Monday, November 30, 2015

NEW IN November :)

Hello! And it's that time of the year again... yes, it's gone by way too fast! I haven't really been up to much in November, just working on my studies and trying to post as much as possible. I have a lot of products that I still want to review so, you can expect more reviews in the future. I know it can get a bit borring to read just reviews, but all I have time for is this so... and it makes me happy to talk at length about a specific product and that's all that matters! I haven't been much to the stores this month, no advent calendar to show you or anything like that.. just a couple of goodies I bought, a couple I got to review and a couple of gifts!

First I bought a new Balea shower gel, it's from their latest winter limited edition called Frost Flower and smells of roses and maracuja, a very interesting combination that comes in a deep green colour! Really fun to use! Second I treated my self with a product similar to Kozmetika Afrodita's under eye mask - Balea Augen - und Lippenmaske. I haven't gotten around to try it out yet, but I hope I will soon. One of my more recent purchases was this Refreshing toner Lavander and Tea Tree by Krasna, which I have had before and have already posted a full review about it here. So this is just a repurchase really, I have finally ran out of all toners and such products, I only have a little bit of Melvita Rose water left, so it was time to buy it! Plus you have 50% off with a coupon at DM stores until 12th of December. :P

Essence Winter? Wonderful! LE   has been on my wishlist since I saw the promo photos! I was lucky enough to catch the last hand cream 01 You melt my heart that was still on the stand at my local Muller store! The other two products I received for review purposes, I got a lovely blush in shade  01 Winter Kissed Cheeks and Tint & oil for lips in shade  01  If Kisses Were Snowflakes...! I am very pleased with all three products! So far my first impressions are very positive!

You may be wondering what these are, but if you follow and read me for a longer period of time you will know I am very fond of Maybelline's Color Tattoos and of course I had to get the new shades. I wanted to post about them sooner, but I wanted to get all four shades first and here they are! I got Color  24hr Tattoo Creamy Mattes in shades Creme de Nude, Creme de Rose,  Vintage Plum, Creamy Beige. Love them all, especially the Creamy Beige! A review is coming up in December!

 Another limited edition by Essence! This one was so hyped up I was barely able to get anything from it and I bough these online at Click2chic. While I was ordering it was constanly changing, one second the product was available, the next it was gone. Last week I kinda ran unexpectedly into a full stand and I got a little something for Christmas gifts as well! From the Merry Berry LE I have Scented gold dust powders 01 I love my golden pumps, lipsticks in 03 Red rocks and 01 Let's the berry - tales begin, nail polish in 01 The masked ball. So far I love the lipsticks, the nail polish didn't impress me as the shade doesn't really show up as it looks in the bottle. And the shimmery golden dust may look pretty but doesn't actually work well, at first it didn't disperse any product, now it comes out in big lumps... not my best purchase it would seem.

One of the highlights of November was another blogger event - I was invited to L'Occitane store for the presentation of the new holiday collections. I have posted about the event and about some gift ideas and also already posted some of my first impressions here. I got a lovely personalized gift before I left with my name on and a gift card with my name on (love that they added my blogs name as well). From the products I got L'Occitane Jasmin- Immortelle Neroli body lotion, Pamplemousse  Rhubarbe hand cream and Miel Mandarine lip balm. I especially love the lip balm and hand cream! Been using them all the time lately!

And a couple of products I have received for review purposes. Vichy pampered me with Dermablend Fluid Corrective foundation 16 hr in shade 25 Nude and mini foundation brush. I am really impressed by Dermablend foundation! I have not expected it to give me so much coverage! The shade is maybe a bit more yellow than I'm used to but I really like it so far! Also looks so smooth and matte on my face! I have wanted to try this foundation for a long time now and we are headed off with a good start!

From Oriflame I have received two lovely products - a lip balm Love Nature with Olive oil! As you know I love lip balms, lip related products, anything for lips really and I like this lip balm a lot! It's not too greasy but still nourishes well! Has a lovely scent to it too! The second product I fell in love with immediately is by Giordani Gold and it's one of the three  Eye Shadow quads in shade Radiant Plum! I love these shades, they are so perfect for a lovely glammed up evening look or just for everyday use! Love the golden shade in the palette and the rosy - violet ones as well, as all three are matte! And so soft!

And some gifts! I have been well pampered this month! I have received a bunch of lipsticks - from Catrice I got two lipsticks from their latest limited editions - Treasure Trove LE Precious Lip Colour C03 Treasured Twinkles and Alluring Reds Matt Lip Colour C02 Striking M- attitude. I also got a Bourjois  lippie, I have not tried this collection yet, even though it has been available for a couple of months now, I got Rouge Edition AQUA Laque in shade 03 Brun'croyable.  And the last two lipsticks I have received are by L'Oreal, both are from the new collections, I have just spotted them in stores this month. I got Matte lip gloss in shade 407 Smoke me up and L'Oreal  Collection Exclusive by Eva  Color Riche lipstick in shade Eva's Delicate Rose. And the last one I bough myself is a lip balm by Balea, called Crazy Raspberry, one of the summer limited editions that are now on discount as they won't be selling these anymore.

And the sweetest part of the month I kept for last! I got this gorgeous  book Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge as a gift from my better half! This was actually a gift for our anniversary that arrived early and so I got it a bit sooner! I love it! It's easy to read, with a lot of graphic material and interesting details! It's really perfect for all makeup lovers who want to know more than just how to create a specific look!

Do you like my new products? I must say this month I have only the best of the best, products I actually wanted to get and bought only what I really wanted to have. Really pleased with myself for keeping a leash on my spending, spent little money for a lot of products and also I must admit I love to be pampered - I got so many gifts and received lovely products to review! Me happy!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

Sunday, November 29, 2015

First Impressions: CAUDALIE - VINOSOURCE Riche - Intense Moisture Rescue Cream

Hello!  Another skincare review for you! I have had this cream, VINOSOURCE Riche Intense Moisture Rescue Cream for very dry skin by CAUDALIE for a couple of months now and I finally got around to write my first impressions. Why first impressions after months of testing it? Because this cream is really not suitable for my skin type (oily to mixed skin type with acne problems) and would not work for me on a daily basis, so I had this like an S.O.S. product, when I felt like my skin was really dry or I had acne scars I wanted to heal faster or I just felt I need to give my skin a more rich and heavy formula to help it replenish overnight. So this cream wasn't used regularly and I can not say what effect it would have on my skin if I used it daily, but I can say how it worked for me on those single uses every once in a while.

Packaging, price - It comes in white plastic tube with red twist cap, easy to use, small packaging that doesn't take up much space, sleek and well, nothing special. It contains 40 ml of product that has 9 months of shelf life once opened. Anyway, I like the tube, as it's full size but still travel friendly. The price depends on where you buy it, FeelUnique offers this cream for 32,43 euros, Slovenian readers can get this cream at VivaDerm for 26,95 euros, or at for 26,96 euros.

What it promises - "This rich, hydrating cream provides must-have moisture protection to repair and cure dry, dehydrated skin.  Grape oil and Shea butter deeply nourish and soothe to restorethe hydrolipidic layer and stregthen the skin's moisture barrier, resulting in soft, comfortable skin."

Texture, application, scent - The texture is really lightweight, rich and creamy, but not too sticky or greasy. The base of this cream is made of glycerin, squalane and  cetearyl alcohol. This cream does have a gentle fragrance, which I really like, it may not be the best for sensitive skin, but on me this worked fine, no irritations. The texture is really moisturizing, it's a very soothing cream, but you need to be careful not to apply it too heavily as it may make you look greasy or also make you feel like you have a heavy layer on your skin.

Effect on my skin - As already mentioned, I haven't been using this cream regularly, as it's not really fit for my skin type. Still, I have been using this on occassions, as a part of my night time skin care routine. I applied a small drop all over my face as this really spreads well and you don't need much to get the effect of this cream. I loved the texture that was nourishing but not too heavy. Even though this is meant for a really dry skin I usually woke up without looking greasy or anything, but just with a soft nourished skin. For some time now I have been noticing my skin has changed and is showing signs of dehydration, and even though I know there are creams out there that perform better for oily skin types I still wanted to try this one. I'm glad I did, as I found my own miracle worker, that helps me overnight to achieve a better, healthier skin. It goes hand in hand with my beloved Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep night cream and serum, these three did miracles for my skin in the last year. They didn't help me get rid of my acne or help me control sebum and shine or anything like that, but they visibly helped me heal my skin faster, especially this VinoSource cream. This one is really good for rescuing your skin from all the bad - dehydration, redness, irritations, dry patches, damaged skin from scratching my acne. Before I always though only Argan oil by Omnia Botanica could help me with these troubles, but now I see this cream can do that as well and even faster! I will keep using this cream as a rescue S.O.S. treatment whenever I will feel like I need something more to nourish my skin. I don't know if this would suit me as a daily moisturizer, as I think it's a bit too nourishing and I usually don't need so much care, but this years transit to fall and winter seems to be a bit more rocky than I'm used to and I will keep this cream by my side through this season. My boyfriend also tested it and used a bit too much at first, so he commented that he feels this cream is too greasy, but now that he uses a small drop, he likes this one as well and also loves the gentle scent.


Have you tried any of the VinoSource creams? Do you like them, maybe recommend them? I am really happy I was able to try this as this is something I wouldn't probably choose for myself, I would probably go for a mattifying fluid, but I'm glad I got to try this one! It really helps me heal my skin faster and it feels very soft and nourished after use! Plus you only need a small drop so a tube of 40 ml will last you for quite some time!

Hope this post was helpful to you! If you liked it, I would love it if you could also share it!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

*PR product

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Killibinbin nega las z Aussie! / Killibinbin hair care with Aussie!

Pozdravljeni! Tokrat imam za vas oceno izdelkov Aussie, ki sem jih pridno testirala v preteklih dveh mesecih in sem jih tudi že skoraj porabila, sploh šampon za lase ter balzam. Aussie izdelke lahko pri nas zasledite že kar nekaj časa, na voljo so v Muller trgovinah, od te jeseni naprej pa tudi v prodajalnah DM in ponujajo pa različne linije - Miracle Moist, Aussome Volume, Miracle Shine, Mega Instant, Colour Matte ter Luscious Long. Sama sem poskusila šampon Miracle Shine za utrujena lase brez sijaja, Miracle Moist balzam za lase ter 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner za poškodovane lase.

Hello! Today I have prepared a review of Aussie products I have been testing in the last two months and have also almost used them up as well, especially shampoo and conditioner. Aussie products have been available in Slovenia for some time now, first at Muller stores and since this Autumn you can also get these at DM stores. They offer different product lines - Miracle Moist, Aussome Volume, Miracle Shine, Mega Instant, Colour Matte and Luscious Long. I have tried and reviewed Miracle Shine shampoo for tired, dull shineless hair, Miracle Moist hair conditioner and Three Minutes Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner for damaged hair.

Najprej pa malce o Aussie na splošno, da boste vedele, zakaj je tako poseben :P Aussie je leta 1979 ustanovil Tom Redmond. Po obisku Avstralije je dobil navdih za razvoj 3 minutnega čudeža, intenzivnega balzama, ki postreže z izjemnimi rezultati v samo treh minutah. Samozavest znamke se skriva v mogočnosti izvedbe, kvaliteti sestavin in značilnem videzu. Vsak Aussie izdelek je zasnovan tako, da lasje dobijo prave koristi. Raznolike, skrbno izbrane avstralske  sestavine omogočajo, da z veseljem razpustite lase in z njimi uživate. Aussie je edinstvena mešanica Aussie karakterja, Aussie tehnologije, Aussie las in Aussie vonja – skupaj pa ustvarijo edinstveno izkušnjo, ki ustreza vsem tipom las. 

But first, a little bit abou Aussie and what makes it special! Brand was founded in 1979 by Tom Redmond. After his visit of Australia he got  an inspiration to create a three minute miracle, intense balm, that gives instant results in only three minutes. The confidence of this brand originates from the performance, quality ingredients and signature look. Every Aussie product is based so that your hair get the right benefits. Different, carefully chosen australian ingredients give you the chance to wear your hair long and enjoy them. Aussie is an unique mix of Aussie charachter, technologie, hair and scent - all together create unique experience, that suits all hair types.

Za Aussie je značilna avstralska dediščina – živi in nam pusti, da poskrbimo za sijoč videz tvojih las :P, naravne, edinstvene avstralske sestavine – eksotični in nekonvencionalni viri Avstralije za katerimi stoji posebna zgodba, neustavljiv vonj – vsaka kolekcija ima poseben vonj, to jo razlikuje od ostalih izdelkov in vsakič znova prebudi strast, prelepi lasje – sijoči in zdravi lasje polni življenja, ki se jih želite dotakniti in vedno izgledajo čudovito.

Typical for Aussie is australian heritage - live and let them take care of your shiny hair, unique australian ingredients - exotic and unconventional sources of Australia, special scent - each collection has it's own signature scent, beautiful hair - shiny and healthy hair full of life, that make you want to touch them and look wonderful!

Prvi izdelek v moji rutini je šampon za lase  Miracle Shine. Embalaža je nekako tipična za vse Aussie izdelke - bela plastenka, ki jo na vrhu dopolnjujejo kenguruji ter napis Aussie. Šampon vsebuje 300 ml, kar je super količina, ki vam bo zdržala nekje dva meseca zagotovo (odvisno od porabe in pogostosti umivanja ter ali ste pripravljeni šampon deliti še s kom:P). Doziranje je enostavno, samo stisnete ven željeno količino, plastenka je dovolj mehka in to ne povzroča nobenih težav. Vsaka linija ima svoj posebni vonj, od preizkušenih izdelkov mi najbolj diši Miracle Moist balzam za lase, na drugem mestu pa je šampon, ki ima meni osebno res najbolj bonbončkast vonj. Vonj šampona je vseeno močnejši od balzama, vsaj meni se zdi, da po uporabi še vedno bolj vonjam šampon kot balzam... oziroma kombinacijo obeh izdelkov. Vonj se na laseh zadrži nekaj časa po umivanju, kar mi je zelo všeč. Šampon obljublja sijaj in naj bi bil primeren za lase, ki potrebujejo malce pomoči, da lažje zasijejo. Šampon vsebuje izvlečke avstralskega ginsenga in biserni prah. Načeloma nisem opazila povečanega sijaja na mojih laseh, imela pa sem lepo navlažene in mehke lase po vsaki uporabi. Drugače pa s sijajem nimam takih težav, tako, da se na meni tole ni morda izkazalo tako, kot bi se na kom drugem. Moje lasišče je šampon dobro sprejelo, brez iritacij, srbečice in podobnega. Kar se tiče samega mastenja lasišča in las pa se to po uporabi tega šampona ni nič spremenilo, še vedno imam mastne lase že takoj drugi dan in si moram lase umiti na vsake dva do tri dni, odvisno, koliko mi pomaga suhi šampon. Mislim, da je tale šampon tudi zaslužen za malce več volumna, pa tudi Miracle Moist balzam za lase, definitivno imam več volumna kot sem ga imela prej, in to štejem v velik plus!

First product I have tried is Miracle Shine shampoo for dull, tired hair begging to shine. Packaging is somewhat typical for Aussie products  - white plastic, that is decorated on top with a kangaroo and purple Aussie name. It contains 300 ml,  which is just the right amount. Should last you for about two months, but it depends how much product you need for one use, frequency of use and your willingness to share your shampoo with other members of your household. It's easy to dose the right amount, you just need to squize the white bottle, which is just of the right softness. Each line has it's own scent, from the products I have tried I like the Miracle Moist the most and than comes the Miracle Shine shampoo, which has a bit of a sweet, candy like scent. I find the scent of the shampoo stronger than the scent of conditioner and I feel like I can smell it on my hair after use as well, or a mix of the scents from both products. I like the scent tends to linger even on dry hair for a longer time and I can really smell my hair even later into the day (in case I have washed my hair in the morning). Shampoo promises to give your hair some shine and contains Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl powder. I have not noticed changes in my shine but I always had soft and nourished hair after use. Anyway, I don't have much trouble with shine, so maybe this didn't show as well on me as it might on someone else. My scalp seemed to like this shampoo, there were no irritations, itchy feeling or anything like that. As for greasy scalp and hair, these shampoo didn't change anything for me, I still get my hair greasy the second or third day and need to wash them a lot (depends a bit if dry shampoo helps me or not). Also I think this shampoo helped me a bit to gain some more volume, and also the Miracle Moist conditioner, I am definitely having more volume and this is a big plus!

Drugi korak je nega las z balzamom in sicer sem zadnje čase pridno testirala Miracle Moist, ki obljublja vlažilno nego lasem, ki so suhi in poškodovani in kažejo znake nezadovoljstva. Embalaža je velika bela plastenka, s pokrovčkom na potisk. Doziranje je enostavno, samo stisnete ven željeno količino izdelka, vsebuje pa 250 ml. Vsebine je sicer manj kot pri recimo šamponu, vendar balzama porabim manj in mi tako zdrži dlje, posledično me razlika v količinah nič ne moti. Izdelek sem vedno nanašala takoj na umita lase, tako kot vse druge balzame za lase, predvsem po dolžini las in na konice. Navadno se izogibam lasišča, saj ne želim, da bi se mi lasje prehitro mastili po uporabi. Balzam obljublja povrnjeno navlaženost las. Osebno se mi zdi, da se rezultati pri balzamu hitreje in bolje vidijo kot pa pri recimo 3 minutnem rekonstruktorju. Ne vem zakaj, ampak tale balzam sem takoj vzljubila, res mi je všeč lahka tekstura in prijetno mehki lasje po uporabi, ki se tudi precej lažje razčešejo. Super mi je tudi vonj! Posebna sestavina, ki omogoča nego pa so olja avstralskih oreškov ter makadamije. Lasje so po uporabi tega balzama res mehki, nežni, niso obteženi ali se lepijo v pramene, bolj bi opisala kot "fluffy" izgled, imam definitivno več volumna, kot sem ga bila navajena pri drugih izdelki tega tipa. Z veseljem bom poskusila še šampon za lase!

Second step is conditioner and I have tried Miracle Moist, a conditioner for hair that's dry, damaged and a bit unhappy. The packaging is similar to the shampoo, white plastic bottle, the same way of dosing the product. It contains a bit less, 250 ml, but I prefer it this way as I don't use as much of conditioner as I do shampoo, so it lasts me a long time anyway. I have used this product straight after washing my hair, only to the lengths of my hair and hair ends. I tend to avoid my scalp as I want to prevent my hair getting greasy too fast. This conditioner promises to hydrate your hair. Personally I believe that results of this conditioner were visible sooner than with my 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. I don't know why, but I loved this balm from the start, love the light texture and soft hair after use that are easier to detangle. I also love the scent of this product! The special ingredient that helps my hair is Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. My hair are really soft, gentle, don't grease up or glue together after use, the look I get is more fluffy, I get more volume than I was used to from other products of this type. I am looking forward to also testing out the shampoo from this line!

Ter še tretji korak, ki se ga načeloma poslužujem občasno - 3 minutna intenzivna nega las z  3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor za poškodovane lase. Izdelek je pakiran v platično tubico, ki se za razliko od ostalih dveh izdelkov ne odpira zgoraj ampak spodaj, vsebuje pa 250 ml. Izdelek sem nanašala takoj po umivanju las, ponavadi potem nisem uporabljala nobene druge maske ali balzama v kombinaciji s tem rekonstruktorjem.  Na laseh sem ga pustila delovati tri minute, včasih malce dlje, če sem se zamotila vmes in malce pozabila. Potem sem izdelek temeljito sprala. Izdelek sem nanašala izključno na dolžino las, ne na lasišče. Vonj izdelka mi ni nič kaj posebnega, je sicer prijeten in nežen, ampak v primerjavi z bonbončkastim vonjem ostalih izdelkov ni tako intenziven. Tekstura je podobna kakšni maski za lase, ni pretežka. Izdelek mi je lase lepo negoval, ni jih mastil ali lepil skupaj, po uporabi so bili lepo navlaženi. Priznam pa, da nisem opazila drastičnih sprememb, kot so jih opisovale nekatere druge uporabnice. Morda zato, ker sem v osnovi imela lase v tako dobrem stanju, da niso potrebovali take nege? Nisem prepričana, ampak bom izdelek vseeno porabila do konca, saj se v zimskih mesecih to dobro stanje lepih las lahko zelo hitro spremeni. Skrita sestavina, ki neguje vaše lase pa je izvleček avstralskega grma balm mint.

Third step is something I don't do every time I wash my hair, but only occasionally - I use 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor for damaged hair. The product has a bit different packaging - a tube that opens up at the bottom and it's even easier to use. It contains 250 ml of product. I have used this right after washing my hair, usually didn't combine it with any other hair mask or other hair balm. I have left this product on my hair for three minutes, sometimes a bit longer if I was doing something that distracted me. Than I washed my hair thoroughly.  As with Miracle Moist conditioner, I used this only on my lengths and hair ends, not on my scalp. The scent of this product is ok but nothing special, especially compared to other two lines mentioned in this post. Texture of this conditioner is more like a mask, but it's not too heavy. The product took good care of my hair, didn't make them heavy or greasy or sticky, after use they were well nourished. I must admit though I have not noticed many changes, some say this is truly a miracle worker, to me this is just a very good conditioner as I have not noticed any drastic changes. Also must add, that I don't really have a need for such products, not much, my hair seem to be fine right now, so maybe this is the reason why I haven't noticed drastic changes. Anyway I plan to use this up as winter time can change this great hair time very fast. The secret ingredient in this product that helps your hair is Australian Balm Mint.

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč! Ste tudi sami že poskusili izdelke Aussie? Morda kakšnega priporočate? V kolikor vam je objava všeč, bom zelo vesela, če jo boste delili naprej! 

Najlepša hvala za pozornost!

Hope this post was helpful to you! Have you tried Aussie products? Maybe recommend some? If you liked this post it would make me really happy if you could share it!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

*Izdelke sem prejela v oceno

Friday, November 27, 2015

Ocena: AlpStories Tea Tree Oil Face Cream

Pozdravljeni! Ker vedno rada testiram kreme za obraz in iščem tisto res najbolj idealno, sem se zelo veselila testiranja kreme za obraz znamke AlpStories. Pred tem sem poskusila že njihov čistilni gel za obraz, nad katerim sem navdušena ter šampon za lase Aloe Vera. Nisem pa še imela priložnosti poskusiti njihovih krem za obraz! Tokrat vam tako predstavljam kremo Tea Tree Oil Face Cream ali Kremo za obraz z oljem čajevca.

Embalaža, cena - Izdelek je pakiran v ozko, pokončno stekleno embalažo. Na vrhu doziramo s potiskom na zlato pumpico, izdelek pa zapremo z plastičnim transparentnim pokrovčkom. Embalaža je kar težka in pri njej priporočam previdnost, da vam slučajno ne pade po kopalnici po tleh, sploh na ploščice, da se slučajno ne bi razbila. Vsebuje 50 ml izdelka, cena izdelka pa je 23,40 evra.

O izdelku - Gre za dnevno kremo, ki je zlasti primerna za nego mastne in problematične kože. Krema obljublja učinkovito delovanje proti nečistočam in aknam. Olje čajevca naj bi pomagalo pri lajšanju rdečice in zmanjšanju nečistoč, ki nastanejo kot posledica povečanega izločanja sebuma. Rastlinska olja mandlja in sončnice obnavljajo kožo in ožajo pore. Izdelek je brez parabenov,  mineralnih olj,  umetnih barvil in sintetičnih dišav ter brez silikonov. Izdelek ni testiran na živalih in je primeren za vegane. Aktivne sestavine kreme so  ognjič, olje sladkega mandlja,  sončnično olje, čajevec in korenčkovo olje. 

Sestavine - Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Sorbic Acid, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, Daucus Carota Oil, Linalool. 

Moja izkušnja - Ker se že leta soočam z mozolji in mastno kožo in ker se te tegobe še kar nisem rešila, vedno rada poskusim kaj novega, kar napoveduje boj proti tema dvema zločincema! Z leti se mi je koža precej spremenila in nisem več tako nenormalno mastna in mozoljasta, kot sem bila v srednji šoli. Še vedno pa imam mastno kožo, ki je sedaj postala veliko bolj občutljiva in žejna ter seveda redne pojave večjih in manjših, včasih tudi bolečih podkožnih mozoljev. Pred časom sem si kupila kar samo olje čajevca in ga razredčenega nanašala kar direktno na kožo, čeprav to ni ravno najbolj pametno početje - olje čajevca sicer res deluje antiseptično, hkrati pa vam lahko dobesedno ožge kožo, sploh če ga nanašate direktno na kožo, samega, brez, da bi bil zmešan v tonik ali kaj podobnega. Po taki uporabi me je koža vedno malce pekla, tako da sem očitno res pretiravala z dodanimi kapljicami olja. Je pa pomagalo! Že čez noč so se mozolji vidno sušili - nastopil pa je nov problem - preveč izsušena koža. Zato se mi je zdela negovalna krema, ki vsebuje olje čajevca najbolj primerna nega zame sedaj, ko nisem več najstnica in moja koža potrebuje več hidratantne nege kot je je nekoč.

Kremo sem uporabljala po celotnem obrazu, večinoma kot del večerne nege, pa včasih tudi dnevne, sploh kadar sem bila doma cel dan in brez makeup-a. Kreme je svetle rumene barve, vendar ne pušča obarvanosti na obrazu. Je goste, kompaktne teksture, vendar ni pretežka ali pregosta, da se ne bi lepo dozirala na pumpico. Spominja me na malce bolj gost losjon, ni preredka in ni pregosta. Ima malce močnejši svež vonj, sama še najbolj vonjam  olje čajevca. Za posamezen nanos sem navadno porabila pritisk pumpice in pol, torej nekje dve manjše kapljice. Po mesecu dni redne uporabe sem porabila malce manj kot tretjino kreme, tako da vam bo zdržala kar nekaj časa. Po nanosu ni pekoče senzacije, kot sem jo opisovala zgoraj, torej krema vam ne bo povzročila kakšnih neprijetnih reakcij! Končni izgled na koži je rahlo matirajoč, tako, da sem jo z veseljem uporabljala tudi pod dnevnim makeup-om. Po nanosu je koža obraza mehka in nežna na otip. Krema sama po sebi ne  obljublja matirajočega videza tekom dneva, vendar se mi zdi, da je zagotovo pripomogla  k temu. Izločanje sebuma se je malo umirilo, posledično je bilo nepravilnosti, ki so izvirale iz prekomernega izločanja sebuma, veliko manj. Kot podlaga za tekoči puder, se je krema odlično obnesla, nisem opazila, da bi krema povzročala, da bi se puder prehitro topil, packal med nanosom ali svaljkal. Načeloma sem bila tekom uporabe kreme manj rdeča v obraz, kar mi je bilo zelo všeč! Po večernem umivanju obraza in nanosu kreme se je zelo hitro videlo, da mi je krema kožo lepo pomirila in da se je rdečica zmanjšala. Ker imam predvsem težave z mozolji na predelu spodnje čeljusti ter pregiba z vratom (ki, naj bi bili sicer hormonskega izvora) sem včasih kremo nanesla tudi tekom dneva na to območje, v upanju, da mi pomaga, da se jih hitreje znebim. Tako, da lahko tudi sami poskusite večkrat nanesti tanek sloj kreme čez dan, sploh če niste nanesli tekoče podlage. Navadila sem se, da podobno delam tudi pri mozoljih, ki so samo še spraskane rane, da kakšno hranljivo kremo ali olje, ki lepo celi, večkrat nanesem na te točke tekom dneva in dejansko pomaga, da se mi te ranice spraskanih mozoljev hitreje zacelijo.  Redna uporaba kreme mi je pomagala uravnati izločanje sebuma, zmanjšala rdečico na splošno po obrazu ter pomagala obdržati kar nekaj mozoljev na stran. Sem pa opazila, da se je moja koža tako spremenila, da ji samo taka nega žal ne zadostuje več - potrebujem še nekaj, malce bolj vlažilnega poleg, saj se mi zdi, da sem po redni uporabi zasledila znake, predele obraza, ki so bili pretirano grobi in izsušeni in so potrebovali malce več dodatne nege. Zato sem zopet pričela z uporabo Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep nočne kreme, saj mi ta kožo odlično navlaži, žal pa ne pomaga proti mozoljem, tako, da poskušam narediti nekakšno kombinacijo obeh krem, da zadovoljim vse potrebe moje kože.

S kremo sem zelo zadovoljna, mislim, da bo primerna predvsem za tiste, ki imate res mastno kožo in  se zelo hitro svetite, recimo v manj kot pol ure po umivanju obraza. Tako je bilo pri meni včasih, v zadnjih nekaj letih pa se je to malce umirilo samo od sebe, vendar še vedno spadam med "mastnokožke". Navadno sem v eni uri po tem ko nanesem puder že vsa mastna in svetleča, zadnje čase se je to precej izboljšalo, na sumu pa imam tudi pomoč te kreme! Vonj kreme je sicer močnejši, vendar tak zeliščen, po čajevcu in mi je zelo všeč. Če nimate radi močnih vonjev v kremi za obraz vam svetujem, da kremo najprej poduhate v kakšni trgovini. Super mi je, da je obraz po nanosu rahlo matiran in da se kreme na obrazu sploh ne čuti, saj ima lahko in nežno teksturo! Tudi ne daje nobenega lepljivega občutka in se je obnesla tudi kot podlaga za tekoči puder!

Izdelki AlpStories so drugače na voljo v njihovi spletni trgovini, v trgovinah Misli Zdravo v Ljubljani, Celju, Mariboru, Novem mestu ter Kranju, ter tudi v nekaterih lekarnah. Sama sem jih zasledila tudi v Interspar centrih, na primer LJ - Vič, s prihodnjim tednom pa bo nekaj izdelkov na voljo tudi v Hofer trgovinah! :) Celoten seznam trgovin Misli Zdravo ter lekarn si lahko ogledate tukaj!

Upam, da vam je bila ocena v pomoč in vas opremila z vsemi potrebnimi informacijami! V kolikor vam je bila objava všeč, bom zelo vesela, če jo boste delili naprej!

Najlepša hvala za pozornost! 

Love, UniqaPoly

*Izdelek sem prejela v oceno

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LABELLO LOVE - Care & Colour - Nude and Red :)

Hello! Are you also loving Labello lip balms? Than this post is just right for you! Labello released new  Care & Colour lip balms with three different shades - Nude, Red and Rose. I have been lucky to receive Red shade at Beautyfull Bloggers MeetUp, you can read all about the event here. I bought the shade Nude myself at my local DM store and I am thinking of buying the Rose shade as well.

Pozdravljeni! Tudi vi obožujete Labelo balzame za ustnice? Potem je ta objava ravno za vas! Labello je uzdal nove Care & Colour balzame v treh odtenkih - Nude, Red ter Rose. Imela sem srečo, da sem prejela odtenek Red na blogerskem dogodku Beautyfull Bloggers MeetUp,  o katerem lahko več preberete tukaj! Odtenek Nude sem kupila že pred dogodkom sama v lokalni DM trgovini, razmišljam pa, da bi si privoščila tudi odtenek Rose.

These new lip balms have been available since August and I believe that now you can get them at almost all  drugstores. The product promises to give your lips a subtle colour, promises to moisturize your lips. It's a perfect product for anyone who wants an all in one product - a lip balm that cares for your lips and also gives you a bit of colour! Suitable for all those who want to gently enhance their lips but don't really want a strong colour or a lipstick effect. 

Novi balzami za ustnice so na voljo že vse od avgusta in mislim, da sem jih od takrat naprej zasledila že v skoraj vseh drogerijah. Izdelek obljublja subtilno barvo ustnic ter negovane ustnice. Izdelek je idealen za vse, ki si želite, izdelek, ki vsebuje več apektov - nego ter obarvanost. Predvsem se mi zdi primeren za vse, ki želite rahlo poudariti ustnice, ampak ne želite premočnega "šminka" efekta.

It's got an innovative stick - two layers of product, one that gives you moisture and one that gives you colour. These come packaged in a white plastic tube with a cap and a twist motion opens the product up, like other Labello lip balms. They contain 5,5 ml of product and once opened last for another 12 months. The price for these is about 2,49 euros to 3 euros, depends where you buy it. 

Izdelek ima inovativni pristop, dva sloja, formula z notranjim negovalnim jedrom s pantenolom in zunanji barvni ovoj. Izdelek je pakiran v plastično embalažo, bela plastična tuba s pokrovčkom in sistemom na navoj, kot drugi podobni balzami znamke Labello. Vsebuje 5,5 ml izdelka, ki je po odprtju dober še 12 mesecev. Cena variira nekje med 2,49 evra do 3 evre.

The design and packaging of these is different than of regular Labello lip balms, which I like as it helps me find these two a lot easier in my basket of lip balms. (I have a small basket on my table, just for my lip balms, as I have a lot of them and I hoard them like crazy!)

Izgled ter embalaža teh balzamov sta drugačna kot pri ostalih balzamih Labello, kar mi je všeč, saj mi pomaga, da ju lažje in hitreje najdem v moji košarici. (Na pisalni mizi imam majhno košarico polno balzamov za ustnice, ker jih imam zelo veliko in jih zbiram kot nora! Več jih je, bolj sem srečna! :P)

These have a slight sweet scent, but it's barely noticeable,  The texture is a bit harder, a bit more  waxy, but when it comes in contact with my lips it gets a bit more soft and spreads easily on the lips. Both shades are very gentle and the pigmentation of these is really soft. They are suitable for every day wear for any occasion really. The application is easy, but you must be a bit careful about applying these over the edge of your lips. Especially if you have smaller shaped lips.The red shade can be really visible on the skin around the lips, so take care it doesn't transfer over. If you are careful you can still apply these without a mirror. These need to be applied regularly to get the effect of nourished lips. Especially if you have trouble with very dry lips. They are not extremely hydrating, but they still do the job properly. I only wish these lasted longer on my lips, I really need to reapply like ever  two hours or so. Lately my lips have been extremely dry and nothing helped much, but these two balms were very good at it. 

Izdelek ima rahel sladkast vonj, ki pa se ga komaj zazna. Tekstura je morda malce trša, malce bolj voskasta, vendar, ko pride v stik z ustnicami, se lepo topi in enostavno nanaša. Oba odtenka sta zelo nežna in tudi pigmentacija obeh je zelo nežna. Zato se mi balzama zdita idealna za vsakodnevno uporabo. Nanos je enostaven, vse kar morate biti pozorni je, da ne nanšate izven ustnic, saj se to lahko zelo vidi. Sploh pri rdečem odtenku, je potrebno biti pazljiv, da se ga ne nanese okoli ustnic. :P Če pa ste dovolj počasni in previdni, lahko oba balzama nanašate tudi brez ogledala. Za efekt negovanih ustnic je potrebno balzama redno nanašati. Sploh, če imate težave z res izsušenimi ustnicami. Balzama nista močno hidratantna, vendar svoje delo vseeno zelo dobro opravita. Želim pa si, da bi izdelka zdržala dlje na ustnicah, sploh kar se tiče same barve. Navadno potrebujem nanesti zopet po nekje dveh urah. Zadnje čase se soočam z zelo suhimi ustnicam in balzama sta mi lepo pomagala izboljšati stanje ustnic.

The shades are actually very gentle, the nude one is very pale and reminds me of Maybelline's Baby lips in shade Peach, the red one is not really looking red on my lips, more like a watered down raspberry shade. So if you are afraid that the red one will be too strong, it won't be, belive me! These are not like lip glosses or stains or lipsticks at all, they are just lip balms with a hint of tint. They also don't leave a stain of colour on my lips. When they absorb and wear off they dissappear completely. One of the things I dislike about the Nude shade is that if my lips have a lot of dry patches this nude shade creases and holds to the dry patches, making my lips look horrible. So for now I prefer to use the red shade, as it looks better on my lips even when I have a lot of dry patches. Also these don't have any shimmer in it, just ahint of colour, no sparkly elements!

Odtenka sta res zelo nežna, Nude je zelo bled in svetel in me spominja na Maybelline Baby lips v odtenku Peach. Rdeči odtenek pa na mojih ustnicah ne izgleda rdeče ampak bolj kot  barva razredčenega malinovca. Tako, da če vas je strah, da bo rdeči odtenek premočan, verjemite mi, da ne bo! Balazam nista kot  glossi, staini ali šminke, sta samo balzama z rahlim pridihom barve. Poleg tega na ustnicah ne puščata "staina", ko se absorbirata ter izgineta z ustnic, izgineta popolnoma. Kar mi ni všeč v povezavi z Nude odtenkom je, da kadar so moje ustnice res suhe se odtenek zažira v razpoke in obeša na suhe predele ustnic in nasploh deluje  grdo. Zato trenutno, dokler se stanje ustnic res dokončno ne izboljša, raje uporabljam odtenek Red, saj na mojih ustnicah izgleda bolje, tudi kadar imam zelo suhe in poškodovane ustnice. Plus, pozabila sem še omeniti, odtenki ne vsebujejo nebenih svetlečih delcev, nobenega "shimmra" ali bleščic!

As you can see on the swatches these are really gentle colours - these swatches show you a couple of layers of the lip balms. The nude one is barely visible on my hands.

Kot lahko vidite na slikah, sta odtenka res nežna. Za ponazoritev sem vsak odtenek nanesla v večih plasteh! Odtenek Nude je na koži roke komaj opazen.

I hope this post was helpful to you! Have you tried the Rose shade? If you have, let me know, if you like it and help me decide if I should also get the third shade! If you liked this post, it would make me very happy, if you also shared it!

Thanks for reading!

Upam, da vam je bila objava v pomoč! Če ste poskusili odtenek Rose, mi prosim sporočite, da se lažje odločim, a si privoščim še tretjega? Če vam je bila objava všeč, bom zelo vesela, če jo boste delili naprej! Hvala za pozornost!

Love, UniqaPoly

Monday, November 23, 2015

VICHY - NORMADERM BB CLEAR Unifying corrective cream :)

Hello! Have you tried any of the Vichy Normaderm products? I have been loving the Normaderm collection for years, easpecially in high school, this collection was the only thing that actually helped my skin and my acne. I especially loved the night cream, that one did miracles for me and I am thinking of repurchasing it again! Normaderm collection has grown and now also offers BB CLEAR Unifying corrective cream in Light  and Medium shade.

Pozdravljeni! Ste že poskusili kaj iz kolekcije Vichy Normaderm? Sama kolekcijo Normaderm obožujem že leta, predvsem pa sem jo uporabljala v srednji šoli, saj mi je le ta pomagala v boju proti mozoljem. Še posebej sem oboževala nočno kremo, ta je res naredila čudeže zame in razmišljam, da bi si jo privoščila, saj imam zopet nekaj težav z mozolji. Normaderm kolekcija pa se je razširila in sedaj ponuja tudi BB CLEAR Korektivna nega za poenotenje polti. Na voljo sta dva odtenka, Light ter Medium.

Packaging, price - The product is packaged in bright blue cardboard box, which contains a matching bright blue plastic tube with a silvery and black writing and silvery cap. It is a long and sleek packaging, so it doesn't take much space in the bathroom shelf. The product is easy to dispense, you just need to lightly squeeze the tube. It contains unusual 40 ml, I mostly have only products that contain either 30 or 50 ml. The price depends on where yuo buy it, at Feelunique you can get it for about 22 euros and at Lekarnar you can get it for 19,51 euros.

Embalaža, cena -  Izdelek je zapakiran v kartonsko škatlico svetlo modre barve, ki vsebuje barvno ujemajočo se tubico s srebrno črnim napisom ter srebrnim pokrovčkom na navoj. Embalaža je podolgovata ter ozka, na polici ne zavzame veliko prostora. Izdelek se enostavno dozira, samo stisnete tubico. Vsebuje neobičajnih 40 ml, navadno imam samo izdelke, ki vsebujejo ali 30 ali 50 ml. Cena je odvisna od tega kje nakupujete, na primer Feelunique ponuja izdelek za malce več kot 22 evrov, medtem, ko bb kremo najdete na Lekarnar za 19,51 evra.

What it promises -The BB cream promises to both, conceal and reduce the appearance of imperfections. It's formulated with highly concentrated salicylic acid and mineral pigments, it also hydrates and controls shine for radiant, even, healthy - looking skin. It has been tested under dermatological and ophtalmological control. It's suitable for sensitive skin and eyes, it's hypoallergenic and alcohol free. It's got a light featherweight texture made with non - clogging mineral pigments and enriched with  Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

Izdelek obljublja - Izdelek obljublja poenoteno in sijočo polt in izboljšano teksturo kože. 23 % manj nepravilnosti naj bi opazili po enem mesecu uporabe. Izdelek tudi kontrolira odvečni sijaj, testiran pa je tudi pod dermatološkim nadzorom na občutljivi koži.  Obogateno je s termalno vodo Vichy. Primerna je za občutljivo kožo in oči, je brez alkohola in je hipoalergena. Ima lahko teksturo, narejeno z mineralnimi pigmenti, ki ne mašijo por.

Texture, application, shade, scent, coverage, longevity  - Texture is really light, as promised! It's not too runny, so you can still apply it very easily. I usually just squeeze a fat drop out and spread it all over my face. For application I prefer to use my fingers as it's easier and faster, but I could still use a brush. Somehow I feel like this texture is still too liquidy and don't want to waste the product so I tend to just use my fingers and apply it all over my face. Also it doesn't look cakey or sticks to dry patches, which I very much approve! The shade Light is perfect for me, but I admit that the first use was a bit scary as this shade is really dark yellow and I expected it would be too dark for me on my face. Still it works just fine, the shade blends well with my skin, the Medium shade would be definitely too dark for me. You can check the swatches of both shades here. It's got a very lovely scent, a bit fresh one and a bit floral one! I love it! It's not too strong, once applied I can barely smell it at all. So it could still be good for those of you who really don't like scented products. This is a BB cream which means the coverage is not what I am used to - it's not like a foundation, but a lot more gentle and natural looking. I love to use this if I have only a couple of errands and such, if I don't have a packed day full of chores and such, than I feel like I don't need heavy makeup and I prefer to apply this one. It doesn't cover my acne completely, but gives lovely unified look. I look very fresh and natural. As for keeping the shine away, it doesn't perform so well, I still need to use mattifying powder on top and I still get shiny. But this is a problem for me with any foundation, so I don't blame this product for that. With a good primer and powder on top this will last me half a day with no troubles, than I will begin to notice that some parts of my face tend to look a bit uneven. Especially around the nose, mouth and my forehead. 

Tekstura, nanos, odtenek, vonj, prekrivnost, obstojnost - tekstura kreme je res lahka, kot obljubljeno! Ni preveč tekoča, tako da jo lahko še vedno enostavno nanesete. Običajno iz tube stisnem debelo kapljo in jo nanesem po celem obrazu. Za nanos raje uporabim kar moje prste kot čopič, čeprav bi tudi s čopičem bil nanos enako učinkovit in lep. Vseeno se mi zdi tekstura malce bolj tekoča kot sem vajena in nočem trošiti izdelka za brezveze, zato se mi zdi hiter nanos s prsti najboljši. Poleg tega mi je všeč, da se krema ne packa in ne poudarja morebitnih suhih delov kože. Odtenek Light mi super ustreza, kljub temu, da je bila prva uporaba malce pod vplivom strahu, saj je krema zelo temno rumena in se šele lepo spoji z obrazom, ko je čisto nanešena in se vpije. Vseeno se krema res lepo nanese in zlije z mojo kožo, odtenek Medium bi bil definitivno pretemen zame. Oba odtenka lahko preverite tukaj . Krema ima super lep vonj, malce svež in malce cvetličen. Vonj ni premočan, ko je krema nanešena se je skoraj nič ne vonja več. Tako, da bi bila lahko vseeno primerna za tiste, ki ne marate odišavljenih izdelkov. Ker gre za BB kremo lahko že sklepate, da prekrivnost ne bo taka kot sem drugače vajena, ne gre za tekočo podlago. Krema izgleda veliko bolj nežno in naravno kot drugi tekoči pudri. Najraje jo uporabljam, kadar imam le par obveznosti na dan, ko vem, da ne rabim imeti res težkega makeupa cel dan na obrazu. Ne prekrije mojih kožnih nepravilnosti popolnoma, podari pa koži poenoten izgled. Obraz zgleda zelo svež ter naraven, kreme se sploh ne opazi. Kar se tiče sijaja, pa ta krema ne prepreči, da se ne bi svetila, kljub temu, da si pomagam z matirajočim pudrom v kamnu. Sicer imam s tem težave pri vseh podlagah in sem tega že vajena, tako da tega ne držim proti kremi. Obstojnost kreme podaljšujem s primerno podlago ter zaključnim pudrom, zdrži pa nekje pol dneva preden opazim, da na nekaterih mestih izgleda podlaga malce neenotno. Predvsem okoli nosu, ustnic ter na čelu. 


To sum it up - I like the light texture and easy application. Also love the scent! The shade might seem a bit dark for me but it still matched me well! Feels very light on the skin and doesn't look cakey! Love to use it for everyday on it's own or as a base for some other heavier foundation.

Če povzamem - Všeč mi je lahka tekstura ter enostaven nanos. Poleg tega mi je zelo všeč vonj kreme! Odtenek se morda zdi malce temen zame, pa mi vseeno zelo dobro ustreza. Plus je tudi lahkoten občutek na koži ter naraven izgled, brez grudic in podobnega. Kremo rada uporabljam na dnevni bazi, kot samostojno kremo ali pa tudi kot podlago za težji, prekrivnejši puder!

I hope this post was helpful to you! If you liked it, I will be very happy if you also share it! Thanks for reading!

Upam, da vam je bila objava v pomoč! Če vam je bila všeč, bom zelo vesela, če jo boste delili naprej! Hvala za pozornost!

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Love, UniqaPoly

*Izdelek sem prejela v oceno / PR product

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Praznične priprave z L'OCCITANE - predstavitev novih kolekcij ter kup idej za darila ;)

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Pozdravljeni! Danes je pred vami malce drugačna objava, ki bo združevala kar nekaj različnih informacij! Govorila bom o novostih pri L'Occitane, ki so nastali v sodelovanju z slavnim Pierre Herme-jem, o dogodku za blogerke, ki so ga za nas pripravili L'Occitane Slovenija ter Nika Veger (Beautyfullblog). Nekaj besed pa bom namenila tudi kratkim ocenam, prvim vtisom o izdelkih iz omenjenih novih kolekcij. :)

V torek, 17.11. se je ob večernih urah v prodajalni L'Occitane Slovenija odvijala prava mini blogerska zabava. Seveda smo dogodek pričele že pred dogodkom - z obvezno pijačo in druženjem na kavi ali čaju v bližnjem lokalu.;) Temu je sledil premik v samo trgovino, kjer so nas najprej lepo pozdravile organizatorke ter penina. Nato je napočil čas za predstavitev izdelkov novih kolekcij in sicer Jasmin - Immortelle Neroli, Pamplemousse Rhubarbe ter Miel Mandarine.

Gurmanska praznična pripoved nas popelje med mojstrovine slaščičarja Pierre Herme-ja, ki je na povabilo ustanovitelja L'Occitane in dobrega prijatelja, Olivierja Baussana za L'OCCITANE ustvaril tri kolekcije dišav. Rezultat sodelovanja so čudovite kombinacije, ki bodo navdušile vse ljubitelje L'Occitane izdelkov, kot tudi tiste, ki bodo to šele postali. Za elegantne embalaže pa je poskrbel Olivier Baussan.

Kolekcija Jasmin - Immortelle Neroli je nekako najbolj klasična izmed treh, združuje pa kombinacijo jasmina, immortelle/suhocvetnice in nerolija. Gre za zanimivo kombinacijo, ki je hkrati lahkotna in čutna, nežna in razkošna. Tudi če morda niste najbolj ljubitelji vonja jasmina, vam priporočam, da izdelke vsaj poduhate, saj so v tej kombinaciji res popolnoma spajajo in jasmin ni tako močno izrazit, kot je pri Jasmin & Bergamote kolekciji. Vonj kolekcije je res svež, lahkoten in cvetličen, morda bolj primeren celo za pomladne dni, pa vendar dovolj topel tudi za zimske. Kolekcija vsebuje Jasmin - Immortelle Neroli EdT 75 ml, Balzam za ustnice 12 ml, Gel za prhanje 250 ml ter potovalno verzijo 50 ml, Kremo za roke 30 ml, Lesketajoči puder za telo 20g, Mleko za telo 250 ml ter Parfumsko milo 50g. Na voljo so tudi že vnaprej pripravljeni darilni paketi s kombinacijo izdelkov kolekcije Jasmin - Immortelle Neroli in sicer Promocijski komplet s tremi izdelki - toaletno vodico, gelom za prhanje, kremo za roke ter okroglo darilno škatlo, Promocijski komplet s tremi izdelki za nego telesa - gelom za prhanje, mlekom za telo ter kremo za roke. Na voljo pa je tudi Trio Jasmin - Immortelle Neroli, kompletek v božični kovinski škatlici, ki vsebuje balzama za ustnice, kremo za roke ter parfumsko milo. Ta zadnji paketek mi je enostavno prelep, nora sem na kovinske škatlice in bi z veseljem prejela ali podarila kakšno tako. ;) Da ne omenjam, da take škatlice vedno shranim ter porabim za shranjevanje kozmetike in podobnega tudi vnaprej. :)

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Vir slike:

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Ter še nekaj slik iz samega dogodka. Žal je bila svetloba malce bolj rumena, zato so vse slike precej bolj rumene kot sem vajena, moj fotoaparat pa mi ni ravno najbolj v pomoč kadar je svetloba takšna. Malo za vpogled na tole popolno predstavitev novih izdelkov, drugače pa boste podobno postavitev zagotovo zasledili tudi v ostalih L'Occitane trgovinah.

Druga kolekcija predstavlja Pamplemousse Rhubarbe, kombinacijo arome rabarbare, nageljnovih žbic in muškatnega oreščka s temperamentno dišavo grenivke. Gre za mehko, svežo, subtilno kombinacijo, ki spominja na Korziko - Otok lepote, ki ga ustvarjalec Pierre vsako leto obišče skupaj s prijateljem Olivierjem Baussanom. Kolekcijo sestavlja Pamplemousse - Rhubarbe EdT 75 ml, Balzam za ustnice 12 ml, Gel za prhanje 250 ml ter potovalna velikost 50 ml, Krema za roke 30 ml, Mleko za telo 250 ml ter Parfumsko milo 50 g. Za vas pa so pripravili tudi že dve darilni kombinaciji in sicer Promocijski komplet, ki vsebuje gel za prhanje, mleko za telo, kremo za roke in parfumsko milo, vse skupaj pa je lično zapakirano v okroglo darilno škatlo. Na voljo je tudi Trio Pamplemousse Rhubarbe, ki vsebuje kremo za roke, balzam za ustnice ter parfumsko milo.

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Vir slike:

Seveda pa to še ni vse! Na voljo je še ena dišeča kombinacija in sicer Miel Mandarine. Na voljo sta Balzam za ustnice 12 ml ter Krema za roke 30 ml. Priznam, da sem se zaljubila v balzam za ustnice in ga odkar sem ga prejela ves čas uporabljam! Še moj ljubi NUXE balzam sem odrinila na stran! 
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Vir slike:

Predstavitvi izdelkov je sledila še ena mini delavnica, kjer smo se naučile pravilnega zavijanja daril - po francosko. :) Po korakih in natančno smo spoznavale kako zaviti različne embalaže - kvadratne, okrogle, ovalne, kako narediti lepo mašnico na vrhu, mini trike kako si olajšati zavijanje daril. Priznam, da mi je darilo zavito v papir vedno najbolj všeč, sploh, če ga zavije nekdo, ki res obvlada, pa vendar se v primeru L'Occitane ne morem upreti njihovim darilnim škatlam. Ker so čudovite! Za božič sem pred parimi leti prejela tako darilno škatlo, ki je vsebovala Fleurs Merveilleuses kolekcijo in jo imam še vedno! V njej hranim moje šminke! :) Čeprav je sčasoma škatla postala malce premajhna za vse, sem jo še vedno obdržala in mi odlično služi!

Blogerka Simona (Beauty of a Lemon) pri zavijanju! :)
L'Occitane pa nas je tudi razvajal z dobrotami - makroni! Ste jih že poskusile? Ste jih morda že kdaj spekle? Sama sem jih tokrat prvič poskusila in bili so odlični! Na voljo so bili v treh kombinacijah in čudovitih barvah, Sivka - Muškat, Jasmin - Limona ter Mandarina - Med. Odlični res! Me prav mika, da bi se jih te praznike lotila tudi sama! Poleg tega so postregli še z sadnimi smoothiji in sicer kombinacije Jasmin - Pomaranča, Pamplemousse - Rhubarbe ter Mandarine - Miel. Res super pika na i! Dobrote, ki so se ujemale z samimi izdelki, so nas vse navdušile! Med samim sladkanjem in ogledovanjem nove kolekcije pa smo tudi poklepetale, potestirale in se nadišavile! Skratka, 100% uživale!

Pogled na dve polni mizi samih dobrot!
Med brskanjem po trgovini in ogledovanju najnovejših izdelkov, sem opazila kar nekaj zanimivosti, ki so se mi zdele idealne za božična darila! Z veseljem bi jih podarila pa tudi z veseljem prejela! Eden izmed takšnih darilnih kompletov je tale kompletek v lični škatlici, ki ga sestavljata Čistilni gel za roke za dobrodošlico ter Losjon za roke za dobrodošlico, ter ujemajoči podstavek - Komplet za dobrodošlico!  Sploh ne vem zakaj sem se tako zaljubila v ta kompletek, vendar sem ga opazovala že oktobra, ko sem kupila darilo za fantovo mamo in mi je super lepo! Rustično, praktično, uporabno, razkošno razvajanje za vsak dan!

Ker se načeloma gibam bolj h klasični kozmetiki kot ostalim darilom, sploh kadar se nahajam v L'Occitane trgovini, sem bila tokrat malce bolj pozorna še na dodatke za dom! Najbolj so me pritegnile dišeče svečke, v tem primeru - Dišavna sveča Beli cvetovi! Pa tale pokrov, da se sveča ne razdiši! A ni lepo?

Med vonji za dom sem zasledila tudi tole, še ena novost! Rameaux D'Hiver Home Perfume ali Parfum za dom Zimski gozd! 

Nisem mogla mimo tega, brez da bi slikala! Tale adventni koledar nas je vse navdušil, od momenta ko smo ga zagledale na spletu! Žal ni na voljo pri nas, morda pa ga boste našli v Italiji ali Avstriji. 

Še nekaj darilnih idej! Kot sem že omenila zgoraj sem nora na kovinske posodice, sploh če so lepo poslikane! Tale postavitev me je takoj pritegnila in bi z veseljem imela že samo škatlico, tudi brez vsebine! 

In pa seveda ne morem mimo darilnih škatel! Ker so res trpežne, eno imam doma že leta  in v njej shranjujem kolekcijo šmink - več kot 50 šmink pa očitno ne gre tja notri, ker je kmalu postala premajhna. Kjlub temu jo še vedno hranim in se sploh ne bi branila še kakšne! V bistvu sem ravno med dogodkom razmišljala, da bi si kupila kakšno samo zase, tako za shranjevanje kozmetike. :P Tale modrikasto zelena mi je bila najbolj všeč!

Ter še tretji del objave - kratki prvi vtisi o prejetih izdelkih! Prejela sem tri izdelke za nego telesa - mleko za telo, kremo za roke ter balzam za ustnice, iz vsake kolekcije nekaj! Seveda nisem zdržala do doma in sem že med potjo poskusila balzam za ustnice! Od prve uporabe naprej sem se zaljubila v tale balzam, pa v kremo za roke tudi! Ta dva izdelka sta me malce obsedla! Prepričana sem bila da bom bolj navdušena nad mlekom za telo, saj sem jih nekaj že imela od L'Occitane in sem bila z vsemi zelo zadovoljna. Tudi tale je super, lepo diši in mi deluje zelo ženstven, tako da ga bom z veseljem uporabljala. Kljub temu zadnje dni najraje posežem po kremi za roke ter balzamu ustnice in sta že postala moja stalna spremljevalca v torbici!

Losjon za telo Jasmin - Immortelle Neroli je pakiran v tršo plastično embalažo z zlatim pokrovčkom, na katerega potisnete s prstom nazaj, da odprete režo za doziranje izdelka. Doziranje je enostavno in higienično, samo stisnete embalažo nekje na sredini in iztisnete kolikor izdelka pričakujete, da boste potrebovali. Vsebuje 250 ml izdelka, ki ima po odprtju rok trajanja še 12 mesecev. Sicer se mi dozdeva, da z rokom uporabe ne bom imela težav, ker bom izdelek zagotovo porabila prej! Cena izdelka je 23,40, če ga kupite posamezno, lahko pa ga najdete tudi v darilnih kombinacijah promocijskih paketov. Vlažilno mleko za telo ima lahko teksturo, ne preveč tekoče in ne preveč kremno. Kožo mi lepo navlaži, nanesla pa sem ga predvsem po dolžini nog ter rokah. Koža je po nanosu nežno odišavljena, sama na sebi najbolj vonjam jasmin ter neroli. Všeč mi je, da na koži ne pušča lepljivega ali mastnega občutka in da se res hitro vpije, saj ponavadi losjone ter mleka nanašam tik pred spanjem in ne rada čakam, da se izdelek vpije in se lahko končno potopim v spanec. Če ste že kdaj poskusili kakšno mleko za telo L'Occitane potem boste vedeli o čem govorim, saj gre za zelo podoben izdelek ostalim, recimo mleku za telo iz kolekcije Jasmin & Bergamote. Če pa še niste, vam priporočam, da pišete božičku! Saj sem že verjetno omenila, pa bom še enkrat - diši božansko! 

Krema za roke  Pamplemousse Rhubarbe ima klasično pakiranje kot ostale L'Occitane kreme za roke, tubica, ki vsebuje 30 ml in se zapira s pokrovčkom na navoj. Rok uporabe je prav tako 12 mesecev, čeprav se mi zdi, da v zimskih mesecih porabim zelo veliko krem za roke in to precej hitro, tako, da ne bo težav. ;) Krema mi še najbolj diši po grenivki in se mi zdi super za zimske mesece! Zima je že tako idealna za agrume in tale krema prav odlično sovpada s celotnim zimsko božičnim ozračjem. Krema je obogatena s karitejevim maslom, pomaga nahraniti in zmehčati roke, izpostavljene zunanjim škodljivim dejavnikom. Ponaša se z lahko teksturo ter slastnim vonjem! Super je, ker se res takoj vpije v kožo in tako kot mleko za telo za seboj ne pušča lepljivega občutka. Pri kremi za roke mi je res pomembno, da dobro neguje ter se hitro vpija, da se lahko hitro lotim stvari naprej, pa naj bo to tipkanje ali pospravljanje. Krema je že postala moja redna spremljevalka, diši pa za pojest!

Balzam za ustnice Miel - Mandarine je prvi izmed favoritov nove kolekcije! Na to verjetno malce vpliva, da sem nora na izdelke za ustnice, veliko pa to, da je enostavno super balzam! Pakiran je v oranžno plastično tubico, izdelek pa enostavno stisnete ven. Plastika je morda malce trša kot ostali njihovi balzami za ustnice (trenutno imam doma še tubico balzam Češnjevi cvetovi), nasploh se mi zdi tudi embalaža mleka za telo trša od ostalih embalaž, kar je super, sploh če ste malce štorasti - tako kot jaz in vam stvari pogosto letijo po tleh. Vsebuje 12 ml izdelka, kar je kar veliko, glede na povprečje ostalih balzamov za ustnice, ki držijo nekje 5 gramov. Cena izdelka je podobna, kot za ostale balzame za ustnice, 7,60 evra. Balzam ima zelo nežen vonj, sama najbolj zavonjam svež rahel vonj po mandarinah, kar mi je super, ker vonja po medu sicer ne maram. Na sploh, medu res ne maram, ker mi je presladek. Razen občasno na toastu ali pa v maski za obraz. Tekstura balzama je odlična, je bolj gost kot recimo balzam Češnjevi cvetovi in menim, da tudi bolj neguje. Ustnic ne sprijema in ne obtežuje, sploh se ga ne čuti, da sem ga nanesla. Zadnje čase sem res imela precej težav z ustnicami in sem se morala odpovedati temnejšim šminkam, niti moj ljubi NUXE Reve de miel balzam mi ni pomagal, tale pa je v parih dneh precej popravil stanje mojih ustnic. Balzam je rahlo obarvan, je rahlo svetlo oranžne barve, ki pa je na ustnicah precej prosojna, tako da brez bojazni, da boste naokoli hodile z živo oranžnimi ustnicami.  Skratka, res priporočam tale balzam, kmalu pa si nameravam omisliti tudi kremo za roke!

Upam, da vam je bila objava koristna in zanimiva! Idej za darila imam veliko, pa tudi idej kako bi jih zavila in okrasila! Upam, da sem morda tudi vam pomagala najti kakšno idejo, kako bi božična darila izbrali ali zavili. Zagotovo bom komu podarila tudi kaj iz novih kolekcij, sploh tale balzam za ustnice Miel Mandarine! Najlepša hvala še enkrat obema organizatorjema - L'Occitane Slovenija ter Niki Veger, ustvarjalki Beautyfullblog-a. :)

V kolikor vam je bila objava všeč, bom zelo vesela, če jo boste delili naprej! 

Najlepša hvala za pozornost!

Love, UniqaPoly