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MetalCamp, Tolmin
 Hey everyone! So summer is finally getting started :D And I wanted to share with you my festival essentials. This means products that I would take on my travel anywhere. And especially what I would take on a festival where you don't have a clean bathroom and such :)

If you are a festival type of person and you like makeup, and even thou you can survive without any of it... if you could take anything with you - what would it be? Do you even use makeup when camping on a festival? 

So I was just on a festival in Czech republic and I opened the season for this summer :) I hope maybe I'll have time and money to go see some more, because this one was so great! And this was the first time I wasn't camping, we were staying in a hotel :) But anyway, I was thinking what makeup did I usually take with me. So I decided to make a post that will talk about whether you are going to need anything at all, or just a couple of products or maybe none...?
Here's the deal, if you go on festival - you want to have fun, to be relaxed, to enjoy, to spend time on concerts and with friends and meeting new people and well.. drinking :P So sometimes when I think like this I see how pointless it is to take any make up at all. Usually everything is happening so fast you don't even have time to use any make up :P But if you do feel like you need a little something to pick you up from a long night of partying... here's a list of things I would take :)

For face: BB cream, highlighter, concealer, water spray and most essentially eye roll-on or eye cream. 

So BB cream - I would take the one that I know fits me best, even thou I don't look that good as with powder and other products. When on festival you will rarely need anything else, or if you have a really lovely skin just skip this and use only whatever you use to protect your face from the sun :) I n my case this was Garnier BB cream for oily skin in shade Light/Clair. And I didn't take the whole bottle, just a little round pot  (you can buy it at any bigger drugstore, or you can recycle a small cream pot and put bb cream in it). Than about highlighter.. I usually take it, but maybe I use it once... or not even that, but if you feel like you really need it, than go just for one, whether it is a cream one or powder one. If you prefer blusher than take one shade that you know fits you best and will fit best with the rest of the make up. In my case I took my compact highlighter from Essence, Wild Craft trend edition. Anyway one of these products will be quite enough :) Concealer - I took my Bourjois one, Healthy mix in shade 51. This one covers everything - dark circles, red spots, pimples. It's best to take one product if you can that will serve you as a concealer for everything you feel you need to cover and also important - it must be small sized, so you can take it around in your hand bag at all times :) Water spray by Balea is also a very useful product, sometimes just as a refreshment and sometimes used to help you clean your face, or you could use it anywhere on your body. Sometimes before crashing in my tent I used this and wet cosmetic wipes to clean my face before sleeping :)
Last is Alverde Aqua Augen roll - on - very useful before bed or in the morning to refresh the area around your tired eyes or to help the eye area to cool down,  look less swollen. Sometimes when I don't sleep much I tend to look a bit puffy in the morning. :)

For eyes: Black mascara, black eyeliner pencil, white or pearly eyeliner, eyeshadow base, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow mascara.
So for eyes, if you like to emphasize your eyes I would recommend the usual products - black mascara, in my case L'Oreal False Lash Wings, two eyeliner pencils, one black and one pearly one for inner corners and waterline, in my case both by Essence, Longlasting eye pencil in 01 Black fever and 10 Almost famous. Than you can skip the eyeshadows and the base, sometimes you don't have really time to make all these products useful, so mascara and eyeliners might be enough. However, if you can't live without eyeshadows, I recommend you take one that is versatile and you can use it as a highlighter, or all over the lids, or is a bit darker and you can create two step smokey eyes with one eyeshadow. However, if you are like me and have too many eyeshadows and don't know which one to choose - just take the most useful and small eyeshadow palette you have. That way you will be able to decide last minute what look you want. In my case I chose this Beauty UK palette in number 4 Earth child. If your lids are not too greasy I would skip the eyeshadow base, but if you know you need a base to make the eyeshadows last at least half the night - than I would recommend a good base, my favourite is ArtDeco  eyeshadow base. As for brows - usually I wouldn't take anything on festival with me, but since I bought this one, I really loved how easy it was to use it so I actually did use it every day. I would recommend a similar product, not eyeshadow and brush and all, because that takes more time and space - and on a festival you want to have fun not worry about your brows. So make it as simple as you can :) In my case I took with me Essence Guerilla gardening LE in 02 Piece of my land.

 For lips: one lip balm or maybe two, one red lipstick.

For lips I would take with me one lip balm, or maybe two, just to be sure if I loose one. I took with me Labello Soft Rose and Olive & Lemon one. Both are nourishing but not too greasy. Also if you think you will really need it you can take with you a lip scrub, it can be home made. But I don't think it would be necessary, I would rather recommend that you take a lip balm with SPF 30. As for lipstick - I take lipstick rather than lip gloss because it stays on longer, with lipgloss you need to reapply every hour - because on a festival you are usually drinking and eating a bit more often :) Also in my case I took with me Revlon Colorburst lipstick in 095 Crimson. I usually get to use it maybe once per festival, because there's just no time to apply it and it goes off really quickly and when on festival you don't have time to check if everything is ok with your mirror every half an hour, because it's party time and concerts and things are happening ... :D Anyway, I would recommend you to take a colour you really love that can be used full on or just as  a stain, (that's why I like deep red lipsticks). You can just dab on with a finger :)

 For hands: red nail polish, hand sanitizer.

For nails on my hands and toes I would use the same shade, personally I would go for red, blue or grey. This time I took with me Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in 08. Also, most important is the hand sanitizer, because you just can't do any of the makeup or anything with your hands dirty... so I find it essential :) As for hand creams, you can take them, but mostly I never used it, even when I actually had it.

Make up brushes - I didn't take any makeup brushes, I applied everything with the added sponge applicator or my fingers. It helps save space and time, because even if you decide to wear a lot of make up on festival, you still want to have a great time and brushes need to be washed and cleaned and all - and you just don't have the time or space for it, so it's best if you can make some adjustments and use your fingers :)

Also for face, many say you will need transparent mattifying powder to keep you from looking shiny and oily - well yes, maybe. But in the end, if it's really  hot outside no powder will help you, if it's raining it also won't help you. In any case, I would make it simple, use just a bb cream or not even that :) Or maybe you can skip BB cream and just apply the mattifying powder :)

So this is what I would take on  a festival with me, these are all the products :) I would maybe try and leave something at home, usually I always take too much stuff with me, because you never know and just in case.... XD If you are staying in a hotel than maybe you can take some more, but when camping there's no way you are actually gonna use everything you bring, especially if you want to see all the bands :)

I hope this post was useful to you, if you have any more questions, please leave me a comment :) And don't forget - have super fun and great time at your festival! :D

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. A ti tut metalhead =D Sem lih hotela vprašat, če ni blo mrzlo za kampirat, pa praviš, da ste bli v hotelu =) Jaz sem navadno vzela s sabo črn svinčnik, maskaro, pa kako temno single senco, nisem kej dost komplicirala z mejkapom. Sprej za ohladit se pa razkužilo je bla pa nuja! Pa v časih menstruacije (dear lord) tamponi z aplikatorjem. =D Pa veliko veliko veliko navadnih in čistilnih robčkov.

    1. Jap :) Ja joj, tam gor je lilo 3 dni v eno, bogi tisti k so bli v šotoru, mi smo mel ful srečo da smo mel hotel :D Ja sj na koncu itak nimaš niti časa se nekej ful rihtat, itak se skoz neki dogaja. Jooj, neki najhujšga je met menstro takrat, k se nimaš kje na čistem zrihtat. Js mam zmerej celo zalogo mokrih robčkov pa vsega s sabo ker drugače ne gre XD


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