Thursday, January 19, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Pulse of Purism LE :)

Subtle Elegance. Pure sophistication as a statement. The Limited Edition “Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE unites subtlety with unobtrusive luxury in February and March 2017. The palette of colours combines greyish shades with cool blue and elegant mauve with a fresh hibiscus tone. The highlight of the edition is the Pure Radiance Glowrizer, which gives the complexion an elegant glow. Painted in the spring colours of 2017, the nails are given an edgy finish with the “Brushed MetalTop Coat or the golden Nail Stripes. Plain Clarity – by CATRICE.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – 2-Tone Lipstick

Rose Mallow. The two-tone lipstick with a shimmering centre offers soft colour-distribution with a glossy finish. Available in C01 Pure Hibiscocoon.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Brow Pomade Stick

Fixing Tool. The practical Brow Pomade Stick can be used to contour, fill or set the brows in place. Available in C01 Elegant PurisME.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Pure Metal Palette

Metallic Atmosphere. The palettes each contain three baked, powdery eyeshadows with a metallic effect. Champagne, silvery blue and copper on the one hand; white, taupe and bronze on the other. Available in C01 MEtal, Myself and I and C02 By All Means MetalEYES.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer

Springtime. The nail lacquers in three trend colours stand out for their longlasting, intensive coverage and perfect shine. Available in C01 Pure Blues, C02 PuREDfied Simplicity and C03 Pure Hibiscocoon.



Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Powder Blush

Best Of Coral. The blush with a silky powder texture emphasises the cheekbones in bright coral pink. For an especially fresh-looking complexion. Available in C01 Pure Hibiscocoon.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Pure Radiance Glowrizer

Glowing Perfection. Provides a subtle, radiant glow and evens out irregularities of the skin: the primer with light-reflecting gel-pearls. The dispenser gently crushes the pearls during the pumping process and turns them into an innovative, smooth texture. Available in C01 Natural Glow.

Pulse of Purism by CATRICE – Nail Stripes

Delicately Designed. Nail Stripes, the trend accessory, bring an elegant and intricate design onto the nails. The golden foil is self-adhesive and can be applied on clear or colour nail polishes as well as directly on the natural nail. Available in C01 Simple Understatement.

“Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE will be available in stores in February and March 2017.

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Preview: Catrice - Ombre Two Tone lipstick :)

An exciting innovation is joining the CATRICE range at the beginning of 2017: the Ombré Two Tone Lipsticks effortlessly bring a cool colour gradient to your lips. From now on, the two tone lipsticks are available as a special highlight in the standard range.

Ultimate Dimension. The creamy and soft, colour-intense texture with argan oil effortlessly
brings the spectacular ombré trend to the lips. Two colours each, combined in a diamond
shape, create a gorgeous finish with a colour gradient.


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Preview: Catrice - It Pieces LE :)

Cushion & Contour. The Limited Edition “It Pieces” by CATRICE unites the new sensory effects with ongoing trends in January 2017. In addition to innovative contouring products like the Light And Shadow Contouring Blushes, the Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara is here to provide a sensational volume effect. Beauty Update – by CATRICE.

It Pieces by CATRICE – Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara 24H

Rock The Catwalk. The mascara with a deep-black texture offers fascinating volume, a beautiful curl and impressive length. For an instant volume effect from the very first application. Available in 010 Black and 010 Black Waterproof.

It Pieces by CATRICE – The Nude Blossom Collection Eyeshadow Palette
Matching Nudes. Nine highly pigmented, long-lasting powder eyeshadows in nude, rosé and brown tones with various finishes ranging from matt to shiny. Includes a matt contouring shade as well as a highlighter shade with fine shimmer particles. Available in 010 Blossom 'N Roses.

It Pieces by CATRICE – 18H Colour & Contour Eye Pencil

Hang On. Up to 18 hours between touch-ups? Not a problem with this Eye Pencil! It contours the eye accurately and intensively. With an integrated sharpener. Available in 010 Me, My Black And I.

It Pieces by CATRICE – Light And Shadow Contouring Blush

Exact Definition. Ultra soft powders, available with one velvety-matt, darker colour and a highlighter shade with fine shimmer particles each. Apply the nuances individually to create clear contours, or mix them together for a fresh look. Available in 020 A Flamingo in Santo Domingo and 030 Rose Propose.

It Pieces by CATRICE – Lip Cushion

Coat your lips. This creamy lipgloss contains avocado oil and leaves behind a shiny finish with its supple texture. The soft jumbo sponge applicator covers the lips in a flattering coral or berry shade with a medium pigmentation. Available in 030 Coraline's Crush and 040 Absolute Razz'Berry.

“It Pieces” by CATRICE will be available in stores in January 2017. The products will be joining the standard CATRICE range afterwards.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Preview: Catrice - Eyeconic Art LE :)

Expressive Eyes. A new interpretation of the ballerina look can currently be seen on many of the international catwalks. Woven into different silhouettes, soft tulle is combined with trouser suits and long blazers. The Limited Edition “Eyeconic Art” by CATRICE is complementing this trend with false lashes and eyeliners for expressive eye make-up styles in February 2017. Artificial Romance – by CATRICE.

Eyeconic Art by CATRICE – Eye Liner Brush
Double-Ended. The duo Eye Liner Brush with premium bristles. The flat, slanted end allows an exact application along the lashline, while the slim end applies textures particularly accurately.

Eyeconic Art by CATRICE – False Lashes
Eye-Catching. False lashes including lash glue for a look with a wow-effect. The classic version with a lash strip offers extravagant volume, while the Corner Lashes ensure Cat Eyes par excellence. Available in C01 Dramatic Volume, C02 Natural Volume and C03 Extraordinary Volume.

Eyeconic Art by CATRICE – Art Tattoos
Graphic Design. Create special accents next to the eyes as well as on the face and body with the Art Tattoos. The self-adhesive designs can be applied individually or in combination to give any make-up style a unique touch. Available in C01 Art Of Accents.

Eyeconic Art by CATRICE – White Liner Pen
White Artwork. Thanks to its practical felt tip, the Liner Pen can create fine, intricate lines as well as bold statement eyeliner styles. Available in C01 White.

Eyeconic Art by CATRICE – Gel Eyeliner Waterproof
Get the Look. The deep black texture of the Gel Eyeliner can be applied accurately or as a smokey look. For longlasting, waterproof glamour.

“Eyeconic Art” by CATRICE will be available in stores in February 2017.

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