Saturday, September 5, 2015

Currently loving - Balea Lip Oil with Coconut scent :)

Hello! Another product I am currently in love with and have been since the minute I bought it is another lip balm, only it's actually an lip oil by Balea! So todays short review will present to you Balea Lippen Ol Roll On mit Cocos-Duft/ Lip oil roll - on with coconit scent!

Packaging, price - Plastic tube  in a creamy milky colour, where you squeeze out the product with a roll on aplplicator and golden cap. The roll-on applicator is one of the things I really dislike about this product, as it's really sturdy and scratches my lips, it's really uncomfortable to apply with ti. Usually I just squeeze some more product out until it's thickly covered over the roll - on and than apply it. It contains 10 ml of the product, the price is about 2 euros. 


What it promises - this lip oil promises to make your lips smooth, give them a silky sensation and relieve dry lips, making them noursihed and soft. Also adds a subtle sheen to your lips. Also the product is vegan!

Why I love this lip oil - Well, the scent of course! The summery coconuty scent is simply one of the aspects of this product that I am really adoring and I believe other coconut lovers will too!
As mentioned earlier the roll - on mechanism is not the best, also it's quite hard to move the roll because of the oily texture. Still if you carry the lip oil in your pockets and make it warmer than it might pour out faster and spill if they would have used a different applicator. The cap has the rotation lock, so there's no chance of accidentaly opening it in your purse. 

The oil itself is transparent and well, smells like coconut! It does have a slight taste to it, but it's nothing too strong, just a bit of sweetness. The scent of the product is also not too sweet but more like a scent of a genuine coconut. The scent also lingers for a longer period of time and does not evaporate after a certain period of time wearing the product.

The texture is not that oily as the name would suggest. It's rather thick and therefore needs some patience when applying it. It gives your lips a clear shine but doesn't make them look oily, like you just ate something greasy. It feels smooth and creamy on the lips, not like an oil at all.  You could use it under your lipsticks or lip glosses, but personally I don't find it a good base under lipsticks, maybe just under glosses as it tends to make the other products look more sheer. The product still does the job well and is nourishing, at least to my lips,  Also important - it's a non-sticky formula which I really like and once it sets it just gives a hint of a clear gloss on your lips but looks very natural. For those of you with really sensitive lips, this product may not be the best choice as it's scented and the formula might not suit you best as the product tends to stay on the lips rather than sink in completely. 

Personally I am a huge fan of coconut scented products and I really love this oil too! It's nourishing but not as much as let's say NUXE Reve de miel lip balm, it's protective but light, non-sticky and gives a bit of shine to the lips. The bonuses are also the low price, easy availability (every DM store should have it), lovely packaging (aside from roll - on applicator) and good lip care. If you like coconut scented products or just want your summer to last longer with a little help of a beauty product than this should be a lovely treat for you!

Do you have any other coconut scented lip balms you like and think I should try out?
Hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


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    1. Priporočam, dokler je še na policah, ker je pač bolj tak poleten, niti ne vem koliko čaa še bo v ponudbi, čeprav na njem ne piše da bi bil limited edition :)

  2. Meni je tudi všeč!:) Itak sem ga najprej videla na tvojem blogu. Tekstura mi je odlična in tako nekako pomirjevalna za ustnice. Bi pa mogoče rada bolj izrazit vonj kokosa, nekako me na vse drugo spominja, samo na kokos ne :).
    Odlične fotografije. Lepa kompozicija s školjkami ;)

    1. Me veseli,da ti je fajn :) Ja vonj bi lahko bil še močnejši ampak je po eni strani fajn da ni, ker enim pač preveč močno diši. ta je tak bolj lahek.. Hvallaaa <3 :)

  3. Uuu, nisem še poskusila nobene Balee zadeve za ustnice. Morda pa je končno napočil čas, ker obožujem zadeve z vonjem kokosa.

    1. Priporočam, meni je zelo fajn :) Prav tako Sundance balzam za ustnice Vanilja&Kokos :)

  4. U tole pa izgleda zanimivo :D bo treba kakšen DM prešnofat preden se spomnejo da tega ne bodo več prodajali :D

    1. Ja to pa, zs vsak slučaj da ne bo že iz prodaje... :)


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