Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NEW in May :)

Hello!  So May is over.. and even thou I have  (and I had) a lot of work with my studies.. I had time for shopping! And again I have quite a lot of new stuff to share with you, to review and swatch. And I know I haven't got around with the April ones yet, but they are photographed and prepared, just need more time to prepare the posts :) So what's new in May?

Here is a list of new products:
- Alverde lip balsam  spf 20, waterproof
- E.l.f. mineral lipstick Cheerful cherry
- E.l.f. mineral lipstick Rustic Brick
- Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss in 05 I like cotton candy
- Alverde Lipgloss Maximaze Effect in 40 Forest berry
- Alverde lip & cheek pot in 20 Pretty pink
- Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in 12 Rouge obscure
- E.l.f. Brightening Eye Colour in Luxe
- E.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Vixen
- MUA Lip Boom in LMK
- Revlon Colorburst lipstick in 010 Plum
- Essence Guerilla gardening LE eyebrow mascara in 02 Piece of my land
- E.l.f. Shimmer eyeliner pencil in Black Bandit
- E.l.f. Brightening eyeliner in Gilded
- L'Oreal Color Riche nail polish in 603 Parisian Rooftops and 916 Confettis
- Revlon PhotoReady Compact makeup in 100 Vanilla
- Balea Waterspray Aqua

I haven't tried this one yet, but I hope it's a good product. I really loved the other two lip balms by Alverde :)

Here's a group photo of my new E.l.f. products. Actually I ordered them in April, but they arrived in May. the lipsticks and eyeliners were so far really good. I also like the eyeshadows :)

I had a bonus discount on Bourjois 1 seconde nail polishes... and actually, I had two. So I didn't want it to go to waste and I got myself another one of these great nail polishes :)

Also, as you can see... I couldn't just stop there with my nail polish obsession and I also got myself these two by L'Oreal and I am really satisfied with both. Especially with the top coat! Review and swatches coming soon! :D

Alverde finally got new products for Spring/Summer 2013 to Slovenia and I had to try the lip products. I plan to get some more but for now I got to try this Maximize lipgloss in a really lovely berry colour and a lip & cheek pot :)

I got myself a lot of lip products this past month. Here are MUA LMK, I really wanted to try it after seeing it in one of Lisa Eldridge's videos. It's quite vampy and I love the colour! The application thou is a bit harder than I expected. Also I got Revlon's Plum lipstick, also a gorgeous shade and texture. These are going out of production, certain shades I think, so buy them while you still can. Many places don't sell them anymore :( And last is this Essence lip gloss, I think this was also discontinued. I found this one in a box at a DM store, on sale with three other shades. I guess they were getting rid of the old stuff. Anyway, this is a great shade and I think I actually found a perfect dupe for the YSL Fuchsia in rage lipstick, or at least so it appears. The texture is not the same, but I don't care, I just love this colour right now :)

And  here are the last three new products - Balea water spray. I was always conflicted whether to buy this or not, but last year this was a very helpful summer product, so I got myself another one :) I also got this Revlon compact makeup on sale and wanted to try it. This one is also being discontinued, I think that all of th shades are going out. So far, as I've tried it - I didn't like it. But I'll try some more, I'll try different ways of application and see how it works :) Last is the eyebrow mascara from Essence. This is actually my first product specially for eyebrows and so far I've been loving this for an everyday look :)

So as you can see, a lot more reviews and swatches and comments are yet to come :) Let me know if you are particularly interested in any of these and I'll try to write about them as soon as possible :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Sami super izdelki.

    Komaj čakam, da vidim, kako bo izpadel tale L'Oreal ov Top Coat. :)

    1. Hvala :) Tale top coat je res ful lep, sem ful zadovoljna da sem ga kupila :D

  2. I love this kind of post - "what's new in..", last shopping etc.. :)

    I'm interested in the review of Balea water in spray and ELF products.

    Lately I'm bought some nice eye creams from Siquens (and one to face, soothing to my redness complexion). Of course I'm in love with Hakuro brushes - I've bought another one H54 - it's not a flat top, it's around, also to foundation - works well with powders (haven't tried with bronzing powders). and there was a fantastic discount in Rossmann drugstores here - 40% for everything to make-up and face care. So I've got a mat bronzing powder from Lovely, Nivea milkshake lipstick, one blue eyepencil from Lovely and many facemasks :)


    1. Thanks :) I'll try to write about E.l.f. soon :) Let me know how do these products work for you?:)


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