Sunday, June 16, 2013

Perfect summer lipstick: Maybelline 14hr Superstay in 510 NON STOP RED :)

Hey there! How are you guys? Today I'll present a perfect summer lipstick, for all those out there that love lipsticks and other lip products .. :D So this post is about a lipstick I really really love - Maybelline Superstay 14hr in shade 510 Non Stop Red! I have mentioned this one before on my blog, in a post named My new products from Poland :) This summer the trend for lips is a strong bright matte lip colour - and this lipstick gives you just that :)

So what's so special about this one? I freaking love the colour! I never imagined I will wear such a bright colour, like ever..  but I do and I love it! I first heard about these Superstay 14hr lipsticks in a Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial, I'm not sure which one and than I did some research.. and I just wanted it so much! I grabbed the first chance I got and asked my friend from Poland to get it for me, since we don't have them in Slovenia ( and probably will never get them). This is not a new collection of lipsticks, it has been out for quite some time now.

Packaging - nothing special, I like the design, but it's just soo plastic, looks kinda cheap. I don't mind thou the plastic part, I'm more worried it's gonna fall and break and such...
Also about the content - you really don't get much of the product. I have opened the lipstick till the end (see up on the photos) - like you get maybe half a normal sized lipstick in here.. I mean I'm just not used to get so little in the packaging. Kinda reminds me of Revlon Lip Butters, there's not much in there too.
This lipstick has a strong sweet scent, not fruity, but just ... sweet, like cotton candy. It doesn't bother me thou, on the lips you don't smell it all.

The application - not so easy. I mean, it's ok, but only if your lips are really well prepared. No spots, no nothing. You need to scrub them well before applying or this lipstick will get everywhere, in all the little spots and it will look flakey. Sometimes my lips are just impossible and scrubing and lip balms and all - they just don't help. And on other days my lips are smooth and I have no problems applying at all.  The colour payoff is great - the colour is really intense, so you can apply it just as a stain, just a little bit with your fingers or brush. You can apply it directly from the bullet - this way it will look really strong, with two swipes a bit more neon than usual. I find this lipstick quite a versatile product - when I first opened it I was like - ok... this one will be fit for only one look, it's just too strong. But it's really a great colour to play with. You can even apply a stain and on top a gloss in a similar colour range and it will perfect! The finish is matte, and if your lips are not in the best shape (prepared, moisturized) - it will soon look like a bad matte lipstick. I hate that I can wear this only when my lips are in a really good shape, otherwise this one gets too drying too fast. So for those of you who have little problems with dry and chappy lips - this one will be amazing for you, it will not feel dry or look chappy and flakey! For the reat of us who are not so lucky - I warned you so don't be too upset. :P

Lasting power - quite good, over 5 hours. The colour starts to fade away evenly. Still it leaves a nice stain at the end of the day - which is quite good. Usually my lipsticks just fade to nothing... It doesn't survive well the eating and drinking - but it will still leave a nice even stain. So far this is the only lipstick I have that survives so much.  :)

And now the swatches :) I had problems getting the real colour to show on the lips, on the hands yes, but on the lips it was impossible.. so I published the photos that look the most real.

as a stain

straight from the bullet, one swipe

When wearing this one I never used any lip pencils, even thou it's a strong colour it can be applied alone. Also on my "good lips days" it doesn't need any lip balm underneath before applying, of course you can add it. The colour in real life looks more pinky based red than anything else. As a stain it will look more pinky too, not red, so don't be deceived by the name. :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below :)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Odlična rdeča. Rdeča je na sploh moja najljubša barva za bolj žive ustnice:). Tebi odlično paše:)

    1. Hvala :) če imaš možnost kupit v tujini ali prek spleta jo res priporočam:) je res lepa pinky rdeča, ni klasična rdeča šminka:)

  2. Vau, kako je krasna. Sicer pa smo Slovenke že navajene, da najboljše stvari ne pridejo k nam, na žalost, čeprav se mi zdi, da se počasi začenjajo te stvari spreminjati.


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