Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: Oriflame - Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick :)

Hello! Let's talk some lip products, shall we? I have realised that the amount of my lip products and the number of reviews don't really match and that I really should post some more lippies review, so here I am starting new wave of posts with Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick in shades Rose Petal and Raspberry Blush.

I have bought these two myself, one from the catalog when they first came out, about a year ago and the other shade online, through a second hand online shop where I got lucky and was able to buy the new product. The prices were about 5 to 6 euros when I bought the first one, but it was a reduced price, I can not say how much it is at the moment because the product doesn't seem available at the slovenian site. Anyway, it's a regular drugstore price for a liquid lipstick, but cheaper than let's say L'Oreal. The product comes packed in a golden box and than in elegant tube with golden cap and black tube. And of course matching golden writing. On the bottom you have a sticker with the name of the shade and it's in the matching shade, so you can instantly grab the desired shade without reading the name. Each contains 4.5 ml of product  and once opened should be good for another 6 months, but I have had it for longer and it's still just fine :)

And ingredients:

The applicator of these liquid lipsticks is pretty good and easy to use, with a tiny hole in the middle, to contain some more product, the applicator really fits well with my lips. Application is easy, one swipe all over lips could already be enough, but I prefer a bit stronger colour so I tend to go over twice.  

The formula is well liquidy, very liquidy. I would prefer it to be a bit more thick but this seems to work just as well. Because of it's formula it gives you an easy chance to build up the colour. The pigmentation is pretty good, considering the formula, it very well pigmented and with careful application one swipe would be enough, but I usually go for two swipes and full on colour.

When it starts to fade away, it doesn't fade evenly and needs some more attention, as it's really not looking good. Half your lips very lightly stained and half your lips still with the right amount of the product, so you need to be more careful and check more often your lips. It also likes to transfer if you are eating or drinking, it really never survives that. 

I have two shades. First one is Rose Petal. At first I didn't like the shade as it was just too light pale pink, or at least so it looked at first on me, but with more regular use I really learned to love the shade. It's a very every day shade, can be worn for any occasion, but really looks best in day time with some natural eye makeup look. It's a light rose colour and on the lips it tends to look darker at leats on me. It's very translucent and if you have your natural lip shade a strong pink this won't look pale on you at all. But when I first tried it I had really pale lips and this also looked very light on me and I didn't like it. But now I actually love this one, such an every day on the go lippie that suits everything. I just need to rub my lips a bit to give them some blood flow and that's it.

The second shade I have is Raspberry Blush. I imagined this shade to be a bit more like raspberries,  a bit less red, so my first impression was well ok it's a lovely product but I hoped the sahde would be more...fuchsia like. Than I learned to love this shade as it's a perfect summer shade! It's strong and vibrant and maybe not for everyone, especially if you are afraid of strong and bold colours on your lips but it really does look pretty awesome. It is more reddish than pink-fuchia like but still looks very vibrant and like a strong fresh punch of colour. I find it really great to compliment your summer dress.

And swatches:
Rose Petal
Rose Petal
Rose Petal
Raspberry Blush
Raspberry Blush
Raspberry Blush
All in all, these are pretty good, especially I have really grown to like the shades and the applicator. I only wish they had a better lasting power, as this on me lasts about two hours and already needs some touch ups. Anyway, I am liking the liquid formula more and more, especially in the hot weather as it's not sticky at all and feels like I have nothing on my lips. If you can still buy them I would definitely recommend them to you!

Hope this review was helpful to you and thans for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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