Sunday, May 31, 2015

NEW IN May :)

Hello! The end of May, already?? Well, this one was definitely extremely fast! I must say I don't even remember much of what I was doing this month, it just flew by me, but I did manage to spoil myself some  with a couple of new lovely bits :) I have also been really lucky again and received a lot of amazing stuff to test and review, so let me know if anything really stands out to you and you would love to read it's review first! :)

AlpStories is a new brand on our market and I had a chance to have my skin checked out by lets say a specialist. They had a couple events where you could come and they would analize your skin, moisture levels, sebum, pores, redness and such and it was for free, so of course when I got the email I had to confirm my visit. Every visitor received a gift, a grapefruit scented  bath salt. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells really fresh, hope I will like it. I was also introduced to all the new products by them and decided to splurge a bit and bought their cleansing gel with sage and mint extracts. I have already tested it out and it's really good, feels very fresh on my skin and as much as I can see it really does remove makeup and oils and other stuff from my skin very well. The only downside of the product is the price, 13 euros is quite a lot, but I was really impressed and wanted to try something, everyone was posting so many great reviews for these products. I also wanted to buy their marigold facial oil, but I already bought two this month and well, enough is enough...

So the other two facial oils I did purchase this month are Omnia Botanica Pure Organic Argan Oil, which was actually a repurchase as I really liked it before and I believe it made my skin really soft and glowing and most importantly it really helped me heal my blemishes faster and also all the scars from scratching them. I know many don't recommend argan oil to younger people, but I feel it's really universal and you don't need to have mature skin to use it and enjoy the results. I haven't started using it yet, it will have to wait a bit in my stash. And the second one I bought was by AVON and it's from their Planet Spa collection, it's called Heavenly Hydration with mediterranean oilve oil. I had my eyes set on this one for the last six months or so and finally had a chance to get it a bit cheaper and I am already testing it out, it smells really nice. It's a fresh scent, but very gentle, and the oil is a bit more liquidy than I'm used to  but still sinks into my skin fast enough. So far, I've been liking it very much.

And some body care :) The first item you see is a kind of massage brush and I have just gotten it so I haven't tried it yet. I exchanged it for another of my products I haven't been using so.. saved some money. Looks really promising thou, hope there will be some results too. :) I needed a new shower gel, as I have finished my stash completely! Congrats to me! I have no more shower gels in my bathroom, I have finally gotten to the part where I buy one when I need one. I bought myself a very lovely scented Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel. Really loving the fresh, sweet summer scent! The next two products I bought because I had some discounts to use up and I actually thought I will start using one of these really soon (just finished a bottle of Kozmetika Afrodita anti-cellulite cream), but then I have received another one to test and well, that one will go first and these two will have to wait a bit in my stash.. I will probably start one of these two in about a month - Kozmetika Afrodita Pitaya active cream gel 3in1 slim effect and Nivea Anti-Cellulite Gel-cream. I am leaning towards Nivea one a bit more.. as I have just finished a pitaya one by Afrodita and I would love a bit of change... but I have already started testing a new one by Anaya...

Some more bits I have purchased this month. Honestly all of these will have to wait their turn, as I bought them more for the sake of me wanting to try new stuff and having some discounts I really wanted to use. I got myself new KRASNA cleansing foram for face with lavander, but I actually wanted to repurchase their toner but they didn't have it... As I already have two cleansers open at the moment this one will have to wait a bit... Than I also got Natura Siberica Cleansing tonic for oily and combination skin, which was actually a repurchase, as I am currently already using one. It's a decent toner with a herbal scent I don't like very much, but it's a good toner so... why not repurchase if you can buy it 50% off... Another product from Natura Siberica is Rhodiola Rosea Night cream protection and regeneration for sensitive skin. I don't really have sensitive skin, but other facial creams  they offer at DM store simply don't fit me at all and this seemed really the best option. I have wanted to try some of their creams for about a year now and I have heard some really great comments about them so well, I had to give I a try. Last one is a hair mask by L'Oreal,  L'Oreal Paris Elseve Total Repair Extreme hair mask. I had once a product, also a mask from this same line ( but it was packaged in a tube) and it really did wonders for my hair so I used up my discounts and bought a hair mask in hope it will as good as the other one was. Will see thou, none of these products will be used any time soon, or maybe just the hair mask?

I also bought two new Nivea creams. I am really liking some regular universal creams lately and one of my all time wishes was to have a Nivea blue tin cream with a winter print on it.. but as it seems I never get to see any of those in our stores I randomly stumbled upon these summer cuties at my local Muller shop. I simply had to buy these two, as I couldn't decide which one I liked more. There were total four different designs but I liked these two the most and well it's an univeral cream, I am going to use it up anyway, so it's money well spent :) Look at the cute turtle and the tiny bunny :P

And moving on to makeup! First I got another eyeshadow palette, finally got my hands on Makeup Revolution London Flawless Matte palette! I really wanted to have this one for a couple of months now and it's finally mine! I have already tested some of the shades and they are really lovely, all matte and well, perfect for everyday use! Than I also decided to give it a go with another Bourjois mascara, it's their  1 Seconde Volume mascara Ultra Black. I must say I have already tried it and I am not impressed, not at all. I will try some more, maybe it's just the way I apply it, but simply this mascara did nothing for me, so it doesn't look good. Too bad really, I was hoping it would be better than the original 1 Seconde Volume mascara I bought last year. And for naily I have three new nail polishes. I swaped someting of mine for another nail polish, I got Oriflame The ONE  Long Wear Nail polish in shade Lilac Silk, a very spring like colour I really wanted for some time now. I have also received a gorgeous new shade by I Heart Makeup nail polish Nail Geek in shade 22 Streetwise, I have received this one to test from Makeup Revolution Slovenija, as they have now a new site and you can check all the products there! Also my readers (Slovenia only) have 17% off until the end of June with code BLOG17, valid only for products that aren't on discount already! And the last nail polish is from latest Catrice limited edition, Nomadic Traces LE nail lacquer in shade  C04 Trip Into The Blue with matt effect. I have already tested it, it's a really lovely summer shade and applies really fast!

I have been spoiled again! I got lucky and received this wonderfully scented EdT from Oriflame, it's called Eclat Femme Weekend and it's such a perfect light mix for spring/summer. A review will be coming up in June :) I am really in love with the scent!

From Lierac Slovenija and Phyto Slovenija I have received some lovely bits to test and try. From LIERAC Paris  I have received Phytolastil, a product that helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks. I already have strecth marks for years, there are just a few, but will see how this product helps me, looks really promising. From PHYTO Paris  I have recievd two different testers, I got Phytobaume Eclat couleur express conditioner for color-treated highlighted hair and  Phytocitrus color protect radiance mask. I haven't tested these out yet, but I am really looking forward to some expensive hair care :)

If you've been checking out my blog this month, than you already know I have spent some time at L'Occitane store. I have received a couple of testers and a new Pivoine Sublime CC cream  skin tone prefecting cream in shade clair - light, with spf 20. I have already began testing and I like it so far, I have been wearing it on it's own and also as a base for a heavier foundation and so far it really worked well for me. I hope I will manage to post a review in June, but I do have a lot of work at the moment and it will last for the next two month at least so.. I really hope I manage a full review of this product too. Until than you can still go check out my post from my visit to L'Occitane.

And the last package of lovely products I have received this month is by ANAYA Smart cosmetics. Remember them, I have already posted about them and their products, you can read the Dermasan cream review here and also there's review of their Kristall dry oil for face and body with the lovely lemony scent:) This time I will be testing Anaya Vitanaya cream for body skin renewal, Dermasan skin regenerating cream and  Lotus dry facial and body oil. I hope this two new products will be as good as I hope, I am really having some high hopes for these products. I have already started to test the Vitanaya cream and I am mostly using it on my legs right now, hope I will see some results soon. The Vitanaya cream and Lotus oil should be a perfect combo to help me fight cellulite. 

This is it, all my new products! I am really excited about some of these and I hope they will really be good to me! And also, did you notice something? Two months in a row and I haven't bought or received any lip products at all! And this from a lip products junkie?! I am really proud of myself, heheh :P

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: Oriflame - Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick :)

Hello! Let's talk some lip products, shall we? I have realised that the amount of my lip products and the number of reviews don't really match and that I really should post some more lippies review, so here I am starting new wave of posts with Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick in shades Rose Petal and Raspberry Blush.

I have bought these two myself, one from the catalog when they first came out, about a year ago and the other shade online, through a second hand online shop where I got lucky and was able to buy the new product. The prices were about 5 to 6 euros when I bought the first one, but it was a reduced price, I can not say how much it is at the moment because the product doesn't seem available at the slovenian site. Anyway, it's a regular drugstore price for a liquid lipstick, but cheaper than let's say L'Oreal. The product comes packed in a golden box and than in elegant tube with golden cap and black tube. And of course matching golden writing. On the bottom you have a sticker with the name of the shade and it's in the matching shade, so you can instantly grab the desired shade without reading the name. Each contains 4.5 ml of product  and once opened should be good for another 6 months, but I have had it for longer and it's still just fine :)

And ingredients:

The applicator of these liquid lipsticks is pretty good and easy to use, with a tiny hole in the middle, to contain some more product, the applicator really fits well with my lips. Application is easy, one swipe all over lips could already be enough, but I prefer a bit stronger colour so I tend to go over twice.  

The formula is well liquidy, very liquidy. I would prefer it to be a bit more thick but this seems to work just as well. Because of it's formula it gives you an easy chance to build up the colour. The pigmentation is pretty good, considering the formula, it very well pigmented and with careful application one swipe would be enough, but I usually go for two swipes and full on colour.

When it starts to fade away, it doesn't fade evenly and needs some more attention, as it's really not looking good. Half your lips very lightly stained and half your lips still with the right amount of the product, so you need to be more careful and check more often your lips. It also likes to transfer if you are eating or drinking, it really never survives that. 

I have two shades. First one is Rose Petal. At first I didn't like the shade as it was just too light pale pink, or at least so it looked at first on me, but with more regular use I really learned to love the shade. It's a very every day shade, can be worn for any occasion, but really looks best in day time with some natural eye makeup look. It's a light rose colour and on the lips it tends to look darker at leats on me. It's very translucent and if you have your natural lip shade a strong pink this won't look pale on you at all. But when I first tried it I had really pale lips and this also looked very light on me and I didn't like it. But now I actually love this one, such an every day on the go lippie that suits everything. I just need to rub my lips a bit to give them some blood flow and that's it.

The second shade I have is Raspberry Blush. I imagined this shade to be a bit more like raspberries,  a bit less red, so my first impression was well ok it's a lovely product but I hoped the sahde would be more...fuchsia like. Than I learned to love this shade as it's a perfect summer shade! It's strong and vibrant and maybe not for everyone, especially if you are afraid of strong and bold colours on your lips but it really does look pretty awesome. It is more reddish than pink-fuchia like but still looks very vibrant and like a strong fresh punch of colour. I find it really great to compliment your summer dress.

And swatches:
Rose Petal
Rose Petal
Rose Petal
Raspberry Blush
Raspberry Blush
Raspberry Blush
All in all, these are pretty good, especially I have really grown to like the shades and the applicator. I only wish they had a better lasting power, as this on me lasts about two hours and already needs some touch ups. Anyway, I am liking the liquid formula more and more, especially in the hot weather as it's not sticky at all and feels like I have nothing on my lips. If you can still buy them I would definitely recommend them to you!

Hope this review was helpful to you and thans for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Weleda - Skin Food :)

Hello! Let's start a new week with a new review!  Another little cream gem I have received as a gift and I must say it has impressed me so much it definitely deserves a review. I find this cream to be an effective natural and chemical free moisturiser that really does the job. Weleda Skin Food is a cream well known to any cosmetics lover and also in the world of celebrities, if you would believe it, such as Adele or Victoria Beckham, but of course with a normal price.

Weleda Skin Food cream is packed in a green box and than in a matching shade of green, a tube. It contains 75 ml of product and the price is usually around 11 euros in Slovenian stores, if my memory serves me right, but you can also order it at feelunique for 14 euros.

It's a very rich and heavy all-over body cream and it's specially made for really dry skin. It can also be used by anyone with dry hands, elbows, feet. It contains all-natural ingredients and I have a photo below where you can check :)

Usually I don't have much problems with dry skin, but lately I do have some more. Mostly it's my feet,  my calves and my knees, my arms and especially elbows, my hands and sometimes even my face. Especially if I have been using some acids... than this cream really helps. Or with sunburn... it helped me with that too! It's got  a very calming effect, so if you have any redness you want to reduce, this might help with it as well. Especially redness from wind, cold, sun and such factors.

This cream has a specific scent, I have no other words to describe it than to say it's herbal. But in a pleasant way, I really like it. But I bet some of you will really hate it, as it's smelling really healthy and like some herbal tea, but not minty :P The texture of this cream is heavy and thick and needs some work to really massage it into your skin and make sure there are no white marks left on the skin. Also the cream is of a slight yellow colour. With regular use my skin looked a lot more supple and well moisturised. But it does leave my face very shiny and oily looking so if I use this cream on my face I only use it in the evenings, before going to sleep. 

Anyway, if you have a really oily skin this is  not a suitable face moisturiser, as it's just too heavy. Also, again a reminder that this cream has a strong herbal scent that many might not like, so be careful when purchasing, maybe if you have a chance smell a tester. If you are not using the cream on your face it might not bother you as much and this product could still work for you. Anyway, I find this cream to be a little miracle worker as it's really helped me to get my skin in a better shape and better moisturised. I would definitely repurchase this cream. Also, as it's a heavy cream I will probably not use it much in summer time, but more in autumn/winter time, meaning a tube of this could last you for a long time .)

Hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ocena: Oriflame - The ONE Eyes Wide Open mascara

Pozdravljeni! Ker maskar ni nikoli preveč, imam za vas pripravljeno novo oceno. Tokrat sem testirala maskaro Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open oziroma maskaro za široko odprte oči. :)

Opis: "Maskara, ki priviha trepalnice in široko odpre oči. Krtačka privzdigne in priviha trepalnice navzgor od korenine naprej, formula pa poskrbi, da trepalnice ostanejo na svojem mestu in pritegnejo vso potrebno pozornost."


Embalaža je lepa, elegantna in ženstvena, podobna maskari Volume Blast mascara, vendar sta krtački popolnoma različni. Imam odtenek Black, na voljo pa je tudi odtenek Black Plum. Izdelka je 8 ml, po odprtju pa naj bi bil dober še naslednjih 6 mesecev. Napis na maskari me ne vem zakaj spominja na L'Orealovo maskaro, ki je bila ena izmed mojih najljubših vseh časov - Butterfly effect, mogoče zaradi črt okoli napisa? Cena izdelka je trenutno 10,90 evra, vendar variira glede na kataloško obdobje. 

Maskara obljublja volumen in ga namerava doseči z precej drugače oblikovano krtačko, kot sem vajena, vendar priznam, da mi je ravno oblika krtačke zelo všeč. Oblika je zasnovana tako, da omogoča efekt bolj odprtih oči. Ker je oblikovana tako, da je zgornji del maskare bolj ozek, spodnji pa širši, olajša nanos maskare na krajše trepalnice v notranjem kotičku očesa, ter lepše in lažje doseže daljše trepalnice na sredini veke ter proti zunanjemu kotičku očesa.

Priznam, da je bila maskara od začetka precej mokra in da je še nisem dovolj uporabljala, da bi se res osušila, vendar je po tri tedenski redni uporabi že precej bolje. Na začetku se mi je dogajalo, da se je na sredini krtačke malo nabralo izdelka, in sem ga morala obrisati pred nanosom, ker mi je drugače zlepil trepalnice na sredini. Sedaj te težave nimam več, vendar opozorilo nikoli ne škoduje. Ščetine na krtački so sicer goste, vendar precej bolj narazen kot na primer krtačka za volumen pri maskari Double effect mascara. To mi je bilo tudi zanimivo in všeč, saj sem pričakovala lepo ločene trepalnice, nič zlimane skupaj, in to sem tudi dobila. 

Maskaro navadno nanašam čisto na koncu makeupa, po tem ko sem na obraz dala tudi zaključni puder, ker ne želim, da se morebitni beli delci primejo na svežo, še mokro maskaro. Glede uporabe vihalca za trepalnice sem govorila že v oceni Double effect mascara, pa bom samo na kratko ponovila. Za to objavo nisem uporabila nobenih pripomočkov, samo moje naravne trepalnice, ki pa so same po sebi kratke in ravne, ter precej trmaste. Vihalec bi uporabila, če bi imela več časa za nanos makeupa, recimo za večerne izhode, za vsak dan pa se mi ne zdi potrebno, ter priznam, da se mi enostavno ne da komplicirati.

Na meni sem najprej opazila, kako lepo zaobjame krtačka vse moje trepalnice ter jih vse lepo črno obarva, ampak res črno, tako, da se opazijo. Efekt bi najbolje opisala z angleško besedo "fluttery", torej izgled je enakomeren, zračen, varianta "my lashes but much better". :P Maskara podari tudi nekaj dolžine, kar mi je bilo tudi všeč :) Nanos večih plasti je bil na začetku malenkost otežen, kot sem že zapisala zgoraj je maskara bila precej mokra. Po redni uporabi pa opažam, da je maskaro mogoče nanesti v večih plasteh brez težav in brez strahu, da bi trepalnice sprijela skupaj v pajkove nogice. zame osebno je to bolj dnevna maskara, saj kljub večim plastem nikoli nisem dosegla dramatičnega efekta, ki bi ga morda nosila za posebno priložnost ali večerne izhode. Kar se tiče volumna pa se ga sicer malo opazi, vendar ni že prej omenjenega dramatičnega efekta. Všeč mi je bilo tudi, da kljub večim nanešenim plastem, ni obtežila trepalnic in  s tem uničila že ustvarjen videz. tega se ponavadi najbolj bojim pri maskarah, ki obljubljajo volumen. En sloj se navadno ne vidi dovolj, trepalnice niso dovolj črne, enakomerno poudarjene, z dvema ali trema pa se že uniči ves učinek in so pač črne ampak ravne. Tega tu ni bilo in sem zaradi tega zelo zadovoljna. 

no mascara
no mascara
no mascara
The ONE Eyes Wide Open
The ONE Eyes Wide Open
The ONE Eyes Wide Open
The ONE Eyes Wide Open
The ONE Eyes Wide Open

Maskara se mi zdi najbolj primerna za vse, ki želijo dobro dnevno maskaro, ki trepalnice lepo loči ter poudari. Predlagala bi jo tudi vsem, ki imajo že po naravi daljše in lahke trepalnice, saj se mi zdi, da bi bil pri njih volumen veliko bolj viden. Meni je super, ker si lahko maskaro hitro in učinkovito nanesem, dosežem lep poudarek, nekaj volumna ter lepo črno barvo. Včasih se mi zdi, da maskara podpira mojo lenobo in jo zadnje čase predvsem zjutraj raje uporabljam, kot Double effect mascara, saj jo hitreje in enostavneje nanesem.

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč ter najlepša hvala Oriflame Slovenija za izdelek :) Pa hvala za pozornost ;)

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My current skin care routine (body edition) :)

Hello! I have noticed I don't post about my skin care at all, at least regarding body skin care, unless I am talking about my empties and giving short reviews :) So I thought why not make a bit different post than usual and just talk about my current skincare routine and products I am using at the moment :) 

First I need a good shower and I am currently using these three products: L'Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote shower gel, Palmolive Thermal spa mineral massage and Nivea creme peeling. First product is by L'Occitane and it's a really amazingly scented shower gel, which I have actually received last December from my boyfriend as a little treat for our anniversary, but haven't started using it right away. I actually wanted to really just take care of my shower gel stash and I did! One year later I no longer have over 10 new, not yet used shower gels at home, waiting for me to finally start using them. You may have noticed a lot of my shower gels in the empties posts, well that's also because I like to use them as a handwash. So at the moment, apart from the shower gels you can see here there is only one new waiting for me in the bathroom closet, and I bought that one this month as I am starting to run out of the Palmolive one. I know I could just waited and use the L'Occitane one first, but I really like to save this one and only use it a couple of times per week, as it's expensive and smells divine and I really just want it to last for as long as possible.. The other two I have bought myself and both were on my wishlist for a long time, but you can already guess why.. I needed to make some order and finish up products already bought and stored at home. Both are really good products and even my boyfriend likes to use them as they have fine scrubbing pearls inside and really do give a nice massage and a peel. I use Palmolive one a lot, almost every day, as it really is gentle and the pearls are soft, but the Nivea one is really a good peeling and it's enough to use it once per week. If you haven't noticed yet, the Palmolive one has a new look, the bottle looks different, but as much as I could see, the scent and the colour of the product is the same :) Sometimes I also use my body brush, usually I just use it to massage my legs, but I admit to being lazy and rarely using it. I will do better, I promise :P

Next step in my current skincare routine are these two lovely bright products, I am using Kozmetika Afrodita Anti- cellulite warming effect Garcinia 3v1  cellulite reduction cream and L'Occitane Lait Perfume body milk Fleur D'Or & Acacia.  I use the anti-cellulite cream only on my thighs, andonly in the evening. I had this product opened for a while now and I thought that it would be good to use it up. It was basically completely full, just opened. I don't know if there will be any visible difference after I finish this bottle or not, at the moment I have been using it for about two weeks and I haven't noticed much difference. I don't really believe in any sort of magic creams that would just erase all my past sins and junk food and no exercise, so I am not expecting much, If it will help just a bit, I will be quite satisfied. It's supposed to have warming effect, but honestly I don't feel anything and I don't know if it even works or not, or maybe I am expecting a strong warming effect and it's just subtle.. I don't know, but I will finish this product up in less than a week. I am also using this body milk by L'Occitane and it has amazing scent! I swear Fleur D'Or & Acacia is one of the most amazing smelling products L'Occitane ever offered. Aside from their Pivoine Sublime EdP, which I really loved too :P This is a very light milk that sinks into my skin really fast and nourishes well, but it's not for those with really dry skin, that need a richer, creamier texture. Anyway, I really love the scent any I swear my whole bed smells amazingly :P I would definitely repurchase, if it weren't so expensive...

And well, we all need good old deodorant or anti-perspirant. I am currently using two, one is by Nivea and it's their's Invisible Black&White and the other one is by Rexona and it's their version of Invisible black&white diamond. So both are supposed to protect my clothes from stains, and so far I can say they do what they promise. I have not noticed any traces of these two on my clothes, not even white marks after regular use. This is really importan to me as I am usually dressed in black or something dark and I really hate when my deodorant destroys my shirts, especially my metal t-shirts :P I really want them to stay whole and good for as long as possible as they are not cheap and I really try to take care of them and sometimes just try not to wear them too much, as they tend to go grey with regular washing, just like any other black t-shirt. Otherwise there is not much to say about my deodorants, I keep mxing these two brands, sometimes I buy Garnier also but that's mostly it. I find these two brands work best for me. I have tried crystal deodorants and natural ones and such, and well, they are simply not enough for me, I need something stronger. Sadly that means more chemicals, but at least I avoid unpleasant smells.

Before going to sleep and of course during the day, if I am home and if I remember to use hand creams, I like to use these two. One is by Nivea Soft Refreshing soft moisturizing cream and the other one is by Kozmetika Afrodita Hand & Nail care 2in1 Olive fast absorbing hand cream. I really like using both of these. What I like the most about these two is that they absorb really fast, and I mean really fast! :D The Nivea one is actually very universal and can be used on body or face as well, but I prefer to use it just as a hand cream and sometimes as a body cream. It's very light and has light scent, but it's not the classic Nivea (blue tin pot cream) scent, it's more fresh, but still very lovely. It sinks in really fast, but still Kozmetika Afrodita is faster. And now that hot weather is approaching I really appreciate a hand cream that doens't leave my hands sticky for half an hour... even while working on my computer, there is really minimum wait before I can start typing again. I also find the Kozmetika Afrodita one a bit more nourishing, at least my cuticles and nails like her a lot, they seem healthier and well nourished, while the Nivea one is an all over cream and doesn't work for my nails and cuticles that well. Anyway, love both of them, and of course use them daily :)

And the last group of products are my lip balms. I had a really hard time deciding which ones I like best as I tend to use at least five different lip balms through out the day, and well.. the choice was really hard! I kinda decided to present just three, the ones I find most nourishing at the moment and the ones I would definitely use before going to sleep. I am presenting here Nuxe Reve de miel, of course, plus you can read the review here :) I am also loving Le Petit Olivier lip balm stick with anti-aging argan oil and Labello Pure&Natural Olive & Lemon. Le Petit Olivier one is a bit more greasy, needs longer to settle in and gives a lot of moisture, which is great but I don't like using it under lipsticks and such. For that matter neither Nuxe fits, as it's simply too waxy, so best choice is Labello. Labello doens't nourish as much as the other two, but I've been loving this lip balm since it came out and I can't imagine my life without it. For a time it wasn't in my stash and I really just went with my hand over my box of lip balms on my desk and I would hover around it until I would remember I still haven't bought another one. If memory serves me this Pure &Natural came out about 9 years ago, I think, because I loved it since highschool. Anyway, all three are the ones that I wuld use before going to sleep on a regular basis, or if I needed an extra kick of moisture. There are a couple of other lip balms I love to use to get my lips hydrated but those will have to wait for a special lip balm post. I had it prepared and photographed for months now and in that time I got some new lip blams and well.. I need to update my post before it's  posted :)

How about you? Have you tried any of these, would you like to? Leave me a comment if you had any of these products and let me know how they worked for you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ocena: Oriflame - The ONE Double effect mascara

Pozdravljeni! Danes ocenjujem maskaro, ki sem jo prejela v test in me je zelo pozitivno presenetila in navdušila, gre za znamko Oriflame, maskaro iz njihove linije The ONE, z imenom Double Effect Mascara. Maskara ima dva učinka, ponuja vam super možnost izbire. Trepalnice lahko podaljšate ali pa jim dodate volumen, lahko pa poskusite kar oboje. Pohvali pa se tudi z intezivno črno formulo, ki traja ves dan. :)

Izdelek je zapakiran v klasično modro embalažo z zlatim napisom, kot je nekako značilno za The ONE linijo, gre pa za maskaro, ki vsebuje kar dve ščetki/dva pokrovčka. Če odvijete prvega pride ven večja krtačka z jasno ločenimi ščetinami in naj bi vašim trepalnicam dodala nekaj dolžine. Če odvijete drugi pokrovček vidite manjšo krtačko, z bolj gostimi ščetinami, ki obljublja več volumna. Izdelek je v odtenku Intense Black, po odprtju pa je dober še naslednjih 6 mesecev. Cena izdelka sicer variira glede na kataloško obdobje, trenutno pa jo lahko kupite za 13,90 evra.

Sama načeloma uporabim obe krtački hkrati, torej najprej uporabim krtačko Length, ki kot že ime nakazuje, obljublja dolžino, nato pa še krtačko Volume, ki obljublja volumen. Ker ne uporabljam vihalca trepalnic ali kakšnih podobnih pripomočkov in ker imam sama precej kratke in ravne trepalnice sem na sebi opazila precej poudarjene trepalnice, predvsem pa mi je všeč res črna črna maskara. Pomembno je, da maskaro nanesete na suhe in čiste trepalnice, brez ostankov odstranjevalca ličil, tonikov in podobnih izdelkov, saj ti lahko povzročajo, da se maskara manj prime na trepalnice. Verjetno bi bilo v mojem primeru res bolje, da bi uporabljala vihalec, vendar priznam, da se mi to enostavno pogosto ne da, čeprav imam vihalec spravljen poleg maskar, za dnevni videz trepalnic pa mi zadošča že samo maskara. Ker večino časa maskaro uporabljam brez vihalca se mi je zdelo bolj primerno, da slikam kako izgleda na trepalnicah brez vihalca in vam pokažem kako izgleda na meni večino časa. Vihalec navadno uporabljam samo če se odpravljam ven na lepše, ker si navadno vzamem več časa za nanos ličil.

Krtačka, ki obljublja dolžino mi je nekako bolj všeč, ker ima bolj na široko  razporejene ščetine, je manj gosta in mokra, se mi manj packa in je ni treba obrisati pred uporabo. Najbolj mi je škoda kadar vidim, da se mi na krtački nabira preveč izdelka in da bo le to potrebno obrisati ter odstraniti  izdelek, ker potem maskaro hitreje porabim, večino izdelka pa dejansko obrišem in zavržem. Sčasoma se načeloma ob redni uporabi maskare same malo osušijo in niso več tako tekoče in mastne, ter so bolj primerne za uporabo, tak problem sem imela pogosto z L'Orealovimi maskarami. No tega problema s to maskaro ni toliko zaznati, sploh pa ga ni pri krtački Length. Všeč mi je, ker moje trepalnice lepo loči, lepo obarva, ter jim doda nekaj malega dolžine. Na slikah se dejansko ne vidi najbolje razlike, vendar jo sama definitivno opazim, ker so moje trepalnice drugače res precej neopazne in nevidne...

Druga krtačka, ki obljublja volumen je veliko bolj gosta, ima več ščetin, je bolj mokra in mastna. Načeloma jo le redko potrebujem obrisati pred  uporabo, včasih se pa le zgodi. Mogoče jo sama nerodno odprem in zavrtim, samo se mi zdi, da če jo nekaj dni ne uporabljam, se izdelek nekoliko bolj prime ščetin je bolje malo obrisati. Če tega ne naredim ali pa če nisem pazljiva pri nanosu, se mi lahko zgodi, da mi trepalnice rahlo zlima skupaj, v pajkove nogice :P Toda nič hudega, saj grem v takem primeru takoj še enkrat čez konice trepalnic z ščetko za dolžino in jih zopet lepo loči. Če to ne pomaga, vzamem krtačko, ki jo boste sicer v trgovinah zasledile kot krtačko za obrvi, vendar mi zelo hitro pomaga in reši zlimane trepalnice. Načeloma se mi to ne zgodi, če pa se pa ni konec sveta in lahko hitro popravim. Je pa res, da lahko to storim le dokler je maskara še mokra in sveže nanešena. Kar se tiče volumna, mi ga ta maskara res doda in sem se tako navadila, da uporabljam obe krtački, saj je videz trepalnic z nanosom v takem vrstnem redu, kot sem ga opisala res najbolj optimalen.

Najprej sem dodala slike trepalnic brez maskare, nato pa z 1 slojem za dolžino in potem še z dodatnim slojem za volume :)
No mascara
No mascara
No mascara
Length + Volume, nepozoren nanos = skupaj sprijete trepalnice
Length + Volume, po zadnjem nanosu dodatno popravljene in razčesane trepalnice
Length + Volume, pardon za neurejene obrvi...
Length + Volume

Če sklenem oceno, meni je maskara zelo dobra in me je zelo pozitivno presenetila, saj sem se bala da bo preveč slojev preveč obtežilo veke in da bodo te ostale ravne ter brez kakršnegakoli volumna, vendar se k sreči to ni zgodilo, Za bolj poln videz bi lahko nanesla še kakšno plast več, vendar se mi je zdelo, da ni potrebe po tem, vsaj ne v primeru te ocene in te demonstracije. Načeloma bi še kak sloj dodatno nanesla za večerne izhode, za dnevno uporabo, pa se mi zdi to dovolj. Običajno najbolj hvalim L'Orealove maskare, včasih tudi Maxfactorjeve, vendar sem mnenja, da Oriflame dohiteva obe znamki, tako po kvaliteti izdelka kot po samem učinku na mojih trepalnicah. Tudi cenovno je primerljiva z obema znamkama, oziroma jo lahko dobite še ceneje, sploh če počakate na kakšen katalog, kjer je izdelek znižan. V maskare linije The ONE sem se nekako zaljubila že z prvo maskaro, to je bila  Volume Blast mascara v odtenku Black Blue, kratko oceno pa najdete tukaj :) Prav tako lahko na blogu zasledite še eno oceno, gre pa za Lash resistance maskaro, kratka ocena pa je dosegljiva tukaj :) Na splošno so Oriflame maskare postale ene mojih najljubših, skupaj z L'Orealovimi ter Maxfactorjevimi :)

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč ter hvala za pozornost :)

Ter hvala Oriflame Slovenija za možnost testiranja :)

Love, UniqaPoly