Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Preview: Essence - #mymessage fragrance sets LE :)

Send love and kisses! Emoticons  are more popular than ever and have developed into a language of their own. These icons have become indispensible, especially in online chats, as they describe emotions vividly. Two of the new #mymessage fragrances by essence will be  available  as  exclusive  sets from  October  to  December  2015.  All  girls can now give love  and  kisses  away  as  a  fragrance  –  to  their  best  friend,  cool  sister or to themselves  as  a  special  treat.  In  addition  to  the  30  ml  eau  de  toilette,  both  gift boxes contain a stylish smartphone case in a trendy design with a zipper and  an essence band.essence loves Emoticons and fragrances! 

The  eau  de  toilettes  were  developed  in  collaboration  with  internationally renowned French perfumers. The cool design of #mymessage is presented with a love of detail with small  and  large  icons  in  an  App-like  look  and  cheerful,  bright  colors  to ensure  a trendy packaging. The premium glass flacons with their different juice colors  –  to go with each emoticon – are sure to take center stage. 

essence fragrance set – #mymessage love
So  in  love!  Sensitive,  warm  and  unique  –  this  fragrance  makes  you  fall  in  love. Tangerine, grapefruit, raspberry and pear give the fragrance a fruity and sparkling head note, while red orchid, heliotrope and jasmine add a floral component in the heart note. The basis makes this fragrance truly special: dried timber, sandalwood,  creamy caramel and  musk  come  together  in  this  wonderful  composition.  On  top,  the  set contains  a fashionable smartphone case.

essence fragrance set – #mymessage kiss
Spread  kisses!  Exciting,  sweet  and  individual  –  this  fragrance  tingles  like  a passionate kiss.  Red and black currant as well as apple and raspberry start off fruity in the top note and lead into a light, sparkling and sensual heart note with a creamy almond scent. The basis rounds off this soft fragrance with sandalwood, vanilla, musk and cotton candy and gives it a subtle sweet touch. On top, the set contains a trendy smartphone case. 

Love, UniqaPoly

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