Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NEW IN September :)

Hello! It's Autumn! And time for a lot more makeup than during Summer! And as I was just finishing my year at University I had treated myself quite a bit... one more year to go and I am done with studying! :P I thought I had less newbies this month, but it turned out that I have purchased quite a lot of products and if I was sent a lot of goodies last month and was saving money I spent a lot of it this month! Let's check out the newbies!

My friend started making her own homemade DIY natural cosmetics under the name WorldNaturelle and she was so kind to share some with me! I have been pampering with Calendula & Shea kiss lip balm, Reviving Lavander all-in-one body scrub, Rich Lavander body balm and two shower packs, but I photographed here only one as the other one I have already used up - Fresh as a Peppermint herbal shower pack and I love Coconut & Lavander herbal shower pack! These products come in a hand made, recycled packaging, everything is hand written on a recycled paper! All the ingredients, how to use, when it was made... really amazing concept and I hope this will grow into a serious business. I love the idea, the packaging, the ingredients and most importantly - the products themselves! I love the body scrub as it can be used as a body scrub, as a bath salt and also as a shower product, but it's a bit different than any other shower gel you will ever try. The shower packs are for one time use only and they are really interesting as you kind of make a tea first, than add a mix of oils and butters and mix all together in a big jar and simply pour it all over you once under shower...  Holy grail products from the bunch for me are the lip balm and body balm - they smell amazing, have really good textures, sink well into the skin, nourish it! Especially the Lavander body balm! Amazing stuff! If you are UK - London based you can contact her and try out some products for yourself! In the meantime you can go and check her blog WorldNaturelle and how she does her homemade cosmetics! A full review of these products will come in a separate post! :)

This trio speaks for itself, doesn't it? There is nothing better than investing into a good shower gel product especially if you can get it for a reasonable price. I have bought Weleda Citrus Erfrischungsdusche, Wildrose Werohndusche and Lavandel Enstpannungsdusche at my local DM store as they had discounts this past week 1+1... I have two Citrus shower lotions but for the sake of a more beautiful photo I only showed you one. So far I have only tested a drop of the Citrus one and it's a pretty creamy texture, more a lotion than gel, comes in a milky white coloring and has a lovely lemony scent, very fresh! As for the other two I am not sure, as I have not tested them yet... Anyway, the deal was too good to pass and I have already been recommended these shower lotions, especially the Lavander one.

 Some more spending time at DM. If you read my last months new in, you know I have been very impressed with Borotalco Original Deo roll on, and as with the Weleda products these were also 1+1 and I made a stock of these as well! As I don't need to reapply it so many times during the day as other deodorants I believe these will last me a very long time! And some of you may know I am a big coconut lover, everything coconut wins for me - products, cosmetics, food... anything really. Except Malibu or even worse - malibu-cola combination. Anyway, I wanted to try this Vanille&Cocos shower gel by Balea and I must say it is more vanilla than coconut scented and the scent is well, very gentle. It's a decent product but nothing impressive. As for the other shower gel,  Hibiskus& Nektarine, I can not say yet, as I have not tried it yet, but from the packaging it's got a nice juicy scent.

A mix of beauty products - I have received Aussie  3 Minute miracle shine deep treatment as a gift at Aussie event this month :) I am already testing the 3 Minute reconstructor, but this one will have to wait a bit. So far I am liking the reconstructor, but will see how the rest of the Aussie products will work for me. I will not post a separate post about the event, but I will probably talk about it alongside with the review, but you can check some other Slovenian bloggers and what they wrote about the event (Tatjana, Ana). Next to it is Himalaya Herbals Multipurpose cream I simply wanted to see if it will help me heal my scars faster as I had scratched my acne really badly and left huge scars on my jaw line. It didn't impress me, it's an ok cream , but nothing special so far, will see if it will work on me at all or not. It does have a very strong perfumed scent, which I must say I find too strong and makes me dislake the product even more.  From Kozmetika Afrodita I have wanted to try some face masks so I treated myself with Why Mask Fresh & Well-rested look, a new eye mask, that you leave to sink in and actually helps a bit, but will have to test it some more, plus  Why Mask SOS Calming, which I have not tested yet, but wanted to see how it works and well if it smells of lavander or not :P

For face I needed to restock on foundations and lucky me (NOT!), the Bourjois foundation Flower Perfection is being discontinued! So I bought two bottles while I still could, as this is one of my all time favourites! You can read more about it here, in my Guide through Bourjois foundations :) As I have invested some more into foundations, I feel like I made enough of a stock to last me a whole year! :D I bought secondhand L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24h-Matte mattifying foundation in shade 11 Vanilla. I have been testing it a bit, a couple of times per week and it seems ok, but it really depends what I apply under it. If I use a mattifying primer it works best and really lasts longer, makes me look matte a bit longer. Otherwise, it's just another foundation and it didn't impress me yet. The coverage could be better, at least on me, but with craters (very large pores) like mine you can not expect miracles. Maybe I don't apply enough of it to make it more covering but I prefer to keep it that way. I am still on the fence about this one, we shall see when I test it some more. I have traded something of mine for Dermacol Filmstudio  Barrandov Prague Make-up Cover in shade 207. I must say I expected even more coverage, as everyone has been promising it to me, but this did not deliver as I imagined. I guess I had high expectations. Also, it tends to look pink on my skin and doesn't match my other foundations or concealers so it needs to be applied first than covered up with my usual makeup. It does perform well with my spots and such, but not so much with my dark under-eye area. Still, need to test it some more before I can give a full review, hope it will perform better in the future. And two Catrice products from the latest range update! I finally got Prime and Fine Professional Contouring palette in 010 Ashy Radiance and Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 010 Porcellain. Both products I have only had the time to try once until now, and both seem very promising, so far first impressions have been good. Easy to use, apply, do the job very well and all in all I am very much looking forward to testing these out some more :)

If you are reading this blog only half frequently you know I am a huge fan of everything lips related and so here are new lip balms! I have repurchased another Labello Pure&Natural Olive &Lemon, as this one is being discontinued as well... So I have made a bit of a stash as this one is a really good lip balm! From the new ones I have gotten myself Care &Colour Nude caring lip balm and I must say I don't like it, especially the nude shade as it's simply too light for me and sinks into any possible pore or crack I have on my lips and doesn't look good at all. It's also a bit less nourishig and therefore more like a Maybelline Baby lips balm, but with more pigmentation, that sadly just looks awful on me. This shade definitely didn't impress me, but if you have Pink or Red let me know how they seem to you? Also traded some products for the last two lip products - I have now Le Couvent Des Minimes Orange Blossom aroma smile lip balm which really has a lovely orange scent! I have been really liking this, the texture, the feeling on the lips, the nourishing effect and scent all seem really good! The last lip balm I have not tried yet is from the new Dvorec Trebnik dt cosmetics line and it's Strawberry lip balm. Smells really lovely of strawberries, hope it also nourishes well.

And some eyeshadow essentials for fall/winter time :P From my trade with a fellow blogger I have now new KIKO Makeup Milano treats - from the lovely limited edition Rebel Romatic I have Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow palette in shade 02 Fiery rose, Colour Definition eyeliner and kajal in shade 03 Warrior Violet and  Liquid Intense Eyeliner in shade 02 Purple. I Have already had the time to test these goodies at leats once and they are pretty amazing, really loving the smoothness of the eyeshadows and also the liquid eyeliner that may seem  darker from afar. Lovely romantic rosy-violet-y shades, perfect for fall. Also got Oriflame  The ONE 5-in-1 Wonderlash mascara waterproof in the package but haven't gotten the chance to try it yet. But many Oriflame mascaras have impressed me  and I hope this one will work for me too. One of the best mascaras are made by MaxFactor (and L'oreal, if you ask me) and so of course I couldn't pass a chance at trying out this Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Volumising mascara. Haven't tried it yet, but I have high hopes for it as I previously had some really good experiences with their mascaras. And the last beauty on the photo is Makeup Revolution London 32 eyeshadow palette Affirmation! Whole summer all I wanted was to get my hands on Mermaids forever and than colder weather started and fall was coming and I was like... hmm what about something more suitable for fall/winter time.. and here I am, finally with a new big eyeshadow palette that is really affordable and the shades are simply gorgeous! From everyday looks to smokey evening looks, you can create almost anything with these... I am in love!

Oh yes, have I already told you I love lipsticks, lipglosses and such? :D Here's a big bunch of products I have received as gifts and the ones I bought myself :) Let's start with Essence! From their limited edition Happy Girls Are Pretty I have sheer lipbalm in shade 02 Live, laugh, love and repeat which is really amazing as it's more pigmented than expected and gives a lovely shade. I have already posted a full review here :) The second is their new liquid lipstick in shade 06 make a statement. A lovely shade, perfect for fall, I hope I will be able to post about it soon! Have only tried it once so far and seems promising, light texture, gives very glossy finish. After a very long time I have again an Alverde lipstick in shade 28 Deep Violet. A very deep berry, violet-y shade which is perfect for fall, but the lipstick feels a bit dry when applying, so will have to test it out some more, first impression is not that great, still the shade is amazing! And it also has a very strong scent, very sweet one! From Revlon I have received as a gift a new Ultra HD lipstick in shade 830 HD Rose. I have already reviewed shade Petunia, but I have some mixed feelings about this range. Rose shade didn't impress me at first two applications, really didn't sit well on my lips, but the third try was better as my lips were really spotless and well pampered before. Maybe it was just that and I will fall in love with the Rose shade soon, will test some more but I will not be making a separate review for this shade as well. From Bottega Verde comes my first ever product by them, and it's not a skincare product as I thought it would be but a make-up product! I have treated myself with Intense moisturising lipstick with Red grape extract and Hyaluronic acid in shade Canella. There are total twelve shades (on Italian BV site) but this one seemed most wearable to me. I have never ever been in the shop before or bought anything from the brand myself but I am actually loving this lipstick and may be returning for some more goodies. I love the shade of the packaging and the shape, the texture of this lipstick is amazing, glides on well and really moisturizes, the shade is a more brown-ish nude and I personally find it perfect for everyday wear! I have also received two new Deborah Milano lippies, Absolute lasting liquid lipstick in shades 03 and 07. These are truly amazing! One swipe, full coverage, even shade, lasts amazingly and even if you rub of the clear top coat, the shade just sits there and doesn't budge at all! Really amazing stuff, I was expecting a more liquid product that just transfers like a gloss onto anything you eat or drink, but this really lasts. I couldn't even wash my hands after swatching, really needed to rub it off. The last two goodies are from Bourjois and they were 1+1 so I treated myself with Sweet Kiss gloss in shades 04 incogni-rose and 02 Rose qui peut. Loving both shades, especially the Incogni-rose one, perfect fall lip gloss! Feel very light on the lips and well, simply as they should. Anyway, you know I love Bourjois, and  have had some lipglosses from them before so I have high hopes for these two as well.

There's a new brand available in Slovenia, finally we can shop some Golden Rose! Of course I had to go see for myself and I bought two new products - Golden Rose Paris Nail lacquer in shade 97 and Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick in shade 20. The nail polish didn't impress me, love the shade, hate the application, but will see after some more testing if there's a trick how to apply it more evenly. The lipstick is gorgeous deep red matte shade, perfect for fall/winter months and I have been loving it! Will write two separate reviews on these products. And some lovely bits that are new this month - H&M necklace, some Ebelin sunglasses that were just too cute, the shape got me and I had to have them. A new hair clip by Ebelin, that can also be a brooch. And some really cozy soft sleep socks by Fascino.

And some more newbies - L'Oreal Paris Elseve Fibrology shampoo is a repurchase, have already spoken about it on my blog. Also wanted to see if S-he cosmetics still do some good products so I got Mineral loose powder in shade 001 Ivory. Haven't tested yet, but will see, it only cost me something over 1 euro, so if it doesn't work for me I won't be too sad. I will be however very sad if Bourjois Air Mat undetectable matte finish foundation in shade 01 Rose Ivory won't work for me. I have really wanted to try this and it's finally available in Slovenia. Had some tough time choosing between the lightest two shades, they were so similar under fake shop lights so I can only hope I chose the right shade and that it will fit me. Just got it, so I have no first impressions for you yet.  From Balea I already have Golden Glamour hand lotion and now I will also be pampering with bath salt, can't wait! And some new goodies from Catrice that I have received - Beautifying lip smoother in shade 040 Coffee to go and from their latest limited edition Fallosophy new Nail lacquer in shade C05 Morning Dew and two lipsticks Soft Lip colour C02 Rustic Rose and C03 Little Red Riding Hood. I believe I have enough new lipsticks for ages to come and you will be sick of reading only lipstick reviews on my blog, but damn I love them all! As these are all new and I only had time to make a quick snap of them, there are no first impressions yet to share, except that I love the shades, they seem very wearable!

I know, you must think I went crazy, and I admit I did, a bit, but September is month of new products, getting ready for fall, new discounts and such, and I believe it's the month I spend the most on myself and my wishes. Be ready for a lot of new reviews, I will try my best to show them as many as possible in October and November :P And from now on I have a shopping ban, especially for make up, as I really made a big stock of everything and need to use something up, I have nowhere to store the goodies anymore :P Just kidding, there will still be newbies, but only the ones I have already planned to purchase in October. No side shopping and other goodies, need to enjoy what I already have :)

If you would like to read a review of a certain product as soon as possible let me know down in the comments and I will try to make it a priority :)

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Preview: Essence - Advent calendar LE :)

All  I  want  for  Christmas!  Just  like  Christmas  trees,  ginger  bread  and  Christmas carols, the  advent  calendar  is  a  big  part  of  Christmas.  With  the  limited  “advent calendar”, essence  presents  24  exclusive  products  to  make  the  time  until  Christmas go  by faster for all beauties in  November 2015.  There’s a “quote of the day”  as well as cool beauty products  for  your  nails  and  a  special  accessory  highlight  hidden  behind each door. The advent calendar has a colourful look with a festive design, so it’s a perfect Pre-Christmas gift for your best friend, sister or even to yourself! Merry Christmas… with essence!essence advent calendar

Open up!  24 days of joy: trendy beauty pieces for the nails in a mini-format  with effects like matt  and  shimmering  as  well  as  tools  and  accessories  ensure  plenty  of  fun! All products  are  limited  and  not normally  available  to  buy  in  stores.  Simply  set the advent calendar up in your favorite place and look forward to daily surprises . 39 x 39 x 2.5 cm. 

essence “advent calendar” will be available in stores in November 2015**.

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Preview: Essence - Merry Berry LE :)

Very  berry!  The  festive  season  is  about  to  begin  and  essence  is  offering  just  the right products  for  a  fashionable  Christmas  style  with  the  new  trend  edition  “merry berry”from November  to  December  2015.  Red  and  violet  shades  meet  upon shimmering gold  and  copper,  which  harmonize  perfectly.  The  beauty  pieces  in  the trend  edition ensure an ultimate wow-appearance: lips and nails shine in intensive shades extravagant enough  for  any  party.  The  fragrant body  powder  gives  the  face  and neckline  a  subtle shimmer  and  thanks  to  its  lovely  look,  it’s a  great  present,  too!  And the  hair  fragrance provides hair with a gold-glam touch as well as the wonderful fragrance of “like the party of my life”. Happy holidays… with essence!

essence merry berry – eyeshadow
Bright eyes. The highly pigmented eyeshadows in violet and copper offer gorgeous, metallic results. The soft powder texture with a circular relief structure  on  the  surface  is  long-lasting  and  easy  to blend.  Available  in 01 the perfect dress and 02 the masked ball. 

essence merry berry – hair fragrance
Perfume  &  care!  The  special  hair  fragrance  covers  the  hair  in  a  subtle layer  of  gold dust with  a  “like  the  party  of  my  life”  fragrance.  It  also makes  the  hair  easier  to comb,  gives  it a beautiful  shine  and  makes  it feel super soft. Available in 01 i love my golden pumps.

essence merry berry – lipstick
Shine vs. matt.  The lips are sure to be eye-catchers thanks to  the longlasting lipsticks in dark berry, intensive berry-pink and bright red. Berry and  berry-pink  provide  a  light  shine, while  the  red version  creates impressive lips with a trendy matt finish. Available   in 01 let's the berrytales begin,02 pink & perfect and 03 red rocks. 

essence merry berry – highlighter powder 
Shimmering  stars.  The  light,  powdery  texture  of  the  highlighter  comes with a lovely star embossment. It gives the complexion a subtle golden shimmer  for  a  beautiful  glowing look. Available  in  01  i  love  my  golden pumps. 

essence merry berry – scented gold dust powder
Body  dust.  The  powder  conjures-up  a  delicate,  lightly  scented  golden shimmer  on  the face and  neckline  for  gorgeous,  radiant  accents.  The round,  golden  bottle  with  a balloon-atomizer pump is sure  to  be  a  true eye-catcher  on  the  bathroom  shelf. Available  in  01  i  love  my golden pumps. 

essence merry berry – nail polish 
Luxury  polish!  This  winter,  the  nails  are  going  to  shine  in  dark  violet, shimmering purple, intensive  berry-pink  and  bright  red.  They  are  given a  glossy,  long-lasting  finish with  fantastic coverage.  The  bottle  with  a golden, round cap turns these polishes into beautiful  gems. Available in 01  the  masked  ball,  02  purple  with  purpose,  03  pink  & perfect  and  04 red rocks.

essence merry berry – top coat
Goldfinger.  This is the perfect top  coat  for those who want to give their colour  nail polish a golden touch.  The effect polish with golden flakes  –for  a  manicure  with  a  wow-factor! Available  in  01 i  love  my  golden pumps. 

essence merry berry – stripes nail stickers
Special  stripes!  The  cool,  self-adhesive  stripe  stickers  in  copper,  gold and  red  with  a metallic effect  help  conjure-up  awesome  nail  art  styles quickly  and  easily.  Available  in 01  i  save  the last  dance  for  you. 

essence merry berry – false lashes 
Eye-catcher! You can never be too glamorous during the festive season. The false lashes are ideal as they come in a set of single lashes with two different  lengths  that  optically lengthen  the  own lashes  to  ensure  a dramatic look. Includes lash glue. Available in 01 tonight, i'll be the one. 

essence  “merry  berry”  will  be  available  in  stores  from  November  to  December

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Preview: Catrice - Alluring Reds LE:)

Burgundy,  merlot,  cinnabar,  crimson or ruby. The colour red has many facets and can lean towards yellow or blue, which means that it  can be warm or cool. Red is a particularly eye-catching  colour and stands out as a warning signal. At the same time, the complementary colour cyan is known to express a sense of  life, passion and powerful emotions. The special significance of red as a rare colorant also creates a link to beauty and attractiveness, making this shade extremely popular with designers. Take a quick glance  at the Autumn/Winter collections  and  you cannot help but see red. Not in disbelief but because red is omnipresent.  Flared  or figure-hugging dresses and skirts as well as accessories, lips and  nails  –  the  colour  red  is  the  common  thread.  With  the  Limited Edition “Alluring  Reds”  by CATRICE, we are presenting a comprehensive range of unique red shades for the lips and nails in November 2015.  Four perfectly aligned products offer professional care and colour. The Lip Colour & Care Balsam provides the ideal basis while the  Liquid Lipsticks or  Matt Lip Colours bring intensive  red tones  to  the  lips  and  the Nail Glazes  offer  the  matching polishes  for  the  nails. Simply Red – by CATRICE.

Alluring Reds by CATRICE – Liquid Lipstick
Red is the New Black.  Three  Liquid Lipsticks in different nuances of red offer creamy, highly  pigmented  lip  colour  and  the  intensive  shine  of  a  lipgloss  in  one.  This
combination of gloss and lipstick is also an eye-catcher thanks to its packaging – the premium  lipgloss case with an integrated applicator has the look of a lipstick. Sensual and  modern!  Available  in  C01  Moulin's  Rouge,  C02  Brigitte  Bordeaux  and C03 Marilyn Monrouge. 

Alluring Reds by CATRICE – Matt Lip Colour
Red Passion. Intensive  colours and a fashionable matt finish. The highly pigmented, long-lasting texture  has a convincing  high coverage for beautifully pampered lips. The elegant stylo  pen rests comfortably in the hand  and is a perfect match for a feminine  glamour look. Available  in  C01  M-attraction,  C02  Striking M-attitude and C03 M-attempt To Conquest. 

Alluring Reds by CATRICE – Lip Colour & Care
Ready for Red. This lipbalm with a shiny finish and light  colour dispersion pampers the sensitive skin around the lips so that it feels soft and supple. Worn on its own, it creates a natural look. Used as a basis, the Lip Colour & Care  ensures particularly smooth  and flawless  colour  results.  Available  in  C01  Smooth  Operator.
Alluring Reds by CATRICE – Nail Glaze
Re(d)volution.  These sets each consist of a silver Base Coat and a red nail polish. Applied individually,  every  colour  is  a  fashion  statement  in  itself.  Used  in combination, the two polishes turn into an innovative eye-catcher. The silver  Base Coat  appears  with a unique porcelain shine, the red polish applied on top has  a metallic, high-gloss effect. Available in C01 Object Of Desire, C02  Art Of Seduction and C03 Pleasure Of Temptation. 

“Alluring Reds” by CATRICE will be available in stores in November 2015.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: Vichy - Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel-balm :)

Hello! In April ( I know, a long time ago!!) I was invited to Vichy event where they presented their new product and I was also very lucky and got something to test and try out - their new night cream Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery night gel-balm! I didn't start testing right away, but when I did I have been using this cream for almost two months and I was preparing this post for another two months, haha! Really time flies, I thought I will manage to post this up sooner. But oh well, it seems to me it's never too late to review a great skincare item, especially in such transition times from summer to fall, when we tend to switch up skincare products.

About the product - Idealia Skin Sleep is Vichy's first night cream that recreates the look of a good night's sleep, even when your nights are cut short. Skin feels smoother, your complexion looks more radiant and signs of fatigue appear reduced. The sleep quality, number of hours and regularity of bed time can all influence your skin quality the next day. During the night the skin is working it's hardest to regenerate and repair with key skin regenaration cycles taking place ( skin renewal,  cellular differentiation,  microcirculation and helping recover berrier function). These regeneration cycles peak at night so it's no surprise we can wake up with a tired looking, grey complexion when our sleep is disrupted or cut short. The product is suitable for all skin types and is paraben - free. Also suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

What this product promises - Idealia Skin Sleep, enriched with a complex of Glycyrrhizic Acid,  Hyaluronic Acid, Caffeine and LHA,  is designed to recreate the look of a good night's sleep. Signs of fatigue apper reduced and skin looks rested, complexion looks radiant and fresh, skin feels smoother supple and hydrated, skin tone looks more even and bright.

Packaging, price - Packaging of this cream is simply beautiful! It comes in a darker pink shade with a silvery closing cap, that has a mirror on top. It's a bit heavier and feels a bit more luxurious in your hands, as it's made from glass, only the cap is plastic, so be careful not to break it. Once open the product is good for another 12 months. The lovely shaped glass jar contains 50 ml of product for about 28,50 euros or some more, depends where you buy it, the price I am checking out is from this Slovenian online pharmacy shop :) The only downside of a pot packaging is that you can transfer bacteria from your hands into the rest of the cream so make sure you use it with clean hands.

How to use - The recommended application described at Vichy - take a small amount of product between your both palms and fingers and apply with smooth, slow motion using the whole surface of your hands. Smooth from the side of the nose to the outside of your face, smooth across the forehead, circular motion on your temples. Finish with a gliding motion that starts from the temples, move over the ears and the neck,  and than down and across the collarbones. Make sure to apply light pressure with the palm of the hands, to help relax tension. Personally I don't use it like this, I just take  a small amount , rub it between my fingers and than apply like I would be massaging my face, from the middle of my forehead spread it evenly to both sides and down the temples, than from the sides of my nose across my cheeks to both sides and than from about the middle of the neck up to my jawline. But anyway, you can apply it however it best suits you!

Ingredients - The cream contains Vitamin B3 and regenerating oils (from apricot kernel) which help with berrier function and make your skin more resistant to environmental effects. It includes exfoliating LHA, which helps your skin be smoother. glycyrrhizic and hyaluronic acids, that help with cellular repair and make your skin more even and supple. And also contains caffeine, that helps with microcerculacion and therefore helps you look less tired.

Texture, colour, scent, application - The texture is a light, balmy, a bit gellish but very pleasant to use and not at all as any other face creams I ever had. The name of the product is actually already suggesting at the texture, it's more a balm than a cream, and thanks to the texture it makes this a very light product but also very rich! You can feel it gliding on your face and fingers and at first I felt it was too heavy for me as I wasn't really used to such texture, but once it settles in and sinks into the skin it feels good, calming, gentle, lightly scented and nourishing. Just like a balm after a long day of stress, pollution and makeup. It has a slight stickiness to it and I must admit I didn't like that at all, but I got used to it and you don't feel it anymore after the product settles in. Also important to know, is that you don't need to apply big amounts of the product, just take that few extra seconds to spread a fat drop all over your face, as if you do apply it too thick it really doesn't feel well, it feels sticky even after it's absorbed, so take small amounts and if you need more add more later. The product doesn't need to be applied every night to show the effects, but can also be used only occasionaly, for when you know you have a big day the next day and you really want to look your best. The colour of the product is slightly pink, like a milky pink, but goes completely transparent when applied. It has a slight scent, nothing overpowering, but gentle fresh scent, a bit flowery. It's one of my favourite scents among  face creams products.

Effect - This cream may perform best on mature and normal to dry skin type, but as I am a quarter of a century old youg woman with a more oily to mixed skin type, it's quite possible I didn't notice as much of a difference as other users of this cream. This cream promises to bring results from day one, from the very first use and I admit I was very sceptical about this as I never believed a product can do miracles overnight. On me, I have noticed that my skin was a lot more nourished, plumper and that my scratched wounds on my jaw and neckline (from freshly scratched ex-acne) were healing a lot faster! They didn't look so red and so dry and didn't feel tightening around the scratched areas - which I really loved! It actually did help me heal my bad habit faster! On the rest of my face, especially the cheeks I have noticed a more even tone, smaller looking pores and also the cheeks looked more plump and fresh, not like I just woke up and need to take care of my face to make it look presentable but more like I just came out of a spa treatment. Skin felt very soft and as I have applied it also under my eyes, a tiny bit, I have noticed I didn't look so blue and purple as before. However, during summer months I have noticed it didn't suit me that well, as it was simply too hot and I was waking with a greasy face so I decided to wait until colder months to use it again and it was good decision, as now I wake up with nourished, plump skin without the greasy feel to it. I will continue to use this product as an occasional treatment and for pampering more than for regular night time use.

To sum it up - Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel-balm may be best for those of you with dry, normal and combination skin  type who have busy and hectic days and not much time to take care of the skin and are looking for a miracle worker to look well rested in the morning. Foundation simply can not hide everything.... It's a real treat whether you use it regularly or just occasionaly, it does actually help my skin look better! When I first tested it I was using it regularly and I must say it showed, after almost two months use my skin really looked better, and I'm not even over half of the pinky jar! Lately I have been using this only occasionaly, when I felt my skin needed a bit of a boost. I am really happy I got the chance to try this out as I would otherwise simply dismiss it as something that wouldn't suit my skin type at all.

Hope this review was helpful to you!
Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

*PR product

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Currently loving - L'Occitane - Jasmin & Bergamote :)

Hello! I have been loving some fresh scents lately and this post was kinda supposed to be up in summer, but there was just so much going on! I have received this lovely trio of fresh goods by L'Occitane from my boyfriend last December - I know, I have been saving it for a long time! I did use it up bit by bit, and now only the soap is left to use up. I have left it among my lingerie as it gave off such a lovely scent that everything I wore smelled fresh of Jasmin & Bergamote

I have tested and loved the Body milk/Lait Parfume as it's just simply smelling so divine! It's definitely not hydrating enough for me, I wish it was a bit more, but during summer months I loved to use this as it has light formulation that sinks in well and gives some hydration. I mostly used it before going to bed and it felt very relaxing. There was no sticky feeling on my legs, it really sinks in fast, it smells great, as well as my bed and my room. The texture seems to me more of a lotion than milk, but it didn't bother me at all. Too bad I only had the small version of this product, the 50 ml.. I wish I could repurchase, but I have so many open stuff yet to use!

The second product I still have and am currently using is this lovely Perfumed soap/Savon Parfume. It's a large dose of awesome scent, a 125g soap that gently washes the skin leaving it delicately fragranced. The scent is again, very strong and very fresh, the combination of Jasmin and Bergamote is amazing! I really like this soap, as it's gentle and doesn't give that dry feeling to the skin as many other soap bars do. As mentioned before I kept this soap for a long time mixed with my lingerie and it kept it fresh and scented for a longer time. If nothing else I will be repurchasing this soap. Though I would love to have the perfume version from this collection, I just can't get enough of it!

Third product I have been lucky enough to pamper with was Shower gel/Douche Parfume. This one has been empty for some time now, you can check it out in my latest empties post. I loved this shower gel as it gave scent not only to my skin but the whole bathroom and it was a real pampering experience to use this when tired and after a really long day. I loved the feel of the product on the skin, as it's more of a gel than a classical shower product, it's a bit more like a jelly and foams well when mixed with water. It was gentle to the skin, and the combination of fresh and floral is simply too good to pass - I need to repurchase this too! It did not dry out my skin and it didn't nourish it much either, so if you have really dry skin, this may not be good for you, but for those with a normal to mixed skin all over body this will suit just fine. It feels light on the skin and doesn't leave any traces on the skin once washed off, just a lovely scent that lingers for hours after use. If you like products that leave some scent on your skin, this may be perfect for you to try!

Have you tried any of these? If you haven't go smell them in person and let me know what you think, maybe ask for some samples? I am really in love with the scent and I think I might purchase the perfume for next spring/summer season! :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ocena: Oriflame Swedish SPA - Čistilna maska za obraz :)

Pozdravljeni! Ste že poskusili kakšno masko za obraz znamke Oriflame? Sama sem imela priložnost testirati masko linije Swedish SPA - Purifying face mask  oz. Čistilna maska za obraz. Do sedaj sem uporabljala podobno masko znamke Balea, ki pa pride pakirana v dve blazinice in je namenjena nekje dvema uporabama. Drugih mask podobnega tipa še nisem poskusila, zato sem z veseljem testirala tole in sedaj je na vrsti ocena ;)

O izdelku Razstruplja in globinsko čisti kožo. Nanesite na čisto, suho kožo, izogibajte se predelu okoli oči. Pustite delovati 10 minut, nato sperite. Z razstrupljevalnim malahitom in kaolinom, bogatim z minerali, ki odstranijo nečistoče ter mehčalnim Hydracare+.

Embalaža, cena - Embalaža je preprosta, plastična, izdelek enostavno iztisnete ven. To mi je veliko bolj všeč kot recimo lonček, saj se enostavneje dozira in je bolj higienično. Vsebuje 50 ml, cena pa je 6,99 evra.


Moja izkušnja - Izdelek ima rahel vonj, ki ga težko opišem, osebno me spominja na kak prašek, ampak mi diši. Direktno iz tube je vonj močan, na obrazu pa se malo bolj razdiši in mi vonj ni premočen. Izdelek sem uporabljala kot po navodilih, na očiščen obraz sem nanesla enakomeren sloj, pa tudi pod spodnjo čeljust na pregib z vratom in zgornji del vratu, ker imam tam največ težav z mozolji. Tekstura je podobna kakšni pasti, kot recimo zobni pasti, je zelo gosta, ampak se s prsti lepo nanese na kožo obraza. Z čopičem sem bila preveč počasna in okorna in se je vmes že pričela sušiti na določenih delih. Za en nanos se izdelka ne porabi veliko, nekje dve debeli kaplji, oziroma vsaj sama nisem čutila potrebe po tem, da bi nanesla več. Načeloma sem masko uporabljala 1 do 2-krat na teden. Masko sem enostavna sprala z obraza z mlačno vodo, nisem imela nobenih težav z možnimi ostanki, je pa res, da je potrebno malce bolj natančno spiranje, saj tam kjer se res posuši včasih malce traja, da se jo zdrgne stran. Po uporabi je bila koža mehka, ampak ne izsušena. Maska je tako nežna, da se ne čuti nobenega pekočega, hladilnega ali kakršnegakoli občutka na obrazu, kot recimo pri Balea Totes Meer maske kjer prav čutiš malce žgoč občutek na obrazu. Koža po uporabi tudi ni tako izsušena kot pri Baleii ampak je mehka, navlažena, popolnoma mat, v bistvu imam pod prsti občutek kot bi imela baby puder nanešen na obraz. Koža je izdelek dobro sprejela in nisem opazila kakšnih rdečic, srbečic ali podobnih reakcij, niti povečan nastanek mozoljev. Nekatere ocene na spletu so omenjale, da maska na koži pusti tak bel film, belo plast na obrazu in da se tega ne da sprati z obraza dol drugače kot z čistilnim gelom. Sama tega nisem opazila, meni se ni zdelo, da bi mi maska puščala kak ostanek na obrazu, ki ga ne bi mogla sprati, razen občutek kot bi imela nanešen baby puder, vendar v obraz definitivno nisem bila bela. Morda se to zgodi osebam, ki uporabljajo masko, ki ni najbolj primerna za njihov tip kože, torej suha koža, normalna koža. Osebno bi masko priporočila vsem z mastnim tipom kože, v kombinaciji z kožnimi nepravilnostmi(mozolji, zamašene pore) in morda bi bila primerna tudi za vse z mešano do mastno kožo. Poleg tega sem navajena, da pred nanosom olja/seruma/kreme vedno nanesem še tonik, vendar nisem opazila, da bi na vatki ostalo še kaj izdelka. Pač potrebno ga je res lepo sprati, sama se nad tem ne pritožujem, ker tisto minuto izkoristim še za nežno masažo obraza. Maska mi je zelo dobro očistila pore, všeč mi je, da ne izsušuje kože ter jo v bistvu navlaži. Koža je po uporabi mehka na dotik in vidno bolj enotnega tena. Edina pomankljivost, ki sem jo opazila je to, da je res potrebno jo dobro sprati z obraza in da to malce traja.

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč! V kolikor ste poskusili kakšno Oriflame masko za obraz in jo priporočate, kaj naj poskusim naslednjič? :)

Hvala za pozornost ter Oriflame Slovenija za izdelek ;)

Love, UniqaPoly