Tuesday, June 18, 2013

L'Oreal, Color Riche - 916 Confettis top coat and 603 Parisian rooftops nail polish :)

Hello everyone! Another post from UniqaPoly.. it's still morning but already sooo hot! I can barely breathe... No, seriously - this is way too hot for me... I prefer winter or autumn... spring is also ok, but summer.. I love to feel the sun and to be hot right down to the last bone -  but that's just  for a day or two.. no more :P And it has just yet started...

Ok back to my post :) This time I'll write about two new nail polishes from L'Oreal that I got myself in May, you can check the rest of the newbies here - NEW in May :) I'm pretty much in love with the top coat named Confettis, and I love making a combo with the rest of my nail polishes :)

Packaging - small, minimalistic, pretty, you get 5 ml of product in it.  The cap is plastic, glass bottle. The cap on the top coat just glued herself off the rest of the bottle - you know when you are holding the cap but the bottle is still closed? Yep...
Brush - the top coat has a long but thin brush, still there are no difficulties with application. The nail polish has a slightly thicker brush, but of the same lenght.
Colour - the nail polish seemed more creamy, greyish like colour in the bottle but it really looks a lot more violety, more mauve colour. I like it thou, so I am not dissapointed at the change of colour. The Confettis top coat is made of clear, gel like base with white and black glitter parts, also small silvery parts, only visible on the nails if you really look closely.

 And here are the swatches :)

Here's also how it looks on a darker base -  I used my new Deborah GelLike nail polish, I already wrote about it here :)

I love the top coat, it simply fits with everything and I was really lucky to get it! I bought the last one they had in DM store. Also for the first time I have a nail polish that is not in greyish shades or beige shades - but is mauve and I love how it looks on me :) I always thought that pastel and too bright colours just don't look good on me.
Also I used Depend Multipolish as the last top coat, and both of these manicures really last long! I mean 4 days and only slight chipping at the end of the nails and no more - a success if you ask me! So I recommend all the above mentioned products, I was really satisfied with all of them :)

Hope this was useful to you, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Ma taj divni nadlak moze da ucini svaki lak prelepim :)

  2. Obe kombinaciji sta lepi. :)

    1. Hvala :) Res sem zadovoljna s tem nakupom, pa še 1+1 gratis je bil ;)


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