Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review: AVON Extra Lasting eyeshadow - Forever Bronze :)

Hello! There are never enough eyeshadows for me, so I have of course tried out some more and this time I have tested Avon Extra Lasting eyeshadow in shade Forever Bronze

What it is? - Extremely lasting eyeshadw with intense colour, does not transfer. It promises to maintain intense colur up to 18 hours,  does not crease, provides comfortable wear. How it works - the creamy gel formula provides easy application and provides already mentioned 18 hours of wear and also does not smudge or crease once applied. There are five shades available, I have chosen the more choclatey one, the Forever bronze. Other shades are lighter and more vibrant or pastel.

Packaging, price - The product is contained in a small round glass pot with a red plastic cap. Because of the fat glass pot it feels quite heavy. It contains  3.5 grams and it's priced at 8 euros, but can be bought for less, depending on the catalog.

Texture, pigmentation, scent, application, longevity, finish - The texture of this eyeshadow is actually very unusual. Thou this is a creamy eyeshadow it is not the same as any other I have tried so far - Maybelline, Oriflame, Bourjois (it may have some resemblace to this one as Bourjois feels very dry under fingers as well) for example. This is more like dry creamy, if you know what I mean. It spreads like a creamy eyeshadow but it donsn't feel like it under my fingers. This feels more compact, more dry. It dries completely within seconds of application and it's locked right where you applied it, which doesn't give you much time to blend. Still, I had no problems removing it with a creamy makeup remover. Shade can be built up if you want it darker and stronger, you can go over two or even three times. but I would advise you to do so quickly, before the eyeshadows settles and is fixed. The easiest application is with fingers, but if you feel like you are too clumsy you might want to try synthetic brush with shorter hair. Also it contains a very slight shimmer, but it looks very downtuned and gentle, don't worry you will not looks too glittery and shiny. It has a slight scent when in the pot but nothing that I would be able to smell when applied. Also, don't forget to close the lid well after use, you don't want this eyeshadow to dry out. I have used this shade on it's own, without any primer, as I felt it didn't need any help and it lasted really well, all together I have noticed it last for 8 hours straight with no differences but than it began to fade. Probably it would work better with some primer, but I felt my eyelids were greasy enough already and that they did not need any more products. The finish is more metalic than pearly, still looking very chic and not too glittery, just subtle every day eyeshadow.

Forever Bronze - it's a warm bronze shade that is looking quite dark and browny. It has a slight shimmer in it, as mentioned before, but it gives just a subtle shine to your eyes. I find the shade very suitable to flatter any eye colour, maybe more blues and greens, but even on brown eyes it looked really lovely. I used it on its own a lot, just added some black kohl pencil and black mascara. Quick and easy makeup look for when you are in a hurry.

Some would compare this to Maybelline's On and On Bronze, so I made a quick comparison. The Maybelline one is a lot more shiny and a lot more glittery. It does have a more creamy consistency and it feels more creamy under your fingers, but blends a very easy as well as the Avon eyeshadow. The only difference may be that Maybelline gives you a bit more time to blend and reapply or do any other touch ups. As for longevity I believe both do a pretty similar, great job! I usually use both without primers and they really last long. And swatches - top is Maybelline and bottom Avon :) I can not really say which one is better, but somehow I prefer the Maybelline one, probably because it's a lighter shade and I am simply more used to it.

I hope this post was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Krasna barva, mi je celo bolj všeč kot Maybelline :) <3

  2. Super odtenek. Sem že tolikokrat gledala ta kremna senčila, pa na koncu nisem nobenega naročila, ker sem se bala, da bodo isti odtenki kot Maybelline. Me je kar groza, ker imam res veliko Maybelline odtenkov in jih moram porabit preden se mi posušijo. Mi je pa všeč ta odtenek ravno zato, ker ni tako shiny :) Upam, da Avon doda še kakšne nove unikatne odtenke, da bom imela izgovor za nakup :D

    1. Jaz imam štiri tele Maybelline pa bi imela še kakšnega, hehe :P Pa tudi od avona bi imela še kakšnega čeprav se mi zdi da bi se mi potem odtenki pa res ponavljali. Tale Forever Bronze mi je všeč ker je bolj rjavkast, temnejši in manj svetleč, za druge Avon odtenke si pa ne upam reči kakšni so, sem jih videla samo v katalogu in tudi jaz upam da bodo dodali še kakšen drug odtenek, kaj kar druge znamke nimajo, drugače se vse že preveč ponavlja...

  3. Tole pa res izgleda zanimivo. Barva mi je všeč - mislim, da celo bolj kot Maybelline ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Ja lepa brava je, pride pa na vekah veliko bolj temna, bolj rjava od Maybelline, ker je tekstura bolj hitro sušeča se na veki mi je Maybelline ljubši, ker mi da več časa da zabrišem in popravim, drugače pa kombinacija obeh odtenkov izgleda tudi zelo lepo, maybelline v notranjem kotičku očesa in avon v zunanjem :)


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