Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disappointing products #8: AVON - Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining Hair Mask

Hello! Time to talk about a product that just didn't work for me at all... I was really looking forward to this hair mask as it seemed to promise a lot, or maybe I just had this impression about it, but it didn't really deliver at all. So today's product on the list to say NO to is Avon's Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining hair mask. Maybe I got cought in thinking that as it's from their collection of Planet Spa products that I will really like it, and everyone else seemed to really love Planet Spa products, but well, not me..

Packaging is simple, big plastic bottle with 200 ml of product. The price is different every time, as it depends when you buy it, I forgot how much I gave for this one, but I believe it was about 6,90 euros. Right now you (Slovenian readers) can get it for 12 euros here .

It's supposed to be a reviving hair mask with black caviar. It also promises to revitalise and regenerate, leave your hair silky soft and deeply moisturized.

How to use: After shampooing massage a generous amount through hair with special care to ends. Leave on up to 10 minutes. Rinse and style as usual. Use once a week.

My experience with this product:
I really hoped this hair mask would have a lovely scent but it really doesn't have any scent at all. So I really can't imagine what others smell but to me this is just a mask without any scent at all. And I kinda miss that. But this is not yet a big enough reason to give this review under dissapointing products.

 What I really didn't like was that this hair mask was so heavy and so full and I usually didn't even apply it all over my hair, just the lower part of my hair and especially to hair ends. If I sometimes forgot and began massaging it all over my hair I ended up  with a bit more greasy hair while they were still wet, they felt heavy and like I didn't wash them at all. So when they would dry they would look ok, but later the same day I would already notice my hair getting really greasy at the roots, especially at the front and I would have to wash my hair the next day again. Even when I was really careful and applied the mask only to the lower part of my hair I would notice that my hair looked different,  heavier, they looked thicker but oily, they were clumping together in strands of hair and no matter what brush or how I used it, it looked like I didn't wash my hair at all. 

As for reviving my hair, nourishing and all - I haven't noticed any differences, my hair ends looked the same, no better than before starting the use of this hair mask. All in all, this hair mask really didn't do anything for me, it just left me with ugly looking, heavy hair that greased up later in the day and I needed to wash them the next day again. And I find that way too many times, normally I wash my hair every three days. 

Personally, I really dislike this hair mask and I will not repurchase. And also I wouldn't recommend this at all, maybe just to those who have really dry hair and need deep regeneration and maybe this would work for them. But for me this is way too greasy and heavy, I want my hair after washing to be light, clean, nicely scented, no grease or oilyness anywhere and I like that to stay like that at least the same day and the next one too.

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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