Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bourjois 1 seconde - 17 Gris Nightomic :)

Hello! Another short post by UniqaPoly ;) This time I'm gonna write about my another nail polish by Bourjois 1 seconde, shade 17 Gris Nightomic. :)

I love this one! I can only say I am totally in love with this one and especially in the combination with a black crackle nail polish on top!

I mentioned this nail polish here in my NEW in April post, along with another shade that I already reviewed - Bourjois 1 seconde shade 03 :)

I also made a manicure with the black crackle on top, to show you how cool it can look! If you can get this shade anywhere still - I really recommend it!

So the packaging - classic 1 seconde nail polish, just like the one I reviewed last month, shade 03 :) Plastic cap, elongated and elegantly looking. Glass bottle, but thick and a little heavy. Brush is thick also, with thick and strong bristles. To me this one is really easy to use and I love this kind of type of brushes.

Price is here in Slovenia around 8 euros, but I got this one on a bonus -50%, so around 4euros. I got it in DM store, so probably Muller has it cheaper. I'm not sure. There was also a slight change in the colours that are available in Slovenia right now, I saw there were more azure, aquamarine and green colours, also more yellow tones and orange ones... classical summer colours :)

So here's how it looks! It's a fantastic shimmery silvery colour! I don't have a similar shade, so I am especially satisfied with this one! It may look matte on some photos, but the finish is glossy. Application is easy, I used two coats to get it a bit darker, but this one will never look like a dark grey shimmery nail polish, it will always stay a bit more light silvery, even with more coats.

And here's my experiment :) First I applied 17 Gris nightomic, than the black crackle nail polis by Depend and on top. I already wrote about this crackle nail polish here: Depend Cracked Effect nail polish :)

With the top coat this look lasts at leats 3 days on my nails, and I am satisfied with the timing, because usually this just goes off like in a second! I mean it, usually I don't have it on even for two hours and it starts to chip! No matter how much money I pay or what brand I take... so that's why I'm not so much  into nail manicure and nail art. Personally, from my experience I would just spend a lot of time on one manicure that would need a lot of correcting anyway..

And some more photos:

So how do you like the manicure? Would you wear it?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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