Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: REVLON - ULTRA HD lipstick - 820 HD Petunia :)

Hello! Another lipstick review :P These Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks have been in stores for a long time now and I only got one shade, which is very unusual for me as I tend to buy a lot of the shades from same range as they usually appeal to me, but this one is just.. well good but not too impressing at first glance. The interesting thing about this collection of lipsticks is that they all have been named after a flower, so you have names such as Petunia, Magnolia, Hydrangea, Rose, Geranium, ...

About the product - Ultra HD lipsticks are lipsticks that do not contain wax and offer intense pigmentation, they promise to be light, soft and moisturizing. 

Packaging, price - The packaging is simple, plastic transparent and silver bullets, which honestly looks very breakable and cheap. The good thing of a clear cap is that it helps you quickly determine which shade you have (in case you have several from the collection). Also the lipstick is longer than the silvery tube and of course, clumsy me, I managed to break my lipstick at the top and also smudge it all over the transparent cap, so be careful how you open or close it. It offers 3g of lipstick for  about 11 euros, which I find a bit too much as the packaging really sucks, at least to me... simply meh...

Shade - I have only one shade at the moment, it's called Petunia and it's a deep berry with a hint of silver to it, which is not visible when on the lips. Love the shade even though in person it looks more pinkish than berry, but if applied strongly it gets a bit darker and looks more berry. Gives a lovely punch of warm colour to my lips and really brightens the whole face!

Texture, application, finish, pigmentation, scent, staying power- The texture of this lipstick is really light! It glides effortlessly on the lips and leaves behinf a natural sheen. To me the application is really easy, just simply straight from the bullet, no need for a lip liner or a lip brush. The pigmentation is really good, but still the lipstick is not completely opaque, so I applied this lipstick in two thin layers. It goes on easy, like a butter, which I loved, it feels light and moisturizing on the lips. The formula is gel-based and does not cling to the lips as much as the wax ones, so the colour is more prone to smudging and transferring, meaning shorter wear time. It reminds me a lot of Lip Butters, which I love and have a lot of shades at home, but it's even more creamy and buttery than those lipsticks plus it has more pigmentation. The finish is as mentioned already a bit shiny, leaves a slight sheen, so it's not too glossy and not too creamy, but definitely not matte.  Scent is very strong with this lipstick, very sweet, really really sweet! It reminds me more of a vanilla scent, but very sweet and to me this smells good, but maybe to some this may be too much. On the lips however the scent is not too strong and does not bother me, but straight from the bullet it may be a bit too much. Staying power is well, as mentioned, not that impressive, but that's more because of the formula. The shine goes away quite quickly, on me in a matter of one hour and the rest of the lipstick starts showing the need to be reapplied within three hours. Too bad, but still, it's more of a formula thingy than anything else, so I don't really blame them. Anyway, I find 11 euros still too much for a lipstick that doesn't last on me much, but as it's Revlon I still love it! I just can't help myself, I have to try every new lipstick line they offer and I have to see how it works on me.

I have mixed feelings about this lipstick and I honestly can not say what exactly bothers me the most... The packaging, lasting power or the shade (it's a lovely shade, but currently I am not feeling it that much and don't really want to wear it, but it's a pretty one)... I simply find about 11 euros a bit too much for a lipstick that delivers but not quite. Still I wish for some more shades, I have set my eyes on shades Rose, Magnolia and Iris, but unfortunately not all three shades are available in Slovenia, so I will see which ones will I get if any... I am kinda hoping for some sales or discounts or something, as I find the full price a bit too much for a lipstick that impressed me but simply not that much that I would be "head over heels" in love with it.

I hope this review was helpful to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Jaz imam Rose in sem čisto navdušena nad njo, jo nonstop nosim :) Mi je pa tale odtenek tudi krasen, sem ga spregledala v trgovini. Je pa meni tudi uspelo čisto umazat ta pokrovček, sama embalaža res ni najbolj posrečena.

    1. Sama sem ravno predvčerajšnim prejela odtenek Rose in moram priznati da prva dva nanosa sta bila grozna, odtenek se je vsedal na suhe dele ustnice, barva je veliko bokj pastelno svetlo roza kot se mi je zdela da bo... nisem najbolj zadovoljna.. Mi je odtenek Petunia veliko bolj všeč! :) Embalaža pa ja, zelo težko ostane čista! :P


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