - this one will be amazing for you, it will not feel dry or look chappy and flakey! For the reat of us who are not so lucky - I warned you so don't be too upset. :P

Lasting power - quite good, over 5 hours. The colour starts to fade away evenly. Still it leaves a nice stain at the end of the day - which is quite good. Usually my lipsticks just fade to nothing... It doesn't survive well the eating and drinking - but it will still leave a nice even stain. So far this is the only lipstick I have that survives so much.  :)

And now the swatches :) I had problems getting the real colour to show on the lips, on the hands yes, but on the lips it was impossible.. so I published the photos that look the most real.

as a stain

straight from the bullet, one swipe

When wearing this one I never used any lip pencils, even thou it's a strong colour it can be applied alone. Also on my "good lips days" it doesn't need any lip balm underneath before applying, of course you can add it. The colour in real life looks more pinky based red than anything else. As a stain it will look more pinky too, not red, so don't be deceived by the name. :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Balea body spray - Brazil Mango LE :)

Hello again! Another review and a little chat from UniqaPoly :D I know, again a review... I just wanted to clean up a bit and do the posts I promised and the reviews.. so I can finally get to writing about other products, other reviews, swatches and about things that are more recent :PAnd maybe even some make up looks :)
So today I'll talk about this Balea body spray. First, I want to ask you - do you even use body sprays? Do you see them as an useful product or just a waste of money? Do you consider body sprays as essential product for your skin care or just as a bonus,  a little something to treat yourself?

I had quite a dilemma when buying this one.. I just couldn't  decide whether to buy it or not, will I actually be using this or not.. I remember when I first bought my very first body spray, I was still in high school.. so like years ago.. and I never got even to the half of the bottle. I never really used it, I just didn't know what to do with it. So this time I was like standing in front of the body care shelf and had no idea will this actually prove to be a good buy or not. So far, I admit, I haven't been using it much. And I keep it on my working desk, so I see it all day long. But I so rarely actually take it in my hands and use it. I don't know what is wrong with me!! When I was deciding whether to buy it or not, I promised myself I will use it up by the end of the summer or autumn. And the scent is sooo gorgeous, I just couldn't resist!

So, about the product :) Packaging is a plastic bottle with a spray pump. As you can see it can be opened at the top and the bottle could be reused for something else :) The bottle is orange coloured, the product is clear coloured. You get 200 ml for about 2 euros, I think.

Ingredients are few and not that good: aqua, alcohol denat, parfum, panthenol, cocamidopropyl betaine, allantoin, sodium chloride, limonene, geraniol, benzyl alcohol.
As you can see quite a lot of alcohol in just one product, so if you have sensitive skin, this product will definitely not be good for you. 

What this product promises: care with cooling effect, refreshing body spray with with fresh fruity scent of mango. Pleasant refreshment of your skin in summer, does not leave a sticky film on your skin.
How to use: I probably don't need to write that down? :P Except do not spray it anywhere near eyes or on your clothes.

Mainly I use it on my arms and neck and cleavage. It smells great, a really lovely fruity scent. I love the scent so much, I can hardly resist not to buy also the shower gel Brazil Mango, it's the same scent and oh so yummy! It does not feel greasy or sticky on me, more like water with added perfume. I do not smell alcohol at all. Also it does not irritate my skin anywhere on the locations where I use it, I had no skin problems so far. It dries really fast, like half a minute and it's no longer there, it just leaves a nice pleasant feeling on the skin, a little bit cooling. So when I'm feeling really hot this kinda helps me :)

If I recommend it - hmmm, I don't know.. it's nothing special, but at the same time it's nice. If you know you are actually gonna be using the product before it's too old and all you can smell is alcohol... than yes, try it, it's really not expensive and if you love fruity scents this will be quite a good thing. Personally I don't think I will repurchase the same one, maybe I'll try with some other scent next summer :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deborah ShineTech GelLike nail polish in shades 08 and 10 :)

Hey there! How is everyone? New post from UniqaPoly, this time it's a review and swatches of my two nail polishes by Deborah from their GelLike collection. I have shades 08 and 10, there are no other names written on the bottle.. or I'm blind XD I already mentioned these two in my NEW in April  post, and I finally got to write some more about them :)

The first one here on the photos is shade 08 and it looks really dark, almost black. In real it's kinda brownish deep red. I had some really hard times getting this little baby look as it really does on photos, and I finally managed to get a more realistic colour with flash ;)

The packaging is classic glass bottle, rectangle shaped with silvery cap and classical brush, long bristles but a bit more thick. Each bottle contains 8,5ml of the product.

So the first shade is 08 needed two coats to be fully covering and even looking. The second shade, the blue one, number 10 usually needs only one coat and it looks great! I love nail polishes that don't require two or more coats to look good. Even the shade 08 would be just fine with one coat, but it looks darker and more even with two coats.

Shade 10 was also hard to photograph. With normal settings as I usually use it looked black, with flash it looks too bright. I couldn't get the real shade so I decided to post the flash ones, because they are the closest to the real colour. Here on the swatches only one coat was applied :)

Also with my usual Depend Multipolish as top coat these two lasted 4 days without any problems. There was some tiny chipping at the end of nails, but nothing major so I am really satisfied with the lasting power. Also they are both very nicely pigmented and you really don't need much of the product in one application. There were also some violet shades I was tempted to buy, like 04, but I decided to stick with what I knew I will actually wear. I really recommend these to you, if you can get them than really try them :) I had no difficulties with application  and I love both shades, they  last long enough for me. I am not so demading to want my nail polish to stay on for 7 days, usually by that time I already get bored with wearing one shade for more than three or four days :P

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review & Swatches: Bourjois Effet 3D - 17 Grenade juicy lipgloss

Hey there! Another review and swatches for you! This time it's Bourjois Paris Effet 3D Max gloss in shade 17 Grenade juicy :) This is also one of the products I got in April and was already posted in NEW in April :) 

This is the first one from Bourjois Effet 3D collection that I have and I kinda love it! Even thou it gives me some hard times XD

So it is promising to last 8 hours, that it contains fixing pomegranate extract. Contains 6,5 ml of the product. It comes in plastic packaging. Plastic bottom and top, the bottom is clear coloured and the top the same shade as the gloss. It contains a little shimmer, you almost don't see it, but looking closely you can see it in the bottle :) Applicator is classical sponge.

The texture: thick, very pigmented, a little sticky but doesn't stick the lips togeher too much. Has a slight  sweet scent, but it's nice :) 
The colour is a really red one, I think it's safe to say it is more neutral red, not too blue or yellow, so it should suit all skin types.
Application: .. hmm, well here it gets tricky. Since the texture is quite thick and more like a liquid lipstick, it takes a lot more work that usually to apply this one evenly. The sponge offers you with one swipe enough product to cover the lips, the first application looks good - but  when you want to fix a bit the corners and such, and after smacking your lips together and rubbing them a little the colour gets uneven and you need to reapply. With me especially the top lip seems to loose pigment sooner than bottom, everything sticks with the bottom lip. So you need a mirror with you at all times to check if it is still even. Because bottom lip looks gorgeous red and the top is kinda bluish red and uneven and it ruins the look.

When it sets on lips it isn't sticky at all, it feels good, like you have nothing on. When first applying you can feel how thick the consistency of the texture is and it kinda doesn't feel or look so good. The finish is glossy and fresh looking, juicy any yummy. :)

But this one really requires a spotless skin and a very good foundation and concealer. Lately I have more spots than I ever had, so this just doesn't look so good on me. I feel like my whole face looks more red :(

And here are the swatches:

The last two photos are a more realistic colour, as it looks in real life. It's a really strong statement colour, as I said before - more like a liquid lipstick than lip gloss.
 Anyway, I love the colour and the finish, and even thou the application takes a moment longer than with usual lip glosses, I still really like it! My bf commented that it's a nice colour, for an evening out maybe, but nothing more.. he says this looks just too strong on me... :( And I really thought he's gonna like it even more than me. Oh well, I'm gonna wear it anyway, just as soon as my skin gets better :)

Also, staying power is less than this product promises, not 8h, maybe 3 hours with me.. it just needs some more corrections really soon or it just doesn't look good. Also, it transfers when drinking or eating, after all it's a gloss not lipstick.

If I recommend this product -  I don't know how the other shades look like and how are they texture wise and all, but judging with this one -  I would give it a maybe. It's nice, but there are a lot more products out there that look better, are easier to apply, easier to last and don't need a constant checking. So if you love the shade as much as I did, than go and try it :)

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Linking weekly loves 31 and 32 :)

Hello again! How are you? Everyone ok? June has really started and still no summer weather here.... So here are my top 12 posts for the last two weeks :)

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Moonchild presents her LUSH products review :) If you haven't tried Lush yet, believe some of their products are simply amazing!

Lips So Facto presents a DIY project, this time she showed us how to make cleansing clay mask at home :)

Caught in a Daze made a detailed and really useful review of Rimmel Show Off collection of lip lacquers :) I also got one shade recently, really loving it! posted about  ingredients in cosmetics against cellulite that are actually working! is a slovenian blog and this post is only in Slovenian, but I think uncle Google translate can help :)

Makeup and Macaroons presents another post in 5 to Try series, this time it's The Great Gatsby inspired lipsticks :)

Bows and Curtseys... Mad about Makeup posted her daring and gorgeous look for summer, called Summer Splash :) If you are not afraid of strong neon colours, this is it for you!

Get them curious. Get them talking. presents a NOTD manicure, called Skittle manicure :) Classy and pretty :)

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Šminkerica - Beauty Community presents Golden Rose lipsticks. Shade 57 is an absolute hit!

Voodoo Blonde created a fantastic look, inspired by theWhite walkers in from the books and TV show Game of Thrones - what an amazing look!

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, June 7, 2013


MetalCamp, Tolmin
 Hey everyone! So summer is finally getting started :D And I wanted to share with you my festival essentials. This means products that I would take on my travel anywhere. And especially what I would take on a festival where you don't have a clean bathroom and such :)

If you are a festival type of person and you like makeup, and even thou you can survive without any of it... if you could take anything with you - what would it be? Do you even use makeup when camping on a festival? 

So I was just on a festival in Czech republic and I opened the season for this summer :) I hope maybe I'll have time and money to go see some more, because this one was so great! And this was the first time I wasn't camping, we were staying in a hotel :) But anyway, I was thinking what makeup did I usually take with me. So I decided to make a post that will talk about whether you are going to need anything at all, or just a couple of products or maybe none...?
Here's the deal, if you go on festival - you want to have fun, to be relaxed, to enjoy, to spend time on concerts and with friends and meeting new people and well.. drinking :P So sometimes when I think like this I see how pointless it is to take any make up at all. Usually everything is happening so fast you don't even have time to use any make up :P But if you do feel like you need a little something to pick you up from a long night of partying... here's a list of things I would take :)

For face: BB cream, highlighter, concealer, water spray and most essentially eye roll-on or eye cream. 

So BB cream - I would take the one that I know fits me best, even thou I don't look that good as with powder and other products. When on festival you will rarely need anything else, or if you have a really lovely skin just skip this and use only whatever you use to protect your face from the sun :) I n my case this was Garnier BB cream for oily skin in shade Light/Clair. And I didn't take the whole bottle, just a little round pot  (you can buy it at any bigger drugstore, or you can recycle a small cream pot and put bb cream in it). Than about highlighter.. I usually take it, but maybe I use it once... or not even that, but if you feel like you really need it, than go just for one, whether it is a cream one or powder one. If you prefer blusher than take one shade that you know fits you best and will fit best with the rest of the make up. In my case I took my compact highlighter from Essence, Wild Craft trend edition. Anyway one of these products will be quite enough :) Concealer - I took my Bourjois one, Healthy mix in shade 51. This one covers everything - dark circles, red spots, pimples. It's best to take one product if you can that will serve you as a concealer for everything you feel you need to cover and also important - it must be small sized, so you can take it around in your hand bag at all times :) Water spray by Balea is also a very useful product, sometimes just as a refreshment and sometimes used to help you clean your face, or you could use it anywhere on your body. Sometimes before crashing in my tent I used this and wet cosmetic wipes to clean my face before sleeping :)
Last is Alverde Aqua Augen roll - on - very useful before bed or in the morning to refresh the area around your tired eyes or to help the eye area to cool down,  look less swollen. Sometimes when I don't sleep much I tend to look a bit puffy in the morning. :)

For eyes: Black mascara, black eyeliner pencil, white or pearly eyeliner, eyeshadow base, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow mascara.
So for eyes, if you like to emphasize your eyes I would recommend the usual products - black mascara, in my case L'Oreal False Lash Wings, two eyeliner pencils, one black and one pearly one for inner corners and waterline, in my case both by Essence, Longlasting eye pencil in 01 Black fever and 10 Almost famous. Than you can skip the eyeshadows and the base, sometimes you don't have really time to make all these products useful, so mascara and eyeliners might be enough. However, if you can't live without eyeshadows, I recommend you take one that is versatile and you can use it as a highlighter, or all over the lids, or is a bit darker and you can create two step smokey eyes with one eyeshadow. However, if you are like me and have too many eyeshadows and don't know which one to choose - just take the most useful and small eyeshadow palette you have. That way you will be able to decide last minute what look you want. In my case I chose this Beauty UK palette in number 4 Earth child. If your lids are not too greasy I would skip the eyeshadow base, but if you know you need a base to make the eyeshadows last at least half the night - than I would recommend a good base, my favourite is ArtDeco  eyeshadow base. As for brows - usually I wouldn't take anything on festival with me, but since I bought this one, I really loved how easy it was to use it so I actually did use it every day. I would recommend a similar product, not eyeshadow and brush and all, because that takes more time and space - and on a festival you want to have fun not worry about your brows. So make it as simple as you can :) In my case I took with me Essence Guerilla gardening LE in 02 Piece of my land.

 For lips: one lip balm or maybe two, one red lipstick.

For lips I would take with me one lip balm, or maybe two, just to be sure if I loose one. I took with me Labello Soft Rose and Olive & Lemon one. Both are nourishing but not too greasy. Also if you think you will really need it you can take with you a lip scrub, it can be home made. But I don't think it would be necessary, I would rather recommend that you take a lip balm with SPF 30. As for lipstick - I take lipstick rather than lip gloss because it stays on longer, with lipgloss you need to reapply every hour - because on a festival you are usually drinking and eating a bit more often :) Also in my case I took with me Revlon Colorburst lipstick in 095 Crimson. I usually get to use it maybe once per festival, because there's just no time to apply it and it goes off really quickly and when on festival you don't have time to check if everything is ok with your mirror every half an hour, because it's party time and concerts and things are happening ... :D Anyway, I would recommend you to take a colour you really love that can be used full on or just as  a stain, (that's why I like deep red lipsticks). You can just dab on with a finger :)

 For hands: red nail polish, hand sanitizer.

For nails on my hands and toes I would use the same shade, personally I would go for red, blue or grey. This time I took with me Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in 08. Also, most important is the hand sanitizer, because you just can't do any of the makeup or anything with your hands dirty... so I find it essential :) As for hand creams, you can take them, but mostly I never used it, even when I actually had it.

Make up brushes - I didn't take any makeup brushes, I applied everything with the added sponge applicator or my fingers. It helps save space and time, because even if you decide to wear a lot of make up on festival, you still want to have a great time and brushes need to be washed and cleaned and all - and you just don't have the time or space for it, so it's best if you can make some adjustments and use your fingers :)

Also for face, many say you will need transparent mattifying powder to keep you from looking shiny and oily - well yes, maybe. But in the end, if it's really  hot outside no powder will help you, if it's raining it also won't help you. In any case, I would make it simple, use just a bb cream or not even that :) Or maybe you can skip BB cream and just apply the mattifying powder :)

So this is what I would take on  a festival with me, these are all the products :) I would maybe try and leave something at home, usually I always take too much stuff with me, because you never know and just in case.... XD If you are staying in a hotel than maybe you can take some more, but when camping there's no way you are actually gonna use everything you bring, especially if you want to see all the bands :)

I hope this post was useful to you, if you have any more questions, please leave me a comment :) And don't forget - have super fun and great time at your festival! :D

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bourjois 1 seconde - 17 Gris Nightomic :)

Hello! Another short post by UniqaPoly ;) This time I'm gonna write about my another nail polish by Bourjois 1 seconde, shade 17 Gris Nightomic. :)

I love this one! I can only say I am totally in love with this one and especially in the combination with a black crackle nail polish on top!

I mentioned this nail polish here in my NEW in April post, along with another shade that I already reviewed - Bourjois 1 seconde shade 03 :)

I also made a manicure with the black crackle on top, to show you how cool it can look! If you can get this shade anywhere still - I really recommend it!

So the packaging - classic 1 seconde nail polish, just like the one I reviewed last month, shade 03 :) Plastic cap, elongated and elegantly looking. Glass bottle, but thick and a little heavy. Brush is thick also, with thick and strong bristles. To me this one is really easy to use and I love this kind of type of brushes.

Price is here in Slovenia around 8 euros, but I got this one on a bonus -50%, so around 4euros. I got it in DM store, so probably Muller has it cheaper. I'm not sure. There was also a slight change in the colours that are available in Slovenia right now, I saw there were more azure, aquamarine and green colours, also more yellow tones and orange ones... classical summer colours :)

So here's how it looks! It's a fantastic shimmery silvery colour! I don't have a similar shade, so I am especially satisfied with this one! It may look matte on some photos, but the finish is glossy. Application is easy, I used two coats to get it a bit darker, but this one will never look like a dark grey shimmery nail polish, it will always stay a bit more light silvery, even with more coats.

And here's my experiment :) First I applied 17 Gris nightomic, than the black crackle nail polis by Depend and on top. I already wrote about this crackle nail polish here: Depend Cracked Effect nail polish :)

With the top coat this look lasts at leats 3 days on my nails, and I am satisfied with the timing, because usually this just goes off like in a second! I mean it, usually I don't have it on even for two hours and it starts to chip! No matter how much money I pay or what brand I take... so that's why I'm not so much  into nail manicure and nail art. Personally, from my experience I would just spend a lot of time on one manicure that would need a lot of correcting anyway..

And some more photos:

So how do you like the manicure? Would you wear it?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly