Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deborah ShineTech GelLike nail polish in shades 08 and 10 :)

Hey there! How is everyone? New post from UniqaPoly, this time it's a review and swatches of my two nail polishes by Deborah from their GelLike collection. I have shades 08 and 10, there are no other names written on the bottle.. or I'm blind XD I already mentioned these two in my NEW in April  post, and I finally got to write some more about them :)

The first one here on the photos is shade 08 and it looks really dark, almost black. In real it's kinda brownish deep red. I had some really hard times getting this little baby look as it really does on photos, and I finally managed to get a more realistic colour with flash ;)

The packaging is classic glass bottle, rectangle shaped with silvery cap and classical brush, long bristles but a bit more thick. Each bottle contains 8,5ml of the product.

So the first shade is 08 needed two coats to be fully covering and even looking. The second shade, the blue one, number 10 usually needs only one coat and it looks great! I love nail polishes that don't require two or more coats to look good. Even the shade 08 would be just fine with one coat, but it looks darker and more even with two coats.

Shade 10 was also hard to photograph. With normal settings as I usually use it looked black, with flash it looks too bright. I couldn't get the real shade so I decided to post the flash ones, because they are the closest to the real colour. Here on the swatches only one coat was applied :)

Also with my usual Depend Multipolish as top coat these two lasted 4 days without any problems. There was some tiny chipping at the end of nails, but nothing major so I am really satisfied with the lasting power. Also they are both very nicely pigmented and you really don't need much of the product in one application. There were also some violet shades I was tempted to buy, like 04, but I decided to stick with what I knew I will actually wear. I really recommend these to you, if you can get them than really try them :) I had no difficulties with application  and I love both shades, they  last long enough for me. I am not so demading to want my nail polish to stay on for 7 days, usually by that time I already get bored with wearing one shade for more than three or four days :P

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Moder mi je res lep. :)
    Sem imela nagledanega tistega v teal barvi, ampak sem se na koncu odločila, da ne bom vzela nobenega, ker sem imela že podobne barve doma, ampak so mi všeč te "gel/gellish" formule. :)

    1. Ja meni je tudi bolj všeč moder kot rdečkasti :) Ja ko je bila akcija teh lakov v DM in Mullerju sem se komaj zadrževala da jih nisem kupila še več.. XD Formula mi je super, sploh ker je res lepo prekrivna :)


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