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Perfect lips - Catrice lip treats :)

Hello! Are you ready for some lip treats? I find light lip products perfect for spring/summer time, hot days when you don't want to wear heavy makeup, not even on your lips. So I have prepared a short post about three Catrice products that are true lip treats and give your lips lovely finish, suitable for any occasion. :)

I will be talking about three products: Vitamin Lip treatment, Tinted Lip Glow balm (one shade fits all) and Volumizing  Lip Booster.

Lets' start with Vitamin Lip Treatment in shade 010 Innocent Rose. It comes in a classic lip gloss packaging, but it's smaller than other lip glosses by Catrice and a bit more sturdy, with silver cap and the applicator is the same, I think. It contains 3.5 ml of product, once opened it should last for 18 months and the price (in Slovenian drugstore) is 3,79 euros. The gloss promises to combine intensive care with a shiny finish, it contains vitamin E and Q10. It promises a glossy finish and slightly pink lips, with natural fruity aroma. 

What I like about this product is that it delivers just a hint of colour to your lips, gives you a really good shine and looks so fresh and natural on the lips I would wear it anywhere anytime. Also, it's not sticky at all, feels really light on your lips and doesn't move around, it stays put directly on your lips, no leaking over the lines of your lips. It's consistency is a bit more gellish and you really don't need to worry that this product would just slip all over your lips or that you would apply too much at once. It does have a slight scent, like watermelons, and it feels very summery. Also it keeps my lips hydrated and looking good, so this is definitely perfect for any time of the year really, but I am looking forward to summer time.

Next one is Volumizing lip booster Volume to go! Packaging is a bit different, comes with a silver cap, the usual gloss applicator but is shaped quadratic and looks a bit more sophisticated. It's also smaller than usual Catrice lip glosses, but a bit larger than Vitamin Lip Treatment as it contains 5 ml of product and once opened should be good for the next 24 months. The price is the same, 3,79 euros. Due to the presence of menthol lip gloss provides wonderful volume and hides fine lines on your lips. Result is sensual lips with shiny pale pink finish.

What I like about this product is that it's got the fresh minty scent and also contains enough menthol to create a tingly sensation once applied. It's consistency is more liquidy and you only need to go over once or twice and your lips will be fully covered. With Vitamin Lip treatment you do need a couple more swipes to make it look even. I haven't noticed any differences to my lips in sense of hydration and such, but it didn't dry my lips out either. I did however notice a slight impact on my lips, making them look fuller, but not much, just the upper lip is looking a bit more defined. The tingly sensation  lasts for some time, if you don't like it, than this product is not for you. Also it gives a lot of shine and a pale pink shade to your lips, but it doesn't look so gentle and natural as the Vitamin Lip Treatment as it's just too light and doesn't really suit me that much. Still, I like using it, but not for every day.

And the last lip treat is (Colour intensifier & Care) Tinted lip glow balm One shade fits all. It comes in packaging like their lipsticks but with a pink colour all over and catrice print. Otherwise it's a safe and sturdy packaging, won't open in your bags. It contains 3.5g of product and once opened should last you for the next 24 months (if you don't use it sooner:P). The price for this one is 5,29 euros. Nourishing lip balm intensifies the natural colour of the lips and adds a refined touch of pink. The shade varies depending on the individual pH on the lips. The promised result is a long-lasting natural and 100% unique shade. Repeated applications will give you a  more intense shade.

My experience with this one is actually pretty good. I had the first version once, the Ultimate Lip Glow and I must say I didn't like it as much as I like this one as it always turned my lips in the same shade of pink and it didn't really suit me at all, or better I didn't feel comfortable wearing it. With this one my lips are also very pink, but a bit more on the reddish side. I like this one leaves a more gentle, shimmery glow, but your lips don't look shiny and wet like with a gloss. They look natural, but with a hint of colour, without looking like you are even wearing anything at all. If I apply more layers this may turn into a very bright pop of pink colour, but not always, sometimes it will just turn a bit more reddish and that's it. So not even I can predict the result of this product, as it really depends each day of your pH, also if you were eating anything that could affect your lips pH. All in all, I find this product to be pretty good, nourishes my lips well, gives them a hint of colour and is actually a perfect companion in your makeup bag for days when you don't want to wear glosses or heavy lipstick or any kind of balms, just a little something to make your lips pop a bit. 

And swatches:) You can barely see the Tinted lip glow balm on the hand as it didn't turn pinkish as it does on my lips.
L to R: Tinted lip glow, Volumizing lip booster, Vitamin lip treatment
L to R: Tinted lip glow, Volumizing lip booster, Vitamin lip treatment
Catrice Vitamin Lip Treatment
Catrice Vitamin Lip Treatment
Catrice Tinted lip glow balm
Catrice Tinted lip glow balm
Catrice Volumizing lip booster
Catrice Volumizing lip booster

Have you tried any of these? Do you like them, how do they work for you?

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Meni je Tinted lip glow balm One shade fits all super izdelek, sploh za tiste dni ko res ne vem kaj dat na ustnice <3

    1. Meni je tudi fajn izdelek, za točno take dneve ja, ko ne veš kaj bi dal gor pa nič ne paše oziroma se ti ne da natačno nanašat na ustnice :P


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