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Review: L'Occitane - Sublime Beauty Cream BB Cream SPF 30 :)

Hello! Sorry for my absence last week and not posting but I am really short on time, have a lot of work for my studies, so my posts in the next two months will be a bit more irregular than usual.Today I think it's time for a short review of L'Occitane's Sublime Beauty Cream BB cream in shade 01 Clair/Light. 

The product is packaged in a sleek white bottle with a twist cap and you just simply squeeze the product out. You get 40 ml of it and once open it should be good for another 6 months. The price for it here in Slovenia is 29,50 euros.

What the product promises: Let iris and angelica extract  provide a flawless look of your complexion! Its formula combines all the benefits of moisturizing creams and liquid powder. It promises to give the complexion a fresh, unified and natural look, significantly reduce the appearance of open pores, redness and irregularities, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, ensures long-term UV protection with a protection factor 30 SPF. Beauty BB Cream contains a patented complex of two angelic plants: white iris and angelica. White iris with its gorgeous, velvety and radiant flowers as a symbol of perfect beauty and gives skin its strength purification. Angelica has amazing ability to hydrate your skin and give her vitality. The organic extracts of these two exceptional plants give the skin a wonderful feeling and a perfect look.

Shade: I have it in the lightest shade possible, but unfortunately only two shades are possible all together. I have 01 Clair/Light and I still find the shade a tiny bit too dark for me. I actually got this product from a friend and she told me that she looked orange after application so my first thought was maybe this product was already turned bad and she already bought a bad one, but than I opened a tester I had at home and it was the same, I too looked too dark and after half an hour I turned orange (especially visible at neck area). So I got used to mixing the BB cream with a liquid foundation by Oriflame which is really light and liquidy and a bit too bright for my skin and it mixes very well with the BB cream and I can make both products muc more wearable. Also, I find it more suitable for those with yellow to neutral undertones and warm skin tones.

Texture, application, scent: The scent of this product is amazing, really lovely, flowery. Kinda reminds me of their Pivoine Flora collection. I really love the texture as it's really really light, Usually creams that contain SPF are thicker and heavier, but this one is light as a feather. And contains SPF 30, UVA and UVB protection. Application is super easy and smooth, it leaves the skin slightly glowy, but not dewy, it's more like a healthy natural glow you would have while not wearing anything at all. It's very smooth, there's no patchiness or cakiness. Usually when using this I am not wearing any additinal creams under or any creams with SPF or anything like this, as I find it enough to just apply my toner or maybe MaxFactor primer and than go straight in with a mixture of L'Occitane BB cream and Oriflame foundation.

Coverage and finish: It's very light, after all this is a BB cream not a heavy foundation. To me this is not enough and I got used to wearing heavier full coverage foundations, so when I mix it with a liquid foundation it really gets a bit more medium, but never really like a full coverage. When my skin is acting more normal I tend to use this BB cream more regularly and it slightly evens out my skin tone, but nothing more. I have very big pores I like to cover a bit more and some redness is always present as I am always having acne on my neck and chin area. You could also just apply a thin layer of your favourite foundation on top of your BB cream, but you need to test the shades first and textures, so your face looks perfect, not mismacthed. I do need to apply some mattifying powder on top to get a more matte look, but with this BB cream it's quite hard to get it really matte. You will always look a bit more healthy and natural, than powdery and white. Which is a big plus. But on it's own I could not wear it as I would be way too shiny.

To sum it up: This BB cream is more like a light tint, a healthy sheen and added benefit of SPF kind of BB cream, and  of course smelling divine. For those of you who are searching for more coverage this product alone will not suffice, for those of you who are either really pale or dark - there is not enough shades availale, for those of you who have really oily skin - also problematic as you might look too shiny very fast, for those who have more pink undertones this might not suit as it's really a more yellow based BB cream, and for those who wish to have in their BB cream more skincare elements, this also might not be enough. All in all it's a lovely product, but I feel like it fits to just a couple of specific people, those with already good skin, who have normal to mixed skin type, who are warm toned and yellow-ishly undertoned, who don't have any dry patches, skin problems, irritations and like their skin care products to be scented and have some SPF. Honestly, I don't know many with such gorgeous skins, and those I do will not find a shade to match their skin colour as there are only two shades available. But, there is new CC cream by L'Occitane on the market and I hope I will be able to test it soon and see if it works better than this product.

Hope this review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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